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7-18 Beach and Company Hour 2

Jul 18, 2014|

Darryl Parks filling in for Sandy Beach

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Danny -- drop today I'm Gerald parks. And they honor of fill it and for -- company -- 930 WBB. And the telephone numbers into the bunker 030930. Star 930 or 80616. WB and that's 6169236. Before the due to play those cuts. From from a President Obama making the speech on. The disaster that happened though over Ukraine yesterday. With the plane being shot down a Malaysian air play being being shot down in the making the comparison of a President Reagan. And his speech to to America when when the the Soviet lead then at the Soviet Union. Shot down their Korean air 747. That that went into Soviet airspace and straight into Soviet airspace. We shot down by by mig fighters. It's amazing to me that we have changed just such a point a lot of has been talked about when it comes to congress. That congress has this gridlock -- That nothing gets done which -- -- -- open he'll look at the record of congress whether -- be on the Democrat or being on the Republican side did nothing gets Dodd. And it's almost all of these these and and believe me. You've made I know a couple of US senators and a couple of our representatives in the house. I I have -- players. Giving an example here I have met on numerous occasions John Boehner. At one point at the time the radio station I was working and John Boehner. Came to the radio station you're gonna. Well beyond let's say at 10 o'clock or so. We're looking for job better word. For word the speaker. At. Work -- I thought to myself. I know where the speaker it is. God in the elevator. Went down a nine. Nine stories. Came out of the elevator peeked around the corner and I said. Mister speaker. Yeah after -- We need jobs there's. Ball all right. They reported put out a cigarette and on the elevator and game upstairs to go into the air studio. I put myself. This is the speaker of the house now look I mean any politician. No matter what level. Any politician. They're human beings right. -- ticket when it when somebody runs for office. My feeling is they wanted to go and have a very optimistic person by nature I don't think evil of any. I always think they're good. -- always think the good of every one I think the good of every situation. Of a real the last half half full kind of got. But I think the system corpse. The system truly corpse. Whether it was Ronald Reagan. Umpteen decades ago before I was even born when he first got in the politics. Warner was Barack Obama when he was in high school is -- in Hawaii. Whether it was when he was the -- you know a senator from Illinois. Really got into this to do good. But the system. Absolutely. Core crops. But people you surround yourself with. -- ruptured. I truly do worry about that. And I've spent 45 years and in media. I spent 35 years in radio. Television. In news. I I quote radio talent. I coached television talent to do in my real job. A little radio consultant. I coach news talk radio stations that's my in my specialty. And when you talk to people. You know the good people put their trust in the -- -- and put their trust -- people and they surround themselves. With the -- With people they trust -- lack of a better way of putting it. You mean to tell me that guys group of advisors when he made a speech. About this tragedy. Lasted all of 45 seconds. And then when -- into the teleprompter. Went right into the prepared speech. Right into the prepared text. I mean think about it you're old enough to remember. Back to the 1980s and look when it you know I'm not the first president I voted for was Reagan was first I was able to vote for president. And you know and when you think back to it took to certain pivotal moments. The shooting down of that Korean air troubled. When you start thinking about. Reagan's response when the space shuttle explode. Thursday's pivotal moments. And I was a great speaker. Truly one of one of the best. Putting instinctively knew how to be. A statesman. What are we live in a video world of video game world today you forward and and and people just accents continents and even use the word cents -- -- and his common sense. You may just say the somewhat I'm equipment have scribbled down made. As someone asked me. They Darryl -- parks we need you to speak for five minutes. And it's. An airliner being blown up over you -- I can do what. On prepared. Today -- Repair bills. I prepared a little pupils and in bits of information. Prepare to. Obviously prepared having the sound the sound bites from the president and and and Ronald Reagan -- President Reagan. -- Truly news and a lack of common sense. -- kick right into your prepared remarks. Great to be here in Delaware. Where the core of geeks make that part up. Bunch of Joseph Biden here good looking people. Better -- than Biden. So often common sense -- liked it. 830930. Is numbered air into the studio -- 930 or 80616. WB. The end. Filling in for sandy beach on -- parks on 930 WB yet. 930 WB yen sandy beach off today. -- parks filling in 8030930. Is the number here into the studio into the bunker. Now lives in Rochester stand your and I thirty WB yeah. Good morning -- Stand are you. You know I think I think people are just overwhelmed and it's just this tactic they're not tentative. -- can come out and give me an example. If you listen to both these -- right wing media. They're pimping their agenda. It's just came doom and gloom this guy talking taking it after advertising dollars to get into the commercials I think people I just calling it quits. Who's chasing the advertising dollars while everybody the media. To -- What. About the bottom line very well could it's all natural gas and I am more -- called rule number one ratings and revenue. That's a little the end and that's what it's all about you have to keep an audience through the. -- Yeah that's very true -- -- I think what ends up happening in you know people are are are are so players and there's a famous movie. And -- it was done in 1976 Academy Award winning movie you're seeing network. You know I'd if you have a chance that you have some time the next week or two or maybe this weekend. If rent that movie if you have Netflix horror you're at the dvds some more. Because it's a movie that that fourth hole everything that that has happened to in society and the media. And it's and it's all about it's all about a news anchor a network news anchor that goes -- he's on the -- network and he goes crazy it starts off where he says. The he's gonna kill himself by -- we -- -- -- gonna kill himself and keep them on the year he turns into this why this age but readings go up and open up. On to -- He crosses the line. And he finds out. That its corporate America that is controlling everything and it's not politics. And others -- famous speech and -- Ned Beatty who was. -- mr. director talks about. Talks about how there are no countries there's just -- pond in general electorate and he goes through this was the -- companies. And the news anchor Howard -- All of a sudden the light goes -- over his head. And he asks the CEO this company. EB. And the CEO walks him inquisitive -- -- -- your TV stupid. And he goes on any search shilling for the company's and his ratings go down and all all of you know at the movie's been offering for -- So tell you the end they end up killing them because they're bad ratings. -- ending of the movie. That it got to commit suicide. Well we know they killed because in a crappy ratings. They don't know why they didn't know what to do element factor is. There's there's a famous line the board of directors. Are sitting around trying to figure out what to do what Howard -- And the director are looking at each other in this old users says what are we gonna do about his appeal last OB. And that's where they decided to kill unlike TV of course. Now but that's right. Right -- it's -- it's got a chance stand picked up them will be integrated it's a great move. I won't let it definitely feel it once you're -- correctly -- you live -- argued that -- And it's -- how about. I'd stay and you have a wonderful weekend brought. Enjoy yourself. Often I brought up that movie. It my all time favorite -- and as a kid. As a kid I remember watching ninety HBO when I was fascinated and I wasn't planning on going into the media at the time as a matter of fact I was starting. Via my idea was to study a study -- And wanted to be a writer. And I remember just you bet that was back in the days when HBO came on at 7 o'clock. Difficult national cable. Like international cable -- we had that and you know the the the power operator national cable wasn't -- -- -- And I remember watching that show and I thought I wanted to analyze this. And I was just enthralled with the movie. And for those -- -- that don't know there's a famous phrase that comes I'm as mad as hell and I'm not gonna take it anymore. That's where that phrase comes. That move for Howard -- finally cracks up -- power Buell finally. Finally starts telling people the truth. It's time to get mad. It's time. Don't call your congressman Patrick do anything. But it's time to get mad. And he says go to old -- your window open up the window and yell I'm as mad as sale. And I'm not gonna take anything. And the people. Will be took place in New York City. But the people. Start opening their windows. And dozens. And then hundreds. And then thousands of people. Start yelling our aim is mad as hell. And I'm not gonna take it anymore. You see that's the world we live in today. We live in this. World where. Where we feel we have we have no control. And we have no power to stand point. That's where we honor. And we become desensitized. To a horrible. Horrible stories. Because we live in this video game world. We live in this world where we don't communicated. We live in an iPhone world I have an iPhone. I sit there and I checked my email. I sit there and I checked FaceBook. I sit there are in -- when it's. I'm trying to in the business so I have to impact the first first by a code of the Malaysian air flight of yesterday. Was on Twitter. But were at a point where we. We have to get. We have to get angry. We truly do. After the bottom of the hour news. At 1030 cents. I know standing in and Tom Bauer we have talked a lot of office. It's the immigration issue that we have in this country with thousands tens of thousands. Of children. Coming into this country. At one point the -- The US government wanted to house them in the hotel there are going down. Is there an answer to the question. Terror laws going back to 2008. Pitcher sandy has talked about. There -- these laws that allow low children from. Other countries excluding Mexico. In Canada not triggering the candidate are are there are there. Tens of thousands of ten and twelve and thirteen year old coming over the peace -- Maybe area may -- swimming across that Niagara river of that happening. There may not be an answer to this question. Of what to do. And are all decent people. Ensure you can get wrapped up into the politics of this. And you can stable long -- the law and or we're gonna change the law whatever your whatever your viewpoint is Iran. But now it's something that is not. Going to happen. And that is a fix. To this problem I'll explain at 1037. There is inspectors radio 930 WBU. Gerald parks -- -- sandy beach today on this Friday morning. 930 WBBM. And over here into the bunker -- 03 -- nine -- -- and if the line becomes available. All are on your cell phone on your mobile star 930 or I'm told. -- 80616. WEB. And a crisis going on in this country with the immigration issue and and and I know -- has talked about that I was listening to yesterday and and he was talking about you know about the the children are from the Central American countries coming into this country and and -- let's call water then it's I mean these are and I you know. These are these are children being sensor. Horrible lives in Central America where there -- Novo. And we're a country of compassionate people. But we do have our laws and all this stems back to get into the whole -- thing here but all stems back to a -- of 2008. Where. The deportation process is different for. -- for children from a countries the two countries Mexico and and Canada and let's call it what it is. You know there are -- thousands and tens of thousands of children coming across. You're swimming across. A lake here are coming across that Niagara river coming into into America. And happen. Not happening from the from Ontario going into to north the north horrible high. And happen. Now Canada is included in this for waterways and in water when it's a totally. Not to make it appear that it's discriminatory. Against Mexico. And that's why Canadian citizens and children were considered in that 2008 law. Will now you have all these children coming from the Central American countries. Government doesn't know -- no problem. There was talk at one point that they were going to be housed at the that the former holiday in their Grand Island. I give communities don't want to take in the refugee idea at all that. And candidly are gorilla here. Totally agree with you. But here's what's happening. Everything you hear -- Is what surface every. Total. Lip service. In others a bill about you know housing these these kids. From the president's desk and other three point seven billion dollars. I would love to see the money Torre. That is growing so more in Washington. I can't I don't know Washington numerous times I've been there on vacation I've been there. You know our business I have been there yet to study government I wanna know where the secret money three years. Because this thing flowers and in -- leaves. Like no other -- anywhere in Western New York. Pick it up. The tree about beliefs the greenback after I -- we think about what another three point seven billion dollars. And we are taxed. And -- And -- and law. When you're paying your taxes. I get UB and don't about it because I am. -- -- would open the amount of taxes I pay. At this early have a problem with taxes. -- idea might viewpoint attacks is very simple if the cost of living in a community. Don't want to see the taxes abused right. Hate Don you Joseph it's just don't want -- the oh it's the money wasted. You don't wasted in your checkbook why should why should the federal government New York City. You recount. Should they be -- Wednesday. They have this bill three point seven billion dollars what's happening now is a Capitol Hill. And by the way today is July 18. I'm going to guarantees. Something -- and I very rarely on talk radio guarantee. Anything. -- -- -- -- Today is Friday July 18. You have the Democrats. Negotiating. An -- posturing for what they want to change the law. And you get the pole three point seven billion spent -- The Republicans that are pop history libel laws changed and and they want you know they want to you know give back from the three point seven billion dollars. -- the president knew something. Kind of ignored it for a long time Newsom has been going on for years. But now all of a sudden what ended up happening was the media ended up picking up on it. Now let's follow ordered isn't humanitarian crisis. Happening in our country -- you stop happening in yeah in. In other parts of the world issued an -- -- -- you see. 101000 miles away. In an America. News. It is. So here is my care when people. -- This is something that's gonna win yeah a lot of money if you're able -- on this at a sports book. If you're on vacation. To Las Vegas maybe you don't always portrayed in this was up on the -- better when money. Today is Friday July 18. Congress. Goes on vacation. -- our law and. Not true. Not three. We bought five. Weeks. Starting August. Between July 18. And August. Second. The debate. But facetime on television. The political rhetoric in the babble. Will continue on. And or when they get there when a politician gets a gets in front of a microphone like you're WBA and it. What's gonna end up happening. Is nothing. Nothing. All the compassion. That the Democrats. All or compassion that the Republicans talked about. They're going to be so compassionate. That they're gonna go on vacation. They're going to be so compassionate. Some are gonna travel domain. May be big vacation in Bar Harbor. Some are gonna travel to the cool spot to the Adirondacks and upstate New York. -- vacation and stared back Blake you're gonna kick back in late last. They may be kicking back in their summer cottage. Improper way. And what they're gonna do. Is turn off. -- cellphones. Turn off their emails. And effective. As they leave the leave office or leave their office for vacation. On August 1. What's gonna happen is. They're gonna basically two and now and all of a sudden all the compassion that they have. You're gonna find out it's BS. -- -- -- They don't three Orion thirty is the number here or shall I become available in percent -- chairman Darrell parks on news radio 930 WB yet. 930 WB here in for sandy beach today I'm Darryl park's. 8030930. Is the number -- -- become available fans. No way in 1010 more -- still here and I thirty WB yet. Still -- -- better I'd be too how much you. Not benefit -- typical ride down to a mile round and here is not what we can -- down quite awhile. And and -- if you think that. Communities are going to be it was normal oldies could come across the border without. Training the infrastructure that -- They and that and the -- the -- -- -- -- -- crazy you know. My mom had six -- between 1955 and in 1966 the hospital in the united hospital Port Chester New York -- well. Because it became a welfare Medicaid topple -- couldn't make any money. They have quote restore building next to it that was the luxury apartment from the nurses are all aren't sold all the money is grain now. Awe at what triggered from a members of the tax heaters an opponent if you lived unity usually do. It happened you know I want to type number's going to be a disaster for any community that this -- really -- What ends up happening is our taxes are so high and security in -- the fallacy -- you when you when you start talking stewing about. Don't know I don't. I love election time because I -- like these these commercials and listen to -- and you know all the commercials. It -- -- about -- it's about responsibility. I'm fiscally responsible. Blah blah blah blah blah. And then some order in the commercial there's a tag line that says you know for example. -- still we have -- -- running for a congressman. Is for seniors. And what that is is total werder for no money being paid off to -- to seniors or to specific in the reality is. -- the money is going to seniors if they vote. That's why. No we have it we live in a world today's do we where what is the percentage it's like 51%. Of people citizens in this country today include Western New York includes buffalo. Includes the entire country all fifty states 51% of the people are getting are getting government assistance in one way shape or form. And and we -- yeah story we're gonna yeah we have a long pass that tipping point. I don't know when it was there was air in recent years but you know when there're more people taking out then people -- and what -- in deep trouble. We are in deep deep trouble. On the carpet that the security that you put and is going to be have important amended for the -- nobody guitars you know. You -- -- in my in my problematic Colombian grown used to it -- -- I want to go -- -- -- and Mexican -- except they're Mexican and American -- there's actually. There's a lot of strife there that you don't hold out. And I would push -- the restaurants but within not within the McDonald's and other militant breakfast a couple of that the -- being the people they're good up and we've all -- on the table at all. I -- this is ridiculous this this is like. A story that has not that has little to do whether that's ethnicity that has everything to do with people being raised -- Right exactly like it better when you're used to having everything done by the government unicorn appealed for the -- And I was as well -- that and other people speak English in my -- -- now. So -- you get ignored when asked a simple question. On and it had been -- up on the back and get one out of fifteen -- people that speak English to help you. I'm out there I felt like I was Alice so until there is going like this all probable or -- it will be -- ROB. What you're look at -- work compassionate people. I don't know what the slogan of buffalo city you're good neighbors. You my wife is from. My wife laughs. Western new York and she's from the deep self she's from from and I'm I'm talking. Like when you walk a little walk about ten feet you -- your -- get what in the Gulf of Mexico. From Louisiana and she just jobs buffalo if you call friendliness hero. But here's what and that's happening you know after awhile that compassion that we all have -- as members of the community. That compassion is you know world worries you were imposed upon. Know when it comes to when it comes to government it is is -- made mention I don't care I don't care I don't mind paying taxes. I I mind paying taxes when I see. Taxes being abused I mind seeing are paying taxes when people are are wasting their money. Or not it's not spending that money smartly and here in here. -- I quote a Filipino what you goblet of RD up from the written on what that was -- Like look at together for fundamentalism trumbull Connecticut. And not and other outsold its seven to eight out of ten people whether they're trying to leave the area because it. But the taxes are ridiculously one friend whose mortgages 35 on to the month and it's out of trouble Connecticut but the fact of the lights. I wanted 2000 dollars a year on without -- -- do that at that and paint but like it's in the middle class. Even though I -- middle class lower middle of their just look an escape because it's an irresponsible governor picked Connecticut and new York and injured did attacks kill people. I mean Stewart look -- New York City when you think you can live in New York City. No and if I don't I have I have still haven't I have this fantasy about living in New York for a couple years right New York's. And then when you start looking at how much it cost of living here just to live. To to just to have a I think that it the number is nationwide it's about 75975000. Dollars is the number that people think. That's the number of to -- -- and I I looked it up in in New York's New York State it's 99000. Of course that skewed by by. New York City. I'd imagine it's probably you know 65 Korean or whatever the image in the -- we're in Western New York but I mean it's you because in New York City but it can't afford what. -- electrical down three you know 300 larger Poland you know 350. You can't afford to let them -- Again I think I think the welfare recipients which -- kind of good about that program here at all I mean really really -- -- -- probably about fifty. Spend a lot of what would you go to work you can pull back I don't want it now from the from the taxpayers and sit around and open up you know. I got you Stewart have a wonderful weekend story. Thanks for calling in appreciate it. Coming up in the 11 o'clock hour lighten things up a little bit talk about two different things we'll talk about the Buffalo Bills and I mean that's attacks this year but there are. Because just a lot there's going to be a billion dollars stadium. Built somewhere in Western New York that's not going to be in Toronto Toronto is not gonna steal the Buffalo Bills don't worry about it ain't gonna happen. But there's going to be on billion dollars bill. On a stadium that holds 70000. People somewhere maybe at the Seneca mall Friday may bureau along the riverfront. They may be bulldozing -- projects on on a -- park avenue here. It's gonna happen you watch and then the other thing that's coming up this week and in so few people. Realize this is coming up. It's the 45 anniversary. The fourth -- fifth anniversary. Of man's first step on the moon. And I have a closer powder to a funny story a closer powder. With a very probably at one point the -- is dead now the most famous man on planet earth. Talking about Neil Armstrong. Who will do that come -- up at 1107 this morning sandy -- off today. Heading into the weekend I'm -- parks filling in for sandy beach and company on news radio 930 WP PS.

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