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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Willard Brooks -Buffalo Brewfest

Willard Brooks -Buffalo Brewfest

Jul 18, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's get a diversion here summertime and buffalo has a lot of them we can do. This weekend it is the Italian fest along her -- -- -- canal fest in the -- want us out of west Seneca there's that big queen of heaven carnival. In Hamburg it is burger fest weekend. And now for the first time this year you can add in the buffalo brewers' fast. When it Brooks is with us on the WB and live like he -- -- -- -- -- he he heads up the buffalo Niagara brewers association whether thanks for joining us. You are the sponsor with the organizer of this buffalo brewers for us this weekend in an outside tell me about what that is. Yes the bubble burst suspect and also I didn't see the first and only. Beer festival featuring. A 100% or stay here sort of -- they pretty focused on our western -- bridge which are burgeoning. In -- sense the first and only possible. By and for Western New York brewers. Yeah there's been an explosion it seems of craft Beers around here. Why is that. Great question and I I agree either an explosion and it seems like there's not a because by you don't hear about Newbury opening. I think first and foremost because people -- -- outlook -- and that he loved beer made from here. Yeah aren't so that's such an inability of the main issues that people. Our. You know remember that buffalo has. Strong legacy brewing and it so but it petered out so it's just natural and it would help. And so canal side this weekend each one of these brewers will. Have samples how does this work. -- that's so from that the fossil goes from 3 PM to 7 PM. And following out from 7 PM to 10 PM the music concerts at the centers in the past and we are in your thoughtful. Peter Russell a concert. And should appear possible future. About forty. Brewers percent urged made about a third of art from Western New York. College to retreat different -- sample. And the price of the year it's that it works for the forty dollar questions mission at all well. Will it be lives are not like you very -- in the music but it will there be food as well. Yes we have several vendors in the VIP -- we have oat cereal 166. What the lending prepared. Locally -- charity auctions you know are all they want. In the area we. Each day barbecue. We. Two BJ barbecue. A whole -- truck she -- piece -- plant. Yeah and some of the vendors to look from the company. -- -- boots will also have a little bit achieved or -- not character beer. And then -- it would ever meet the brewers at. Which features the -- a beer with local locally made to our. Personal injury. It was flying by action community beer or amber growing company. And resurgent brewing company. As well as areas where. The security which is a shot -- -- Ithaca. -- finally that table chocolate which is a trouble maker of buffalo now though they're appeared to go to get there very well. You said there are some forty different brewers. Is that too many that you can start stop a little bit about the range here we talking the really dark ones or may be the fruity girly ones. So. You know we'll have a full range. I don't think we I did not she's due any dark Beers. That's so we look partners will support or supposed. Other are few of those. However. You know what would think that's happening initiated. In the raptors scenes there returned to work well -- years. Are really appears. -- -- You're -- -- out you know or you could sort of you know spend the day -- a few -- and being. Negatively effected by it in terms of intoxication and that that really has one of the focus there isn't it that we can only shoot when we chose Beers from this. All right before we go here give me again that that the times this thing is running. Yes times are from 3 PM 7 PM and then from 7 PM to 10 PM. You're chasing your country's seventh -- Russians have attacked our -- -- gingerbread broke it you like to find out more prevention about football coach you. Buffalo brewers festival dot com and get tickets to her and ultimately that's what it. In the next fifteen or twenty minutes will make sure we get that website up on ours at WB and a -- Willis thanks for joining us. You're much Willard Brooks the head of the buffalo Niagara brewers association.

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