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WBEN's Michael Caputo Ukraine Insight

Jul 18, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

WDN contributor Michael Caputo who's been filling in for Tom Barley is with us on the WB and lifeline this morning. Michael organized elections in Ukraine he's married to a Ukrainian woman he knows firsthand about this international hotspots. Mike thanks very joining us this -- how does this change the international landscape. I could change quite a bit I mean. -- assembly of man of the western world works as Barkley and content. In Beijing car in gear and and and basically an action for action. But most of it is commentary would kind of western eight. It was designed to influence the EU in the United States it was designed to our back them all wrong. Get -- close Ukraine but now he's our shot down -- allegations are that. The Russians have shot down. And Asian airlock and now we handle all new set of angry people headed back. I think the entire world changed carpet -- the problem we are -- don't out of Russian air act when you're out of order. Give me some Ukraine 2101 might Crimea was annexed by Russia. Talk more about the area that this plane is -- Sure local government and make no mistake argue with envy and hate him. From Tikrit but don't forget you are quite near. Backcourt in the regular person to -- -- -- -- own crimes. It's -- walked toward Washington to -- in court. I think that. Eastern Ukraine it is quite similar Crimea had upwards of 60%. Ethnic Russians living there and upon who you talked to it's like Russians and ego. He has many military arteries in the either the same core emea. And direction immediately many -- they're in order. Happened where the refugees -- -- smoldering today that decidedly pro Russian but not nearly as much on the line of Tony by the 35%. Of that area in the collection. And there's an active separatist movement there that wants to pull away from Ukraine and tilt more toward Russia. I think and they're activists and some of our our separate the sentiment among the Russian pretty quick Italian -- here -- -- I mean there just at. Ukrainian most in the Ukrainian border problem we have is that our. Our Vladimir Putin has been taking his best special or is most experience Arthur. Many of them pro Russian Checchi and by the way who have been fighting the -- for many years. He's directing the market nondescript uniforms. Making them across the border that vast majority. Of these separately in Ukraine are actually Russians are. Mike how likely is Ukraine. To bring in expertise from the US or Great Britain numbness. Well recently -- -- yesterday on our children from the market -- politics in you know Ukraine's. The word is in -- certainly award -- -- bouncing back and or American. Diplomats to our Ukrainian government officials is that now will call the people. As soon as we proved beyond a shadow of the doubt. -- Russia was behind shooting down these innocent passengers. You'll start -- weapons. And other legal -- The United States and Ukraine. -- we're glad you could join us we know you'll be on the air at three this afternoon for town. Well thank you very much for inviting -- That's Michael -- put out WB and contributor.

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