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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>WBEN's Brian Mazurowski-Kanberra Gel-Made in WNY

WBEN's Brian Mazurowski-Kanberra Gel-Made in WNY

Jul 18, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And it's time for our regular Friday feature made in Western New York today looking at something that is kind of a start of product in the past we've. Concentrated on bigger things that go worldwide. Now WBN's Brian -- -- is here's a look at something made here in Western New York obviously and starting on the costs. That's right they've ever once heard Perry's ice cream everyone except for reining -- over hurricane chance on the -- -- chances -- you've never heard. Of an era yeah I shouldn't say it can bury jail one word. You probably earth and the capital of Australia actually that's but this is spelled with a K -- are named after. Capital Australia because he uses. Australian. To re oiled by Iran haven't heard of the product -- -- the product is Australian tree oil. And what it is it's in jail it sits in here and have you noticed Dave. At the news -- smelling a little bit fresher. Has a place and he -- -- jail. Right in the corner in the news with them its I don't smell anything here maybe that's what it does rain that is exactly what does it eliminates. All voters. From a room so you have. Things like ugly sprees. Scented candles and what those it was put a nice that a fragrance up into the -- in a -- making masks and smells. What this product aims to do is not masks mills but literally take older. Away it absorbs them. It absorbs then it's -- based gel so it sits in this little thing and you put in a room you putting your car you put it wherever you want. And it evaporates into the air -- on. I'm not good with all of this that scientific. Mumbo Jumbo but it clings onto I guess the older molecules -- them out whatever odor is in the air whether it's a sweaty gym bag. Or maybe your bathroom somewhere. And did Olympics. How is -- used you mentioned gym bags to kids take this to better schools. Professional athletes involved that's one of the things that sit in talking with -- that you heard on the tape there. It's a -- challenge for him because there's so many different ways that the product can be used in what he was telling me. Not only do use it in you can use -- gym Banco locker things like that -- areas that trunk of your car. And so on and so forth. There's also came Barrett -- race. And he says he uses it. Maybe to freshen up after a bike ride or something like to take the -- away if he's going right from exercising. Out to our restaurant. As a mosquito repellents on his legs and ankles so there's a million different ways he calls it a lifestyle product. So many different ways that it can be used but that. It's also kind of challenge if your start up company and there's a million different ways that this product can be used. How do you choose. I think in my in what you say consumer right now he's going with kind of the obvious way. And it is that he wouldn't -- can't take the way. One of the coolest things I think about the series is actually going inside the plants and saying and how this stuff is made. Describe what you saw. It's made in the same place where indoor air professionals that's the parent company of candor jail it's where they -- headquarters. And their like adopt cleaner right yes so they work in air purification so this product kind of came abouts. From things they were already doing. As indoor air professionals so you go in there and it's kind of separated. There's a wall he likes that separate the two places and on -- -- the swamp in the hand peerage yell. And a lot of the process was top secret it would look me in. It's in knowing the ins and now it's because of the way they mix their tree oils. It's the right mix he -- of good smelling and effective taking the voters out of the year. But they mix these whales they put them and it's humongous. -- And it's squeezed out and actually what you hear in the report says that jail being squeezed out of the -- into it too I did them myself I -- I don't think added depth that it. And what kind of growth of they had what kind of plans they have for the future is basically a small companies have sort of been off some kind of thing right now. It's kind of an -- thing right now it's a smaller company but. They definitely want to make this big big plan to expand. Right now he says their plan is to get into the luxury. Yachts of the mega yachts. Arena if you will where. People will place this in different areas of the yachts to kind of clear the air these yachts are humongous. Rich people he's gotten now to our little luck and -- that we take on the -- we call -- that we -- personalities are actual -- Monday -- and use them where our -- and Albert a five man and they got Canada's they -- has a pool but it's full of -- -- -- Also -- a pet stores is where they're trying to kind of move tuna because. If you're in. House with the -- Chances are as soon as you walk through that door. You know you're in house with the -- whether it's a dog that gets wet -- -- walking around the house or. Is my girlfriend's dog likes to do rob all over the carpets and you put this in there and kinda takes some of that pat. -- my grandma -- personal story here are my grandmother used to have a new -- dogs. And there the nicest odds but man if you put them in a small area of their breath and their fur. They stake and so she drove. A VW beetle. It would have a Newfoundland dog in him -- beat up VW beetle in you can imagine this mill neck are. I I took some -- jail and them bring it to my grandmother for Byrd DWV. One and nice young man. That's but I thought there. All right good stuff thanks Brian.

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