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7-17 Michael Caputo Hour 3

Jul 17, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBS. -- I don't prefer taking administrative action. I'd rather -- permanent fixes. To -- issue we face certainly that's true on immigration. I've made that clear multiple times I would love nothing more. Then bipartisan legislation passed the house the senate land on my desk so I can site. Wherever and whenever. I can take steps without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what I'm gonna do here. Com hourly and that's what's been within 200 feet of the storm or Ichi. It's life. -- -- It's local provoked this guy it's Tom hourly cash in at a question and try to get this much this isn't the real caesar's palace we wouldn't. He's a live here. Now so on news radio 930. Everywhere and where what -- meant some important moment things -- compliment. What's that members CBS. News special report the Israeli ground operation begins I'm Howard -- sting. Israeli troops and tanks are inside the Gaza Strip CBS's Robert Berger in Jerusalem reports a military statement said the offensive follows hamas' rejection. Of a cease fire the state. -- said the aim is to destroy Hamas tunnels from Gaza into Israel today thirteen heavily armed Palestinian militants -- into Israel. But they were intercepted by Israeli. Force Hamas is warning of the dreadful consequences of such a foolish act shoring Todd grosses -- sky news correspondent in Gaza. What we can hear it terrifying we -- each dollar of constant bombardment coming. -- in Naples shipped for the -- Q are more than 200 Palestinians have been killed in ten days of air strikes one Israeli has been killed in daily bombardments by Palestinian rockets CBS news special report I'm Howard -- They were back here on the Tom Farley show. These radio I'm thirty WP -- -- this is Michael who went for Tom Bally -- on vacation I'm here till Friday. He'll be back on Monday will be. One thing I -- wanted to bring. To me. Listeners here is today at 2:47. PM. Vice president of blue cross shield sent an email to government leaders. Saying that they have decided to withdraw from -- Medicaid programs in six Western New York counties. Six Western New York counties here recount or August -- -- well or it means Wyoming. And Allegheny they claim they've lost forty million dollars more in the past three years in these programs. It's across a 25 jobs not the buffalo. But that's news right there -- heard it hear first from WP yen blue cross blue shield out of Medicaid in Western New York. Well we've got a lot going on especially with this shoot down this airliner. With the Russians are saying dating to a ukrainians are saying they didn't do it and of course we just found that the Russian separatists. The Russian. Trained military. Soldiers who have been. Infiltrated and oil and through Ukraine and are fighting attacking invading the country. Have recovered the black box so if you -- -- here that stuff. If -- here then any of -- -- together there you can forget it -- in Cheektowaga. You trust who know. Obama. Yes sir I do and why that. Arm that I believe is an analog out. He stands up for those people. Back in the days on Ronald Reagan days. I'm. Basically what happened is -- Soviet Union was still down economically. What Star Wars. A lot of things that you Caroline you know Jim there's a different sort of the administration Russia. We are looking up right now. It is. Balkanization. The United States of America I don't believe I'm in America as the last -- that your users of the two year urged. I don't enforce programs don't and on the -- While Marcus and I disagree with him but I know some Smart people who. Are on me but my my my favorite college professor. The one who led me into politics smartest guy -- ever met. It seems the states have the same stuff. It's let out a statement went on mark thank you very much you know this whole thing I I wonder okay who do you trust more. Barack Obama or Vladimir. We're at 8030930. Star 930 yourself who do you trust more Barack Obama. Or Vladimir but I'll tell you one thing I've met one of those men. I -- I've never met Barack Obama but I have met Vladimir Putin twice in -- we sat on the panel together in. Saint Petersburg. Russia. In nineteen mean the more. I guess it was he was working and I was working on drafting the. -- The election law. For the state of Saint Petersburg which he was. Deputy mayor of the city of Saint Petersburg. And I I got to -- -- I interact with a little bit if if you eat again and later on I saw him. Actually he was at a party that I hosted in my home I did -- there until I saw the photographs a year later. They're beaming gets walloped by living sipping from ice war. Which I think runs in his veins and -- that all the times I've interacted with him at goes to different Arctic I think you might have said six things. Maybe he just does not like America I I got the distinct impression that. I was more -- problem. I was in the way. Every time I open my amount there was nothing he'd -- he would ever learn from or regained. But it's an interesting thing who do you trust Barack Obama. Or -- -- or neither of them I mean obviously we've had some good return clothes and whoever deep in the inviting. Disrespect meant to respect -- frost of government and there's good reasons for who do you trust or neither of them Barack Obama. Or lighter -- I'll tell you. I haven't lived in the former Soviet Union head of the Russian particular has been great to. I can tell 200 no. Without any. Reservation. I would rather I would trust the word of Barack Obama more than I would trust the world. Now to face -- and I don't believe a word that comes out of Obama's mouth. At the same time. Okay but who was raised on -- who -- has lived on lines. Key pairs aged on lies and all he does is deliver wise and and it happens not just out of his mouth but every fiber of -- government is designed to spin analyze. They have official government TV channels the do nothing but spin absolute crap out for the people. And those Russian government channels what page it's called channel number one actually -- in the Ukrainian fit into the surrounding. Areas the report from the former Soviet Union and you can't trust the word days. I would have the same problem. If we but it would prompt. The media. Mystery and act a little bit especially with competition for the right -- and voters. But. While if you ask me why trust Barack Obama or -- -- trust. Let recruit who I trust more on -- it is by far no question no matter what Barack Obama and I don't believe much of anything east. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know three and outs and I'd probably still look out the window. But. A little bit -- Right. 8030930. Star 930 years or phone. Will you listen the Russians the bodies and wreckage -- -- -- right. Now Fox News in other news news is reporting with WB Ian reported 320. That there are recordings of this turns out cell phone conversations between Russians. A Russian military once. And Russian separatists that there's invaders from -- -- -- over the border pretended to be Ukrainian. They actually have that recording and they reported just now so WB -- and there two hours ago. Breaking news -- and WP. But I I -- Though the regime the regime of the Russian Federation is modeled entirely after the -- Completely and may do not let the facts get in the way. They do not under any circumstances the life Retief constantly. Constantly. Brian in buffalo what do you think gluten or -- who do you believe. By how well I would believe slow Obama and I'm not a big Obama's order. But that surely. Put these cultures employees. The allow Bisping systemically to have that. Whether or not -- to record it and I believe you know we -- -- the -- and duke for about asking for permission first. Record there -- others -- could be because he congress were so happy air. Act. It's hard to believe that he wouldn't have prior ballot but -- say he didn't. The policies that are players. You know you can't walk away from. It's like one when you called your -- your Internet provider in the city policy. In its computer glitch. You know people make that happen. Well I'll tell you -- Bryant isn't gonna have to go to are CBS -- -- we don't want should go -- want to stick around here here's the one thing I I don't know. -- those weapons that have gotten across the border these -- missiles they came from one place and they don't weapons don't leave Russia without the sign off of the Kremlin. The president himself will be right back here after this. CBS news special report I'm Deborah Rodriguez. A Malaysian airlines plane shot out of the sky CBS news confirms it was a missile that brought down a plane in eastern Ukraine. Killing 295. People including 23 Americans John Pike is executive director of global security dot or it would. -- is certainly a medium range a surface to air missile. The important point here is that this is -- crew served weapon you have to have half a dozen trained operators can fire it. It's not something you could teach yourself. Investigation. Must not be in that in any way an international student. Myself Hulu access. To the crash site pro. Russian rebels claimed to have the black box in hand there were -- would be go to Russia. And -- -- the Ukrainian Greek current track in trouble and have to anxious thinking she won't get what they would. Can get a fair -- Investigation into the crash. Order -- -- in nearby did that responders continue to hosed down the crash site. Which is now shrouded in darkness as bodies remain strewn about the wreckage some of them still strapped into their seats the flight was headed from Amsterdam to acquire all of them pork. When it was shot down about a third of the way to its destination. CBS news special report I endeavor Rodriguez. Here's your AccuWeather forecast clear to partly cloudy tonight low of fifty well -- to 55 downtown. Sunny to partly cloudy and pleasant tomorrow high of 79 degrees Saturday clouds and sun with a shower thunderstorm in the area high of 82. A -- -- communities to. -- protected by. The air conditioning broke out east -- the nicest place in the world. We have a steady breeze. It's agrees it's -- I think particular -- east always the perfect temperature. But for some reason my windows from capture and apartments or by. Air conditioning unit bigger and the car that I drive. Animals you know about animals. We don't know Brian thanks for -- on Bryant from buffalo bright you've heard it. -- now can confirm the the little green men are saying that they have the black box and they're gonna give it to Russia and that the Ukrainian authorities are gonna try to stop the let me tell you something -- That is a movie. They're going to kill every person between them. They'll -- I mean. You know -- -- Or mention about or I used to -- so we were rich. The world -- -- sure. Well -- -- -- you know there are there but that you know like the in here so burst. Figured -- welcome to show. It was The Who was woken. You know Obama yeah. Oval. -- -- pocket a lot. In Seoul. You know showing his muscle. We hopefully it in the -- systemically. It's if it is -- it looks it looks at the Russians. Arctic -- It to be here. What are we compare. I'm hopeful we don't compare with where. We're we're we're ground. -- -- It is it is argued should never receive American defeat -- an -- boots on the ground in the forms -- -- I think just money even in the X com. The stands as -- mean Afghanistan India but to Turkmenistan. Uzbekistan you'll never see Americans in there of course but we we we we -- team. Well what's your question. Thomas actually so you're talent be a huge trust. You cannot oh right yeah I. I don't think that -- certainly something that so you. What's conspiracy -- -- -- that Obama. The this -- pulled me fallen for some here. Think there's a plot to blow your core issues. Is a quote. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And then. Burst. I don't repeat it for what -- -- is that he awhile. It. Right. Well let me tell you this -- -- there you know while out. On screen people. Use. Major. Missiles. There's no question because these these missile batteries. These missile batteries take a certain amount of expertise the people have been expertise -- of certain rank. There are senior enough rank that they shouldn't be good daunting the nondescript green uniform and going the other side and I'm quite certain people really knew how to operate those -- missiles. Were in the Russian territory and make phone calls. In that's. This at all. Which there's no question in here we are playing checkers Bryant. Brian thanks opera called and we got to go pay for summer bills here this is Mike Brooks in for Tom -- here on news radio 930 WEB. First thanks -- our son or -- relay. And now our family and the -- minutes -- an American Venus I can't name and I can give Amazon than physical I -- And -- -- the Simon -- don't want to give them just like me is you have got back pain to -- -- -- -- -- -- our name but seagate Omar is I'm. Right let's take him out. -- like we bring in any. -- -- -- And we're back. Guarantees review -- WB in it's 5:37. PM on the Tom Bauerle showtime is out today you're stuck with me Michael Caputo. And tilt tomorrow on the back Monday. I came in your rated talk about something entirely different. -- angrily takes wild turn that. I've heard about this. And I knew that it was. News. Good nutrients fast -- knew that when they shot down this year for me when the airliner crashed over that area after several. Warplanes have been shot down earlier in the weeks are pointing to. It it's very possible that that airline mistake for all for. It. Warcraft and was shot down. Either by the Russian attack by the way. When I first heard Arafat 00 I don't know -- in trouble -- only. I thought for sure that they meet Wednesday decree forces -- head coach and you make mistakes were -- But does it turns out to looks like rush's little green men under the orders from Vladimir Putin's. Fighting. To try to. Separate eastern Ukraine from the rest of the nation. Looks like -- horror that likely culprits here. And have come down to whether. You believe wooten or whether you believe. There -- officials of the -- portion would you believe. -- you -- believe. -- believe Barack Obama when he takes the use this information that is now being. Surfacing from elements. And pretty soon the Americans are gonna make it means we're gonna make of the case that this was in fact an action by Russians circuits. In Ukraine. We've got to believe when that have been evidence comes. Barack Obama. Pulled. We're 82 threes early thirties Starr at 930. On your cellphone eagle threes here or 930. This is a tough call of theory but I can understand. The bit there are people up there that don't have. An opinion one way or the other whether Russia or Ukraine is worse in my right Ukrainian everybody own family called Russian. That. I don't know -- ukrainians really have a deep and abiding fondness for options. They're two very distinctly different places. And we have Russians living here Western New York as much as we have degrees in fact we have a very very sizable. Ukrainian. Yes for a year ago when my wife first moved here. We we we came together in 2000. She went visited some of the churches and some of the bazaars and special events at the very active. Old school new cream. DS for talking even their languages will be different from the white -- speaking. You know English language changed from 94 until now. And a lot of bees are ukrainians states agreed during that era. On. In prior to world were to. So that even its language. -- understand -- Russia and Ukraine two very different places but they're very much against each other. And even though I understand that the government of Ukraine is very similar to the government of Russia. They operate very much the same way because they -- of the same system the Soviets. Even though vote them of the men and women elected to public office in. In Ukraine in even in parts of Russia are are are said to be Democrats reformers these anti Communist. The way they operate very similar. -- -- And I can tell you. I am having an -- and lived in Russia for nine on a decade -- several years the ninety's and I don't -- with the -- watts with. Law enforcement authorities. End. I don't wanna say something important because I work a lot of Russia have a lot of Russian friends. Bought the comedy. Of that of errors that goes on in the Russian military. Is the on anything you've ever heard from the west. Errors that. In in the US. The Russian military -- ridiculous mistakes ridiculous mistakes all the time you don't hear about it because they claim right now. In fact they control the media again just right there in the days of the Soviet Union. So you don't even see it in Russia as well they make ridiculous. And I can see. This mistake happening I can see. -- arrogant. Major or Eric captain in the Russian military disguised as a troop Ukrainian. -- point into the sky in mistaking a 777. For -- And saying fire I can see that happen and I can -- in -- in the afternoon. When apple -- are on the Schneider with with a -- a good bottle of of Russian. Vodka. That's I'm I'm I'm -- I'm guessing but I have a a bit of an educated -- I've been in that area. I've been just an hour and a half away from where that wreckage is burning -- were too wondered in 95 citizens of this world. Lay dead. I've just been just down the road when buffalo Rochester. It's. Now completely control well it's not controlled certainly are under are under -- -- on and off the game control with ease Russian. Separatists this is called the door and that's reason -- can be extreme east -- Ukraine and you can't trust a word that comes out of this -- And you wonder. Ukraine be so much like Russia are they -- to why for public consumption as well. I gotta tell you are pretty similar countries various. So response -- -- -- We're being lied to every day by our president. On lies constantly I mean we know that all the left so tired of hearing about the -- anemic -- expert. All nothing happen and iris Campbell just money leftists were rescued him as great allies. Are you you know he lives with the rest he lies to us about fast and -- he lies to west. About the immigration. Debacle going on the illegal immigration debacle at the border right now. Lies to us about obamacare. If you like your health -- you while -- you can keep at it like to doctor you keep him to. Why it's every single one of and by the way not by accident. Not. You know alright Ottawa's troop they -- that our president doesn't even think that things he's saying these are true. He says that for reason comes straight out of cells all -- Playbook. On your wife for the good of the order. Well in in the Soviet Union they call that I think it's. Here it's what basically what's good for the party is good doesn't matter in fact that's a bit of the problem with Russia today. In Russia today that you bait they live on these lines. But now we're getting ourselves. And answer we got some you may see that the Bush Administration lied when they were talking about the arm is absurd the the the chemical weapons in Iraq. I believe that they thought they were true I thought they are there was correct. They were acting on mistaken intelligence but Obama is -- line about the iris scandal being godsey. Fast and furious the immigration scandal and obamacare but he's got bad information. He's lying to you because he would -- he thinks it's necessary. So your body and it was program. I don't know about you I still trust Barack Obama more than I trust Vladimir -- I'd love to hear what you think after this break. I -- call 8030930. Do you trust Barack Obama or Vladimir Putin's. More threes -- your news -- 930 WP. CBS news special reports I'm Deborah Rodriguez. This is currently being. In what has already been. Affecting your form and incidentally. Asian prime minister Najib re sick as word comes from Vice President Biden. At today's plane crash in eastern Ukraine was no accident here. I say apparently because -- don't have the actual we don't have all the DT on and be sure what I say apparently. Have been shut down. Shot and not an action blown out of the sky. And CBS news confirms the US intelligence sources say it was a surface to air missile. That shot down Malaysian airlines plane killing 295. People as it flew from Amsterdam to cool while -- poor. Many questions need to be answered. And we'll get those answers. And will take care of the next steps recorded. As for who would have the expertise to using missile capable of taking down a commercial airplane. John Pike and global security dot order. Was something the Russian military fired. Regardless of what kind of uniforms are aware this is not something Russian separatists could -- on her own. So far no one has claimed responsibility only denied involvement including Russia Ukraine and pro Russian separatists. Contrary to earlier reports there is no confirmation. That there were any Americans on that plane. CBS news special reports I'm Deborah Rodriguez. You're AccuWeather forecast here and clear to partly cloudy tonight -- fifty well in the and -- 55 downtown. Sunny to partly cloudy and pleasant tomorrow high of 79 Saturday colds and -- on with a shower or thunderstorm in the area. In the afternoon high of 82. Mike -- -- here in -- Tom hourly in WP. 5:52 PM we're here at 8030930. Star 930 cell phone. Who do you trust more. Barack Obama or Vladimir Putin -- -- to be here and and comparing. Some kind of versions of this story. Start tomorrow I'm sure here from now certainly. The intelligence. Communities -- the US has confirmed it was shot down. This is not a crash as Russians were calling it the shot. And now it's I was shocked that comment in the news just a moment ago. That this could not have possibly shot by the rebels. As they call themselves Russians were posing -- In the side. Ukraine -- frankly. I'm not an expert -- personally spoke to global security dot org I think in their experts I'm not. But I I've I've got to tell you -- a lot of men that are over there the little green men that are weak ukrainians. They sent it to invade Ukraine and by the Russians. A lot of them are very highly trained extremely -- AM. You know firing of those. Missiles is difficult but it's not rocket science in east saint and had to be fired from the Russian side of the border acts. If that's true. We may be seen the end of the machines. In Russia. But. You take a look at our art TV I've told you about this -- RT dot com RT. I mention this last artsy is owned and operated by the Kremlin. The employ Americans -- two. On your cable network and on all on your computer. To write stories and read them with a straight face in the camera straight up propaganda. From. The Kremlin straight Americans reading it proud to be there. And they're they're sand. That Kia deployed powerful service to air -- -- the eastern Ukraine ahead of the Malaysian pro plane crash. And now I mean I just. I'm incredulous but I can't understand. Why anybody would believe anything like this -- RT east journalist. Should be tossed out of this country can't -- mean that they are being a RT I think it credentialed to go into the White House. I know there credentialed at the House of Representatives sent. To cover the politics there why we let them. Know. You can't believe a word they say. -- Not a word not a word and I mean if they're if they're in here. Right about one thing -- do there is they have all the images that terrible images. News. Of this of this crash. Of course they were shot down with the trees in the land they crashed. So. Artie is just -- absolutely on prosperity that we also have my -- a really big on out Europe either. Jury's out on. Your own network. But we're going to be back here in just after these messages here on news radio 930. WP.

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