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7-17 Michael Caputo Hour 2

Jul 17, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And. Few months ago when you were asked what's the biggest geopolitical threat facing Americans of Russia and al-Qaeda that Russia. In the 1980s are now. Calling to ask for their foreign policy that wherever and whenever. I can pick up without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what I'm gonna do -- but that happened to. Can recoup. Its strong silent. That was an amendment. Tom hourly about it even though this. I think it right back bathing it's live it's local it's Tom hourly -- with cool -- completely cool whip who lived here. On news radio 930. It. Yeah. Let me. And welcome back. Welcome back Tom barrel chilly here on news radio 930 WB and it is 4090410. Fortson. Fortune in the afternoon today this is Michael Goodwin in -- Tom -- Through Friday probably back from his well deserved vacation on Monday. Boy am I wonder what Thomas had to say about this. Happening just before show. I'm sure he would agree that this is yet more evidence this shoot down of the Malaysian plane. In Ukraine is more evidence that potent as. I'm -- I I just kept -- getting some questions on social media emails. Why you. Probably know about this kind of thing. I I lived there for time. -- moved there I lived in I've worked for the White House in works for the reelection of President George Bush. HW bush the elder in 9192. After we lost -- move to Russia. 241 year actually. Was beautiful and year to help them. Starts. To help them prepare their election -- are a young voters group called Rock the Vote figure in the states. A little bit -- old -- so that's an expert on Russia and what -- for year. And I stayed for the better part of the -- Russian woman when I was there we're system -- we have a daughter. In fact my daughter twelve years old mayor -- it is was in Russia. Until just the other day she's been facetime on iPhone. Four actresses she went through which -- Petersburg and Moscow. Every time she -- times kind of -- the although easier obviously and that there for long on my notes for its place. -- New York City but I just -- couple. And she just as I was sorting through all this mess on the Malaysian plane each. Are you face time you get attacker with just walking in here to. WP yen. And she was clearly in a hotel said Rory -- Jesus nowhere in Spain and I just about dropped phone. -- -- there's no threat in Moscow you know when arteries it right in the middle was mails from. Could he -- among others take on Spain mother is Russian through and through. A mother. It didn't quite an article that I wrote in art or is rice said that the Russians took Crimea because they feel there's no never give up. Didn't like it holder told our daughter that it is -- -- And I asked my daughters and so what you -- she's actually traveled with the Russians including moment and it's what are they saying about this plane being shot that. And their parenting what is out there in the Russian media which is basically. Owed the ukrainians shouted down setting up -- like that Ukraine's in fact. I was saying earlier RT which the Russian. The English language Russia program in. Propaganda. Website and TV channel it's financed by the Kremlin they're announcing that they've got proof or at least reporting some unnamed sources that. The ukrainians move both system which is great. An anti aircraft system into the region just secretly the other day in all the stuff when in fact. Apparently him in Ukraine either they're playing. A recording. Of the conversation between Russian forces on the border in Russian. Adopted forces inside -- -- loops we shut down passion. But so Russians are very even the pro Kremlin Russian -- April Russians might exploit it. They're nervous about this can you imagine what's gonna come down pollutants. I hope she she is. Something -- out. My goodness me I dot com not quite sure the Obama will do anything it is actually sanctions. -- pretty good impact. They're mark to market dropped 6% to score after new sanctions announced yesterday so. They're having an impact I certainly don't feel like getting in shooting match. But. And Ukraine -- a leader and a they've been trying very hard to stay out of a war meanwhile -- Mop up the the actual Russians who invaded their country the little green men. March in Ukraine. Where these green uniforms nondescript this auction for. Noting tags. In a lot of -- the ball close its. -- S face off off. -- -- And when they're killed by the way those goes coffins going to go back on trains. In Russia. So to -- separatist. Group. -- bridge Brooklyn's. But so why I moved over -- spent some time actually works for the Kremlin worked for president Yeltsin who worked on. All. Four for his administration. And the ball very much in the elect moral system I get involved in the elections themselves. Travel all over the place I was up in the the polar region of the North Pole. Has been to Russia. And I've been -- Siberia down in the area actually where this plane is burning right now across the border from the just bound now halfway cynical. -- problem don't action nice -- sites. Reminds me of some -- -- bottle. But. What an awful thing absolutely awful thing to move on from speakers. We're going to be updating. Throughout the broadcast today CBS's Allen very close I think she missed -- but to all of you here 23 Americans apparently did to a 95 or so. Human beings and citizens of this world were shot down by day. According to -- the report we got out of vote Ukraine Euro on talk show by the Russian separatist Russians. Weapons run by Russian soldiers trained in Russia sitting in Ukraine. On the eastern edge. She deer taken potshots -- we'll -- -- as someone who lived in Russia and and dealt with the military and dealt with the the law enforcement regimes around there but these aren't exactly the eyes trained people government like now I'm sure the people who were in charge of things are fairly well trained. I mean special forces special forces. You can train and he won't fight. But most of these guys who serve in the Russian military can't fight the -- paper that. I'm I don't wanna get a fight with a but I can tell you this it was late in the day it is I order in this missile would be shot. For -- it was an idea mistake Harris right -- 777. For a fighter jet probably. You don't if you if we haven't had half a bottle of vodka. So I'm gonna move on after this. After -- year traffic and such will going to be issues I. But we're going to be updating US legal. But. One thing I would -- to -- to -- to -- and I'm looking -- -- actually she's from Russia. Back to. The tiny East Aurora New York. After this trip throughout Russia. Open the northern areas of the Saint Petersburg. And Moscow now in Spain should come back to two -- In little tiny -- of the finest place to live on the planet. Have -- ever said before I think the finest plays in fact my daughter is. Has been in Russia deal with all the stuff that she can't wait to go to this camp she goes to every year. Called camps and focus. It's I guess that's supposed native Americans -- some sort I don't know but -- camp -- Holland. The chief. If she could stay there all her life she would she has two weeks on the girls -- And a little girl located two orders or lives in Manhattan. Doesn't give seem much grass certainly not government treason never. There was outs without outside without adult supervision. It's two weeks at camps of schubert's. Spot east were the best place on the planet to Barca. -- I you know we've we've got a lot ukrainians here. In buffalo a lot of the fact the Ukrainian -- is huge and in fact one of the reasons why I -- interest in. So. When I got to the army. I graduated from Hamburg went in the army came after the UB. And I met I started hanging around with some of the Ukrainian. Folks here in buffalo. One guy a particular Nestor I think I can remember past. But he is the old can be great -- -- so much about the Soviet Union back. In the EU missed him very very heartbroken over. Losing their own nation Ukraine. To rush taxation. But. Mr. -- really interest in this whole. Soviet communism -- sort of studying -- -- -- -- wish I knew his last name that call up and say hello thanks for for over. All the things he taught me is just a year little UB student round at. Republican meetings. Appetite it and a inspired me to actually move there. So I'm I've got a little bit and it's like. About what's happening there I don't I can't explain what kind of person would order the shoot down. 295. People in. Civilian jetliner. We're gonna go here in just a few moments to CBS for an update on the shootdown. The Malaysian airlines aircraft and Rebecca just -- CBS news special reports I'm Deborah Rodriguez. Ukrainian officials say there were 23 Americans among the 295. Killed. When a Malaysian airlines plane crashed in Ukraine near the Russian born source. -- is now shrouds the wreckage site where some bodies are still felt fit into their seats attached to chunks of the plane that remain intact. Ukraine says the plane shot down and we have word just in from the Wall Street Journal that US intelligence confirms surface to air missile. Was fired at that Malaysian jet. But that they are divided over it's our agent and if that is so defense analyst Chris Bellamy tells sky news. More about that. Missile -- not talking about some hand held in this hall it we're talking about a big -- -- far from a truck that can get up to 101000 meters 33000 feet. No claims of responsibility but lots of finger pointing. Recorder going back and forth between ukrainians. Ukrainian side saying that the blaming. Pushing the plane down Aaron. -- -- airs in nearby and that's the location of the crash meantime may pose a challenge to investigators. According to aviation and transportation safety analyst mark -- -- Clearly all of the problems are going to be coming up for us to get to the accident site. The challenges the danger for the investigators. Is just extraordinary. And without being able to get to the debris field to be able to collect all of the evidence it's going to be extremely difficult to come up with a probable cause CBS news. Shall report I'm Deborah Rodriguez. And we're back here and talk about we showed you at 930 WB yen for 22 years and the studios. CBS updates -- -- they're solid this is coming down and we now have in. US intelligence services saying they have they have. Confirmed that this was in -- -- shooting down the Malaysian airlines aircraft with 295 people aboard. And Al with the reporting begins. Point you can see on RT dot com that's the Russians. Are being read by the way in business -- the camera by Americans. American Idol with and the settlement. There -- no better. How much you want banks or it's just absolutely I can't imagine. Want to work for -- UK job you'll lose. But -- is now saying that it's Ukrainian official shouted down to set up the Russians like -- but he -- percent of the Russians. And the Ukrainian side is saying. That the Russian separatists that it. And there have to pay for I think. It's very clear to me this do you trust Russia. We're gonna move this through right now there still an argument as to who actually this is probably going to be an argument for some time. Russia has denied that the immune. Weapons in men. In -- Ukraine absolutely. Absolutely. Ridiculous. Ridiculous. Nobody believes that not one person. And that idea that Vladimir stands up there and says that with a straight face. Is insulting to anyone who has to green sells he's acting like nobody as the Internet nobody has iPhone can. Nobody has it exactly like it's 1955. Against the -- which -- it was 55. With a Fella is east right now are you gonna believe Russian. -- -- entered they've absolutely lied about the little green men shipped in two to Ukraine in the extreme all the weapons and clearly shipping in two. So if you point out that atrocities that they didn't do it and by the way if it was a mistake or equipment state. Made by. -- mistake made by. By the separatist groups we saw it we shut down an airliner. In. Killed two people. If it's a mistake. You know I think -- that's. For more than ever gonna be because the Russians Russians don't. Admit mistakes second of all they are Russians meaning they're not ukrainians were separating from the -- the Russians. Right. And and guard -- anything they do when they fire a missile from these huge truck our truck called batteries. When they fired that missile they are doing it on orders from the Kremlin there's no question the blood is on his hands. Hands. This proof will come down -- didn't come negativity and according to focus was on here just about an hour ago. They have actually found the Ukrainian news news reporting. Audio recordings. A missile batteries speaking radio on two Russians across the -- -- loops. Report western media the right now in the news that the missile fired at the means or it is not clear. Anyway we'll open wheel well let's CBS take it from here will move into Tuesday here on united to -- in this -- but will be right back after these messages. Yeah. -- -- they were back. Here Tom -- shows three duke 930 WP and this is Mike -- to mean for Tom. Tom is off on vacation this week these guys were -- year. WP yen at work doubly hard in the Booth on the -- -- To make all this stuff happen in fact it's really difficult though I'm religious learn and thanks for being patient with your own this -- -- I'm only going to be in through Friday. So you'll have a break and back to. The voices of buffalo again. We've been talking about. It's the shoot down on now. Confirmed that the Malaysian airlines aircraft was shot down. Over eastern Ukraine in an area that has been in dispute has been in full blown warfare. For several weeks. I want to move off this topic we got CBS updates. Coming on a regular basis but we do have one caller Jason from cherry creek Jason thanks Conan. -- I'm always up for debate put I take this -- personally song -- try and keep my -- That's and I that's what -- take it personally as a former that I had myself for you to turn into someone -- in this propaganda. You know I -- didn't like -- I'm heartland -- And -- don't think it'll ever look at I'm not a libertarian I -- both sides of the article I don't equally. You're an equal opportunity -- I'm out and I'm older more luck than -- people follow politics because I actually believe we got to take personal responsibility -- all the stuff first of but anyway as for the Iraq that thing. I mean it's among would have to be truly foolish to think that we which you cannot deny that we were that we -- and in the overthrow of. The Ukrainian government after they decided to stay away from western I think it it's a civil side without the country wants to be western half. Not true not true not true. Not not half half. Not even close for not now. It's less it's just over 20% ethnic Russian. In in in Ukraine and by the way now that Russia has taken taken Crimea which by the way I believe would probably Russians. Even fewer Russians living Ukraine so you go ahead that you got to. Baxter a problem like -- it's. -- -- Now. -- Okay thank you very much Jason from cherry creek. You know what it gets really. Interest thing being something that people like to fire I'm gonna take as much I came from any party that when. Somebody's out there are leading people along with apps the propaganda I'm gonna knock it off and Jerry if you got a problem with that we can talk off the air. But you're full of beans. Beings it's cold -- that's right -- -- all these conspiracy there's all of the world you know in some ways being looked at him. It's amazing -- you know what I wrote a -- via a blog here called politics and -- dot net it's an infamous law that was run by a guy who. If you didn't. Pay for an advertisement on the blog. He would write nasty things about you certainly shook things up in this area actually wrote some nasty things about me in -- But -- he passed away. To his great divider what are you call it and and I've -- that. That. Blog politics NY dot net. And and I. Of Europe and -- the political stuff about Western Europe mostly it's kind of a New York State -- to -- -- national. From a Western Europe and every day I read one point seven billion. Today it was one point 65 -- One point six billion pages of the Internet and -- boiled down the political news that he person in Western New York should know. Are into links on the west side on the breaking breaking news column on politics and one's done it -- I quit in. The article I think you need to read appears so that if you're at reception or you're at a party you're you're cemented that there were different years and you wanna talk politics about York. But New York in general you read those by particles that all of you gotta read. But. A -- there was articles yet today was very interesting your post lending practices announced crossings across New York. Governor Cuomo -- an -- -- new doubt on. Today on Thursday. And that new belt -- is going to be called the women's equality party which. Is an answer to our -- -- you know the Republican nominee and the India and Republican party of New York forming another ballot line. I guess it's called the common against common core fight common war. The outline designed to take advantage of in two roundup the voters were against come on court because it's. Because our rob westerners against -- course well it's a Smart move in New York State you can do you just after a certain. Number of petitions signed and they're make they're going around gathering signatures now. Think we're gonna be doing shortly to create this new party and have to actually gathered tens of thousands of signatures. And an answer to the Republicans. Cuomo has announced that the Democrats -- the women's equality. Line. So expect. The war on women to be taken out free test drive. Here in New York State during the -- Cuomo. I think that that's going to happen it's already happening. Are we also starred in the buff -- music great news listen I'll tell you this riverbend project -- mocked in effect -- market from the Bay Area. See each year some months ago riverbend. The project that. -- 200 million dollars in ins and state funding. Fifth of the funding it's been promised by Governor Cuomo and the ability of the buffalo billion initiative that he laid out there. Are they just approved 200 million dollars to go into the river -- river band clean energy which is in south buffalo and software development center downtown music and now this is all public subsidy mrs. corporate welfare. As my friends in the libertarian green and -- and I'm on four. Corporate welfare I'm not sure if you warm and you might be. But that it what's going on through and complex is nothing else interesting if you can get past the fact that its own money in fact it's on taxpayer money. But what's interesting there to meet the most interesting thing there is slower it's a California based manufacturer. Of LET eight. Yes or no it's not so no no no not slower. It's. The other -- It's a solar panel company there the name of which -- from the but the solar panel companies actually owned by. Eagle on mosque who I think is most interesting here in the corporate world today. So they you know that's -- company support Cindy. We gave quote what he said give a lot of money it's about -- to move to riverbend project waterfront. And -- was it was bought by I'm sort soliciting bought some -- And subsidies by you want muskies in the interest -- rear interest. Armed robber gets the -- well for the makes it happened suddenly we have a titan. Industry investing in buffalo directly at least through sort city so we have to watch what you must do. Are for this whole corporate thing but if it takes a little -- to get the guy here. In two buffalo -- research arm of the one I think they. You must use it is if it's interesting enough to -- -- secrecy what happens and now the one thing that has been on everybody's. Everybody's at least I've been seeing this on every station every. It is Hillary Clinton's. She gets paid to speak in fact buffalo plays a role in this nationals story. -- She I spoke here at UB not so long ago. I said. In October right. October 23 elementary you'd -- she was paid 9270000. Dollars. To speak. During that car at that in fact. The folks over at the globe and mail. On newspaper have figured that to beat 2777. Dollars per minute. Took -- 7002777. Dollars per minute. And at that rate by the at that rate my four hours here -- news radio I'll be making 600. And 66000. Dollars a 666480. Dollars. At least that's. Getting questions. I'm not end and I will be right back here after these messages here on news radio 930 WB year. And we're back here on his radio 930 W yet. Tom power arms out on vacation this week I'm here Michael good year for Tom until Friday. Tarmac on Friday. -- -- on Monday. Bob is -- bumpers to thank you very much for me she idolized him -- the the previous caller. Was hard to handle. Said the first clue I knew he leaves office rocker McNamee to -- And said he was former. Ex dead. Never next that's like saying your ex bills. Can never be an -- bills. And when he said he is an ex dad had a -- one thing's clear he should have been -- listening to music. That's for sure you know music soothes the savage breast as they say and that's got me in line to talk about. Hillary Clinton and her. -- -- -- 275000. Dollars. They now what's the conferences. That the -- foundation. Is now. I'm sorry CBS's. Rate now CBS an update on the you'd shoot down the -- and. CBS news special report I'm Dave -- Malaysia flight seventeen crashed in Ukraine brought down by a missile. Reporter Saber airs in the next. -- hope called her back which is easy solutions since this started giving them more reason. You will now pay more attention to what they have expecting at the beginning that the Russian aggression and Ukraine 200. 95 people aboard reports claim 23 Americans among them. Former National Transportation Safety Board chair Deborah -- A critical pieces of evidence are trying to beat the cockpit voice recorder and the flight data recorder because that will tell this story -- many things that occurred in the lead up to this. Cram session say they've recovered one of those recorders correspondent Bob Morris investigations gonna go along at least three or four tracks one you need airplane crash expertise that's in short supply around the world you need a criminal investigation you probably need a military experts there to talk about missile systems and also the political side of the CBS news special report I'm Dave Barrett. Back here and -- well. India as a teacher. And I'm -- -- closer and closer to a more and more questions miles a day and from the west side you're on the here and Tom Ellis. I. You know Iowa I wish they'd been able to hear more about more of what. Transfers between you on that settlement. A I'm nowhere near sympathizes with food and I don't know if that's what he was doing but. I know Phil I know a little more about what their misgivings sir about the U I have solemn myself. The there are so great. Hundredth anniversary of World War I article on American spectator in the towards the end because I was mentioning that the shape and direction of the your resembling a German plant during the during the first world war and that could have -- You know. Russia -- a little uneasy. The but the other. Thing has my real misgivings -- about our own leadership in and in that direction because I call a multiplicity. And I have. I have really I mean. If you don't you know I can't get tests its statement Blair want representative about the EU but let me. Not that I'm not about them but the you know I don't we don't know where Obama -- And every carry this whole thing we really don't. Right and other way there's a lot of ukrainians have and we had on American guys -- lives in Q works in politics. He said it on the three -- -- telling us that there's some misgivings here's some. Negative feelings for the use -- well he said he actually agreed with that statement to meet. The State Department in. Embassy. And the EU -- -- I don't think any written by any stretch of the imagination on March in lockstep with. I was watching some of those pitched battles on the European Parliament. Were there you know between Daniel and and as a as standing up and Soviet. Some of these other people and you know there are saying respect the Irish vote and all the because the EU parliament is. Ignoring the referendum from the member countries and in arriving just keep writing new powers for themselves Ehrlich. Obama in the I -- -- Well only I nick -- -- we're we're not surprised you know put a lot of Obama supporters are. There are being sick of their cause they were thinking something no possible there you know. I'm -- parliament over Warren's. I carry out there are moving over to Elizabeth Warren all move people talked -- he was liberal demagoguery no movement. -- do you know I mean -- those bad things about liberalism nowadays as they were taken so far off through a in the seventies they've -- content and they wouldn't even recognize themselves -- you know I mean I mean it started when the woman who left. In the dark territory was out to destroy you were on the -- Cold War liberals and and they were pretty ruthless about this says so in -- the but the but the following never really caught on so we're we're here we are. You know. Meehan a bunch of and I define myself as the next -- than anything else is because. And so are flight with well I -- But I a and I warned my my friends to. Sound like I did in nineteen. Now with their views I warn them about the response that women were in the pipeline and they were. Blowing me off like at all. Like I was a -- when McCray -- a point across. They really Alia I mean. I mean that's the thing now -- an opera now acquired you know and and and I mean. They have no idea probably have to do with I would send them YouTube links about actual quotes by Obama and as people and they want all the just the animal you know and and I and I mean -- -- The situation is so awful in. And where you know I mean people are still far from Katrina and although what do what they knew what they voted for -- how badly they accept an appointment. On board -- authoritarian appear in the and that is the power. You know support for the worse. -- -- I mean Morsi everything else I'm Karen I'm and going and that I mean this -- situation. And the person who you who we'd like. Rob we may hear your roots would -- Reza I think there was an area. South Park episode. Not a good choice your choice between that something sandwich and a pizza and a woman's. Body parts an awful situation. The I don't think we should be trust me you certainly should you trust who you trust well. -- -- in Europe for his cervical something quietly. That fear -- hold on both sides you know and and this is not a bit not a good scene for people with these and over there. Now it's not I I don't have full trust in the leadership -- have full trust in the leadership in Russia I didn't when I worked for the leadership shall I worked for. The Yeltsin administration I didn't have full trust I don't have full trust in our ministers and have -- -- the last three administrations. I think we all have to have -- be skeptical of government and and I certainly don't advocate. Boots on the ground in Ukraine but what do you think of moving some -- -- -- in there and to defend him from. I had in -- I'll play you something. That's that's so hard Arab -- -- the cynical but the -- I mean I mean you know I do like the libertarians skepticism well because they were the only one. Question murky Balkan policies of Clinton. And you know I mean -- of the -- month most of the media even the conservatives were taking at all yet. Just -- -- -- but he was saying and it was a very murky policy very. Very murky policy and and people were forgetting what they've been hearing all on when he declared this direction for us and saying. You know I mean the up until then. Up until it when and where we're like we're -- of these these atrocities being committed. By all sides against the homicides and then all of a sudden he is going in against one. Side I mean that there was like and they I found -- the world of somebody's got an academic and it was connected. Diplomatically. That there are that Clinton basically do this at the behest of the saudis. Oh yeah I forgot to Harvard center. One to represent what Americans want American you -- wrapped Serb salute those. Serb route. That. You know also are you able to say that -- you at all. Oh on lowest ever gonna have to go to break here thanks for call and I appreciated and I'd love hear from thanks. This is -- equipment for Tom -- here on news radio 930. WB Ian.

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