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7-17 Michael Caputo Hour 1

Jul 17, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome to the Tom early show. This is Michael deployment for Tom Tom is out until Monday and a well deserved vacation. And will be talking about a lot of things that white one thing that happened just for a -- on the air actually around 1130 our time today. This Malaysian. Airlines flight that was shot down apparently shot down -- allegedly shot down over. Eastern Ukraine this is something that is absolutely. Frightening. Frightening. I mean. You understand that this airplane in this Malaysian airlines flight. Seventeen. The same airline by the way that disappeared -- where it was like 370. Disappeared. On March 8 today at around 1130 our time. One of their airlines have fell out of the sky over eastern Ukraine by the way right into crashed into an area that is contested. That is under a lot of stress from Russian. Trained. Military fighters. Or disguise they call them the little green men in Ukraine. The column the very big week we're ballclub was over their face -- don't give their identity. And when their shots for some reason their caskets across the border into Russia. In fact many of the march action check some loyalty Russia. The big controller -- earlier fighting in these areas right now. This Malaysian airlines. Air went down an area called -- news Ukraine -- includes Far East and you couldn't -- in fact. I was across the border and Ross problem -- which is about as far away loss of on the on Russia which I was here at a conference. And it's about it's far away from where this plane went down as buffalo is from. Rochester it's very close by right on the border ran across the border from loss of Red Cross that border. There are all kinds of them are Russian military hardware raid. Menacing in the Ukraine. But this just went down today I think you probably -- if you haven't heard about it yet years from across a hundred very warm. This is an absolute tragedy whether the plane went down or is it was shot down -- -- you tragedy. -- but it looks like and people are talking like this was shot down perhaps by the little green men the Russian. Invaders who worked crawling around the eastern Ukraine. Lieberman it's. Absolutely out of -- it's something that you can't even believe 295. People which week that we think these Fox News reporting. That 23 of those people were American shot down. Over -- as Ukraine far eastern Ukraine but apparently. Or at least the allegedly shot down. By a by. Pro Russian. -- revolutionary forces trying to secede. From. The pro western -- -- Ukraine government. An awful situation when -- -- human and there are some people don't know me I've spent a lot of time in the region. The better part of a decade I'm I'm married to Ukrainian woman were met while I was. Working Ukraine in politics. And we have family there and it's very very terrible to watch these news. Stories unfold people being shot down in -- -- here. We rejoiced of course when. When that regime was overthrown but this has never been anything tenuous especially when. Potent ordered Russian forces in the Crimea. And have basically invaded and took over crime historically. Please Russians. Have been for many many years in fact invaded in two -- section. Things are looking very bad words it's been. You should meet at each -- shoot down jets in the arena. A passage that is that down mysteriously -- Every minute of that it's -- right where we get closer and closer to finding out whether the confirmation. That this was a shoot downs. By pro Russian. Separatists. He's integrated fact. I know a lot of people wanted to people I know there. -- very dear friend and Philip Griffin who I work with the politics. In Russia work with a little bit and Ukraine but he. With Ukraine and Russia for. -- certainly over a decade -- online auction. Why are you hearing Michael yeah I camp X -- called him or review preached. Thomas and Tommy yet and you're actually -- that. That's correct and one advocates about which that's that's quite quite a distance away from Torrey which are -- to -- that. Yeah that's -- thought about -- That worries about five miles away can -- east on the Russian border you have located right smack dab in the center you -- Well thanks for joining us what time is as of or offer -- their right now. -- entertain 10:15 PM what are you hearing from the news agencies there there's been some a round of evening news show but. Well. I was listening to. Your intro -- leader. For your listeners. And so I've known you a long time and I understand that when you use words like allegedly and possibly a baby and that people are saying. You know -- tried to maintain your marketability with the the mainstream media system mentioned some I. Think we do not operate under any such restrictions so -- -- -- so -- -- exact Obama called the way I see them. And the Galapagos and respected. You know it is safe to say that this plane was shot down. Tragically. And that -- should be and the separatist. The that's. You know national public what they call themselves. With the support. And perhaps direct involvement. The Russian military. The Ukrainian media report its. Yeah I mean we're getting over I mean in today's. Age try to gauge social media network that are being overtaken. I don't know. By events and information please information are however we have here is that the the and head. -- Opponents could. -- Separately that one of the head of the -- was very got a bit diffuse movement with no real political wanna be recognized leader. I got from Moscow and no Russian citizen and and historic battle. Re an actor. Igor -- Who goes by the -- to -- stroke called. He postal workers and contractors start which is very Russian language. This site. It's based exactly expression vs FaceBook. And that they posted on there on this site. Before it became clear that Malaysian airlines lost contact Richard. -- that they just shut down and other ukrainians. On every hole. Of course -- of that. Suppose I deleted that post your utmost to deleted and actually. And they're probably gonna get certain character in -- growth partnership but nevertheless that is the sequence of events. And so that occurred. Around 415 local time. And as a -- that's about half an hour forty minutes before it became clear that. Malaysian -- had been. There have been that got this. There was an eight hours difference and so -- fifty were actually. I thought to have around 1130 days it was just from Portland. I mean our time. What if we're fifty. Kiev time what did being and 940 you're -- -- post post. -- so did they get to screen capture of that of that. Of them taking and credit -- No I have you have did you also know that. Victoria and new and ambassador and I have their own complications. And it snapped in the broadcast. We're Victoria who made one of the most. Memorable quote unquote I happen to agree with all the more now. What she shouldn't very culturally they're discussing the European Union reaction to actions accused of -- Victoria didn't assistant famously. -- the Europeans -- -- she uses the more cultural or you're jerking their recruitment saying that Mike was that it's now also beast. Phone conversations or radio conversations between. Fighters on the ground there. Separatist and and actually probably Russian military has -- -- -- for one of the -- -- -- -- major. And the thing about. Competition you know goes on alarms can take which shot that got a playback. Omelet. In the you have to play good you know all the debris was crashing on on a village to pitchers so these guys were were perturbed. And they weren't. -- -- victory. They were that he could go so I think that. Their voices that they were concerned that they knew it was the Specter. Lots of them did that audio make it onto the news in in Ukraine tonight. You know I have watched the news what -- earlier in the day. Or earlier in the evening bishops thing now saw on the Internet and that's where B you know medium media like. Public radio and the Internet where you could -- television has stopped happening immediately. So -- I mean. You know I'm not bound by not a journalist. And observer of political. Operator activist. So -- a limit that you know what we're hearing since he you know it's connected about these parts all very close to chip. Like that sort of back up 12 and he didn't. What happens if that is true what happens in Ukraine if it's true that Russian military were coordinating with the separately a pro Russian separatist group. Most likely made up of Russian soldiers and nondescript uniforms were communicating patient. And it confirms that they accidentally shot down an -- what happens next in Ukraine film. What happens. Well immediately could -- the -- the Ukraine is a huge initiative. And the reason this happened. Is because president -- -- One. You know resounding victory. In the presidential elections. Recently. You know took the decision to put maximum pressure. On the -- try to cut the -- from their home bases India India India to this region where the plane went down like exactly. And then you know these Russian army and even their mercenaries in some of the locals have. Join them are. It was -- team and the Russian Ukrainian military is complete hollow shell. But these. Slowly been getting there. They're back together recently. And they were actually making headway with against these Russian and mercenaries. Because. I -- daughter in the back exact. They were. Making their way because we have air superiority right so President Putin was faced with. The possibility that these separatist. Slash mercenaries -- you know Russian soldiers and current NATO. Would actually -- pushed back across the border Russia. So we have the position always sporting sports do -- eat out took the position because arms have been pouring across the border. Including. The next level next generation of anti aircraft weapons. Which lifted it to. Correct led directly to parent to Ukrainian planes also higher altitudes than the previous range of -- than previous had been this week. But -- -- protect all happened this week. So. -- you know. We should've seen -- coming. And you know probably all responsible airlines. Should avoid Ukrainian airspace. That section Russian airspace for the foreseeable future. And it said that the -- You. To bring this portal. What's gonna happen in Ukraine. You know protection preparation I think that. It is probably more nervous right now that has been in the last couple. You know it's going to be a lot of pressure on him. -- some relationship in China is just waking up tomorrow. You know -- on countries are aware of more yes there were twenty Americans report that there were a lot of Indonesians lot of Malaysians a lot of Asians in general on that plane. In their government and country the country's gonna be very non plus the public to -- And so the Russians. You know boot -- half hearted -- or the denials and the lives -- yup she's stationed and that you know pretty rare occasion to assembly and that was really more for the European government should there aren't that audience and you know beat the potent first gators in Germany Putin for staters in the list. To give them -- hide behind. So that they could. You know work against meaningful sanctions. Right right Russians which are basically saying is that although denials that are in Russia was there it was all European facing stuff. And now he's got a hold different cultural whole different part of the globe. That's gonna wake up right now this morning and it is better their time and be very angry and he's gonna be if Obi got his back. Exact and you know but also remains to be seen exactly what kind of proved the US because the only people. You know the lord to countries in the world would have quote unquote -- on the ground what's happening here. And that's going to be you know Russian spy satellites and US. And so it's gonna be you know right now Langley crossword Washington DC they're going through what they have. And you know I would would be -- -- 24 that is presented to the world community. You know beat this for whatever vehicle with the UN underwear. So you'd expect you expect some proved to be produced by the -- US intelligence agencies and within a day. Yes well I mean they have to. How -- used it when he attempts you know that game. You know I assumed that the you know we know the president Obama's broken president escalate to. You know I can what can only imagine. What the the tenor of the tone of that conversation -- Although. You know compared. -- you know. The European. President Obama. He compared the Europeans. That's what has been the backup. -- but I have been saying all along. It's if President Obama as the backup and president has made. It. And so you know that is so who just -- we've -- I was pleased out. And -- after I mean you know you. You know politics you know generally in the US specifically. You know better than I do probably. And -- that chip stack of of these on wecht. That. -- -- -- extra course -- on course that. Embree. And remember that lost somebody that is gonna go to their congressman. Into -- senators. And the congress. Both the house in hand the senator that much more. The citrus and pushing for sanctions. Well I mean the country sanctions. He is. It's over. The that congress may just -- decision for. President Obama. And I would advise him the president politically could -- for what's going to happen. You may get listen are people gonna see some easily exploit ukrainians. Sort of herbal bit and so do you think I think. The upshot of mrs. They're a circuit weapons. We played -- mean you don't might background -- I have lived in the US ten years at -- and political side of the yeah. Of the but you know I'm -- not a member of C you know ready fire -- wing of the Republican Party. We need to. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Lips -- twice before we get involved and other foreign military entanglements and I I hardly endorse all the people who think you should electric chair with a bill -- schoolyard bully. You know past put smaller kid across the part schoolyard. And you know punched in the face related notes. And now it's hit a cute little sister. Then -- okay. You know we don't have to -- the -- but look at these cute little -- -- -- -- granted -- when apple issues down airliner kills 295. People in cold blood. Well what do you do I mean that's that's when the whole global community has come. The entire -- has changed now. -- I'm land on the note Phil Griffin ladies and gentlemen who's calling in from Kia Philip. You be Carolyn asked this over for ego is still there right I am feel you've been there how many years now and -- That ten years ten years and here so. You're married to a local person of local woman ever multifamily. All of this going down around you've -- is it time for you leave Ukraine yet. No doubt. You know just like it not time for the you know the phils lead buffalo skeptical. It's not the -- particularly give. Well I'll tell you where we're talk and talk to -- them but my in laws my wife's family were trying to get out now. I mean that that's done were done we -- we gotta get now. Okay well -- -- -- -- product you know I made reference to my knowledge of buffalo. I'll make it again and I you know you know. For giving you these you person it's happened this year -- -- that your your listeners create chart for free you. You'll be at least one -- on wet with extra. You got felt next time you're in the states you gotta come to bop you're you'll be our -- let's take you your especially beautiful daughter and Niagara Falls you'd be careful oh okay. Are taking Michael thanks for Clinton called him. It's almost -- and a guy I've worked with for for many many years he was actually my roommate for a time in Moscow when I was there. Basically the upset about Phillips said is that it's been confirmed at least in the Ukrainian media and they may now have. Actual voice. Recordings of Russians from major. Are speaking to some of these Russian planted. Separatists are on in eastern Ukraine and they're basically speaking back and forth missing old -- We just shot down the wrong planes. Believe it and it actually got that tape now hopefully. That's making its way over the US media that are -- it looks like we're probably W -- respond talk about it. And there are also reporting. -- -- -- also reported. That this probably lead to arms and other lethal aid from the United States Ukraine and from other countries to Ukraine. And certainly Smart right now their waking up in in areas of Asia. And their rake it up and find out that a bit popular hundreds of their relatives are dead. And so therefore. My opponent has a whole new set of enemies latest job in the world just changed today in a horrible way. And will be back right after these messages here on the news radio. 930 WEB. Okay. Welcome back. Tom Farley show here on news radio 930 WB yen this is Michael and Tom is out well deserved vacation -- enemies through Friday. On Monday. It's 339 here news radio 930 WB yen member are -- minus 8030. -- the restart 930 cell phone. I'd just I've blown away by the Malaysian -- first ball by the way. Another Malaysian airlines object. Basically. I guess they're finding wreckage everywhere but it -- analyst. Don't know what happened the other one yet -- what from dramatic. It's two events. For that you can -- you can bet they're close or certain change. But to -- actually caught up in this Russia Ukraine. Battle. This airline was apparently flying over eastern creative -- probably. And it's certainly in the Ukrainian media we just heard from Griffin called him from -- last hour. The Ukrainian media has concluded that this is indeed the Russian separatists that they have shot this down. Out government through mistake. In 290. Our way of passengers including 23. Americans -- news. Came down with it. What -- dramatic. Dramatic. Events and believe me this is going to Arab. Global repercussions for and if you don't think it's gonna affect you will be fun way if you don't think it's gonna affect your cold beer EUR mystique. I don't agree and -- -- sending boots on the ground. Two. Of them we are certainly as poker said last half hour. The word around the Ukraine is that the United States is going to most certainly start sending -- read that hands. Weapons difference in fact we know now that potent and the Russians have been. Driving trucks boats truckloads of advanced weapons in the eastern Ukraine across that porous border are actually -- that lived in Russia. Russell on dawn a small city in southern Russia. Is about as far away from we're of this plane. Came down. As buffalo is from Rochester it's -- close I mean the border is right there with ports and Putin has been pouring in. Just exactly the exact kind of anti aircraft weapons. That brought down this plane. So it's only a matter of time to throw western media have confirmed it. In fact there's Philip Griffin said the last half hour the CIA most certainly has the imagery already the satellite imagery that will prove that this was shot down. By the Russian separatists and let me tell you something every single one certainly every single one of the leaders of those. Separatists as they call them are men who have come in from Russia come up. Across the border these are trained operatives trained soldiers. Trained by the Russian. Military. Who have -- -- nondescript uniform come across the border and Ukraine my family calls them little green men and that's kind of a joke the little agreement on the little green men as it kept visit take. To screw in a lightbulb but now let me ask you how many little green men does it take. To kill 200 -- 95 people from all over the world. And this goes right back. On -- Are right back on -- -- there's no question about it in my mind. -- receiving proof. Very very soon very soon practice Phillips and that'll be coming up probably whenever the CIA wants to bring it up right now -- -- popular for the White House. Are are where your legacy com trio. Of a missile bringing down 295. Citizens of this world. We'll be right back after this break news radio 930 WP. And we're back. Welcome Tom Farley show here on news radio 930 WB and it is 346. And Michael -- in Portland. But comes out for vacation back on Monday. Through tomorrow. Boy yeah I'm. I've got to ask you mean. Right now I just looked at RT dot com I don't know if you know RT dot com RT dot com. Is a an -- English language America facing website that is paid for by the Kremlin. Paid for by Putin -- people right corporation which who actually sits on the board are date they are absolutely efficiently. The the Russian language problems -- the English language Russian Kremlin propaganda machine here in the United States and you know what we actually have Americans. That work on the TV station RT and you're. On your cable channels and RT dot com on the Internet. Because there are some people who will do anything for. They're actually out there today right now saying that the only thing they say on their story about the -- plane crash the clinical ash they're saying bit. -- the Ukrainian. Officials. Not our shot down on the plane in order to point the finger act. These separatists from Russia invaded. It's it's hilarious. Aquarius I mean if Odyssey with the Russians are saying tickled RT dot com but don't buy anything -- that -- -- -- -- -- And it doesn't need monies will probably the wealthiest man on -- But let me ask -- -- How you can't trust this coming -- RT dark come of course you can't trust it is state controlled media is -- -- by a state that is invading. A neighbor invading sovereign -- you can't we were even comes out of betraying American -- you can't believe any not a word but let me ask you this what. How do you even trust Russia what's Russia gonna say this right now the -- pretty quiet in fact it was Vladimir Putin who hold. Barack Obama about this Iran previously scheduled conference or teleconference speaking about the sanctions that -- the president the President Obama -- against Russia yesterday we talked about that a yesterday. And die at the end of conversation today by the way as the plane crashed in eastern Ukraine and well affect his weapons went to the people who -- And how -- -- of -- -- -- -- let me ask you this do you trust Russia I mean we are right now. Facing a resurgent Russia there's no question in my mind I lived there in the nineties are moved there in 1993 -- in 93. And because I wanted to watch it and see what happened in the in the country when -- in the Communist. A lot of power and I was involved in politics for many years. I'd been involved Mary committee anti Soviet anti Russia. Programs are put on by Ronald Reagan knew if you would read him doctor I worked in the Nicaraguan Contra wars that worked him. The Salvadoran. Governments were against the Communist rebels via the island in el Salvadoran know quite a bit about it and -- moved. To Russia after the wall -- to see what it was like to watch the people I've been fighting against for some years. Settlement with democracy and lived there until 2000 basically. And I don't trust them -- -- think. We'll be right back here -- here this traffic in an update. On the situation. CBS news special reports I'm Deborah Rodriguez which has been to a rule from Ukrainian president -- par Shiancoe calls it an act of terrorism. A Malaysian airlines plane Ukraine says was shot down near its eastern border with Russia Ukrainian officials now say there were 23 Americans. Among the 295. Killed. On a flight from Amsterdam to -- while -- poor. There are huge chunks of fuselage and wing and bodies everywhere some of them still strapped into seats -- airs is -- -- Crash happened about an hour and a half or two hours from here in an area where there has been heavy fighting. Particularly over the last several made between Ukrainian. Military forces. And pro Russia that. Sky news reporter Katie scholar says the separatist leader originally took credit for the attack thinking it was a Ukrainian plane cleaning the tone of that message is very trial counsel it is someone -- is very pleased. That this plane has been shot dining -- and the timing would coincide with apple has happened to Malaysian airlines flight Amy Amy seventeen. And that's the message has since been deleted separatist Russian and Ukrainian officials each deny responsibility. CBS news correspondent Bob or on what investigators will be looking. If it's a missile then the plane would have had really no chance -- mean you have a fairly fragile. Vehicle up there in the sky it's a safe plane it's it's got a great track record. But it's no match for a missile it's loaded with fuel CBS news special report I'm Deborah Rodriguez. Well -- tell you what to this is. Knew about this comes across actually get a little bit of news. Here before you get anywhere else. Last -- are a Philip Griffin for Kia reported that. On FaceBook on the Russian FaceBook they took credit for the shoot them and leave it there. Their post -- Philip also told us that they have. Recording audio recordings of Russian. Troops from once -- for border speaking they're. Little green men the Russians who were inside Ukraine invading saying Ole boy I just shot down on the airplane. Which they'll -- the it was a little bit even a little bit earlier Russia for them to be -- A little bit not very. Little. I you know. I just haven't attacks -- front minute accidentally -- that your -- do you trust Russia and he wrote -- -- just -- You never came -- structure and what the aggression Ronald Reagan say. But we aren't new -- which I can't release it in my pronunciation is good have been back in the states. Since 2000 but I spoke Russian -- And often stay out of trouble but trust but verify the -- Trust the Russians what do you expect they're gonna say. I expect this we had. A difficulty ourselves as a nation. When the Vincennes shot down. An Iranian. Airliner and kill just about people -- think more. So we're not -- swagger fingers. That was a mistake as well it was a civilian. Brett but watch how how -- -- now. Watch how they dance and end of our Albert Johnson who has been riding high for quite some time. This is going to deflates everything we know yesterday the president lead. Sanctions on the Russians. Federation people individuals and companies while. In the Russian Federation weapons manufacturers hope we approached the company that's manufacturing -- the anti aircraft -- -- this -- But actually rocked the Russian markets in -- almost 6%. That's a big number option market. And people I mean people pull their money. But not nearly three needs to happen -- Antonia I am I I'm on the phone horror in contact with Russians every single work there. On some -- -- that I was once married to. Russian woman lived there. I have a lot of friends and family even in Russia and a lot of my friends Russia they're telling me to leave her out. They're pulled the plug. In fact some close friends of mine -- -- -- -- I mean I'm actually think -- -- in business with their. They're brilliant and artistic and creative. Marketing. And public relations professionals. Who were window opened their own office of year. I talked to very often. And there every single day they were we think that -- gonna shut down on the border for travel rethink that. The shut down. Banks so he can't move capital out of the country. -- because basically financially they're not doing well these sanctions are actually having a significant impact. Do you trust Russian. Oh it's Russian ex wife but that's just the story one we going to shoot well but. You know and coincidentally. Several years divorced. I -- -- Ukraine and -- -- Ukraine here I am married right into this conflict. Michael for the -- Will be right back here on news radio 930 WB.

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