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7-17 Beach and Company Hour 3

Jul 17, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Fact is being governor -- -- foremost -- now that traffic from me and nine the east of the 19 B ram. It's obviously causing a delay. -- immigration demonstrations and protests out tomorrow and Saturday they expect to have 300. Different ones in different parts of the country. Will that do any good will any heads return -- India and the appeal will be convinced that we've got to do something now. The talk of impeachment is that going anywhere I think that if you're wasting your time thinking this president's going to be impeached. You are wasting your time don't wanna be redundant it's not gonna happen even even if they have -- stone cold lock. On the and on the votes for impeachment there's not enough time. Laughed this is a time consuming process and observed few people that wanna have their names on impeachment papers for the may I say first black president. Here it is now here is the sound byte of that ever happened. Yes. Yeah this is our goal to target. He would like camera right from the beginning Eric Holder and where Merkel logo with the accent you'd like him right from the beginning. And now audio him paged them because he's black US had to do it didn't do it end here than a mile away yes. And the presidential lawsuit happened either although always certainly agree with the promise of some of these things there are a lot of things. He's done which we consider -- wrong and unsavory and all that sort of thing but how many are actually -- would be the discussion in the and they. The important parts of impeachment or the presidential. Lawsuit failing to execute the laws as he cardinal to do I think -- pretty apparent. Disregarding the constitution and certain instances I think that's a parents who. But the bottom line is that it's not happened so don't waste your time there however I do think we have some chance of some thing. With the immigration. Demonstrations. Maybe we'll turn -- around right away but it's got to help somewhat meanwhile. Good terrorist. Was saying that first of all he has an advocate. -- keeping. The people who are here already. And that he says I do I want him talking about the president to be bold and generous. He says or eleven million people and nobody really knows 111213. Million who have not been deported from the United States and I want them not have to live in the year. That they -- it says -- representative -- got a good -- -- a Democrat from Illinois he met with Obama on Wednesday since I wanna be bold. And yeah generalists. What do you think the word generous means there. It means saying here by the way of my hand. And yes you may touch the hem of my garments. You can it's today. My god it's Obama. He's given us and life thirteen. Pretty bull broke the laws suddenly you haven't broke him. I mean that's that's the ability for. And meanwhile it's not hey look at the kids on the border but don't look over here. And that later will be looking over here and look at the kids who were here because we can't look if we can't deport the ones here and now. And they are adults. Then how are you going to import. Written you know. You know I'm talking about the -- these lovely children holding Teddy bears. They are nice children they've done nothing wrong they don't know they've broken the law but the people who let him go the people who did it the people of help remotely. So that's what they're using they're using children because who can get angry at a child who wants a better life. Is staring your heart strings -- business and that's supposed to do. Is supposed to do that. Not gonna show you the crime rates in places like -- from illegals. Large percentage of the crimes committed in LA from FBI statistics from a few years ago were overwhelmingly by illegals. And that's the way it is that's the game -- line. It's codes to frank and no -- frank you're on WB yen. Maybe it's the same all scenario all over and over and over again. And you are they can -- they were able to say about trying to impeach this guy's -- and for what political action you don't care interpreting here. You know that they targeted pick pocket. Anybody for consumer grade saying they're going to be called racists. And he knows there -- Allah. I think the biggest thing that we can do is protests we can all tests is much we care. Every game every week every marked. Back -- bring more charges to what for an aggregate eighteen days. I thought August shortening your the world get a duplicate I think the fault testing it's what matters. And you know what frank ever hear frank in his mind I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if he considered any kind of action against him. As martyrdom. Look I tried to stand up for these defenseless children and this is what those mean Republicans did to me. All actual extra weight -- set things and it would be -- I. Yup the -- of America it's a wait and look and it sure they always look at it. They're letting go and kicking our European league or bright and yuck dirty lying no good pretty poor. Underprivileged. People. He's wearing the lend a helping hand look at -- absolutely Republicans always trying to blow LP. 844. Underprivileged people. And they can add bacon add to let's say the Republicans have war on women now they can have war on children now let's say how many elections you win. A waging a war on women and children probably not -- You know any I art until. -- -- completely -- -- or she breaks or should it awful. You know -- I'm telling you it's it's just breaks my heart because our numbers are pretty young guy. What you were an eight page eight and local merchant years ago. And it was this small that he may association if you happen to be your president. All that association years ago and -- delivered temperature around in your football and -- like there was. -- -- projector -- he it's right you'll be able we're now. And you look like war zone I hear these people work on the problem. Central -- costs. Supposedly helping here for a girl like -- And I'm connecting that we're you know -- connected to -- it and it is people support me. Sport utility in the -- and the pulpit Hadi -- morning -- saying to myself. Didn't really know what they're coming in -- -- they know what they're doing and sent back. The -- of -- -- for a lot of people got a lot of people do -- you. To live the life. They wanted to make the commitment they were frank they won't even make a commitment to speak English now I don't wanna sound like a I'm I'm rigid but the point is if you really want something you gotta be a participant you've got to reach out though and if you -- even speak the common language. And it tells me that's all you're expecting. Is a check in the mail a debit card and hand out and you don't really wanna be part of a solution you're going to be part of the problem for your whole life. All right slowly and you -- to -- -- or are we seeing it is. Everything that they're they're they're wrong and and never used -- -- it -- you know people are saying they think they want toward Beijing still aren't too. Children get it to integrate into society and why -- toward. It seems like normal that's not the way it's based on their biggest single making it every important topic. They get it. Sell -- -- -- and what the 2003000. Dollars a -- just barely keep right. -- -- -- -- -- -- I hear -- loud and clear Franca. Unfortunately your pleasant positive memories of America -- David ensor mind. I'll -- we have to live in the real world the real world says they're here and they want fairs and they want it now thank you. That's the way it is not even by -- other alarming language are doing this -- bring a discernible skill. And in Derek keeping in mind. We heard from health care officials warning that these people are bringing in possible a very dangerous. Health situations. As the last thing we need but the president fiddles while the country burns. Actually doesn't fiddle he plays golf. Or hangs around with celebrities that's his that's what he does he doesn't it doesn't do anything actually. Presidential will be back after this is Beijing company of the three things that were mentioning. There will be approximately 300. Protests around the country on Friday and Saturday. Will that do any good will -- move via the mission forward. To secure the border take care of what's necessary to take care of I think that's of the three the only one we have any chance on at all impeachment. It's gonna happen. If you want it to happen that's one thing but isn't going to happen no. I wanna win the Brad Pitt lookalike contest I really do want that to happen but that's not gonna happen either in fact I think there's a better chance that I'll win the Brad Pitt lookalike contest. Then he will be impeached I'm just. Bagram. In the presidential lawsuit probably not gonna happen either. So basically got a shot a one out of three and as I told a frank. In the last. Call this president doesn't care don't you get that he doesn't care because no matter what happens so he's wanna be sweet spots. Where no matter what happens storm he thinks she's going to be a winner and come out smelling like rose. -- right if anything punitive happens to -- like impeachment lawsuit. He will he will nowhere to be cloak of a mater. I tried to stand up for the -- of the people who are here because this was their only chance in life. The children the people who are here. Because of no fault of their own and this is what's happened to me. And that's -- that's his card to play. He'll also play the race card at any time so he's got that in his in his pocket ready to use that so he thinks he's immune. And even if even if he does get impeached which he won't but even if he did. How much and that her Bill Clinton. Not at all that it except in the history books now this guy I think once the Kamal. Smelling like rose in the history books I think he wants to be the person who did. What the said he was gonna -- transform. America however left one thing out is through how he was going to transform it and what he was gonna transforming into. But guess what when you have so few people now. Who are actually taking an active interest in this sort of thing. It's good NC a groundswell of immigration protest. Because a lot of people allowing the sit on the sidelines and say and less and less that pocket you know what falls on my head I don't care. I don't care and oh -- who does care of those who. Like consider the constitution like an important argument. Let's go to a market Cheektowaga marker on WB again. Sandy the wars party watched most of us don't know -- probably right. While I figured I -- they actually have I hate this I hate to be quite honest cop. On. The war is lost so I'm not a person carries some woman -- I'm a guy that they luncheon. On. I would say at this point. Protect yourself protect the people who -- On. Gather with like minded people like yeah. I'm -- we're going to be future or. That you -- into the new terror. Well if you think about why people have such a strong feeling about. A being able to protect themselves and not lose their ability. To protect their castle where their own firearms this could be in the recesses of their mind that dumb O line. It's not gonna be like it is now things are things are going to be totally different and we should at least be able to protect our families. Well. Yeah -- in the USA is not going to be a country much longer as -- USA like I I dirty -- and I opened my -- years ago. And on that pretty much that's why Obama and one out. And I think he does I think he's arrogant I think he's smug. I don't think he's a despite his great claims I don't think he's the brightest bulb in the in the on the shelf. And so you know he's not dumb. However he's not dumb Al however we didn't know what he really had in mind we understand reform but it like for instance immigration that -- about reform they're talking about a elimination. There's no reformer former -- how to make it more efficient how can we are lower the cost how do we make it more attractive to do -- the right way -- -- with a run like that's reform reform isn't there here already so let's let him stay. I greasy and perhaps in the -- something else. Ultimately you know called one world order kind of guy. -- one or language zero orders one currency are actually support. What's going on right now and this particular country. All -- next he will betrayed I don't get quite -- Well what makes me afraid. Is perceived weakness. If the world perceives us as weak non responsive. It doesn't matter how good would look on paper they'll they're alive or do something stupid. That's going to require a massive retaliation and that could be real trouble. I agree I thank you regular -- that's what I'm afraid. Is the fact that. You know remember him. We don't of foreign people are foreign people foreign leaders don't think like we thank all the time facing a perceived weakness and they wanna take advantage of it they well. So even double what the Cold War was about the Cold War was about book. We've got all these bombs and missiles you all these bombs and missiles. And here's the deal if any amused if either side uses of the other side we use -- -- the end of the world. Okay that's the reason nobody did. But once you get into the point of book they can have anything. They have but it did not gonna use more goodness. It doesn't it doesn't -- immigrant and -- -- did terrorism especially. Where they're liable to take chances that they wouldn't take if we thought if they thought they have Ronald Reagan in the White House. That they're gonna think differently. And and and that's what you do as a terrorist. And so that's what really scares me. Is because of the -- with a -- image we're giving out of America and this president who was like lust in space for crying out loud. Does it invites people to come here and do things that we don't like and that is that's my greatest fear. He's not gonna win another election because he's near the end of his term and that's that unless he decides what -- element holed up -- the White House and not leave. But the bottom line is I'm afraid of where the position he's put America in regarding the minds of those who would do us harm. That really really scares me will be back -- beach company under his right and I'm thirty W via. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WD EA and that call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and -- 930 or toll free line is 1806169. 9236. Religion governor looks like we're looking at some further problems. In the Ukraine. -- a triple seven Malaysian passenger. Jet. As being in allegedly. Of the report says it's crash for sure but the report says that it was shot down at altitude. So we don't have any more details than that. But a Malaysian triple seven jet down for shore and reports are that was shot down an altitude. And what that means that conflict so we'll have to -- bug them -- and in good. In 030 Montreal 180616926. Start I'm 3300. Protest. Over the weekend. Or not the weekend Friday and Saturday. So in the next two days about 300 protest 300 different locations regarding what's going on with the illegal immigration. Do you think that'll do anything will it move it forward is something. More dialogue more action what will happen if anything also. Impeachment. And presidential lawsuits that we have a chance with any of those I I say if you're if you're gonna wrap yourself an impeachment. -- going to be spending a lot of time frustrated because that's not gonna happen. And neither will the presidential -- ago bear any fruit. So I'm saying that of the three. The only one and I'm not confident that even this will do. Will have any kind of effect let's go to Kevin in -- dollar's -- talk to you Kevin what's on your mind. -- -- move Kevin. OK Kevin is usually there but Kevin is not there however when Kevin isn't there we always go to ram -- -- north title on the on WB again. Yet if I do from time what's what's really scares me -- Obama picked up so brilliant. Body not. Too stupid to rip -- that they roared out ruled by report -- that what I called it and brought up the issue. Ovals are calling out federal troops and thought okay let me ask you a question. Here at the very possible scenario -- makes a lot of sense to me. What would happen if local National Guard. And reserve units turn them federal troops. And what would happen if a lot of both federal troops. It's the its own incompetent level but wait a minute I did not joint -- Here. In the military to kill American citizens and they -- refusing to follow orders. And then throwing local police department's political. Fire department the people would join together. Not yet though Erica the third and twelve with power not thinking it through. Well -- what was discussed about Governor Perry from Texas asking him to call out the National Guard. Perry has the ability to call the National Guard for issues such as national emergencies tornadoes floods that kind of thing. But the power of the National Guard cannot be used for law enforcement under most circumstances. The president would have to nationalize. The national event National Guard. In order for them to be able to work on this problem so that's the concern not federal troops against the guard but. The guard against their -- their neighbors and friends and relatives. Well if Governor Perry was the call up the -- coat down on the border. The problem is if you call up the dark state attack if the pick up 100% of it ought. If Obama calls about. That the federal government if the paint attacks National Guard that's part of the problem. Remember remember when Arizona tried to enforce the federal law. They have because their contention was the feds aren't enforcing it it's the law we will enforce it because you remind a lot of these expenses go to the states. So what happened as the court ruled against them. The court ruled read to you cannot have these state authorities. Enforcing federal law when federal laws not being enforced by the -- Anyway what Obama's Gordon who aren't here it's making -- -- and that everybody. From the top of the chain of command to the bottom of the -- Jameer simply have been a bit apart the follow orders -- -- making it very. He's also making a mistake and now we're beginning to see I mentioned the other day that video that truly went viral. From a woman in Chicago. A black woman we pointed out for a reason. Because Chicago is his home base or whatever are complaining and and screaming -- Obama. Because of a benefit she -- going to illegal children. When she says what about our children I'm the words that take care of us first before we so we're starting -- being so generous to illegals. When you when you are support from your home base starts to a road as a very bad and dangerous sign that maybe has overplayed his hand. Exactly not -- it opened. American people we do not really. We do not have the mentality. That -- not in Germany and interpret soldiers -- world. If you kill a Cuban leader in the German army there was nobody. -- -- -- late because they couldn't they do not have the ability to replace leaders in the American system and our military and law enforcement system. No matter what happens in the Americas. There's always it's your leader to step or we can think for ourselves and Obama is calculating about -- -- It -- if a couple of and a military short together that can help the president -- RL. I'm hoping that yeah I'm a Motorola video Japanese admiral who oversaw the Pearl Harbor attack who who who said. I'm afraid we have awakened a sleeping giant and filled him with a terrible result. Maybe that would be applicable here with a awakening the American public and filling -- what a terrible result. To get things done and get things change thank you -- Jim appreciate it. Yeah yeah I'm a ball -- knew that if indeed we were to get into this would be bad news for them and it's turned out was bad nose for them. And if you go to the end of the book you'll see two atomic bombs being dropped. Okay and I think that we need that result we need that person like that woman in Chicago saying what about our kids. How are taken care of us first for all the whole thought of taking care of by the government that whole thing. Is become so commonplace now that it's expected it's no longer a benefit it's an expectation. And we we we did that. We know we do we breast -- all these people who want -- -- grow up like that and now they're expecting more it's like. Feeding the line he keep feeding the line and that's fine until gorge on food on the line each you know. That's that that's the bad part. Well -- this we've given away so many cookies and so many promises and so many plants and so many benefits to so many people. That the number of people who are providing all this stuff. The productive people who are churning the economy and actually providing these benefits. Are fewer and York and you don't have to be a genius or an architect to figure out that that will toppled the building eventually you can't sustain. It's a long way will be back with beach company. Well it's giving them around to hear or -- Kevin impaneled and Kevin Iran WB -- That's OK Kevin what do you think has any of these things that I have by any impact. Well no actual straps on the we expect you know instant that the problem it's sometimes the worst that happened before from would probably. I like tree it doesn't reached that stage. Fortunately. Well it is we don't all appearance there are actually -- in this -- -- subject who go here we move people. -- We will bring you and I inequity as orchid that we don't get to that point we're. We really -- -- -- and I -- record -- which idiot they you know what. It's -- -- the Democrats. Eight. Not the -- to Republicans is up to them. -- you know there -- no DO au pair of arms are the cardinals aren't you shall. But Democrats. Are happy with all the countries going to change just one word -- Don't as the Democrats what now instructions -- -- what -- -- -- -- what this month and into the country and I mean they couldn't agree it would not appear pictured network. We gonna do something. And look like best. If there are 300. Protest. Of their it's a lot more chances is something wrong is going to happen somebody's got to do something dumb. There's going to be some kind of a problem at the local level and those sort of things from frustrated people who feel that the government's not listening to them. Are there as something dumb is gonna happen I don't want it to happen you don't -- -- but the more people involved the better chance of that that will occur. -- -- I -- in the same boat Kevin thank you very much of frustration remember I said before. Frustrated people. Do desperate things or are sometimes unfortunate thing -- -- that way that's all you need is is those one of these demonstrations have something. Blow up on yen and there's not going to be good it's just not going to be good and the president doesn't seem to give them. If I can be if I can be polite he just doesn't. He's arrogant he's nobody has my mother used to say -- -- you know use that often. But he he has that job -- air like like Mussolini is still in World War II he thinks he's the smartest guy in the room. He thinks he's the only person that that they need to run the entire government. If he had his way bring a black robe to work can be on the Supreme Court at the same time. I mean he has no respect for congress he says. Hey I have a pen and a phone. So that he can do anything you want stability as executive privilege -- He's the executive. As far as following and executing a faithfully the laws -- it's just the -- had to do that it's part of what I have to do is president but I don't -- and actually do it. Set I would do it but that doesn't mean I'll actually -- Same thing with the constitution to uphold the constitution here's a guy who. Italy is is disregarding his oath of office without question. And then it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter I remember I've said before. When you get to a point where something important to you no matter what action you take it doesn't matter. That's when that's when you you decide that it's beyond your control. And when you decide it's beyond your control not good things happen I'm just saying. Let's go to mark and can more marker on WB yeah. Actually it's a pleasure talking or -- I don't show -- It took out -- way to -- but already -- it charge of some our news. To grow backbone epic -- out a way to handle it and it. The lawlessness is the core of course just shut off the -- -- on it and everything else to constantly because. It's -- in your poor your record. You know that we don't -- able to put your money -- the second stop. -- quickly. When in doubt hit him in the wallet that usually you know that's usually effective and you're saying mark so you think that at least we got a chance with protests. -- sure. If I get out of power power. I want you want account like. -- -- able -- Military equipment. -- -- -- -- -- -- Our mark -- it allowed in player thank you very much you know a here's the thing that it's not gonna make politicians look any better than they already look. -- you know when the president travels around how many times have you heard now. And when he landed at the airport -- which year where he landed at the airport. And senator or congressman so and so was not bear to greet him because he's toxic. Okay. They understand that. That he's toxic politically but they don't have the balls to come out against them publicly. What they'll do is it's it's like a sin of omission instead of a -- of come mission. A bill they won't show up at the airport so they can't be photographed -- them. So Rivera opponent and show pictures of them together shaking hands doing all the usual glad handing. So -- by just not being there. That's there's subtle way of trying to protect their own position not real idea. A protest -- president it and the president probably understands list. That they just wanna get reelected you see to the politicians that's their number one priority is to get reelected. And keep remind some of amateur years some of them -- six years and some of them for years most or two and six all right the senate. And the house so that's what they'll do they'll they'll stay away so that they are not they're not associated -- them. But they don't have the balls to stand up to. You know I'm talking about that to maybe it is that's that's weenie personified. If you don't wanna be seen one of them and you -- agree with what he's doing standup and be counted. I think you might we might appreciate a little honestly there is -- -- -- telling us the future of the country. Does -- man executing. And right it's all these kind of things what's gonna happen out of that are important to may what's important to me. Is being reelected that's what counts and we see -- all the time in effect keep track of from now on keep track of it because it's easy once you decide to keep track is on the embassy. When he's out gala event having around as my -- say. Raising money all the time it seems that's his top priority. Raising money for his own war -- so he could be a king man maker forever and ever and ever see how many people that should be there to meet him that aren't. It would be like him coming to buffalo and Brian but boy Higgins is in there to offer him a cold drink. You know I mean that's what it would be like. So they they -- now they have enough wherewithal to not goal the president understands that have not gonna get on the wrong side of -- -- the president wants Democrats reelected to. But they don't have enough to stand up and and challenged him. And when's the last time you saw Democrats do that. So it's going to be a long haul because you've got to know he got to know -- hold a wonderful woman that most people your future is an important. Their futures important. But you know who holds their future -- in in there and you do. So I would say that if they are not important to you you shouldn't they shouldn't be important enough to vote for. If they don't take care of what you need and I need some modest debate here. Was the last time Democrats Timmons a you know what this is out of hand we've got to we've got to do something now they sit back some bites the usual -- watch on television the committee members it's the same. Faces saying the same things they haven't changed their act at all. Well we'll see what happens a -- is coming two days. It's not in the week and certainly it's Friday and Saturday 300 protest and let's hope that their orderly. Let's hope that they're effective. There is some enemy always those people in Southern California. Re route the bus that that's a lot because the last thing the president wants is up at the bus running over protesters. That's not good although they would probably be Republicans. Will cut down on the -- home. That about wraps it up I will not be here tomorrow but I will be here on Monday Monday Monday at nine under his right and I'm thirty WVU. A little room as they never has to music these.

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