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7-17 Beach and Company Hour 2

Jul 17, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- backward -- governor a sandy beach we have like three prongs on today's shall subject. Number one is they'll be. Probably around 300 protests in the country. On Friday and Saturday protesting. The lacks of enforcement of our immigration laws. And the crisis of the border and so that that that will be going on for the next two days but this hasn't gone exactly the way the president has won and -- ago. Because remember. The first -- -- risks -- there's an old axiom in radio which we use all the time. It is better to seek forgiveness and to ask for permission. And sold that's exactly the attitude this administration's gonna have. It may be too late already with the numbers of kids coming across the border there here. Once they're here it's harder to get them out. As we told you the other day it's a tool year right now it truly your delay for the hearing that is required by law that they -- Insults or wrote of for what we're looking at a raw numbers even if we shut the border is off today. There's such an influx there will be very difficult to get by better as far as costs or processing. -- and beating them and holding them and educating them and fixing their teeth and doing all the things you have to do with any child. Off for a period of two years so that's what we got now but this -- exactly the way the president had the plan. Julie -- shield Davis and Michael shear from. USA today over an article the crisis on the border with Mexico. Has overtaken president Obama's plans to use executive action. To reshape the nation's immigration system forcing him to confront a new set of legal administrative and political complications. Now there are estimating that 57000. Migrant. Children from Central America. And -- have come hand since the crisis began a little more aware of the leading Obama a crackdown now on deportations but the edge Nokia -- And down. So much on this plane. That had forty people -- 44 all not 41 that would have perhaps been too much of a strain forty. Let's -- take in 57000. Deport forty. And so what he wanted to -- you know do as usual lack of executive action but now it's it's too tough. White House officials and says that although wife elbow Obama has no intention of backing down. On his public pledge to use executive orders to fix as much of our immigration system as I can. They acknowledged that the crisis has made it more difficult while bush. It'd -- something good out of the crisis it would be that. Inside the west wing of the department of justice and homeland security administration lawyers are working define consistently legal justifications. For speeding up the deportations but that's you know what that is that says that show it's all Chicago. -- we have to love avoid being arbitrary and deciding whom can go on homeless day said the Oval Office. We cannot now this from going to terrorists though Democrat from Illinois and this paragraph will tell you something about the future. Plans we can't allow the humanitarian crisis on the border to take our eyes off the ability the president has right now. -- helping eleven million people. Not have to be deported from the United States. Not to have to live in the feared they lived in. Of those words of -- Louis Gutierrez Democrat of Illinois. Who met with -- Obama on Wednesday now here's this I want him to be bold and generous. So what they're saying this is almost. A bait and switch thing. Yeah how we're going to crack down there are already 57000. Illegal children coming him. But if you -- -- -- as they lol what about the thirteen of fourteen million people already here. The terrors and and like minded officials. Would like them to just stay no questions asked -- to bother deporting a remember the president has said. By executive order that. That to stand down as far as those DePaul. -- these people if they have not committed I'm a crime since they've been here celebrate the key is. If -- you know you get a free crime. OK when you come in illegally. I guess coming in illegally is not the free crime you don't even have to use it up for that one you can get another free crime before they come after you. So you can actually have to crimes you can have won by coming in illegally and another one before they come after you to deport you. And -- have but thirteen fourteen nobody really knows million people. Here illegally and now -- okay look at the kids coming across the border. Let's just we got to deal -- bad their children let's just keep the ones that are here already. And that's what he means by he says I want him to be bold and generous. Republicans are still refusing to pass a broad overhaul the president said he would be ready to act on his own. See it's not an overhaul is not that's a minute it's that's a mischaracterization. Of what it is. The president though once the look the other way. And allow -- anywhere around third to what was -- on thirteen today thirteen million lawbreakers Tuesday. Will deal with the kids I don't of course they're kids it's not take a long time to do it is going to be a real. Real -- Uh oh what's the word I'm looking for -- pressure on the budgetary constraints of these are kinds of things we got to take care of their kids. What about the thirteen million as well will be -- letter with liquid they should just. White House officials -- up providing specifics. Said the most likely executive actions that Obama will announce at the end of the summer were consistent with the administration's effort to move away from deporting on authorized immigrants. Who have been in the country for years and have not broken the law. So what he's saying as unless you get that second burglary. Or that second their car theft -- that second you know lot. Against day just coming in illegally that's. It's day and that's basically where they're going so. It has not worked out exactly to plan but it has been a diversion has. Immigration ever gets continued argued that renewed emphasis on the board early sharpens the incentives for the president to take expansive executive actions. To protect more unauthorized. Immigrants so no we are now -- in the now in the position to protect unauthorized. Immigrants. That -- These of these people. Are here illegally but we're supposed to protect them and we're also supposed to with the kids feed them educate them. Make sure they have -- health care get on the sneakers they need the T shirts they need -- get him to school I mean that's that's our job now. That's our job where the baby sitter the world. If you have a kid that you'd perhaps think might be a burden for you have raised let him come across the border will take care of them Uncle Sam will rock will rock your child on -- And take good care. Obama's legacy is on the lines at frank -- the executive director of America's voice in immigration reform lobbying group. And get this does he really wanna go down as the -- Porter and chief. The only thing that happened during his second term was beef up enforcement and deportations. He's got to take action so that's what we're trying to do what they're trying to say he's got to do it to protect his legacy he's got to do to protect the children. He's got to do it though with the executive orders to protect the people who are here illegally and we -- where I guess are obliged to protect them. Name -- some other countries that feel like this would avert -- borders would be hard for. Although immigration advocates have a long urged Obama to act unilaterally to. Shield millions of unauthorized immigrants in deportation in -- work permits. The president's closest advisors say the move could add fuel to existing calls for his rich friends you have bank. A point comeback. That's part one we're gonna go to part two and three and we're gonna ask you. If any of these have any traction if any of these have any chance of happening. The first one would be the immigration situation. The demonstrations are going to be around 300 communities in them in the United States all over east west north south. Saying oh we've got to handle this week cannot be as lax as we are now. And will that have a chance in this two other nagging things hanging in the air and were asking which of these have any chance if any of them do. A vote getting done will be back with more with -- beach and there's region governor. So we told you the first part of what we're discussing today and there's going to be a row on 300. Protests. On of the immigration crisis that the border are between tomorrow and Saturday 300. And now you're if you're wondering how this is -- playing out. There's a new survey. And it is opposed it in the USA today only 28%. 28. Of those surveyed approve of Obama's response of the surge of children along the border twice as many say they disapprove of his efforts. According to pew research which is a reputable. Company sold 28%. Approval. And of that set 56% don't -- now you're wondering how it goes along political lines. Undocumented immigrants should be allowed to stay in the US legally. For the Republicans. 54%. To see even now -- the Republicans 54% more than half say they should. For the Democrats 77%. Say they show. And for independence 70%. Think they should. So what we're saying here is that the the majority of all three think they should stay here. But the big grass roots. Individuals don't seem to be sharing that. -- handler so we'll see where that goes. The other two legs of -- -- about today there's been some talk of impeachment. And there was Sarah I have a four page a statement your -- -- parents -- -- starting to talk about it now. I think to be honest review. Yeah it sounds interest staying -- that we don't we don't know what the exact articles of impeachment would be -- because we don't know. One who with the process would bring up however I think the thought over the realistic. Thought of any impeachment is a fool's errand. Simply because. Even if we had every all the goods and all the tees were cross and all the I's were dotted time is not on our side. These things move very slowly especially when. -- when you have a reluctant participants. Surely you'd have some that were eager to expedited get it done but. It's not gonna happen I think if if you're going to -- which you're. Your eggs in that basket you're going to be stuck a lot of broken -- has an app. I don't think -- as is my opinion. As I said even if everything were laid out and straight and and a convincing case time wise we wouldn't have the time he'll be out of office so be a moot point. And -- I now also has a sidebar. I don't think many people. Even those who might not like what Obama's doing. I want to be on the list of those who voted to impeach first black president we've ever had. And -- like it or not that's my opinion Robin and Tony here everywhere that or not. Act unfortunately I think you're probably correct I think. Many people don't have the the wherewithal to wanna get rid of him. Even though there's a good majority who do in -- right time is as far as time left in this term. There's not enough time to get rid of him I do agree and I do like the idea of it being on his record though. While like Bill Clinton yeah it was impeached he was not removed from office but it was -- the jobs on his record because I think he's gonna care a lot about his legacy. All right so the second thing is impeachment Claudette the third thing. Is presidential loss -- John Boehner has been talking about it. There again we don't know exactly. I think it is it's centers around failure to act it's who live up to your open back securing the laws. Of the country because he hasn't and going and he's been suspending them he's been -- giving -- run around he's been a withholding funding on some. The immigration thing was the first that we saw. Where he said we don't you know one. I have the money that report. Thirteen million they vote. So I've given an executive order to only deport those who are here illegally and have committed a crime. A -- the we got a better deal from Castro at the jail birds out but so there's three things there. That we here we have the rallies 300 of them the next two days. We have the talk of impeachment and we have the talk of a presidential lawsuit I'm asking you. Which of these if any has any traction. Which of these in the first one will of this. This 300 demonstration weekend here. -- cause a difference in opinion put more pressure on the president. What do you think it'll do anything I think it'll be noticed but as far as just changing anything. I've not convinced that will impeachment I think is basically off the table. The -- with a presidential lawsuit they may they may file one -- they're going through now. With the legalities of finding out exactly what they have to do on what's available in all last sort of thing. But there again I would think that of the three none of them. Would have the the weight and the momentum and whatever to get things changed I wish I had better knows. I hope I'm wrong in this case but over it and it straight out on 301806169236. Start I'm thirty. It was Seattle or go to -- on the -- got a minute but will go to calls will we get out of the good news break. Tony you -- only what you feel about impeachment about the presidential lawsuit. About not X accusing the laws of the land I think that's that's pretty cut and dry that he's not doing it. Absolutely I mean you can't put a list together a mile long of things that he's he's derelict of duty on. I'd love to see lawsuit brought up against. On the Supreme Court bitch slapped him. For our -- making recess appointments -- minute technically they weren't the senate wasn't in recent -- now have you heard of any of those things being reversed yet. No neither of -- And whether they will -- not I don't know. But Washington can grind very slowly and even though the Supreme Court has ruled on that. This guy this president seems to be able to just do what he wants that doing nothing gets changed nothing gets corrected. Talk all the time about positioning and how the Democrats are so good at positioning Republicans wouldn't this help. As far -- positioning the Democrats and for the Republicans to be able to go on the offensive as it look at this is what happens when you have a Democrat president I'd. -- disagree but I just read the numbers to you the Republicans themselves 54%. Are okay it would be illegal staying here just on that one issue that's everybody against what how many of those Republicans or conservatives well that's a good point but it's still 54%. 77%. Of Democrats and 70% of independents so even though it's burning a hole in our heart here. It's not burning -- caught with -- everybody will be back with more with beach company. Your hearing the voice of buffalo WGN. That call us now -- 8030930. Cell calls are free in star nine -- and our toll free line is 1806169236. Backward region dominated today's deal of the day from my buffalo purses and 88 dollar certificate to extremes -- capsule before sprayed fans throwing 38 dollars. Good and any location extreme -- capsule deliberate your fate of their fastest safest darkest hand. Go to WBM dark comic put on my buffalo perks logo let's go to Chris -- traffic update Chris. It is just came in within the last five minutes or so. There's an accident. That the ramp of the nine the east to the 19 the north so you're coming up from the 400 or -- the split their of the buffaloes are. He tractor trailer Jack -- and that ramp to the 190. Good news is it's only the last flame as it locked bought it starting to slow down everything. So your only gives -- the right side on the ramp and it's also starting to slow things down on the nine V itself kind of pass them through court or there are so. Could be a massive happened about 510 minutes ago. That's had a pretty easy program to I mean it's gradual it's not a sharp turn so well to it especially after coming up from the south zones into the city. All right immigration demonstrations is going to be about 300 of them all between Friday and Saturday. Will they get any traction will anything change because of it. The talk of impeachment. Will that go anywhere the talk of a presidential loss to vote will bat go anywhere my idea my thinking on this is that. Of the three I would guess that these demonstrations might have the best chance of something happening. I don't have much hope for the a presidential lawsuit or the any talk of impeachment. But even with the best. The there's so what does all these children coming up from the border. I am -- that's the focus -- the crisis now and -- good terrorists as well what about the thirteen million. Illegals we have here now I want the president to act with the generosity. So what they're trying to do is -- focus on the kids coming in here. Forget the thirteen million that are here let's just leave them here so it's a slight of hand it's almost like a magicians trick. A look at my left hand -- my right hand is doing something different. And I wanna know from you know if you think any of the three things will have any traction. Will they do any good I'm not that I wish I were more optimistic and I -- real AM. Let's go to well good that's good by phone is totally dead. Now all there can you punch up lines reforming and that should be a stand in Rochester stander on WB again. I think. You're right and the morning. Unless there's a ground swell of people. Demanding. None of the politicians say all of that didn't care issue. Nothing is gonna happen you're absolutely right now can I give you an example of -- groundswell -- How to make one all lib Democrats had to do was come out and say hey we got evidence or even make it up. That the conservatives in the congress to finally take away your social security and give it to the rich who don't need it. So how will come down on the congress. They'll burn it -- ground there is an example of a groundswell. Got anthrax scare tactics of things that are used all the time and they're usually used by the incumbents against those who would like to unseat them -- they come -- it's gonna change right now -- got a good with me but don't count on them that help you. Now remember they got little cash Jews and no matter what you do to try to incite people and they've done everything throw the ball camp. Nothing. That people want to know what's -- what's on TV but you've got to strike that one thing like I just had an example takeaways so security wall. You get. And that's what they got to find they got to find had been. OK I hear you loud and clear effect your budget shows then he got my phone just went dead totally blank screen right there here's some some feedback. On whether it be lawsuit. That they're talking about is worthwhile. In the USA today you have with some FaceBook postings. How's the house speaker plans to use the president for -- going around congress on issues such as health care and immigration. James Kirkland says at least people are standing up the President Obama is reckless decisions. He is destroying our national foundations and status as a world power James is exactly right. I mean I timidity. There's times when you don't agree what what our president does there -- times in my didn't protest. But at least you know that the president at that most of his time is. Acting within the boundaries of their office within the authority given to them by us by the way. In their office but -- this president you get the feeling that it's -- laws I don't need no stink and laws. Authority I don't need no -- authority. And you know what I'm gonna keep doing this until until I get stopped who's gonna stop me and is that arrogance and I said. The problem with him with the arrogance is and has to be earned. He hasn't earned any thing. Arrogance and in effectiveness don't go hand in hand. Arrogance and ignorance in some cases don't go hand in hand. And this is indeed a constitutional. Law professor. Did he not put his hand on the Bible and swear to faithfully execute the laws of the land and -- all the constitution. Does anybody really think he's doing that now. No I don't think so so I think James Kirkland is exactly right -- when he says that he is destroying our national foundations. As status as a world power where laughed out by foreign countries. Now we're considered weak by many foreign countries and that's not a good thing because when you're considered a week. Oftentimes they'll do stupid things because they think they can get away with -- and then what do you have to do you have to not only act you might even after all overreact. To get their attention again. So this is the worst example I have seen of a president in my lifetime which has been. You know extensive I you know I used to watch Lincoln. I'd watch -- carriage -- I have confidence in him the big at expo privatize it -- and you're doing a good job but would this guy. Forget. Art and it's really funny. Now Lincoln did some things obviously as Tom points on every time he talks about Lincoln. Of that that perhaps we would prefer not to do so except the country was in civil war like -- habeas corpus lifting things like that. However he didn't totally have always just just casually. Disregard the law. And that's what this president does and that's what I dislike about it is not a matter of difference of opinion it's a difference of breaking his oath. He took an -- to uphold the constitution he took an oath to faithfully execute the law and he's not doing either and and -- attorney general Eric Holder. Is that joke. In -- just an absolute joke one time to have this dynamic duo. Because a lot of things have to be done true of the Justice Department gases Justice Department him that are older. So between the two of them they got a massive rolling roadblock in America Europe. It blows my mind weighed them the numbers that you mention in the hole not only specially Republicans who think that at the legal should stable it. People not understand and the ramifications. Of of of them -- what it's gonna do to our economy when it's gonna do to our way of life and if the theory is correct that we've been saying. That with all these illegals that come in and then they get amnesty that that's the end of the Republican Party it just blows my mind if people don't understand this well off. What it cost you to raise your child. And now OK get this that. Imagine -- a seventy something thousand nobody knows exactly what is. So far. So far. 70000. And the the average -- now is two years for a hearing which is required by law to yours. So -- two years imagine seven as the size of a city. We got to take care of them if it stopped today. If it stopped today would be that long and it's not stopping today that's the point. They're not stopping the bleeding that the bleeding is continuing and they're using animals all look at these children. It's not like you could say to their father or mother you've made you made an unlawful choice -- must go back. You look at these kids say they didn't make any choices they were they were sent here by their parents. And does so you don't have the same fire in the belly as if these were adults coming across and that's. Purposeful. It's like is anybody ever heard of the Trojan horse well that's exactly what it is. Let's let the kids and now along with the other thirteen million is -- illegals and then in around these kids should have their parents with them. Let's -- the parents. Next ever as well and getting the full America should get -- Embassy and then citizenship. And then voting and then kissing goodbye. Because instead vote people coming here through the Mexican border will be going to Mexico through the border -- that's not a country. We'll be back with more after -- probably three things we are going on here. Our Friday and Saturday the next two days they'll be over 300 demonstrations. Nationally. Against illegal immigration in the flood whats going on here trying get the word out to try to get our frustrations out. Also talk of impeachment also talk of a presidential lawsuit. Of the three do you have any faith in any of them. I think the best shot that we have is that the immigration protests will grow. And even then I'm not convinced that that anything will be done impeachment I think you can forget that mark and and presidential lawsuits and -- You know trying to make a point and and that point you're a great way. I mean it's quite obvious that he's not executing the laws faithfully. And it's also quite obvious it does give a damn about the constitution. Lots of lots of those situations where he just -- said he set himself. I have a pen and a telephone. Okay that's all he needs so he says here's screw you congress. He sets for you -- the Supreme Court many times. In fact while they're sitting there watching his State of the Union Address. So he has no respect. And -- and the understanding apparently of our government supposed to work and is doing on zone. And put the hands of one man missing the right guy to put in the hands I don't think was when a man's one man. Without the checks and balances that are usually there and that he they're not there now they simply are not. Let's go to a -- of Lancaster junior on WB and any hope for any of this stuff Jim. Also in the other person this person -- forget that the stars impeachment forget that Clinton was impeached he was not removed from office. There was some validity as far as the immigration situation I do believe. -- you said earlier politics plays and okay people's abortions. Visual Walsh there are OK but on the other. Okay. When people themselves. Okay feel threatened from the people feel threatened either put themselves -- crucial for the future. What kept you know these demonstrations as good with political tension would that surprise you that could eventually lead to violence. Yeah I that's what I'm afraid of what frustrated people do do sometimes it. Things that are not in their own best interest. And the government just administrative Obama chooses -- local authorities to handle whatever dissent is he opinion and political communities. Along the borders unfortunately. What -- The -- or -- can't handle song you know enough people after the people who feel threatened and they'll resort to violence. He doesn't want to bring in a military along the borders just to maintain some kind of order. We -- what are we gonna do now bring in a military it is the demonstration resort to violence. Well remember this now video big courts ruled. That the states could not enforce the federal laws so would be when they wanted to Arizona especially. -- so they can't do it they can't do that aspect of it. He won't do it. And so if he won't do it if he won't like federalized the National Guard. Then the states are not allowed to do it and he's just thumbing his nose in everybody's just totally ignoring it while he goes on as Mary away. I agree Mickey ward hit -- what are they gonna do if US citizens an awful long thirteen becoming violent now he's gonna get to. Now he's gonna get to -- -- military -- -- gases that US citizens. Yeah that's just always made a -- citizens against citizens. Are trying to defend illegals people who aren't citizens out. So now you know you got something did that wasn't maintain. Okay earlier by not that you said stop the bleeding and now this is moralist erupted into it in imploding. Too you know to a bigger problem this really got to can. Well people are saying we've had enough I mean just look at how screwed up -- says if you read that story a couple of weeks ago bug too federal agents they go to the Grand Island used to be the holiday and they thought it was deserted. It was empty and they were gonna house illegals there. They didn't even have the information that this our hotel is alive and well and owned by a foreign country and they couldn't just walk cannon house kids there. -- vehicle I mean again another example of the administration. Not doing their job in had just fallen asleep and when there's a problem let's take publication. Yeah as the golf thing -- let us around with us -- our Jay-Z and beyoncé. That's how cool we are thank you thank you must. Yeah I think the president is more concerned about being cool. -- is about being president. Our Chris an update on traffic please -- -- -- -- Davidge rolled through that interchange there right by 1990 ramp to the 192 and having a problem he says that. The last line is blocked the 190 ramp. We've just like the truck portion of the tractor trailer the cargo. -- -- and of it is actually in the grass all the while all split -- he says there's. Bunch of emergency vehicles there to DOT's on the scene. Because of that then the congested isn't too bad it's manageable to stay off to the side and I should be ours. -- to that and thank you locate view -- equipment you know that one beautiful thing yeah I wish it happened. I wish that they have decided to put kids in that polity and on Grand Island which doesn't have a name now. While the swingers convention was there. Opt out opt out would have been just to taste will take a break Hitler years later on -- Greg I know a good movie plot somebody gets a summer job -- a hotel not knowing a swingers convention was there not. I volunteer and it was Vermont they -- Joseph -- be very nice. We'll be back -- mortgage company under rated and I'm thirty W via.

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