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7-17 Beach and Company Hour 1

Jul 17, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hello hello hello it is major companies all morning they were talking about what kind of a car should you buy for your child. Here's what I suggest to appoint your child's -- there is bank. And have -- sign that paper. And then pick -- a car and get that little book in the mail of which you make the monthly payments just by a mechanic are I don't think you're the greatest idea ever heard. It is -- got way hang in there. Yes yes your first car I mean that's -- it Manger grown up you get to Wear long pants would your first car. And I've told you that I work for three years from thirteen to sixteen -- my paper wrote. And -- -- -- the day I was 16 in the morning I got my license in the afternoon I bought my car. And that's -- start at what I didn't know about the car I bought it didn't you know my friend every height and had they are floored. And had a V8 OK I had a shabby six. And I could never beat them ever ever ever ever I didn't know that since I was an adult. My father had installed a governor. On the on the motor I didn't know I just thought you know I just don't have the power of argun six he's got an -- there's nowhere -- beat them. And I eat I was an adult my mother at home. I. I guess there are afraid I have a lead foot because I told judge took my father's. Bulls 98 with the rocket engine. On the -- true I'm going into Boston. To see if that would do a hundred miles an hour. And it did it we're lucky we survived being kids don't you -- telling -- -- -- think of all the things that I do work. Then but at that car loved that car I didn't have enough money to keep it on the road year round so in the winter it's set in the driveway. A -- is like spring. April right around there are my birthday I'm putting on the road until the snow came and just loved it I just that it it's such a feeling of independence. If you go what you wanna go and get there when you wanna get there and you don't take the -- that's nice pass what was your first car. I actually hit two cars that all my dad bought me him. Neither one of them saw the -- unfortunately one was and and G. And -- yeah it was so yeah for fifty blocks all okay so it was so be daughter temperament and urged him to run. The other was nobody figured there. Another it was a 66 GT oh -- and on real answer from 27. -- engine and it. It was really popped up my dad felt it too much horse power for me to drive now as a sixteen year old and then I got a 72. -- mobile delta 88 were 455 and -- 650. Oh while you are your muscle car guy I was always a lot of power under the rug out. It and -- Chris I heard you say that yours was a truck right yeah I was in 1989. Dodge Dakota and about a 1111000 miles and that -- says those and abide by trading it in he said good -- to -- when you heard the fire engines approaching your driveway it and we -- we're having some problems with -- towards the end it was one of those areas where I I doubt it because there were there really wasn't -- must train and I think I got about a year and a -- product and we replaced the radiator there was it started smell a little bit like oil. Turns out it was in the radiator or -- they won the radiator and installed wondered just spontaneously composite -- I've worked -- -- -- I have a cards is go up in flames. At that's amazing. -- -- IE I still love my car so much that even when it wasn't registered likely take on the road I gonna sit and that's a much like that and my father when my father hall cars are strangely enough -- -- of buffalo. And he would deliver them all through -- New England to a new car dealers and so at almost every Friday night there was a rig in my driveway. Full of cars new cars and so I would crawl up in the rig and set the cars just to pretend that I Sunday it would have one little that I know that. Later on I would buy many of those rigs. I think I'm I'm in the eighty's somewhere. As far as total number of cars I spent my whole life and all my money. Basically on cars but I I don't regretted them. Lose track is what you -- Yahoo!'s uncivilized. It was the -- That -- primaries and -- the poll who don't go problems don't feel the same way you do like me okay. Don't understand they'll say well what's wrong with a Carolina nothing. A dodger like that I'd like. But I like I want to do you think so I can -- it's like saying how come you're having -- The powdered donut a -- I felt like chocolate I don't like -- -- among have a -- to order -- remove chocolate give the powder but it's worth it and that's the -- ago and I ended the -- he's -- -- and crawlers and land and next -- -- -- Stuff that's where it is it's great I do -- -- beyond. A witness somebody next week we're going to work out today and we'll talk about this and other things. Because she's. She's fly again and you might see on national TV tonight but yeah it's and I paid for my own car use that your father came up with your. My father bought my first two cars again one was fifty dollars the other was that -- was a thousand dollars but he was Smart not letting you start off with a GG go right and I mean that like you I would sit in -- in the car now would go -- -- -- -- way. Up and down with it you know running in used to some real nice. Did you buy your own car progress no almighty my parents. Had to a new cars and Dakota were just sitting around -- US nice surprise -- so I was able to use its I was lucky I -- didn't buy a car for awhile I just. I accept that any hand me down I could just to save money. While it's had some interest our current. Yeah I have my father's route and a lot of 5500. Dollars to work on him yeah I mean it's not get a couple years out of them and they go by the next clunker. One that I did I did pay for and I bought off flop was my ED 3 trans am well it will have a big bird on you know we've had a little bird on Apollo program on. I got a far. At five thousand's it's unchanged uber Reynolds in the neighborhood and I felt like it. Pretty fast for five leader. -- from a five. It moved yup finally afford usually actually Castro Friday night yeah. I think the best engines. Of all time as the five liter Ford. I mean it's it's just a great cell engineers cellular that was very Apollo program and I had a couple of months things have had in the very organized and I'll never forget -- -- bought a new rule. Mustang that was brand new. And at that time it did not have a sunroof and it wasn't a convertible and I wanted to have a son -- put him at that time you would bring if it didn't come one you want one you bring a tool a local guy and they would put they would put the sun -- -- so my wife said get that car but but do not have them cut into the room. -- -- -- -- So naturally the first thing I did is before I even took delivery of a car I had a brought to the shop and I have them what is sun roof and but it was winter. And there was snow on the roof. And I used to park it outside the garage where my wife and every memoir and it wasn't until like weeks later in the snow melted that you were both. Bennett the only problem that it was almost impossible to have a -- -- put him with a -- There's they can put all the seals and rubber gasket and that's -- -- it's totally but it was worth it it was a black black black. Mustang with a five leader very nice. Later got to miss -- mustang which results of a must have a stars. They really -- when I would I worked for an oil change place. In the late eighties and the one of the bosses had the five liter mustang. And he let me in my body taken for a ride which was a big mistake in all we did was Gore's side street just -- and rob -- actually with the cartridge. And the -- the performance must things like the Shelby's in the Roush is in whatever they always have a look through them a look at his don't mess with me. And I like that important in the looking at the sound what you got the sound but I mean the first thing you. That when you come into contact with one as you see what -- yet and in the engine through now some some cars that are fast don't necessarily have a great exhaust. About the car is that Abdul bit that you think a big big money cars. Big money cars like Ferrari and Lamborghini whatever they work on that exhaust lot. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Almost customize -- new cars now I think like the a place like the in our on which is -- -- -- -- -- right on the street in senate history does a lot of the same things but. And the name is Harold remember those commercials yes that wants to put the sunroof and the wife that Obama but they've also do other stuff too and he always wanted to personalize your car. No matter it doesn't matter what I -- I -- really the hard -- like when -- bottom motorcycle I bought. Harley-Davidson. It was called a policy a full Dresser aren't. And it was supposed to be the ultra. Via ultra. Meaning it's everything's on -- you found out that no everything isn't on there but thousands are on our auto so it's it's dressing it up. -- ultra classic Electra glide. Which meant it was audit was -- ago but you still want to -- you -- -- a personal touch whether it's custom eggs -- a story you know it's something of yours not just from the factory address yours up to. I really did. And -- time -- -- my -- while I was in the process of looking at aftermarket pipes if you recall is now talking with. Which we have blur at the time about it and -- cars on -- cars yet to crest mall we she covers nobody puts sheet covers Idearc. You've actually covers what's -- up and on time on now I'll now it would seek prison now. Now like rust proof they have some that are not like you put your favorite sports team you there's a secret that you can -- -- -- -- that -- really not much better RU and I'm not gonna sit auto bill signed. The bills are actually speaking of gay and he he's ones for -- All my words are Chris did you ever done customize your Dakota truck now are never in an event like that and never got into they used to have other things now which early Eagles suicide -- yes -- -- -- had them all those are -- I don't think any state allows suicide knobs. So it's the first thought I wanna so Pam Anderson but I know there's all these cool things and -- -- address that up could be yours. And it wasn't you know it wasn't going to be that the legal auction but it was something special to you. I have to admit when. From our I can't imagine -- -- a a docs how actually boy all Fuzzy -- to questions Fuzzy dice albeit Playboy -- Yeah gold mine that's but that are being in the back window is it. -- At that we're carbon you have equity. That I looked up as many speakers is yeah we could anyone do that. And because -- didn't have the electronics -- have now. For instance on almost any car you -- now it's a good -- this summer even better than others but even the minimalist sound system sounds good. Back then didn't put woods announces the incidents that you really had to change it if you wanted any kind of good sound. And and that was the cost extra and they put the big well for -- in the trunk. I had a few will offers of currency -- that was another story but yeah you're sort of thing which Robin. It was kind of fun. I remember if you wanted to goods sound system let beat you pretty much what -- Volkswagen because the blocked punt -- autopilot was ever but other than that and I -- remember I think the word czar General Motors may be. Mid eighties started common now with. If it was that telco I'm not quite sure. But I remember it was an S ten blazer was the first time. I started here really good factory sound effect I was blown away I was I was detail and -- like man this thing sells. Well be a very first I tape player which -- eight tracks were they were. Invented by -- leader same people who did -- OK and they've the first car they were and wasn't thunderbird because I had -- And one -- it was fabulous the problem has it didn't work very often. IU would have -- -- two or three days of the back in the shop vote but it was it never still has a track. A big -- you know in his car because he won't spend any extra money again updated but. The bottom line is those Learjet. Cassette players while they were eight track players actually. It's not a right in there also have the record player that was installed in some of -- I don't know what fifty I don't know if that was -- or not -- used to -- commercials there was an actual 45 changer in the compartment of the car. As I I told you before. I have never seen a car width one in that I saw video view this video want because all aligned to is when I was a disc jockey. And we would play songs that record -- and stuff on on a record players. They jumped all the time if there was any kind of motion and I couldn't pay ever find out or figure out how they could put him in a car. Going over a highway without them jumping all over the placement yeah they offered that. So -- -- radical stuff it was cool stuff and everybody was enjoying the freedom of cars and and now you know what surprises me. A lot of our kids who are sixteen or whatever don't have that passion. For driving our cars or anything like that I vice president as cool as they used to oh yeah they used to be very individualistic styling they would change the styling almost every year. The most you'd ever see is like two years with the same style. After of that that they would change it so you could actually -- are going on the road and you'll hear -- that's awfully hard to do now I think it's maximum possible to tell what India guy you have to oftentimes a look at senator mobile -- the -- -- or on the back of the front right the idea it was and these guys were great times. And and great fun with -- automobiles. Damage to the styling -- just that the 57 Chevy or the the muscle cars they came out in this in the sixties this filing was a crab. All member -- and Charles said that he waited for the truck to deliver the car he had ordered -- is dealer he waited. In the morning while they now live -- unloaded the car that's how excited he was. Will take a break we'll be back with more beach company. This is Michael Savage and you're listening to sandy beach listen to meet tonight ten to one on. W the heat and little fun -- -- -- -- that it -- -- -- earn their way it is region governing obscenity have you made hypocrisy golf. I'll be starting today about what to buy your kid for a car that's safe and what the government tells you. The government has been drumming into our heads for many years now. That you must drive smaller more fuel efficient cars they must be -- and we wanna save the universe. So they've become army they tell us the buy these cars. In the small and more efficient cars but yet the safety people. The insurance people say you gotta get your chaotic argue -- a car that heavy so the exact opposite. Answer that you would get from a government. Who's trying to save the planet. As opposed through the safety -- trying to save your life. So masks. -- equals a little bit more safety no matter how Avaya public about it. Now Michael Ball -- You you like Michael Bull you may not like him but I'll tell you one person Michael boldly like -- his dentist not that this. A different Dennis WWR which is in Manchester, New Hampshire. Said the 24 hours. Before Michael -- blade was expected to go on stage he something really dumb for a singer. He tried to open -- ketchup bottle with -- is to -- Don't wanna be doing that Michael that's why god gave you fingers and thumb you know you're not supposed to put in your teeth. And and try and open the ketchup bottle while he did. He got the ketchup bottle but unfortunately he dislodged a crown. And it's awfully tough when you're singing because you need proper placement and tone and pitch and your time has to be in certain places. And that would throw over the -- so they had to find an emergency New Hampshire Dennis. And the I guess the promoter recommended one he was in oral surgery when they call. But when he got -- the surgery. They probably over to his office he put a new crown on -- Bueno only paid him but gave him a front row tickets and introduced him at the concert. That's conical. Because. Without that as they're probably would have been a concert but there's us and we are their boys and girls. Remember when when Coke bottles used to have to be open -- can openers met people that that -- put on their. And in fact can pop pop pop pop bottle they -- did -- did you yeah I bet you gotta kinda smash hands and your head to head -- yeah -- Ambac and as -- should be an animal off to shoot it into each movie. Women never voted 00 or Claudia thanks in match it's that the surprise -- to -- -- -- were elected to live picture could you're the -- -- Arabia ever ever work with it's been escorted by the police -- on yeah it's selling well as checkered past. Now we -- to GO. A dangerous. Via bit out of -- can be. Simply by reading the police blotter in the -- but he it's in there every week and the some of these calls just make it there on your arm stamina and he here's one at a Sheraton mrs. July it okay. At a Sheridan drive laundromat. And employee reported that ten young males who were in the laundromat. And his they would billing. They were pretty currently opening all of the washer and dryer doors. Poll should they start off like that -- it's not real killers in the making I can see that. On the cutting edge work witnesses and -- -- probably a street gang we're gonna open dryer dishwasher doors. What do they do they just opened my. Aren't they supposed to be open and I guess when you're used them as opposed -- so that's that they charge you're. They have an open door policy there -- not really sure. That's -- out to be a cop that responded to that one. Meanwhile Sheryl Crow I don't like her politics. But Cheryl and Bolivia which they canceled -- share because of but Sheryl Crow says. I've been setup before are talking about so would guys on dates. It's funny my guy friends tell me I don't know anybody good enough for you and I keep saying to them lowered your standards. That's good. I mean -- standards were -- order -- -- would -- famous bicycle rider named Armstrong. And that didn't work too well. Wilds who else is going on this audience listening to The Beatles and people law of The Beatles. I'll listen to this Ron Howard. Has signed the the living Beatles obviously wouldn't sign ones -- gone our name. And they're going to help him as he directs a new film documenting the beatles' early years as a touring band member they did a lot of stuff in Germany. And before they ever came here you via. The band had an extensive touring record -- be Purdue -- with the cooperation of Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr as well as Yoko yeah well. They're going to first of all why would you -- involved with us better keep me away from seeing it. Maybe she has some of the ones to Johns yes you probably does that probably have to do it but it's a little letter saying. Oh god it's like Terry your chicken apart. -- it's awful. And -- Olivia Harrison George's wife. The film portrays the group's career from its gigs at the cavern in now Liverpool and concerts in Hamburg Germany to its final public show. At San Francisco's Candlestick Park in 1966. So that should be a pretty good and I'm glad they're doing it. While to a personal lives of that they get a not that America. A look to it and I would Ron Howard involved I think it will be a class project he has had a great truck worker. I hope he really captures his government doing reading about. That The Beatles really -- rule as a band and as. Young adults when they were in Hamburg Germany and doing a lot of the -- sure there. And that it here when they toured here. Their music was secondary nobody could hear any of -- on my real wife went to see amateur days Shays. In. New York's it's -- stadium in new York and said here. Not heard that the whistle while they keep they drowned -- the jet plane going over well it wouldn't surprise me but she said at the it was funny in those days you would take pictures. At a concert like that end of the of people would be this big. There about a sixteenth of an inch big so I actually have pictures of The Beatles the sixteenth of an inch big if you ever wanna check those out but she said. They ring you know they ran out there and that was. They screens screens for him and ram back and so it could have been almost anybody is like those touring bands of doo wop bands. I've played a lot of those guys play a lot of different groups and unless you know vote lead singer was. You know and now and oftentimes it just changed -- and come back as another group of -- Jim Kelly is it is quite a guy you know the battle is going through now. And him under you have always been very tight and under is going to be inducted into the hall of fame. And Jim despite they're going through what he's going through right now is going to make an attempt -- -- the -- ambient air. At the hall of fame induction ceremony. So that's a that's terrific I think that's shows great courage Kelly -- it's turned out to be a man of real character. When he started remembering it was so wild and crazy guys like all young people are but he's really settled down I thought -- always thought. That the best I've ever heard Jim Kelly was at his own hall of fame induction talking about it's. That was so moving it was incredible and now he's showing such class with this. That it's remarkable you talk about somebody setting a good example I've never thought that athlete should. The be forced to set a good example we are who they are some good some bad some in different. But Kelly is a class act and we're seeing it now so that'll be nice and should be a very moving moment. I'll win. When Andre gets inducted because also since the last one Ralph Wilson espresso machine at the paper. So it'll be interesting -- the game and you watch that game and yes I plan to your pathetic. -- do you watch a game grants are and I watched the first couple series -- the therapist Rodham that Antonio beware of that he'll be a colossal you'll be freeze framing and he'll be going over diagrams on the plays and I know who stepped up all apps absolutely -- You are such a sad case in this football on tonight and for all CFO yes let's SE FL head Drew Willy. Well calories a call. We get to professional you know you have a health policy you can seek counseling and -- -- -- and you don't -- it. Back remarks would get the show are rock and roll right after this if I'm offered during it's not target imitation from somebody who has a an outdoor pool. For me to join them. And it's not for swimming it's actually for shade you know they don't have like. Don't trees and stuff -- it would come over here is what his son's going to be could you get between the -- myself so I don't the slather Ronald is a the sons and stuff today's provide bubble -- perks as an 88 dollars attributed to extremes sung capsule. Before spray it happens for only 38 dollars. Good at any location extremes some capsule delivers your safest fastest darkest tan. Go to WBM dot com -- come alive buffalo perks logo. So there is checking that off and my camel market actually -- is very good Republican. -- his -- going on under is going to be a lot happening tomorrow and Saturday across the country. And the estimate is at least 300. Locations. In our great country. There will be demonstrations. As a citizens fight back against and what is termed an illegal invasion of our country. As you know we can't count on the president of the United States he's asleep at the switch he's too busy posing. And being cool to actually around the country. And so oftentimes we have eleven been known to everybody it's a paying attention that we don't like what's going on here. And so for the next two days as we said there -- 287. Now and they expect it'll get up to three under without much of a problem. Locations for people protesting across the country you know it'll be interesting to see how it's covered. By the news sources whether it's cable news network news or friends or any kind of broadcast journalism. The interest in this he would see how would discovered. If it's a covered would vote. -- enough vote verb to give you an idea what it's really like and what's going on out there. And this is let's see an article that I have a massive protest scheduled for. This so we can actually it's Friday and Saturday. Across America is aimed at stopping the influx of Central American children flooding across the border. Now oh by the way the last couple days as you watch a little television. You know what there showing showing macular kids. Playing with stuffed animals and things like that. It's all. Going after your mind it's all positioning you. As boy if you don't care about them little cuddly child playing -- about little cuddly stuffed animal what's the matter with you. We want you to think about your own children and how he would handle that. Now one thing we don't want to think about is the law. For tough law -- or are right and wrong. Forget the fact that there their parents aren't taking care of them you're expected to so it's going to be as we set about 300 demonstrations. And of these smaller protests have already made a big splash. Citizens now on Westminster. Maryland oracle Arizona Vassar Michigan Greece New York right now -- through there. And many other places have blocked the importation of illegal aliens into the communities through public protests and letters and official resolutions from elected members. Rush said on his show. That this is going to be happening here is what you do not know said rush. There are towns all of America's standing up for this envisioned just like they did in in Marie that are. A why you away oh Westminster Maryland is a -- standing up to it just like -- at a California. And Arizona is a standing up oracle Arizona standing up to so they're talking about the different places where it's going to be in Nebraska. They're gonna stand up and and find out that the governor is on their side is fit to be tied. Upper Michigan same thing all the -- pretty and I love the UP it's especially a notification -- Same thing these protests are happening but they're not going to be covered so -- according to Russia would be interesting to see if they are covered. If they just ignore it with 300 protests across the country one would think. That they have to us covered somewhat. The mother of all protest promises to be Friday and Saturday. It's dubbed a national day of protest thing against immigration reform amnesty and border surged. Not exactly an easy bumper sticker but it's all encompassing. It's gaining support by the hour said William Gray president of Americans for legal immigration. The main organizers are his group. And other groups that feel the same way right now it's looking like we'll have a little bit more than 300 protest rallies large and small across the country. Our goal is to unify Americans of all races political parties and walks of life against the Obama inspired illegal immigration invasion. That we have 257. We expect to have over 300. So that you're gonna see that will be very interesting to see how it's covered but the question I'm going to ask -- is is it too little too late. It's not that people haven't felt this way people have felt this way but remember. This with the exception of one side tracked that the president had to take and which I have an article about remember the president had said. That he would act unilaterally. On immigration reform. And he is a planning to do that in this article we come back from goes where Erica -- over it would your tell you what happened. It all of the best laid plans sometimes don't work out. He can't do that right now because of the situation at the border. Before he probably thought he could take a licking and keep on ticking with the -- however and now. If he did it -- while we're still in the crisis mode there might be more push bag and he would like witches in hit as the eagle almost anything. And so we come back we're going to ask you some various questions go over some more information about. At least 300 protests across the country Friday and Saturday against illegal immigration there also some things on the you on the burner. I'm gonna ask you a chance you think we have of any of these things. If may depress you but it may not it may inspire your souls who -- goes on news radio I'm thirty WB yet.

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