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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Matching Cars to Driving Teens - Lauren Fix

Matching Cars to Driving Teens - Lauren Fix

Jul 17, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Lauren fix the current coaches with us on the WB and live like we're talking about cars for teens. As the insurance industry is out with a list of affordable -- vehicles recommend -- for teen drivers -- nice to have you here. Well thank you are yap I know I know you -- talk about this on two fronts first volley it is the automotive. Up front in on the cars that are passed for teens and you've had teen drivers. Yes I do love my -- is not going to like I want but we've purchased Harper's -- that and we all talk about the I national it is our activity on national news tonight talking about that auto industry. What is really inside whereas let's get a -- Safety items without -- blind spot detection backed up here in the lane change departure because I replaced cars on the lot you can replace or can't. Actually you know what is it you'd didn't necessary. Look for an ugly car for the kids. Well -- -- -- I'd ever been this and then vote at my daughters was currently the -- air I bought a used one. And it was a good choice or because -- literally every including an application that the and -- -- going from the suburbs to downtown it was school and we want to make churches in the thick are actually -- an opera brighter. But when -- about everything your family got it as a kid going to short sabbatical in a locker get that. You know where are they going are they driving in the winter as we you have -- hurt yourself. And attribute not really the smartest choice for new driver and please no sports car. No convertible they're not first car -- car to beat it and they met at great teachers great crash test ratings and low insurance right. And they insurance institute says big slow and ugly. Well I don't know enough about ugly. There are some really great -- And -- ugly that can be cute and we're public -- that -- happy with that that I think are really great choices in addition it. I'm with the -- and a Mini Cooper and what I liked about it would meet my BMW it every every few feet. It is a very safe car and people there have been like them because -- good fuel economy that -- an -- when it -- to change. And that's well a lot of the list. For achievements and look for used pretty. It's a hybrid it until I am not a hybrid person I've never been there Everett. But it's your teen driver don't have a lot of money in negotiating and -- a lot of in downtown in the suburbs drive. You wanna consider something that's -- keep their ilk are now the last time they'll have a job and go to school just -- -- Okay what was your first car. My first Carlin was 76 Camaro with a V8 -- Wow this month I raced at Lancaster where we I don't cross there. And I realized it was what I bought -- mustang ever since then I've got nothing but not censoring the. Wow glad love to have grown up in your house without those cars -- we await you or your mother must have thought you were a wild woman. Hey how are sitting head. Do you know how many -- -- via. I'm a hug and that we owned over 200 vehicles and we've been very white aren't yours. That's the secrets are happy marriage against right. It is and it's funny because all of our like to thank our. And I didn't think he'd think for consumers when you look at -- -- it's been used car. Special that's a private or her or party is -- at least take into it ASE certified technician. And then put up -- I don't care what are cops are and if you Allard and -- Pick up the we'll look for flood it was -- look for things that are going to be clutch -- -- out dot com both within the you -- placards spend 68 Albert Allard and I edit that works and I'm opposite it is but obviously it's about money pit at that -- Yeah hey great talk Indian Lauren thanks. There's more and I want. OK and give up an address. Sure Lauren fix dot com and if you watch and learn more about what's going and the industry especially GM people follow -- app or pick out be. Tweeting live. Great that's Lauren fix the car coach joining us here on WB EN.

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