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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Hillary Windfall "Shocking" - Dr Bruce Bryski

Hillary Windfall "Shocking" - Dr Bruce Bryski

Jul 17, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Next on the WB analog line we welcome doctor Bruce escape. Professor of communications at SUNY buffalo state college is an alarmed by the way of the State University of New York at Buffalo. And the -- were talking to a doctor Bruce this morning is. Hillary Rodham Clinton's speaking fee. She was a distinguished speaker last year and now the State University of New York at Buffalo tells -- that they paid her 275000. Dollars. Bruce so what do you think of -- amount of money. Well -- I wasn't too long ago I remember that does the going rate was a hundred to a 125000. -- speakers. Of this caliber. Celebrities politicians. That sort of thing. To hear this price tag that they gave to Hillary was it was shocking to say the least of this. Distinguished speakers series has had controversy over the years in terms of the the types of people that they've asked to come and I understand it of these. Speaker to Colombia and the students get to select one speaker like at least that we used to be. Two things going on and I agree with what did you what an offset earlier that this is just another one of those. Thorn in the side of Hillary Clinton when she claims already to be making that kind of money regardless where the money's going weathered these charity here. Her private cars or whatever might be I think it's relatively outrageous. CS -- this has been highest speak. As speaker -- ever UP which you agree. I've never heard one who's in quite this -- ideally and again my my understanding is that back in the day in the and I don't know how. How long it -- -- that. Speaker he started going up like this but I'm thinking a 10025000. Was we knew what her husband Bill Clinton got. Not too long ago when he was that the university of buffalo. Do you have any idea. Bruce where does the money come from the pay of these speakers because they can't possibly be from ticket sales that would raise a ton of money. There's no way what what I'm interest and is being -- a lot there constantly asking poor. Ramadi. Is that they really need my money if they're willing to give this kind of money -- Hillary Clinton I find it outrageous and I need to find out. Where the money's coming from -- saying. It's not from taxpayer money your student tuition fees which could really upset me. As somebody who worked for. The State University of New York so it it's. With even more problem though John is that it took the Freedom of Information Act to find out. You know how much he was getting I think the president of the university needs to address this. Imagine though what she could make a command as a speaking fee if she. Becomes a presidential candidate. Absolutely now I -- now again. She I don't think -- he's never gonna do anything like this again I think that this was something that they. They -- the people under wraps and it just totally goes against it contradicts everything that she said over the last couple. -- what do you suppose the university was so reluctant to release his numbers. Because he'd be talking about it on WB he had. I mean this is an -- when people hear this in the starting to hear today and they're talking about it around the water coolers and in the offices. This is outrageous. The state university is strapped for money right now. And well I don't care what -- where the money comes from this this just looks like their priorities are totally out of whack. Bruce good to chat with the -- thanks again. Take -- -- that's doctor Bruce risking a professor of communications at SUNY buffalo state college.

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