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7-16 Michael Caputo Hour 4

Jul 16, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

That it won't. Although -- -- And were back here on the Tom early show news radio at 930. WP yen. This is -- -- do in fort TomTom will return next week I'm in for two on Friday. We've talked politics here and I've got a full -- bode calls here -- -- -- all in the long time. Trying to get right to it David -- -- what I had to hold over are you get the prize for -- monologue is Symbian the most frustrating. Probably the dumbest move. It what you brought up what -- -- the world turning into and I I know I've been -- for awhile and you got a -- banks are trying to make this quick service I really want just connect the couple that. I -- expression in the deck and they're getting better. In Egypt we had to get rid of Mubarak. Everybody the Muslim Brotherhood was gonna take over and they did and their own people throw him out but they still took over in the interim right. In Libya. In -- it was -- and under a rock. After we get rid of Saddam Hussein he gave up what little nuclear stuffy head to W. But we get to kill him off because. When you got a strong like that the Muslim Brotherhood can't take over the country. In this area that well aside I would pronounces slightly different but you know an -- right. And Obama's -- Give weapons that he people -- call -- -- those people were okay. Turned out to be racist when they turned around and came across the Iraqi border. And now there's so testing that. They're not been invited to al-Qaeda is Christmas party. Which is a heck of an affair with. Just look just connect now why has Obama. Supported it happens every time. The Muslim Brotherhood that county but as they say in Asia. The palisades. And it's easy I mean how many Christians. Changed their -- so -- court saying Obama. Well I mean I. I really don't care what religion and -- Even Saddam Hussein did a -- first communion. I saw a guy named Barry -- support or whatever. Says I -- be named Barack Hussein Obama and then -- to be our president -- does everything he can't think of the Muslim Brotherhood. Take over every country but I believe what you just said about Egypt and and the Palestinians. He really want ceasefire there. Because inside -- I believe Obama's side Hamas. Is gonna get the uptick and he knows it because they make it PDs. He's seen bottle rockets and they're if they have a bathtub. So we know Egypt to wipe them out so the only thing we do every time. Is say moderate moderate your attack don't kill the Palestinians even noticed what needs to be done. The cease fire never -- the problem you have to have all out. -- the end of the war by defeat. Every other one just testers for ever. I don't disagree with. I I'm not gonna knock the guys religion or say it is -- driving his. -- I know the guys Christian that. I'm not not get it. I'm saying he's not a Christian bodies lying about it. Well I mean I think it makes good points but that -- gonna move along -- -- they -- -- thanks -- Kathy in buffalo thanks for -- really appreciate it. Happy are you there. I didn't get -- -- -- -- -- Kathy you called on you a abuses. Okay eight I didn't realize there's cap wept I do. Good -- you don't. I call because they hired David parking lot for and I topped 2000. -- people I mean literally thousands of people and they are Democrat and Republican. And they all sound like David they don't believe any of their politicians anymore. There watching television they don't understand why Washington is doing what it's doing. And it is that there are there's not a good party in a bad party anymore and it doesn't matter which -- he started out -- And this is very very dangerous. For us as Americans. That we can't trust anybody. -- -- -- it let me ask you this having your your -- stuff. Do you think this is the beginning of the third party movement that some what more competitive than any third parties the past. You know it -- the problem is that you look at you know when rock girl -- and he was a very strong third party presidential candidate. And for the first time we we had a president that was not elected by even after the people. And as I I I don't agree with that either look what happened govern Canada they had people that win with 20% of the vote because they have five party right. And I I don't I don't think that's the answer but I think what happens is that you don't have. Contrasting. And that the parties are bringing up. Candidate so that based on the same and they sound similar and people get critic. In the voting for them. And I instead of finding people that that have a strong values and and just let it let it go let it -- A campaign by. Let it be of a campaign of great contract and yet we don't do. Right you know -- I was contacted. And I was contacted. Earlier in the years recently signed. He. A major CEO at the billionaire self. Wanted to run for president he'd actually worked with a in the past. And I myself and a couple of other advisors told him absolutely don't forget about it don't do. Yes why not -- -- because the Republican -- Democrat parties will not allow you to do. It easier conservative Republican I said the party not to let you know it's not gonna. If you haven't climbed the ladder if you haven't checked all the boxes and grease -- kids. You're not gonna make it it you know heat when he -- with a back human nineties. It's much worse since then. Much worse and at this island ties -- that would be an incredible president you know for his own sake for -- we -- we talked about. Like I can tell you that. It it's nearly impossible. On the ballot without it party back. And and to win a primary without party back -- Because all of the committee met our our heart that she can make they all go and they get the signature -- they'd do everything that party you. And -- You know I I try to help people that that not that I would be on the ballot is absolutely I would have bet a million dollars again. It's it should never have -- and DCE. Districts are so gerrymandered. And if that party. The party thought that it was winnable there would be one candidate Egypt talked about. When that had come up in the ranks -- and never read -- bad don't find greater. Prior to running for congress. About that. And and -- not. Most of the party regulars are not supporting me. And I'm just you know I am. I'm doing I'm I'm out at every event -- -- mail at right now and I'm gonna be doing a great -- weekend and probably an event this weekend. But -- and so does what I lack in money because I don't have -- party money. I tell people I would rather have a hundred people that -- ten box. Then one person sent me a thousand. Because we're so disconnected. From our government were so disconnected from participating. In any thing. That people don't even feel. That what happened in Washington matters but everything -- -- in Washington a -- Well captain let me ask you once or questions ago. I have seen you weigh in on this. -- -- I'm I'm I'm curious what you think which -- one on things happen right practices and resounding across your district. Why I can tell you that one of the first people you know person that I did reach out to was Robert or. And he's a great guy. He has -- -- that -- he's a vet vet. XPS we would be very lucky to have him. In -- and I eight absolutely never reached out and made here. You can I didn't hear good things about I heard horrible things about. And what would not be someone that I would even want to sit down. Well the one thing that Nancy Ayers did and and we can all be thankful for -- is. In the Niagara county organizations in the organization with in his district he always kept a very deep bench. There are a lot of young people involved beleaguered economies it's an aging area. But rob -- isn't the only young person who who is interested in in public service there. And I think that's in you may have heard some bad things about senator -- hear -- but the reason -- why rob -- is there is because the organization. Back about. Well I I I can tell you that I think absolute power corrupts absolutely. I I I I I absolutely believe in term limit everywhere. And and you know what you can glean from holding office and and truly serving the public. While that if there's that term limit and you can go out into the by the actor and use all of that experience and do great things. Having people hold off this and that all they ever do you know even even even you know. And be even bright -- twenty year. And you know. By your your by your year tenure here you know. There's no public sector experience. And actually just being attacked parent having to live in this society you helped create. And I we need to do and and we need to do it everywhere -- kind of like if I'm elected. There I absolutely all of our constitutional amendment on term limit. I which will be coming up and the next congress and we have to do that it will go very long way in solving some of the crop -- Because incumbents rarely have to go and and live in the private sector. For any kind of work. Unless they cute cute because they get reelected. And so I I -- what. You know. What what what made you arrogant I didn't hear good things about him I really did I entered anyway OK many Dudek. Thanks up all of them are really appreciated thanks but people -- -- everywhere. And I know answered in the corridor she. -- -- You know it's interesting. I've heard one after the other people are saying bad things about sending armies there's I've few people. On my second camp think. That -- -- and absence of Gates's. Word -- was hopeful. But right now we're gonna go to traffic with -- are asking and here's your AccuWeather forecast showers. -- in the otherwise -- the clear cold night. Lower 51 well in -- to 55 degrees downtown partly sunny and nice tomorrow showers spots during the afternoon so -- year. High 73. Patchy clouds tomorrow night below 52 in -- 57 downtown. And Friday sunny to partly cloudy pleasant high of 79. Welcome back with -- early show here administrative 930 WB and this is Michael Wood in for Tom was off today well deserved vacation. Alitalia. This has been an eventful day. Problem event a couple of days I didn't expect that speaker -- on the phone which makes a very good points. We've got some real issues I mean we have real no real leaders. I I said this earlier today I said this and -- yesterday. -- Nesbitt corporate. The county legislature I I just don't see I don't see him maybe. We need more veterans. Maybe we need. Or heroes I don't know but we just don't have the people we need in place here in New York State. To do what it takes. To make the changes we need to save. Out of control property taxes. To make this -- more business friendly environment to stop the corruption and cronyism in Albany. We just don't have people place I can't think one can -- -- That's -- -- reference and now you expand that out to the national level. I can't tell you one. Person that sticks out for me. As someone highly capable of being the president of of winning election to the presidency of the state and here we are entertain the idea. A Mitt Romney you know. I don't have anything yet Mitt Romney -- he's a great guy. How its arms experts and start a sentence like that you know I don't have anything bought. Well I'd vote for and I he would have made a great president that. -- -- Richard Nixon he's not gonna come back from. An ignominious defeat. To search in two an election victory I just don't see it in him and he's not surrounded by the people can pull off. Not at all. But this is 8030930. Here on news radio 930 WB and 80 threes here at 930. Start 930 on yourself on -- call the last half hour we'll talk some politics will be right back after paying the bills. -- And we're back out. On top early show. Here on -- -- 930 -- again. 633. Here in the WEB excuse me WB yen studios my name is Michael put him in fort Tom Bauerle. Who is out on -- vacation. Probably not they do let these guys out to actually enjoy -- -- thousands themselves and making them sleeve over this hot microphone all day. And so you got me here till Friday Ayatollah back on Monday. Amber you're kind of stuck with me of the we've been talking all day today about local politics -- George means yards. Sudden retirement from the senate. And what's happening with the senate because of that what's happening in his district who's run for. Have a lot of calls here at 8030930. Star 930 earned yourself or. I -- call to talk to us about what's your feeling on these local issues are you convinced that we need to have term limits. Certainly seems so in the Erie county legislature where the Republican controlled majority. Is pushing for a term limits bill. They say inspired by what's going on with senator made easier ours. I'm my guess is even think about it for quite some time there are -- term commences. Something that most Republicans when -- decide to run for office. I stand up and accounted for. According to assess a legislator Hardwicke. I think this he says this in the me about the new -- at -- would be. Providing for new blood this term moments some -- Kroger is good the thing is you don't wanna -- only one term or two terms. He's wants some experience it does take some time to learn how things get done in this does not preclude someone's serving top five terms of taking a couple of years off. And then coming back -- him and getting reelected. Its ten consecutive years that they're proposing. As a term limit for the current legislature that would actually count out a couple of people were certainly right now. Guys. I think like Jon Mills. I believe. He might be the second longest tenured. Member. That there were Betty Jean grant Tom offer their worst. Are all three of them my guess would not be. In the legislature today if the east a Republican. Majority. A term -- a proposal passes. And looks like they're going to be voting on -- as early as next week how second helpless here -- Karen do you think that there are some people that are sitting too long. In Americana legislature where -- 8030930. Start 930 on your cellphone. -- so -- after I had two breaks up and up real quick. You know they just announced some sanctions. From further sanctions Russia. -- the president just said -- just announced from the White House there sanctioning more companies more people. -- more industries and Russia because they believe eight. That Russia has not retreated from from Crimea and beat the continued to destabilize. Eastern Ukraine. Both of which are true. The continued to destabilize. Eastern Ukraine and the nation's top. And they continue to occupy Crimea and ultimately but I just want to mention this before we take some cars. We'll get to the phones in just the minute I'm getting emails as I'm sitting here talking to you I mean I -- a lot in Russia have. Business colleagues and friends -- for the literature we actually -- -- -- I spent the better part of the decade living in Moscow. And I'm getting not just one but three -- three different people among my friends who have decided due to these sanctions that they are out of there. They're gonna leave Russia. As they actually believe the sanctions are gonna get worse the gluten is not gonna back down. And that wooten may do something in one of these girls as those industries is it's close in the border if not for physical. -- leaving. You know for -- being able to physically leave citizens the physically like they were unable to. For more than seven years and the Soviet Union but also for capital. To leave the country. Com popular very worried about a difference who were now asking me. How bacon. Begin the immigration denies it of course my advice to them was to move to Mexico and just walk. RJ in Niagara thanks from Oman. -- like Jay thanks called it. Thank you well my arm. Abacha -- the -- I really -- objects I'm a little bit of a political junkie so I lecture -- -- that you bring a lot of shows. And I appreciate I'm just learn this stuff it's hard to. Were but I don't know the politics are doubts about. That -- -- I -- as. I noted that there are so he's gonna go ahead and take this eight hours. A your endorsement by the nature and errors by any so what is our thinking that it due to. People say it's all been -- for the and a and a in -- not on owner ball and I don't shoot guns by I'm against a act you know I had a conservative you'd burn out. Senior political treaty don't think gets a little. During and I think it would like a little bit of talent and can see that. Well. You're -- cynical. They're -- It's. Not that ought to be quite frank I really only op. Happy with the legal representation that we are. An ominous. Right now where I wasn't really -- about eight yards. And -- Republican bigger picture out. But I would not be able but he did it will be looking to win a game yeah I want commitment orbit but. But truly get stomped on for first constituents like real solid. Brick and -- I haven't yet so common at all or out as someone who is he just couldn't follow in his without. And I would it would not found out -- -- -- -- and do something noble. And I'd have been. Well I'll tell you are first of all. The poll numbers in -- easier -- district. Show are strong our opposition to -- Of the safe act has become a litmus test for Republican candidates in the last couple years. The first question out of many people's Mel's is gritty stared at the tape back so I think in some ways. And that -- my. Point that I'm trying to get a game that it that's a no brainer so much. About one of the -- I'm saying. Yeah you're gonna get an epic question on the -- Club -- was something a little stronger little different -- -- and Robert -- -- and people. But that's not the battleground he's talking about I think they've got trying to get him on this week on in for. That's not really the battleground he's talking about he's really you know he's been four plus years. In the reality and in north on one day and he has spoken in the past to -- in an interview -- know he's absolutely. Upset about the unfunded mandates that come from Albany mr. Pino with those -- but it's basically. Ordered. -- -- you know these are orders from Albany that the locality must spend money on this and they don't give the money to spend. Right a lot of. It's. Federal mandates that they're passing but. He's he's committed in the inner a couple of different interviews that that's going to be its highest priority. Unfunded mandates and giving the localities have tax relief that they need in order to give tax relief to local taxpayers. I can get behind that. In -- if you remember. -- The governor. I promised. Mandate relief. If he never never never even organized -- blue ribbon panel to recommend it mandates that he could cut. And became what came back from their sessions and they gave him our gold. Are played -- report and he absolutely ignored it. So I am with the month. I think he mentions the safe act as listen check this box let's talk about something else because it. Isn't. You know I don't know. You know. I don't know I'll take this. This Tito's got some name ID there. Our ports got name identification of very important pocket of the district which is that I want -- and end. I believe the the organization the Republican organization are counting in the rest of the district. Will be very helpful or. The we have a Democrat party there that hasn't won along parts of the district. Are they haven't coordinated between -- -- injury while infighting -- in the past so Christina is gonna have to inspire a whole new brand. Of Democrat campaigning. And maybe he can't you know I've I don't know one I've not spoken to -- -- you see him on TV's good looking guy you can see by what he did. With. -- sacked by being the lead attorney on the the attorney with the group who forced him now. That he's he's -- bright. Are the question is whether or not the party organization. -- can line up and help him win. We can't rule out G Arnold I mean she's fighting an uphill battle she's young lady young mom very bright very bright. And and and and nobody is get out worker. But here Rico. -- units a year urinating into the went. And -- if I mean -- at the same time you know David. -- DiPietro he ran against the machine to different types two different times and and and and and made a lot of people upset he ran against some very rare against them some people that they were well liked by the by the party regulars. But here is sitting in the assembly. Safe is as the day is long and working hand in hand with the same party that he fought against so. You know there are ways for these people like Chia and -- like -- or buy that for that matter to graduate to the level. Where they can't be elected him Kim and Justine a sneak in this time I don't know I'm not gonna count him out if there's more Democrats registered in the district. Then in. That Republicans. But it's up to the organization. Like it listen Jay thanks for call that we're gonna go away right now and pay some bills will be right back here on news radio 930 WP you know. And we're back here at 6:48 PM here on news radio 930 WB yen. Mrs. Michael -- for Tom -- earlier Wednesday evening. -- for him Thursday and -- as well -- off on a well deserved vacation. Andy has unfortunately let Joseph beamer and John Sherman here. Who are apparently not allowed to take vacations. Part of these lately reports here at WP. But. Listen we've got a pretty good day a lot of questions lot of calls. Talk a lot about. George -- the arts. And I know from social media that I -- taken a look at -- migrate to screen XE three screens from here in this. Fancy pants studio. That I have taken a bit of a beating. For not being conservative. For apparently for being part of the problem. It is -- knock this year and Ron George mean easier up and down on the flag pole because some accusations. That he is just. Just doesn't feel like dealing with an elected official. I've not seen -- didn't do anything wrong I don't know I don't work office. I know the guy Smart enough not to do anything -- I know the guys honest enough. Two to avoid Tuesday. I don't know staff people who have. Now there's three year war. But I'm I'm sorry I'm -- and actually the start that again I'm not sore. I'm not sorry at all. You know I'm I get rather tired of some of the folks are appear brand new this whole thing. Brand new folks -- for example. Our scream that they're with the Tea Party when in fact they're not mean the people -- -- -- work productively. And tried very hard to meet. Productive change we've got a small wing of that group wrapped their heads in 1040 and talk about things like 9/11 being an inside job. You know and things like. Whoa. You know conspiracies. That are trying to do -- cleaned them from politics it's all a a bunch of who and -- that tin foil hat look silly different. Now you may have a bone to pick -- users I know for example -- Thompson a leader of the Tea Party has some very legitimate complaints -- Gerson. The two of them have some bones bones to pick between them. And they fought together for quite some time. Rush has made his case very plain on the radio in print on his web sites and you know -- in -- -- -- -- defender. Through and through its hard not to read that too and not take parts. -- Carl Paladino who has. Are a lot to say about me -- Our by the way are one thing that people haven't really been talk. Since the weekend announcement means there's retiring. Is what's going to happen with cancer -- may not know this because you're not politics on him. But. The Conservative Party each year has. It's -- eerie -- can. Has been at war fighting tooth and nail with George -- earth its forces in the -- They have been swing came acres -- to hate makers hateful mail back and forth right in the face of I know the senator I like the guy. At the regal family they're dear friends. You know and I stand back and I watched these of these groups. Fight it out I mean of the Rico say that me enemies are started meters readers it's all over Europe. A senator Resop it's a -- awful from ever heard a thank you for that word for. But. I have the you know we haven't really heard what's gonna happen with that I mean there's been a power struggle -- -- party. Tween the news of the admit Niagara and Erie county sides and that's gonna move in some direction or another -- -- it's it's really been a standoff it's been. Completely at a standstill between the two groups because I I I get the -- and they were kind of circling each other menacing. I mean the senator's allies including Georgia Robert is also good for an. Were and were little. Given the stink right to operate on Carol Paladino and there are. Now with a senator on what happens with that. Is it over and productive Conservative Party building began again. That's something out of this -- talked about. Natalia that the idea. Of people. Saying that I'm part of the problem that's -- knock him. -- I'm not even gonna. Say I'm not I mean I'm not a part of your solution. Not even close. I'm not gonna see it here and and and and buying your conspiracy theories. I'm also not -- sit here -- let you talk about how I'm not conservative enough I go back to Ronald Reagan. Ronald Reagan. And most do you folks rescind their wringing their hands over my commentary the doesn't condemn. The senator enough you go back to late Tuesday. Tuesday. So that's strap on your -- your tin foil hat -- and strap at all. And and sit there and point your fingers and wag your crooked fingers at me all you want. But the fact of the matter is. Senator -- you are served his community. For twenty years and brought home the bacon for a long long time you may not like the way he did it the best part because you are on the other side. If you don't like that that's the you know what people across the party lines all the legislators. India and -- in an Albany saved some of the new ones. Have been working with these these. These blurred lions in the and and ethics in and campaign finance and -- have been you know running their campaign accounts is personal accounts for years and years is the problem is not with George meets or who probably you'll find -- follow the law. It's a fact the laws or -- -- and nobody in Albany will do anything about it. You know. I can't believe that that bit that people point to me is -- is as if as if something unusual. And -- you've got pat Galvin who stands accused of some minor art campaign. Expenditures. In comparison. The guys -- cherokees and -- he's a law and order guy. He's he is about is straight and narrow as I've ever met serve you think pat -- out there with the intention of taken sixty whatever it was. Tens of thousands across several different years -- it is it is. Like expenses. I've got nothing for you and epic and the American he's not and I'll betcha -- pat Galvin is in. Go through his people were authorised books improved their the authorities and every one of those expenses -- just fine and I bet yeah. -- George may or may do the same thing but luckily for him he's gonna do it outside of the public -- please -- people are on for giving. But we'll talk about more of that more tomorrow here on Tom hourly news radio at 930. WP year and tonight buffalo.

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