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7-16 Michael Caputo Hour 2

Jul 16, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And. Yes they broke the law but it's not a felony. It's kind of a it's it's it's so it's a it's an act of love it's an active commitment to your family. CP it's Tom hourly and it's -- it's local park. Being. Third yeah he had. Not being injured Tom hourly -- facts. On news radio 930 hey everybody happy and -- fire season showed up. Okay yeah. OK okay better double move. -- -- -- -- -- -- And now are -- hand grenade from an incident American -- -- -- name and I can given lessons and basically my Brad. -- the I'm developing give them just like me -- you can come back he's got -- got the craze fat -- our name to dig in Omar is I'm. Slight tightening them up but we bring welcome. Back. Here on the Tom Farley show news radio 930 WP and Tom is off today well deserved vacation. This is Michael Goodwin for Tom for today tomorrow and Friday. I'm sorry to disappoint shipment but I'll try to keep it retained. We're sitting here talking about what's wrong with New York State politics who pops up on the team -- Fox -- screen Al D'Amato Republican New York former senator from New York. I'm sure it's just the way incidents. Yeah that's it's a tough time right now in New York State politics watch in the legislators drop like fly place. Like fly case not just the ones who were retiring. A little earlier than they'd planned because. There under their basic scrutiny but also others who were flat out commit crimes. And getting caught. We're talking not just about elected officials but party chairman down in shocker the New York City. Republican county chairman down error all tied up in this. Paper plate and operation where they are trying to where. Bowyer tried to elected Democrats as mayor of New York City. With the backing the Republican Party it just gets deeper and deeper every day folks. He -- out into it. One -- her ankles Wendy it should means one -- your hips in the -- its neck and he can't get out. That's rival back to buffalo I was in politics for thirty years or work in Washington worked -- -- the United States and worked down in Central America. Nicaragua Honduras. El Salvador during the eighties when she took them there. Worked in Russia and the bear for non decade were to Ukraine. Came back to buffalo tired of politics want to get out of it and boy oh boy to look at me now what year. Didn't quite do it tried to get out but. You pulled back the PU we are talking politics. George -- easier ours resigns in a surprise actually you know what last week. If you were part of this whole grapevine of people who are majoring in nattering about politics or the guy him. And you need to. But you started hearing words of this last week when he had to appease. Senior aides resigned abruptly people would have been with over thirty years collectively. And they want to resign them as we found out later lawyer up. There at the law enforcement officials are looking into. What they consider him in appropriate campaigns and across space several years. And they lawyer up so. Their look at the staff it appears as much look anything else for a but we've got a real issue here in the state with with corruption. You talked to any of the new candidates out there. I Angelos it comes to mind. Out of Cheektowaga who's running for new York state assembly for the seat that was vacated by the the former assemblyman. Mr. gap is activist -- respecting the -- a little bit about him in the last six months. I'll tell you. Which lays out of central casting directors article on politics and -- about it right. A writer. Nicole and that he. In practical said that if you look at Florida concern to mom. You called central casting. She'd probably show up -- that -- she is not what you think to be. Run of the mill politician. She's young she's got a lot of enthusiasm she's working hard trying to be elected to be -- a member of the Conservative Party. But you know our fresh face on the horizon I'm I don't know I mean rob port was elected to. Premiere ship at me morality of north on Wanda. After serving in an appointed position I believe his clerk treasurer. AM there are so I mean he may be a veteran NB -- may have held that office and offer my -- for years. But he's as fresh as a case you're gonna get in that state senate race. And also the guys got stories coming out of Afghanistan and -- as far as I'm concerned any veteran. Can her my support that it had stars. But you -- so we've got a few fresh faces in the -- around here but let me ask you something. I would people tell me look we need -- term we can't have him in. Offers for so long we can't keep them in their -- 20s30 years because they get the hole and the lobbyists. And they get to. You know were going to be caught up in their own personal agenda and the people and news of legitimate representative. I don't know I mean. I'm not sure what you think but I'll tell you what I know somebody who does know and that's -- -- kind. Who's a writer reporter. With. Capital. New York -- -- you're on the air. Or -- good -- listen a lot going on over here with me easier it's I read your story and it was late yesterday. And it's stirring things up and Albany. Well yeah -- a little bit and wondering if there's another shoot that going to drop except it was going to companies are what led to senator took to pretty quickly decline that nomination to walk away. I'm you know the people I talk to including conclude and talking to him say that they'll legitimately for five years and actually. But -- with the anniversary of that senate -- Went on the eight yards and Tom Golisano. And kind of broker that alliance between -- a Republican and most true Democrat -- -- rather than a remote truck. Try and put the chamber away from the Democrats. About Putin and people with the nature and talking about retirement. Just turn it -- old then there are people that she sort of decided to walk away. And the don't you explain to me it was this is currently Specter of a federal investigations. We've we've heard it. Look the senator's former staffers have been -- that by federal prosecutors. To provide who record locally to you can actually and -- We had back and -- by lawyers formally which that you probably you know. But not enough. Well I need this for a walk -- Right right well I'll tell you you you look at federal prosecution. Great example what happened to. Joseph Bruno mean. A lot of times they're out there efficient there their work in their back sides ought to make it stick and even when it doesn't stick they elected again and trying to stick it again. On Joseph Bruno. Well not necessarily no good at the same time there is in it's it's the worst kept secret -- -- need to you know you can be -- -- -- -- -- can't control and on -- -- so that probably allowed you know you could buy a culture and pay -- actually should get to our whole program like Joseph Bruno period. And -- steak dinners out and the dolphins were like -- climbed the most. I'm going to theoretically OK it's -- you can -- -- -- by the -- the beaten once by our political law. Everybody knows but nobody is watching the truth -- though and -- -- important election is not and vigorous enforcer champion trying to -- -- so. You know it's entirely possible that you extracurricular sort of epic and the wind at our door opens a trade group that. Suddenly people are decide to not okay -- make clinic. But these are blurred lines -- day in New York State law the ethics laws that we have the guidelines that they follow. Our. I mean they're there they're just blurt. Yeah you can make America. And people do people say that just generally they they talk about the problem of money in politics because look -- it that -- -- -- Kate and Eric Goodell. Unfortunate that this builders -- career. You know cold hard cash green -- while more price and you know my approval or are you sure about this poetry which -- one from -- 109 -- -- thousand dollars except. You know it did so in the open it. What political legal and art or traditions or put -- from the law and it up to prosecutors determine what the legal not legal. But the student prospective. Articulate -- Well not the right. If he's question sort of caught up -- in the open and -- And you know there are big differences which he and therapists and the great romantic despair over the district. Right now what do we know. Are the Republicans going to lose control the senate the -- it seems like a fait accompli it's gonna happen. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Interest in the actual trend that we're getting. For our workers more quote don't stay knows what was in the street democratic rules. In that the levers of power there are controlled their -- will look so good by Democrats -- so. -- become harder harder that you can really keep itself or -- Very -- election cycle. -- -- -- -- Cuomo York city -- -- applause you know it was party political union labor groups that are kind of allied with the W -- All say that they're trying to get it democratic women they're really committed to flipping the chamber. What we -- not. And put that I think I'd them go to -- -- Paper of them go to the Republicans took so far raised more money than the Democrats. Five million in the -- -- Qatar could go one million. It will typical course where the money should go out and actually taste good. Traditional Republican with -- more money but also traditionally in an off election year you know the president does not running. Are traditionally Republican years in New York City. And street to state senators -- -- possibly weeks collected extremely extremely thin margin. Those are so good about their treatment for that to succeed and you can catch it goes will Schenectady trying to use just the -- -- -- -- -- -- against them. There sure that the creator capital -- -- -- -- them in these people agree that Martin -- which you can compare put solitude achievable. Down oil and so therefore open three. That there were hotly contested election and sorry including two open -- and you know it's unclear what -- he's going to be able to hold on to all of those. All those elections -- started to struggle then and certainly be abrupt departure so there be euros put. It's got it back on the capitol it that would depend two weeks ago or one week ago or even you know it's. -- -- -- Right right right no question you know. You hear everybody's doing it's everybody's. Abusing -- campaign funds everybody's. Patting their Purdue Ian. Everybody there's they're all these Fuzzy areas where these guys make a little bit extra money but you look at for example. Those kinds of ethical guidelines. And then -- talk to somebody. On Fillmore buffalo and you -- -- -- given that given the lowdown how these guys operate. They're gonna say it's ridiculous. And yet nobody in Albany. Can change nobody even tries to meet Cuomo promised to we put together Moreland commissioned an abandoned it when it looked like it might get some. William and that's the thing so all of our worst kept secret but what we -- -- you know generally kind of corruption that people -- took a moment when people think that they're corrupt -- so. You know I don't know to what extent that's -- play -- in the -- -- center their church -- more irony of this it's like. Well let me ask you this now have a very interesting IC. Our our senator scouts. All three is his lieutenants are -- Greg ball gone. We've guard live it's likely -- we got our -- easier is in early retirement and expect to return. What's gonna happen with this and if even if they do maintain majority who is gonna send. Well this certainly out there somewhere action Republican who really are on our -- would the -- gore -- Republican on the crew -- who really need this -- -- -- An -- Cuomo's got that reliable. If we complied hopefully not engaged and this is the thinking and -- is -- -- that -- that there are -- -- -- sex -- built into the quarters but the -- that the majority -- Republicans voted against -- A practical control law which was allowed to the what their -- strokes despite the fact that a majority of Republican. In the senate voted against. And so there are people really -- that this sort of have a -- -- not gotten anywhere in pure in the that you consider this sort of that Richard. Mean that the parties that don't hold power. Introductory nutrient for help with their. You know power privilege and -- spoke of people who are involved -- So. I think with the -- he goes supporters score and there -- plenty of movement to put their new leader cautioned it's going to be what I actually pay the current GOP conference. Don't look at food yet your low risk for a clear on. Center for her to introduction. In in the senate Republicans so. Don't quite know how it's all going to play out and I think that was critical -- -- country election we can shouldn't change. Well you've written a lot about our people are. He's US attorney rate. And and what he's taken from the Moreland commission do you expect to see more of these shoes drop we mean. Kind of around here and hold our breath here at Western New York. Wait for your shoe to drop mean it's just -- a lot of issues and it looked like a caterpillar with a lot of shoes on here what's gonna happen. You know that it's sort of the million dollar question. And I don't I don't particularly you know we we know from the moment -- -- -- December that they were looking at this campaign spending. They're looking at specifically some lawmakers who had a personal vehicles but we're getting mileage expenses but also. Sitting feet four by their campaigns. So we haven't been any formal market direction in my book that aspect of the moral files in the -- I -- Also heard there was a report Nadal and optical should be they don't know what took the commission was looking out that there were few other teachers. Under our children for example was under the microscope some of his chin and spending. Economic instead that it's really up and for years and years and years so what the critics aren't things up there we don't expect with children. Which took a prosecutor Mark -- draw or. The other -- disclose their filings with the typical people the dormitory or equipment that your connection write code that legal or illegal. But -- -- the paper and thirty days would you. But he can't tell -- what it took forever to just say whatever. That's on the team goes right. Well listen ladies and gentlemen. -- -- -- -- -- a state we'd we'd like Jimmy feel kind Jimmie thanks for call them we really appreciate you reveal kind from. Capital New York. -- -- we'll be right back here on Tom barrel early show news radio. 930 WB. Adam. Ladies and gentlemen welcome back of the Tom Farley show era in his radio at 930 WBN. This is Michael Goodwin with Tom Tom is off on a well deserved vacation. You've heard -- say it before I'll say it again these people here WB -- -- -- cars. They absolutely do -- do -- I don't understand work and buttons that I've never even seen before in the control Booth. United they via the idea excuse me dynamic duo I actually have not been drinking four game which even though it does sound like us. -- can't seem to. To work my mouth I can't appease my tong something's happening here I'm just not in the -- and that's gonna -- -- and a broadcasting one. We're talking to be about. George -- ours what happened with him a wide lead so suddenly what's going to happen to him what is going to happen with that seek what's going to happen. With the New York State Legislature the senate in particular second flip to Democrats. -- -- kind from capitol New York one of the best reporters in Albany says it is not a 100% certain. That. The legislature the senate will flip to the. The Republicans -- notes one thing that comes to mind that is this is an off election year which tends to be. A Republican year when makes it off election years it's it's the year win -- president is not running. It's. Even year and he his argument elected two years prior. During those elections the incumbent president whether Republican or Democrat the party opposite and usually make some gains we expect some. Republican gains here this year in congress especially in the United States and that we expect to take over the United States senate since. -- President Obama is the lowest. Rated president since World War II. Are we I think most Republicans believe would do well -- Christie's campaign. I think maintain ouster easily. It's interesting to see that Democrats squirm and try and throughout things like these are these the curve balls like that. The war on women which -- streak doesn't exist never dated. The calling every criticism the president racism which -- stake of course that it is actually true. Com and you know basically trying to. Lady out there have premise that. Bit Sarah Palin in a Rush Limbaugh. Ted crews are the leaders of the Republican Party impact they're not on the leader board strong factions of the party. But there are no more leaders of the party is left wing Bernie Sanders -- the Democrats are leading. What's going on in Washington the Democrat party we see Elizabeth Warren I don't know if you've ever seen this Elizabeth Warren character. Idea red. David Soviets faced with a gorgeous yeah yesterday. Where ER. Actually wrote a prayer as FaceBook. Imploring the heavenly father to please incurred Elizabeth Warren to run for president. Because she's so far out there she is off the edge of the she's so far left she's almost eight. And of course the liberals leftists the progressives elect columns. Are all kind of rallying around war and since we don't know what -- Hillary's duke beat the liberals really like all that much. And now that. President Obama has disappointed ever one to the point of absolute. And complete. Failure. Now they're looking for here with a look at Elizabeth Warren what an awful awful Kennedy and I repeated. David abilities prayer on -- Twitter feed I really think that if they run Elizabeth Warren were the Republicans take the white house of the senate will have. The house as well this could turn out to be enough and in time to save the nation from the Venetian. This car Obama's -- for. War. And I'm I disagree with his stance Obama accurate think his energy policy is hilarious. As foreign policy is embarrassing in fact people dying because president is not -- Not even close. So the question we have today there was not really on the national want to really pretty much on the on the state and local what do you think it ought not really. A person who cries out about the old polls the people who. Who have been -- some people think too long -- -- ours Brothers I think me easier the longer he was there. The more he brought back to his constituents more he was able to do for -- a lot of things happened there because of his leadership you'll hear his critics. Out there who say that in fact he's blocked some important. Measures from happening Carl Paladino accuses. Us enemies here is for laying down on the job and -- The power authority and reaching grab. About it I think it's half a billion dollars worth of power credits that western new York at a loss because. Balancing the budget in Albany. So I mean it's 8030930. Here on news review the 8030 mining thirties start 930 on your cell -- what do you think I'm I'm. I've got -- lost on this frankly because as someone who's worked in politics for thirty years. I've worked for some greatness of amazing. Long term people who have been in the office for -- long. I worked for Jack Kemp. When he ran for president he had been in congress already. More than ten years and was -- could've stayed for another 220. I thought it was one of the best most thoughtful most encouraging. A political personas I'd ever met. And if we had. Some of the term limits that some people have. Proposed in three terms for terms -- -- -- out of congress are -- even met. But NEC some of these people out there. Who were fresh faces and we we talked earlier out. And it was the act rob ports G Arnold people out there who we've known we don't know all that well. And how much more they can do with if they're elected office. What do you think it'll 30930. Star 930 or so. I'll tell you what one thing that released I've I've. I can. I've lived in Russia and I first moved there in nineteen -- I think. My job or for the Yeltsin administration for the Kremlin ways to sign up young people two vote. In the coming elections. On were talking particular about the 1995. Parliamentary elections in the 1996. Presidential. Election the problem they have in Russia with that 85%. I'm sorry mister that. Room. 85%. Of young people -- age eighteen to 25. Count themselves as reformers or small the Democrats in the intend to vote against the -- party for any the stand. However only 15% were planning to vote because they really didn't think their vote count. And then you look at the pensioners the retirees 65 plus you'll people. 85% of them were going to vote for the Communist Party because they -- the Communist -- come back. And in fortunately for young people 85% of their grandmother and grandfather were going to go out and vote. So it was my job to go -- or around the country and talk to young people at universities such. To convince them that they needed to vote in the drag people out to vote their friends and you get more people of the polls. You meanwhile your -- you may want your -- bigger Bob Yoshko as they call them. But you don't want her to cast your vote for you took issue vote for parties. And what questions they asked mean. When I was stating on the -- -- -- and I'm -- -- I went for -- university campus university campus Russia's huge. -- eighty United States Russia I think it's eight and maybe nine time zones and I spent time in many of those states in all those times. Trying to convince young people vote. Started what we called Rock the Vote Russia. And TV program which -- activities. But they asked me every single time I went to these campuses throughout the middle outside the area up in. The North Pole region and guilt of these remote university speak for groups couple hundred sometimes couple thousand. People. And always be one person who was well read and understood exactly what they were talking about -- -- -- and -- name mister -- Little bit more -- and -- Mr. computer. If you think of the -- stand -- chance of electing Communist it is not enough people vote. Tell us how many people vote in the United States. Of course my answer with an embarrassing. And I told them you know far less people vote in states that vote in the form so. But don't use the United States as an example under any circumstances because we are spoiled. As here earlier caller said. The word. They're the very. The electorate is too complacent. Gone too few people actually go out and vote and if you wanna be a democracy and successful democracy don't model yourself. After the United States under any circumstances. What's talk about this at 80 threes are my third when we come back from this breaking news radio in my thirty. WB. -- news -- 930 WB Ian Michael pulling for Tom Tom is off. On a well deserved short bullet intensification. I hear it's dead until Friday you're stuck with me. But I'll tell you what a lot of bombing a lot talk about today for -- this many yards thing. On for CNET sudden retirement of senator. George -- years. Came up on its surprise everyone and has sent the entire state certainly Albany and western new York and it is politically. There -- If you weren't listening earlier to -- kind from. Capital New York talked about how the Republican party's senate Republican campaign committee. Has. Eight million dollars in the bank in the Democrats' Senate campaign committee one. That's a significant advantage in state senate politics and you got 3456. Races that you don't know how the turnout. That money is spread out and -- -- So. What's gonna happen we don't know in what what would -- ours has done has really thrown things upside down and tell you something. George means the -- love them or hate him he was the person in charge. In Niagara county probably -- there across his entire district. Army if you wanted to get something done when it to George means -- Am you know some people and like that as some people didn't like it big compared to a machine some people having to recently called him. Called him king George please hear -- lot in the the Paladino campaign arm. And time. I don't think like that much. But he did rule that -- And now suddenly I think this is vulnerable to mortal perhaps in the Niagara county were I -- my goodness. They have been in charge of -- for a long long time. Before. We go off Portland Jawad outside we have before. Before traffic. Right now well what we come right back here for traffic with primaries rescue. You're accurate forecast year on WB yen -- response in the evening giveaways in the clear and -- right below 51. In the land and in the B 55 degrees downtown partly sunny and nice tomorrow shower in spots during the afternoon the second year. I have 73 degrees patchy clouds tomorrow right -- 52 in the inland areas in 57 downtown. Friday sunny to partly cloudy and pleasant move right back up to ours at nine. Looks like me have a hot hand maybe partly partly weakened. The report that. Well it's let me tell you beat got a few calls here we're talking about what's wrong with government YE. What happened with the George mis hear what you think you're going to happen next. Idea glory here from buffalo thanks for calling in your on the air. I'm might complaint is I think we have too much government we have local. Local. County. There. Federal and you -- -- to -- -- -- it it takes to support all these people. Not only what did the support of the good page that that we have to take but what about there. -- -- About it and there are up whatever ever. I -- we have is just unbelievable but to cut the average person and that also include the employees of government have to support. The two men met. Structured that we yet. Well is it anymore is that right lower. -- OK or am I ever -- listen Larry I mean we haven't got another layer of government here in New York that some states don't have and that's the town and village. Not just local it's actually two layers and me in a war -- from east -- the nicest place on the planet. In east where we have a village which is within a town. And we are too taxing districts we have a lot of duplication and armed frankly if if if I would fight it if they want to get rid of the village east war for a lot of reasons that are very particular my town and so to my village. But I can see it there -- actually org are areas. Across interstates that are eliminating these these villages and stick with town. But I mean I don't I'm not which we we sought Kevin gone you know that -- Mary. Immaculate -- was right around talking about. Consolidating government he got a lot of that done some of the turns out I mean even though it it ends up. An attempt to be savings for the taxpayers and ends up costing taxpayers more and there's some real problems with. Like say for example in Hamburg where they will be downsized their town council and now they can't get in the done to save lives. Yeah well I don't think that we navy memorial in numerous government employees now only person that. That we're about our committee that we have subcommittees in the I -- think I think it's overwhelming. Well it is and and I'll tell you all those chickens are coming home to roost because we've done this. You know government as -- as profligate spending so much one on the. Don't understand right -- to the long without astute. Student government and and ended in the state taxes and yet New York State at the base state debt. Well there's a lot of their other taxes and taxes that make up for that it's higher taxes and other areas that. You know I'm and I'm I'm I'm retire lived in Texas and -- in -- to tax free states. I would not educate my child and either of them I had advocate the elimination of the state income tax. I advocated cutting taxes back in and cutting back some of these programs talking about. But -- -- idea where I live in the east war that some of the best schools in the country. And when to cut those taxes you know you can you can cut the quality of your -- -- -- -- to. I you know it's a conundrum we ought to look at very close. Well what -- advocate with children not speak some of the major problems we compartment of government that only a minor gut component of government. It's not a major component government. You know you write you write this in there I'm I'm I'm with you -- -- its repressive military -- my dad and you would get along perfectly he's about -- part of being taxed at that. But Larry thanks a lot call them we really appreciate here on news radio in my thirty WP yen will be right back.

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