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7-16 Beach and Company Hour 3

Jul 16, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And we backward region governor may end of the name of today's about is our Ryan Block -- Comcast. It has gone viral as the customer service representative for Comcast was like a tenacious Bulldog. Would not let go of Ryan blocks leg. I sincerely wanted them commits them to stay with Comcast and run -- prevailed Comcast has apologized. So we wanna know your customer service stories the good the bad. And the ugly. And unjustly about the names we don't need those we can probably guess we -- talking about our camp on the cell phone can Iran WB yen. Now peace and love peace and love what -- -- going forward and obviously what's gonna. But you know. Eight -- crazier. Than just happen to me -- just happening -- days ago and and I -- an alliance -- play -- for credit card well I might super Smart phone you know there's you pretty much it's like a computer and shall. Sort of thought in. That this. Rigor I apply for credit card it all you know all that necessary things and and now and also that you know two days later a look at my accountant -- that it was. You know minus 49 dollars and in minus 39 dollars for Bill Mercer Christie's sold it like. You all fifty dollars in -- you know like. Well wait a minute but what -- -- whether -- -- An ugly OK so I call the property in I don't know what you meant by it. I can not. Stand. Talking to a computer is that we do here or you know oh my god it. It's a worst -- you're at you're your your energy gets out and that's quite right I can't stand it and then you get transferred all the so anyway without mentioning the credit card company. He finally get through to someone and of course should also be teaching what -- so well. I don't ask don't politely answered this week I talked to so would you like -- burst yeah so that's going to give me attitude you're not collateral for dark. And Pruitt. -- -- -- the girl on the phone she says 00 yes sure well because you sure cell phone. Another laboratory. -- at all because her cellphone on the print. It's very very tight control totally the prince -- the -- it was done under opening but it is what you use or regular computer. A house also by using yourself all your -- logical Sen Barbara didn't know the extra charges. Exactly. You know -- -- it's not quite as well. But that's not really care. So are going to supporting it ever Asian okay partly to what we do what we can blow your -- surcharges. Two. Ten dollars and she I didn't. When -- I would -- this country achieve it does not even do this or. About June -- I. -- Just go to the lowest. Denominator. Immediately go to work out exactly. You know. Portable and -- and eloquently put -- in. Ninety I. But there and got a Hassell Kent I want whole lap dancer -- I'm just. Day out what -- wearing. There's already a small print if it's there at all read it okay area right here. So yeah I've you're on the phone. The print is real small if you can see it at all maybe it wasn't even on there at all. You obviously have to read the small print and also. There are some things that you should be aware of of Branson's I'll tell you my miracle holes or you don't -- hoses right about this last year. It's the one that is very light weight I don't know if if if that's the technical name but you know which type of -- on target. Very lightweight as you turn the faucet on the holes expands. And when you shut off the -- contracts. But it's very easy to operate. OK so I decided I got one. Because I hate I hate dragon this -- -- around like a fire holes I need something waterways are cent one. Now here is that he. At the beginning of your conversation. They ask for your credit card number now I knew I was buying it. And I knew what it costs so I -- my credit card number that's the mistake. Because after that. They start with one pitch after another pitch after another pitch to upgrade upgrade upgrade and sometimes even changed product. But you don't dare hang up because if you hang up they already had your credit card number. It's gonna it's gonna take the rest your life trying to straighten itself saying I hung up I didn't order a blob blob while -- we have to stay -- it now to give you an idea. Of how they upgrade you you've seen the commercial for this kind of holes right the first thing they tell you is. You have an abrasive surface. And other words a driveway that cement and yes minus. Well maybe you'd like this other -- is -- more it's it's libel lasts longer and abrasive so no I don't I want the I want the regular post. And then they keep building up -- to get vote make a long story short. At the end of may be twenty minutes. And I'm not making this up if I'm -- I'm Diane we actually went from a miracle opposed to whatever they were trying to sell me at that point. Was good for a free weekend at Disney. A weekend at Disney now know playing -- but Disney so you go from a one of 3995. Holds to a week ended. Disney and because they've got your credit card number you don't dare hang up. So they know all the angles and you gotta be really careful otherwise you're going to be spending your life talking to customer service people who don't understand. A -- let's do that I think that as you know of Obama wanted to write his foreign policy. He would insist that everybody and he had that lives and India get their customer service from the United States. Because that's a that's all we talked to it doesn't matter if you live next door to the bank when you call you going to be talking to somebody in Bombay. On his brother -- we're talking to summon him Bombay if you want to. But you have to be able to understand what they're saying I'm a Mets that. That drives me nuts and what they have. No answers for anything. And Indy and you get video like can just said you get the push this button for this this button for that and you they got about eight things on the menu. And then as you heard all a you have to go back to number four and remember what it was -- the only thing that's anywhere close to what you made. -- and as far as I'm concerned the person. That invented. Voicemail. Ought to be deported. -- every single time you make a call now track. How many times as a live person answer almost never. Because they all have caller ID and they've all decided looking to see who it is and they see it you but you're not worth talking -- that's what amounts -- We'll take a break will be back after. All Ryan Block you want it was canceled Comcast's Internet and cable subscriptions. But the Comcast guy wasn't going to happen. You provider that they -- it felt so much better. TD sort of. I don't know it's totally arbitrary decision. -- In a statement Comcast wrote we are very embarrassed the way in which are represented of communicate with them is unacceptable. It is -- governing. Yeah you probably heard by now definitely viral on the Internet and it was all over our newscasts and everybody else's. A today Leo Ryan Block are called Comcast. Is simply cancel his account. I was ten minutes before he decided I should record this so he was going through this for ten minutes before the part you heard. And the entire conversation lasted about twenty minutes Comcast says apologized. Four -- I don't know if they're gonna change any thing but that's where it -- -- arresting the good the bad and the ugly customer service stories that your let's go to Debbie in Poland -- on WB yen. -- -- -- -- The kind of change that -- just a little bit. I actually have the wonderful. Customer service stories both about. Delivery of services. One. I came home. Wednesday and have begun holiday and their ability to pretend that putt. A back between this time guy -- the -- and but couldn't then closed the storm door so I'll -- if there was a lot of wind so while they line them so. The doors quite happy and it was thought when I came home with public hanging up its hinges. And I would just furious at just your till I call the company and I doubted you know actual local person. American. Speaking English is good and he says to me. I'm so and he said the first thing that you and then they do is hit my name is -- number. And that anything goes wrong with this was in the future you comment directly. Beck. Next he tells me to go to whatever store and -- and account and the. Oh nice well. And then he tells me you know -- does have them credit inside and then call me back and we will come and pick it up. And. Well good is that that's great. Well it's like twenty years so it's a bit big vexing thing I have been with the rival company. And I got the -- favorite. You got to go -- Well that's a called -- -- -- on -- as well that's good Greg good for you must have the power of persuasion that been. I told so many people about this tonight's state and the phone so I could tell our listeners because it. It was just the thing. Handling all of a situation. I would like to hear that I mean that's how companies stay in business that's how they grow by taking care of their customers want and it's Simon. We're glad that you could shed some positive light today thank -- -- While that's nice you don't hear about that very often. -- we're asking you for your story is good bad and the ugly. I keep -- -- -- an article here from the Washington Post. By -- -- John Herrmann. He says the customer service representative who is responsible for maintaining business for the company. Rather vote allowing it to walk open door had no choice but to try and keep the business. So it seems like of that. Part he -- he kind of vote favors the guy from Comcast. As you go further in the article is is how much do we truly control in our lives. -- -- companies for Internet service for television for phone plans for phones for apps for service and for goods. Once we oh we paid to have a phone line and television service and gas electricity and water. Now many but not all of us have ongoing contracts with companies to stream a limited library of movies and shows. We pay annual membership so that of things -- order can arrive a little bit faster. We don't just pay for the newspaper to get dropped off on the front door every day. With a weak peso weaken access and news organizations content on line. And in exchange for that we see unusual ads targeted to our particular preferences. This doesn't even touch on the unpaid services the ones that we Entrust -- our emails are photos are pokes are files are favorites. Our likes and the rest of our digital lives ready to be strip mine for data points to be sold to advertisers. And that's very well written because we really do. We are so hooked up. In the air and know what's going on now in America and for the most part it's great it's it's instant access. It's more convenient but every once in awhile ago expects stories like the Comcast. Let's go to Jane and Michael on managing your on WB again. Good morning alone I -- the story in regard to your customer service is not doing their job. Unbeknownst to. My unable passed away on September. 12 one day after his first day. Well in August. No on eight did get his driver's license renewal and of course I wasn't expecting him to pass away. So August 29. Of tools to withstand in the chat to commissioner of motor vehicles to the tune of 83 gallons. For his driver's license for eight years. Well September 12. Of two -- to he passed away. So to the an attorney wish I handed over papers and he can't put it stopped payment on the track as. The driver's license wasn't -- yet but the attorney and did. Applied to New York State for -- the -- Well they refunded. 63 dollars of the 83 dollars. Fast forward. Eight years later this license would be do again. So he's got -- renewal driver's license for September 11. 22 well. -- the two 68454. Another eight years he had already been ahead. Yeah yes carruthers. So. What are. Everybody out right yeah I guess so but -- a great job yeah a really -- fleecing the customer. I I I understand and you get mail after someone passes you've got to -- long time India. They just simply he would never take anybody off novelist once they're on month thank you Jane. As the -- that about any of those over record offers or things like that where. We'll send you this this month and every second Monday after that and then you don't want him anymore than simply write cancel on its not like that. It's not like that at all -- got to really work out it. I've only done that like a one time and it was something I wanted to anyway. So I was going to run out the struggles on the dean Martin's stuff. Which is -- color good music all the best gas. -- Dean Martin so I didn't mind I got like twelve of them but I wanted to slow them. But had I not audited and I guarantee you by the -- in the middle of that said now I've had enough after like 45. It would have been tougher. And I have seen I have talked to other people who say once you sign up your prop bets that they got your name and then that's it. The automatic renewal to and you know what happened. One bank in buffalo blot out the assets of another bank that had a credit card. In what happens is they issue new credit cards with their name on it. But you may have heard of the numbers of the old credit card on existing. Recurring accounts. And what happens then is a bayonet they notify you that this card is not in service anymore so that you have to re up with the new car and let him know. And that's -- me several times and -- That that happened was less than a year ago and I've had like three inquiries that this credit card is no longer news of the either because that meant no secret it was a master -- But now it's fine because I'm over to the Miller has that avenue you. Yeah I guess stuff from time to time like like -- from PayPal has failed and certain accounts tied to -- certain come on certain numbers. And and then they have XXX acts in the last four numbers which is fine in case things are looking but -- the run it down final which is our noses next. If you're not listening to WB and you would not get -- -- newscasts I'm just saying stay with us we'll be back after this on news -- 930. You -- you. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. That call us now at 8030930. Cell calls are free and start -- -- their toll free line is 1806169236. And from the Washington Post Marc Berman says in our world this recording which we're gonna play in a minute touches a nerve because we've all been there. And because we've all been reminded that we never really are in control and that's true so much of our lives now is as outsourced and dependent. On the electronics yeah it's made it more efficient and in some cases easier but another case is a whole new set of problems. Yeah I am the worst I experiences at college it was the worst I can think about. When you're transferred from one counts in the next you transcript and they keep those things on lockdown for a reason I don't know why that you can't open. OK if you're sending your house transcript disseminate. It has to be sent from the student affairs office to the other student affairs -- and nobody can -- no tampering I don't know what we're going to -- but -- their -- but I didn't need one for that I just neither one for my own personal -- -- I can't I don't remember why I needed but I wanted one and it went after him for that. And they kept going over the fact that we just can't -- transcript I said yeah I understand that I just want it's your work now I am entitled to at least in my transcript. And the woman was it was a nightmare and she finally said where you're not entitle them. Wallace -- like sodas together and I I did I started to argue and I got extremely dangerous excuse me it's sure as it's ever right to pay. To go to college here I have ever -- to see. The results of violent Rourke I -- She won back and doctor manager and I finally -- running either but I don't understand the hassle us that castle in the stonewalling like it's a lot of times and especially -- collars. Your -- thousands of dollars absolutely you don't wanna help us out. It's like a card dealer saying I'll take your money run don't give him a car at IVR I area are right now here's some audio from Ryan Block. And these are calling Comcast. To cancel his account keep in mind it was ten minutes before he even started recording and this is what it sounded like. Well not actually. Yeah. -- didn't like the no one's. Just don't understand why -- -- look at who who does business. -- -- -- Yeah do you if you will go and pick -- completely Comcast or get your service. Yeah the year didn't work every -- you are just got a -- -- -- We're actually going to just mail it will burdened -- if you can just please cancel their service that would be great that's the -- Then I will send someone willing to task -- -- that's a good return that people -- chorus I don't personally and to -- cable car that's why would probably not be canceling in store. That's when you get to cancel. But so can you can close -- The answer is yes. But over the information -- -- have a good job -- don't that information. That's the easiest way to get this your job this. I I -- declining to see why we are leaving Comcast because I don't know who human explanation. So if you -- -- -- in the next question if you -- collective forum that's fine. Please proceed the next question and we'll attempt to answer that possible. I'm declining -- were switching providers can you please go to the next question. And declining -- -- can you please go to the next question that we can counselor service. Yeah. This. Phone call is it really actually amazing represented an example why don't want to Comcast so can you please specialist -- Okay -- the game and we do you can pull in London and likely. Will be on Google news the disconnecting service that's yeah. That's what I want that's what I want. Because that's what I want. Find out what it is this topic. Because that's what we want. Yeah I think nine years you got a -- yeah where. Did you watch it change we -- it makes it. Because that's what we wanna -- Yeah. That's what your business your business is business I can. -- Yeah you don't why -- Absolutely. That's -- and that's a fantastic fashion something that you can hire permanent to figure out. For right now does the customer calling in attempting disconnect service. That is something we can do right. Said that you can't disconnect service yes. Yeah. Yeah yeah that's something you couldn't take -- yeah. You got some community group. Can distant past by looking into the witness yes yeah. Were extraordinarily -- reduced payment service. Because I'm not interested in your services and longer -- and no not does that. Yeah disconnect us by kids who are you can get him in your system disconnecting her -- yes and and why he's had it been answered my question are you capable by -- this we can do is no coincidence. -- That's something that you can do I would appreciate you know doing okay. Goes god it goes on and on and on it's a total of about twenty minutes of the same thing now the first ten minutes. Weren't even recorded -- be put on after about ten minutes in the total -- twenty minutes. I forgot to tell about 12. For the same of people that provides a satellite TV service forming. I got a message a couple of years ago that they were going to upgrade all of the dishes aren't and I was gonna go from two issues to one dish. It's up for HD and other things whatever OK so these serviceman came it was on time nice guy. And did a good nice neat installation job and they took the two smaller dishes -- what one larger dish up there. And everything was working fine and he took the receiver that I had and that took -- -- of him. And left the nice -- insulation that was fine if that had been the end of it but it wasn't. Today about a less than thirty days later. I got an empty box delivered. To my home and inside was a note as you open that up -- said that please return. Via. The outdated receiver. And that's that okay. Well I didn't have -- because the guy took. I didn't have a the guy took. So I called the company and I said. I don't have the receiver to return to view the installer told them and -- went and checked the records they say there's no record and a is that a lot of it was a record of it or not I don't have a as he talked with him next thing you know the next month. I get my regular bill and included on that was the receiver. That I don't have. That he took. And it's -- extraordinarily expect that was several hundred dollars. So I called him again and I said I don't have this thing I have no reason to keep it. It's not it's it's out of dated eight Campillo is it's just a piece of metal. I would be glad to put it in that box of mail it back to you if I had it but I don't have it. Now to make the long story short. This went on for watch violence now five months. Five months before a person finally told me. Uh oh we don't understand what has happened but we're not going to charge you for that receiver. And that was that took five months five months a budget five months of you gotta be kidding. And that's the way it goes. People don't use any common sense why what I keep something it's outdated and embryos just -- a metal or like I needed or stop. We'll take a break we'll be back where you are good bad and ugly. Customer service stories after this can't get over -- -- the two guys I work where there so. They're much unlike. Chris just sold a story about trying to get his college transcripts get a copy for himself and he really had to go through hell to get him because they normally wouldn't -- and then Tony says during the break. That happened -- -- Tony's story was a little different Tony sent to his college for transcripts and and race there. And they they wouldn't I'm sorry you're getting got to get your own race -- can't blame me for trying to get those that I can get at all -- out there make it look really official average. Though -- -- -- Harvard was calling so that's a nice job I do have Harvard should. Harvard -- -- -- -- -- From Harvard College there I I don't know I Baden stores and while that's good so visited impress people that like the festival's exactly what I did play in the car and not the Harvard cup championship proper cup -- all good Chris we have some -- Most things though it's a couple before on FaceBook before we go back to the calls. Let's see this law and it was from. DC says I got the complete run around for my cable company when I was moving I wasn't even canceling I was keeping the service and -- still -- transfer me. From one customer service -- to another. And every time they did it. The new one had no idea why it was even transfer them to begin what it was a mess. And every -- says if you're careful. And you write down the name of the person they never give you all but the name of the person you dealt with if you have to contact them like the next day in your ass for them nobody ever heard of them. It's like it's like they all work for one phone call on -- they leave. It's your phone column undergone -- nobody knows who they are and other employees. This is from Frankie says these companies seem to be up to screw you I signed up to have something delivered to my house. They delivered at a cult on the stop but it kept coming. When I finally got through to them they wanted to bill -- for the extra items. That they sent to me after rarity canceled that's that is what I was talking about when you continue to get items unless you opt out. It's a lot harder to opt out than you would thing. But it's Otis Stephens I want this behavior on WB again. Face -- they're taking my call. I kinda haven't been back with the story. Knock on the door my -- when -- on the porch and there was a cable. Internet service provider that that sounded like choose our mutual friend after about thirty seconds she came -- and -- will you take care. I went out and they were used to leave without signing a contract they were arguing that -- why wouldn't you want to serve at home and that's available light. I'm happy with my provider they don't -- where -- You need to leave -- will call the police block and then they laughed. So I called that the providers national number because they are not my provider. Outlook the local number and I have to waiting on hold for forty minutes -- gave up. They actually called me back the next day they say -- We see horrible. And now we will order what you call about what I told a redirected me like customer -- -- and I gave -- the -- in the Dayton time. And I haven't seen one of those represented shouldn't. -- -- it was really really uncomfortable they have a contract shot your age. Telling you that everything is going to fiberoptic anyway to get it now save yourself the trouble. Amazing well I'm registered up tomorrow -- letter was resolved because that's the same contacted the guy from Comcast was thinking why wouldn't you want this because I don't want it I don't need to given to give your exclusive thanks Steve thank you very much. Aside the same thing at that point of if somebody -- on my porch so what I want to do this I'd say why don't you want my size fourteen sneaker and a place where you'll never enter a limbo contest again I'll tell you that. Because I have no patience for this up none. And that's the way it is if I hate that this. But if I have even religious people come to the door you've seen they usually two of them. They never park in your driveway the summaries in the park for maybe they're not supposed to parked in the driveway. And they're very well groomed or whatever and they're very polite. -- I don't want to -- -- I think there's only two ways to deal with you either cut off right away or and I think this -- be fun if you have the patience for. You invite them in -- two of them. And you sit and you tie them up in conversation. Four hours. And hours and as they're getting I -- -- wanna leave you bring up other biblical questions. And suggestions. And just never stopped talking to. Another words I go on the offense. Verbally. I think that if if I had the patience to do it I think you'll be fabulous you know I mean it just one they think they're done and they have to be somewhere else hope. Please allow me a little bit more time because I was hoping some of these questions quick answer. You know and be very earnest about it and just lay out the clock you know 567. Hours. We will refund to try yeah I like freaking them out they'll be good. I just usually tell mama to thank you but I really have no interest but thank you very much Adam how polite but I'm short. I invent a religion and then tell -- apartment that. With all kinds of nasty stuff call home if they can't wait to the very early yeah IE I don't know what kind of locked they have by ringing door bells and I -- I'm glad they're they're convinced that though what they're doing is right thing to just leave me out of that I you know if I need -- of your call thank you very much I'm polite. But firm you gotta be firm because it can be wishy washy witness. It is a good part about not having a door -- who can't bother me too many things well here oddly I have an electrician hook up electrified adored. So after the first get one free one. And then after that it gives you a little shocked him with a good attitude to want to thank exactly if you when the electric dryer on the same circuit. All right that about wraps it up. And we'll see you tomorrow morning at nine hit it bigger reconstruction and Arab radio station. I'm excited about it I understand there busting him -- workers for this job from the from the border -- Texas and Mexico Mr. Big but we'll get stuck some of these people around there really help Marshall for a there are nine by. Wish they never dreamed could be years.

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