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7-16 Beach and Company Hour 1

Jul 16, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Call it all on his major governor and I'm sandy beach and -- -- Archie. You believe that Archie Betty Veronica and they're gonna kill RG today. And the other bad news which they haven't announced yet is that Betty and Veronica become hookers and -- we do have one bit -- good news though jug head. Survives or goes on to manage and -- common ball so we're very happy about that and say. And they kill Archie Andrews I just don't get it I mean when I was kid I used to read Archie comics like lots of kids did. There was Archie who was the perennial teenager freckle faced. Then there was Betty and Veronica Betty it was the blonde. Morocco was supposed to be a Brunette but her hair is actually -- if -- -- it at it again heavier blow and judge -- was the golf ball. Okay award the gold ball hat. He looked like he could have rubbed it right off the set of Hee Haw. And now they are -- I'm not making this up there they're gonna kill Archie. Did not just gonna kill them they go -- murder I mean think about that he's gonna take a bullet. Is that an appropriate thing to do -- for for comics. What do you think you guys agreed Archie comics at all right now what do you think of is ending I think it's crazy I think is -- About progress ID -- talent -- an annual margarine never actually was an artsy reader idea OK let's watch the cartoons team and the which -- like better Betty or Veronica. And as a top public Veronica or view I knew you'd go for that damn good go I go to hold them. I go for our Betty was more -- of radicalism -- that yeah later trampled by -- -- -- -- program to drown them out of the budget Betty was also better reminded me of Susan rose and the most wholesome person your government your life just adorable okay. But Veronica. And -- and trust are totally what what's gonna happen next -- gonna have pulled a refrigerator on himself when he's making sandwiches and -- I mean it's ridiculous I told what to do with four they're he's forced to become female stars going to be a long. Outdoors. Are just can't make the oriental woman now. Oh my goodness the world's it's crazy it's as I doubt it it's upside down and they're trying to -- trying to get their little bit of the limelight -- the revenue or whatever but I can't see anybody running to wherever they get their Archie comics and going. You have the -- Archie gets shot I can hardly wait for this. They try to kill Batman and Superman love those guys at least a fighting crime right so you would know that it when -- fight crime sometimes bad things happen to you okay but I Archie. She is you know he's mr. every boy at at the age of maybe fifteen -- six name. He shouldn't it shouldn't be knocked off like no no why should be and now I'm against violence charge you. We got here a lot to -- -- talk about today. This is interest thing sometimes you gotta be careful -- the emissions that you give someone to do this is not a black foot Idaho. They hired a pilot. Because what they wanted to do was a promotional thing where they would drop ping pong balls. And there there will be 3000 ping pong balls drop and each one had prizes printed on them. So the pilot would fly over drop the ping pong balls people would scramble. For the ping pong balls and all is well. Except for one thing he missed. He miss -- miss the drop zone you're. Be the contest was called off because the -- he dropped them on a nearby interstate highway instead of a field where there was supposedly. Because this is called off and of the black put pride days revelers were told not to risk retrieving. The ping pong balls from the highway. Let me tell you -- if I learned anything if your balls on the highway leave them there what -- -- The Georgia got to bury it or not the middle of highway try to retrieve balls and just doesn't work out. Because cars go is that someone trying to retrieve balls. I think I'll just have a little fun of them what my radiator. The guy didn't -- miss this 3000 ping pong balls that he -- ads in the sound. That that they made as tires ran over them I assume there's error in them for ping pong ball pops out like a pop. He popped their pop everywhere pop up in Oakland mayor and police say that a pig threatened to children walking through the woods. And is scared another passer by the Oakland morning the Oakland morning sentinel. Reports that following last week's scare of the two kids with the -- a woman had to take refuge on the side rail of old wooden bridge. After the eighty pound black and white pig attack her so I think and bacon for everybody assuming. Era if anybody knows a pig it's Lucas who. I think you look hysterical he's a good now I mean we've got the -- scare. You know don't eat bacon is bad for your -- -- and as -- huge comeback probably never went away but it wasn't as high profile as it is now -- what bacon on everything. -- this bacon that you put bacon on on things that shouldn't beyond. Basic and should go no such thing it's up making shouldn't be and should go waited toast eggs. That home Fries that kind cheeseburgers. Yeah I have no problem big numbers through good. But there is this an eighty compared. Meanwhile Warren Buffett who seems to be in the news every every day remember yesterday we mentioned -- He took Paul McCartney to dairy queen which he owns great publicity. -- The picture that the kid posted. If it with our Paul and Warren in the background sitting on the bench and Americans give the thumbs ups and what could -- kind of. Yeah that's vertical one thing I don't understand I really don't. Our fast food restaurants that have permanently fixed chairs so you can't -- them. And they are too damn close. To the ball. For a guy like myself aren't there are a lot of guys my size all right emotional about global training camp. But if you're selling fooled. And that's what you wanna do don't you want a customer will be totally comfortable a customer even sometimes the chairs turn. You get like that that you ought to make it into your belt buckle hits the table. Us up and stand up so that you stop -- put two and Activision and a place. Now if I if I open -- fast food. They beat me in the room between the chair in the table people comfortable. At arm's length maybe. But that's what places do that for a lot to gain one extra table maybe to get you out of there faster is better I think he'll run. -- at your own comfortable you just want to finish of whom you know I think lessons can be learned look at the maple ridge theatre complex and they've put those. Wonderful. Recliner. So much so that I don't wanna go to movies it's anyplace but there. That's the that's only plays a wanna go to see movies it is that comfortable now it took somebody at corporate headquarters is you know what. These chairs are expensive and we're going to have less seats in the auditorium. But people come and see films they don't care about -- so comfortable. And that's Smart instead of just cramming in every inch like they do on airplanes. Every inch of space. So that they can pit one more -- And that's kind of lessons that I think retailers need to pick up too damn chair away from the table. And why does it have to be connected. We're gonna take home. -- -- Or is this place only meant for five year old that -- you know 23 pounds. We'll take a break back with more room for at tables for a beach and company under his -- and I'm thirty W via. Well I guess it -- they've announced a major remodeling. Of our facility here it's going to be really interesting because I'm shortly shameless. -- oh they won't be any any concern for on the year people you know like banging hammers and saws and stuff like that. As a matter of fact I think they're going to uproar. I understand they've -- the Gaza Strip contracting company. They know how to put a building ago I'm just telling -- I am and this refund rust on it because while the workers are here we're gonna check their papers mature than not illegal immigration. Problem -- the thing we should do that life. -- -- that's good right now and we'll -- terror if I MS is listening. Will what is -- -- -- be fun. Onto our park -- we're trying to do our part to -- of curb illegal immigration now here's a story. Out of the UFC Ultimate Fighting Championship the president of the USC Dana White. Said that they have a fighter named Rhonda rousing I think it is is that right Chris that is -- -- is the women's bantamweight champion yes she's really tough. And the president of the US said she could beat flight up Floyd Mayweather. Of course now Floyd Mayweather is undefeated and he's an ego the size of Cheektowaga aren't when asked. About this Floyd Mayweather says I don't even know who is. It's not a heat it's a shady I would love to see that -- -- -- it. I'd love to see this fight and there's no way Floyd Mayweather doesn't know round around -- around arouse the -- an Olympic judo medalist the first woman -- a medalist ever in American history in -- it sure looks like I ever earlier she's undefeated assumed she won her last flight it was our fourth of July weekend and sixteen seconds. All Madden. And Tony we've well we've had these fights winner of the people mixed martial arts ultimate fighting champion. Are going against a traditional boxer re going to win. Mixed martial arts you know that's -- thing because it's it's not the same rules obvious. At Oxford trained to hold to throw on you know. Mixed martial arts hopeful kid now I'd love to see the balls you know I I never sign up for paper view but I think on this one I would. If they get a paper view I would do I would watch question is can she take the punch now we don't know that and -- here's the real question. He's what 49 and all I think something like that. He does not. Wanted to retire would have one loss and that would be to a woman mean whenever he would never do know he doesn't need the money he's got more money that he needs. And so this would never happen but you can see where US would like to see it happen she usually see these kind of vote. Exhibitions when somebody's past their prime and they come back and remember when they had the women boxing league there are wrong all the time -- -- women -- in their boxing -- Ali nothing we still have them but. He Mayweather would never do it does not enough -- reform. Although I think the paper view would be an enormous emotion and so that was who have articles. Meanwhile Warren Buffett would talk about it all the time to wait. He's a very generous man as a matter of fact he's the second richest men in America. He has just made a donation to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation which does a lot of charitable work all around the world. Bill Gates -- said that he and his wife. A wanna leave a very very small. Bequest of children he wants that he once it's a good to have his money do some. Some good work Eva of course a small percentage. Of the gates is worth as a pile of money let's make -- mistake. But so -- Warren Buffett says. I will donate money to bill and Melinda Gates charity and they can distribute his latest. His latest. It's always a donation. 20 billion. Dollars wow two bit man that's a lot of for us these I can tell you that. That's a lot of stuff so triggered congratulations to him that's that's a wonderful thing to do. So you got to give them credit that there their heart is in the right place. Meanwhile in Sacramento home the governor said we are really having a problem Governor Brown said we must cut back. Our water consumption by 20%. And boy the people of California responded. Since he made that announcement. It's up 1% none of -- and that's always been a concern for California. That they're gonna run out of water they get it from the mountains. And it and if if they ever do run out and they've had droughts before they are so screwed because they have so many people live there. And and -- it and part of it of course is desert. In central -- it was it was it tobacco meanwhile I don't usually look. At political cartoons. -- don't interest me but this is really good. By Stuart Carlson. And they -- to panels and their both Obama. One -- 2008. And the other is 2014. In both panels Obama is standing behind a podium -- his arms raised in 2008. He says yes -- can. And in 2014. He says social me. Great path that is so and I need to talk about turnaround is they want thing on the campaign trail quite another one of them when you can't get out your way. But that's that's a very very good Jessie. You're critical to remember the time that Atlantic -- testicles. I'm pretty critical -- you know it's it's one thing when people say I don't like your hairstyle that's who doesn't fit right but when they say I'd like to cut your testicles off. It's pretty much over from a friendship -- yeah it doesn't you don't you don't call a clubbing and hobnobbing with people like that. Last person to say that of course was Lorena Bobbitt. And inside the workouts have been for John Dahl know how to wake up like that you know it's bad enough when you wake up from a bad dream. Or are nightmare but when -- is there new wake up without it. -- mean Mets that's even in my sleep number bed right I don't the beaver -- Okay. Well we're back we're -- to talk about today on newsroom at 930 we RW via. This is Michael Savage and you're listening to sandy beach should listen for me tonight ten to one on WBE. And. -- -- -- backward did you governor said he beach Tony is trying to drive me nuts that dazed on the about a car that has 700 horsepower is not out yet what -- economy and that's the -- cats that have RT -- challenger ST -- okay 700 -- 707 -- 707. Coming out of this -- down and that's -- get the -- here to record that. I've never had a car Rebecca -- had a couple corvettes very fast. And to have a Cadillac CT SV 556. Or is by far and away go fastest car that was Maria. A GT our needs and GTR which is just a jet I can imagine. What this -- that's going to be like at 700 horsepower because here's what happens. The other manufacturers. You'd think -- -- the Shelby takes second place that I mean I doubt it. Same thing with the Camaro and and I mean it'll they'll keep doing increasing horsepower four. Out from what I read last night Ford is said that the mustang will be faster that was probably the super snake. So that'll be over you know 700 horsepower as well incredible here's the thing is as you can take the -- can off the showroom floor. Ticket to a quarter mile drag strip and run a 1080. Right out of about -- on the -- no problem. Well Bentley makes it a question of where's my nearest health care dealer. A and selling it. That sounds cool what will be limited anytime there's a car you really want you got to work for. Because they don't you know if they don't just have home. Day they get like one or tool for the model year and it usually sold out by enthusiasts the collectors and people who just have to have it. And that's the way it -- and usually it's at least the year before you get your hands and publish the Google -- I don't know I haven't seen any prices four but that'll -- interest in Libya Tuesday because that's good body style Stewart -- it's a nice look my key is always not just -- -- you're gonna have the suspension and -- -- you know that's why -- -- a classic cars on the older cars. Yeah they -- -- horsepower but they have a modern suspension systems so bit -- -- -- -- rates are going a straight line. But there are things in our lives -- corners and which you have to actually go around things. And sometimes they -- problematical. However with stuff like that Shelby yeah it's always very well engineered. Carroll Shelby would stand for -- other so it'll be good to see what happens maybe a next time we talk to Lauren fix we demand Oscar yeah that's gonna Bosnia because if there's any pre production models I guarantee she sat in one. Or maybe even driven one so check -- and find out. You wanna drive going -- bush moved me. -- here's what's going on today. Customer service -- I've already got your attention on customer service sometimes it's a nightmare. And you know you wonder why every once in awhile. When you hear about our business going out of business in America and you say how could that happen. Chances are the customer service was a big step in the right direction of making that happen because for some reason. The the results in the board room think the people we should have. Handling customer service. Should not be able to -- speak English that's good because then you'll -- understand them and you can't hold us anything. They should be very marginal English speakers and what's even more important -- that make sure they don't know a lot about the product because when you combine that. Not knowing and barely speaking English. And I have at kind of an attitude of talking down to the person who's at their wit's end trying to get something straightened out. That's a real good combination for bankruptcy. And we see it from time to time now one of the biggest broadcast their companies in the in the world is Comcast. Comcast owns NBC they on the world they are a lot. And apparently there was a gentleman named Ryan Block. Who went too -- or call Comcast to cancel his service. And it didn't go well as. A it didn't go well but it went along. And -- will will play a part of that audio and in a bit but if you have a nightmare well actually let's do it this way. Your customer service stories the good the bad and the ugly. Now we're going to try to leave about the names because you may have just had a bad example. But it can probably guess who were talking about. Be the example I always use. Is on my satellite to a service provider okay. Several years ago I got the bill and that is is -- A sign up to a lot of stuff. And I noticed there was -- like a seven dollar charge on it for a pay per view. -- got to know I have never order a paper view never not one single time never ordered. So I'm thinking okay it's a mistake it's only seven dollars what is the point of so what I'll do is I'll call them up. I'll tell them it's a mistake they'll take it on my next bill and all is well no it doesn't work or not at all. So I get this person. In Colorado. And I tell her that you know. There are there's been a mistake in my bill like appreciated if you could deleted in the Mexico she's in what was the mistake and it's a paper view. She says well you sure you didn't -- chorus I've never never never ordered one. No she said that someone else in your house order and should it passes that -- -- -- nobody else in the house except two cats. And no they -- Margaret I had checked will have the time and ninja and they didn't order anything and neither did die with the only three. Things breathing in this house. You didn't have company may be at a party and somebody -- I'm not making this up I'm not making this up. Maybe at a party and somebody that that you didn't dollars. I said no no please take the seven dollar a co op -- pleased because it's a mistake. And she said to me and I'll never forget this sir. This is a direct quote we don't make mistakes. Well that's solid talk I said NASA makes mistakes. The Defense Department makes mistakes the -- shot had mistakes I'm sure -- capable of mistakes. And I said I would like to speak to a supervisor. And she was very you know if he well yes if that's what you like and -- transfers me to another conference. At the same thing from her. So finally am disgusted and I never ever do this I really don't I never do I guess discuss that -- -- here's what I'm gonna do. I said I'm on the air at 3 o'clock I do a talk -- Buffalo, New York -- analog listeners. And I'm not going to have to exaggerate one bit I wanna do is recount our exact conversation. My conversation with you -- and my conversation with the underling that answered the phone the first time. I'm going to precisely. Gauge your words and and tell the audience what they can expect if they sign up with a -- And she said that makes our. Is that a threat. Should the rule a threat is the possibility. Of something happening. This is going to happen and it's going to happen at 3 o'clock today. And she said. She's at. Well here's what I'm going to -- she says I'm going to take that seven dollar charge. Often Jabil and then get this remember I told -- a thousand times that I've never paper rate paper view. -- -- and I'm gonna attach a note to your account saying that you can no longer order paper -- I'm not making it up I didn't make a one sentence of that whole discussion. So better get an idea of of vote people from -- put on the customer service line. When we come back we're going to hear Ryan Block trying to cancel his Comcast. Account he didn't. He fare too well. And it was long and involved and everybody's talking about it on news -- about thirty W via. We're going to -- prize money on a moment from abroad and our Ryan Block who try to call Comcast. To cancel his account and were asking you know your customer service stories the good the bad and the ugly. There also things we'd like to discuss that you should try to avoid. Because you get hooked and I told you -- -- story about America holes which LB relating maybe in the next hour. On how it's a good product when I was on the phone for twenty minutes and that's it. So we knew we'd like to recount it but Ryan of block who was the former editor of and gadget. Wrote that he started recording ten minutes. Into the conversation. Soul with the audio warplanes hit a mine it was preceded by ten minutes that were not recorded. So let's let's get Motorola and see how Ryan makes note vs Comcast's. -- don't. Knock it actually. Yeah. He didn't like the no one's. -- just don't understand why don't care -- who who does business. Trip. This. I didn't look at -- Yeah it is easy if you will -- won't let me pick up completely Comcast or register there. Okay yeah the year didn't hurt every Josie Burke got a -- market sort it. We're actually going to just mail cable partner but if you can just please cancel their service though because that's what color. Then I will send someone willing to task gravitate to -- if you -- our -- I don't personally and to negotiate people -- that's why would probably not be -- in store. That's when you get to cancel. But so can you close -- Answer is yes I. It's a little credit information quickly and if you don't want to go but it. That -- -- litigator you're out there. I and declining to see why we are leaving Comcast because I don't know who knew an explanation. So if you can play no receipts in the next question if you have to -- -- that's fine. Please proceed the next question and we'll attempt to answer that possible. Director at number 18 ED. -- declining to say we're switching providers can you please go to the next question. And declining to -- can you please go to the next question that we can counselor service. This. Phone call is it really actually amazing representative example why don't wanna stay with Comcast so can you please specialists. We're doing what we do you can -- why can't I don't. We'll be on Google news the disconnecting service that's yeah. That's what I want. That's what I want. Because that's what I want. Yeah. I'm only. Because that's who won't act -- it. Years. That you are changed and we want it and I want to. Because that's what we wanted to. Yeah. That's what your business your business in his hands and I can't. Didn't -- that you don't want our. Absolutely. So -- took -- -- and pass -- that's a fantastic fashion something that you can hire permanent and figure out. For right now I'm just -- customer calling and attempting disconnect service that is something we can do right. Said that you can't just connect service yes. Yeah. He's yeah he's got something you couldn't take lightly. You got some good group can distant past by looking you do this yes yeah. Were extraordinarily long -- reduce our political service. Yeah. Because I'm not interested in your services and longer yeah. No not is that. I. Can you disconnect us by kids are you can get him in your system disconnecting her service -- soon. And why he's had been answered my question are you capable by point that this thing can do is what I resent -- Okay yeah that's something you can do I wouldn't presume you don't mean. You -- see -- in disconnecting her service. -- provider that they that you felt so much better. I don't know it's totally arbitrary decision. Works well yeah. Because we're not doing it since these things he. No I don't I guess I don't want them indoors. So I don't want us. I mean he's against -- and he didn't look didn't like Collins from Huntington. Creation okay -- China to help our. That's my job. And I can guarantee around here -- an incredibly good job of helping your company he works. Okay well -- -- exactly yeah and you are calling a truly connect. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It goes on it goes -- and he reminded started ten minutes before we hit that audio because it was ten minutes in the numbers agent that Ryan Block decided to record it. As -- unbelievable. That rarely -- and so we want and I'll maybe you haven't had anything. Like that but that certainly annoying is is the is the nicest word I can use. And out of that is video of the culture sometimes of customer service those stories I want yours the good the bad the ugly by the way Comcast. Has apologized. Calling the customer service reps actions unacceptable. Saying that they are investigating. The situation. Comcast is huge and as -- said they don't know lots of stuff including NBC. Sort wanna hear from you the good the bad and the ugly stories. About. A customer service. And also anything about signing up for various things ordering various things. Just a nightmare that is what should be a pretty easy and straightforward transaction. Will be back remote region company on his -- I'm thirty WB yeah.

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