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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Deportation Proceedings Begin For Illegals - Chris Collins

Deportation Proceedings Begin For Illegals - Chris Collins

Jul 16, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Knocks on the WB and live line is congressman Chris Collins are going to talk about immigration for a few minutes congressman thank you for joining us. And -- to be reviewed and how we're getting -- we got the news late yesterday -- that the Obama administration reported that undocumented immigrants were beginning to be sent back to Central America. -- admittedly we were unable to get more information on this to find out how many. Do you have any idea how many of these illegals have been deported and will there be another wave of groups being sent back. What. It is. Use me I don't believe there's any significant number. Of these children and Central America that inspect camp and returned. Back back to their homes. What what we are doing Hughes in the next week or are August recess we plan. I'm not passing a bill in the house that they're. Looks at several areas we need to. Makes a modification. To that 2008. Immigration law that -- Situations like these kids from either Mexico or -- -- bit differently than what happened in Central America we need to. Out there are in the law that the kids from Central America would be. And that quickly -- about the current. Situation where they've got to go before. And administrative charge and take anywhere from a year after -- years. To get them out back with their families so we need to modify -- law. We are urging the president and national security down to the border war. To secure the border. And adding a few more judges in the process. -- I can figure it categorically where are -- -- in three point seven billion dollars which is requested. But here. Is a likelihood we -- though. Allocate some additional monies for housing and caring for the children while we work through the process. To my idol loss of these. It can be subject much quicker. In their car process would allow because of the differentiation. Between Mexico. And Central America and the -- immigration laws work. So we're gonna work through this in the next two weeks. You know just fix that problem that was caused by Obama's. I figured she would say inability to -- or unwillingness to enforce the laws we have. But -- that my knowledge there's been no significant numbers. Of these kids return. What about sending the National Guard and. Yeah we are we are urging the president to do that he asking for a lot of money I am afraid to say it. He's taking a humanitarian crisis he's cause. In trying to use better than it used to get more money. I indicated administration. But we're not allow that to happen but we do agree with you know 50000. Kids. There is going to be some cost to house them. Hopefully in Texas and Arizona for a time being while we can work through this in the National Guard. News is. An avenue that we are hurt in him to pursue to secure the border. Chris is there any thing that can be done about the Mexican government basically not doing much to prevent. Undocumented immigrants from using Mexico as a route to deal was -- Well discussions are being held I can tell you that that there are discussions now between all the government. I think frankly that the Central American government they don't like. They expect that their kids are leaving the country anymore than we might expect that there showing up in our country. And so it's yeah it's you know the kind of discussion you need to have with the administration with the State Department. And you know to. To get it under and harming your right here there freely crossing from their borders and the Mexico and then traveling to Mexico and showing our borders. There's a lot that needs to be done and you know IRA. Do believe over the next -- you know the next two weeks before the August recess we will. Allocate some additional monies to the president we will modified at 2008. Law and then it's got the Obama administration to. To look at this under control sooner than later. Chris thank you for joining us this morning we appreciate your time. Congressman Chris Collins was against on the live line.

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