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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Jim Kelly On Cancer Fight With ESPN Radio's "Mike & Mike"

Jim Kelly On Cancer Fight With ESPN Radio's "Mike & Mike"

Jul 16, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Jim good morning how are you today. Pretty. I did but before we get into anything else I would just ask you. If you are aware of the outpouring of support that has come out -- way Tom we've talked about our show and and again when your daughter to that interview with boomer and everything else. Just the degree to which this entire country football fans and those who never seen a football game in their -- like the degree to which you are inspiring people all across America today I hope you're aware of that on at least some small level. PI you have to sort of point are hearing more importantly for me personally gears stop -- or sparing me. On yet so it's you know -- -- map -- subjects and don't -- -- to try to help out as much -- possibly can get through what they are going through. Let's be honest with -- aren't you over -- response on the front of people told me what they did to ruins of a figure. I -- what -- of -- but how to prepare myself for. Has helped me get through this and I know I -- you guys are totally up and thereby wanna put things on Twitter FaceBook could trust that the beginning always opt for veterans as you well know -- -- -- private person and she says -- The offers -- way to which injured more people pray for what you're going through should should the federal world would be as she -- what you can do to help other people not just. Adults and kids total. Will be just unbelievable it. And of course Mike streets. The paperback out. Maybe realizes she reported so who actually topic yet. Wanting to be physically topic -- court goes on watch a lot of -- where it's all bit. We go through things like here's. The metal -- this is probably. What I needed more than anything when you go to hearings are -- meet you occurred -- you keep your favorite score you need the first. And overwhelming response -- result which shows aren't altered to be honest with yet almost forty muscle computers and will Mark -- by. Daughter that are in oh in that interview -- it's like Chris -- local barber cried out part of my life because. She's a recent mortgage she's its option to topple the smaller but it shouldn't insult because of currency once it. Because it just comes out of her and it makes it feels so good ever more. She's a bright small white daughters are severed parts for about you know and so for me. They are a note on just one person going through some things that are so many other people throughout all -- scenario. It and we don't through different periods or they're going through each and every very whereabouts are newsprint for governments as well as well -- still be the person best. Yeah that that interview you're Jim was was as anybody who's who's -- -- would have to be a father but to be your father embassy. What are your children could be as strong as she was in what she said was was just incredible and one of the things we've talked about is. This the you know cancer it in general you know withdraw these big numbers of money raised and people been diagnosed. But as for any studies correct it come down to the individual battles and here you are. And anybody knows you knows the individual battles your family is already gone through with your son hunter -- -- some years back. And now you're going through this and I find it. Pay interest to get it. If you could go a little more because it sounds like at first few you want to get. And people have a right to do and handle it anyway they want you wanna keep it private or not to make a public it's up to them but it sounds like. That's where you were first if you can get into that little more it's of how your wife big boy a lot of bad habit. -- it was -- -- because a lot of arms you know -- commercials are beyond of one of those guys electric power behind the city's. I think Post Properties -- like throughout the why why. Are because -- -- -- and our trust in god we we do it is she nude the more people pretty poor or read the better off all going to be in the country -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well received so many emails and letters kids have to -- winners of errors. That are sending a much. It's helped them get through what you're going through there's just not always that the person going through its prepared remembers understand how important it is for a -- -- So router -- bit individual score throughout their dignity their support immediate purged for those -- -- -- about love you to do if you go. Everybody these shows I need posters or somebody you know always you know not always -- -- once water incursion work that you -- To keep its focus to keep you know that's pretty -- the -- -- there could be you know a big positive spiritual -- for the apple went to -- beat. What those guys are doing. What she -- continue to do you make a difference to people want to -- it and they would support -- -- for your good who have stolen through so. Again it's not always the toughness of the individual would the back of a fiscal officers broke up as we build up. Know how far you can understand that your kid beat this and you will greet this -- distribution. Never ever give up a broad number of opportunities revitalize order. It was it was Super Bowl record through all of those are my son being born on my -- paper ballots aren't paying all the troops are out for him -- Throughout go through without so hybrid has a lot about trust looked up the good -- sent our local. Our belt and spoke to an idea -- you a -- through balkanized. We have some part by the -- without government go through so much but. It's part of what you'd go through it's been part of my make up so it's something you don't hear about a crisis. So open that I realized that the hopefully what I go through will help others on the road. Mike and Mike in the hall of Famer Jim Kelly and and just quickly Jim before we let you go we thank you so much for your time today. Now today is about raising money for cancer research specifically the medicines and all the breakthroughs that are being done I just wonder. Having gone through the experience as you've just gone through with extensive chemotherapy and everything else he could you share a moment or two of what you have personally seen of the enormous advancements that have been made in. How quite frankly people in your situation may not have -- Alive to tell this story if this had been twenty years ago and just the difference that the the dollars that are being raised for cancer researcher making right now. Host -- -- -- -- you can see it in Europe hurt and so many individuals that. They didn't care who had been through three times and you'd be expensive they do make a big beaters shouldn't. -- Houston Texas and listened to all what -- going through some groupings are -- now but hopefully want help we -- on the road so called. Good the surgeries -- -- like her attitude changing your diet but eating habits you don't for our big Olympics. It'll cost them billions. Just to hear the advancements -- hospitals are out they listen to doctors. They incurred for the people that are going through undersea a bit. While it's a lot better do -- used to -- you'll probably go to people that you hear that our. I'll be initiated continue to be considered. Now Robert Roberts you know arguments about her about her real problem so many other people have been true that they needed to accuse -- The people that don't know what they you know what's going down on the wrong what's gonna happen down the road. Army urging more urgent conviction feel good if you eat up a champion the sort of war wouldn't take -- periodic cheer trumpeted by. Nowadays. A lot of people we care about are no longer be one of those who like -- guys talk about four. Well what will our dollar more from next month when I -- by tomorrow. Ought to figure -- if the chemotherapy and radiation and all that works so I used to say bumpers each and -- decade -- that it's on mark here is some good lord's will. We'll see what happens and go go from there. Georgia and you know we're thinking about you know we lobby and again I hope that you are and some way able to to feel the support. And the love of the millions of people across this country who admire what you and your family doing right now so. Best of luck best wishes and we'll look forward to talking you again -- thanks Jim we'll talk to somebody. The other guys thank you.

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