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7-15 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 4

Jul 15, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBS. -- Welcome to the New York's. If they got -- extreme conservatives they have no place in the State of New York no one -- with an assault rifle. And flew. His ball club. Tom hourly. Column in the went -- Now what everybody mountain range and -- could make -- welcome. It's live these local happen. All mobile. Looks like it's huge it's Tom hourly remember what happens in Vegas -- day except for -- And 930 W yeah. Ha -- It is our client is ready at 930 WB he and other holidays. These soliloquy I'm probably does come from some lower. The -- I can't Trace the genealogy -- can't Trace the source they just happen are at it -- joining -- the political question. I have for -- issues. The border crisis which of course the media are not being allowed access to cover in the most transparent administration in American history. Because as we established last week the Obama administration can't seal the borders what it wants to. It's just that the borders its chosen to seal. Involved. Media access. To the Obama disease centers known as where these illegals are being -- And it's even worse than I am able to give voice to. Those have you done at the right way. I wanna hear from you those of you with your eyes on the border. Do you think it is as big a deal as I do because I think the long range ramifications politically and socially. Will be enormous and I gotta tell you something folks. This is only the beginning. This is just the first trickle in the hole in the -- that's it the tidal wave is coming. So -- these are few things are on my mind if you did at the right way. I wanna find out about your travails and cost now let's get to meet first thing's first a meat is was born actually in India. And he took give a long hard way to legal American citizenship and a -- we don't wanna spend a lot of time on this but the last time we spoke of real concern about you because. You were really. Really killing young men. That's our guard down by you know -- the thing I know one policy my dad and me. I know you got to work our money the government you shouldn't government is too well not to take advantage -- but what's happening nowadays. That people are taking advantage though. What they can get a -- thing they re all of them pumping -- up to war. That's the biggest problem here. And I'm doing well I like to work. McDonald -- we -- -- Shelby wants the I -- it to them. -- myself. Eighteen year I was a grandma applied since like an uncle applied from here. I was. To war in 1990. Game I'm 32 now. -- it -- eighteen years to come but right. Beat ya and did that I think I mentioned like 14151000. Dollars when it comes to your wife would you like up the latest on your wife. Yeah big big first of all I'm in the US -- the US led them. Poll Iowa Greg got married in India based my wife -- she had to get a visa. So we got our leaves are. And then she wasn't about to come and then she was pregnant so we canceled. So the lead I cared so we had to -- -- we got to get to the right great we'll get a green card. So greeting card cost it's about 3500 hours -- so. -- and then -- -- you know doing everything right because. If people think it's easy to -- illegal it's not but it's the right way because you got to pay both garments and you know it's. I think you know this way we can block out every door after I'd read that Brenda Border Patrol showed up -- -- house. -- cents. Well -- yell. -- that you did it. Again though there here's the important point you did at the right way and a -- Let me get to a larger point you have skills to offer the body politic of the United States what are your skills other -- York -- -- addition and love of the -- show which I think should be a prerequisite for American citizenship. And zombie new hardware agreed to go up on the ropes we clean windows. I have guys that work for me. The new windows. But they know the problem you know anybody from India are coming -- anybody from Asia coming. Do not want to work hard they just saying that they didn't get into that system somehow. And they'll be cured for then you have an example right for -- -- wait a minute you're you're not telling me this people from India. And my people from Mexico. Doubling their. OK or for Central America because you know. -- -- as you well well the Indian community has welcomed me with open arms my friend Robby cyber wall and by the way I do not turn my back on my friends Robby is a friend and honored he's my friend. And I trust -- to the point where I would let him have a credit card and I know that everything he'd charge you would they be back for charging just so we're on the same page -- that I don't turn my back for Mike -- But the people I know from India are hard working usually there in the professions typically medicine or science. But that they think. -- the wired -- -- opening martyrs and a -- average VP. Our country without a -- is not a country. Our regrets might contention yes. While it's it's hard to get it from Canada that it's easier to walk from Mexico. -- US. Great. Well everybody has reported the right way. Up. Until August following along here. Well and the thing you know. That they did you know I have -- from every -- decked out water. Why. You've probably heard and you know you need to anytime you're dominant news regarding the guy -- guy that. Pray and pray that are well. Military guys got and president polite just walking or there might be against you left and right go to they don't have to get a life and do that. Well yeah you're you're talking about the case of one of our soldiers who. Who who inadvertently drove into Mexico because the border was not clearly -- he was on -- road taking him to Mexico. And at the time he was on that wrote it was not clearly marked it is now he informed the Mexican authorities when he was entering Mexico -- I have guns in the car and guess what. He ended up in prison. All at all and furthermore our noble president who was able to get the release of -- Birdsall who is a fellow traitor to America as far as I'm concerned. Couldn't give a rat's ass about the guy in Mexico -- rotting and languishing. In a flea bitten cockroach infested Mexican jail. Well once they're fairly do we Eric Bateman the thing is. People ordered and the second panel. On the other craving. You know when you -- you gotta think. Well unfortunately. You said something earlier about people wanting stuff without working for it and I must again turn to -- my colleague Rush Limbaugh who offered the single best analysis of the election of 2012 it's impossible to defeat Santa Claus. Yeah your right. That one down. All right I mean I'm honored that he called again and please don't late a year and a half between calls what you did last time. All right well because I worry about you you've been called for years they give vanish off the face of the earth. -- Obama granted. Well. I'm glad that didn't happen. Although you're ghost would have haunted me I know that you have to screwed up the transmission in my car -- -- you too well. Thanks amid budget called -- So thrilled I'm thirty start at 3180616. WB yep -- meet that passed me on the eight to ninety about that two years ago. And wanted to put me off -- You must ensure a fighter that divide realize it was a meat. Desmond my other friend who I'd probably see in traffic he would flip me off. And I would know exactly who Desmond is because he dresses and drastically. Here is Adam and -- port on that WB eve and Adam welcome to the -- early show talked to me about the border situation where do you consider to be a crisis for the ages as I do. It -- -- being it's it to but the that you probably going to -- and an -- Not people -- And there and other politician when namely political. Leak out this there and it's there. Will they can stop that and that's been stolen blue through and I think we analyze. But I'm really -- -- and it could appear in political follows. Talk you know how hard -- -- to communities become a citizen and and as it should be which can be easier than it was -- quite appropriate president but to get here. And that maybe would get -- and that was Lisa that's the only way. -- than that it was from ninety -- to look as -- An excerpt with a lot of people. It would it would -- and try to get their citizenship and that was one of the ways to do. Was to join the military. In opposite -- term outlook for two years forty years. This church and and you -- -- room. To a you know and a little distorted The Knesset out there are people at all. You are so -- brought that up before but I have a question for. How long -- -- you think we should make somebody serve before we offer them citizenship. I'm sure exactly who had. The exact route and do whatever before it -- like the government who is from Vietnam and he used. He's so good and of course -- like me it was a year term that the minimum term for the air force anyways. And he decided it was forty years in and this church. It he would definitely. To being citizen and not to look -- -- and skill in Atlanta history and our culture though Iguchi was. You know I think it might absolutely get you and what about social throughout the country in this group. And he was from where again. OK I -- I think that's great you know -- I think about that and I would say that if somebody wants to serve four years in one of our armed forces. I think that that person deserves. A lot of consideration. To be a citizen of the United States I don't have an issue with that I think that that is fair I think it is just I think it is reasonable. I also want to make sure that that person is going to have or will develop skills the down -- line will be a benefit to all of us. Which could be determined when they take the test you take when you go into the military so they can decide where you would best be assigned and they also tester IQ. Well let's look at a local lot of people take advantage of the -- -- -- -- ovarian and me that's that's a big thing so you know. So yes I think that's a really good -- I mean it it definitely proved. That the movie anyways and try to keep Leo Durocher temperaturewise final line for the country and you're going to be geared that what I'm pretty open alluded to a joint military medal. Amen you know I think yep that's come up before number open minded to that and plus I mean somebody has to think David Bell -- place. All right thank you very much and magical hi David how let's find out about traffic right now here is Allan Harris. -- well be cautious thank you very much -- be cautious by the 990 -- from the 290 you'll see the flashing lights and you know we had a situation about five years ago were in -- cop got hit by car. Somebody was heading the other way on the 990 and they were heading toward the bank in toward her toward the -- power. And that the topic god -- survived but that it was it was way aid to close for comfort now as far as AccuWeather is concerned. I I apologize for choosing to take the next three days off of work because. I am solely responsible for the crappy weather forecast its in store tonight and will be partly cloudy and cooler shower and a few spots 57 the -- Tomorrow some clouds some sun a cool breeze and a shower in seventy. -- guys sorry Thursday all pleasant partial sunshine a shower in spots in the afternoon. In the southern tier and high temperature 73 right now it is 73 at the news radio 930 now. UBE. -- a -- got that gag about this today but I -- we had a pre existing appointment. And I am trying to just trekked out his phone number which is somewhere in my a well it's up or -- have no access to it. And -- have to -- it during the break now the. Topics we'd been talking about. Involve the border. And I don't feel it restating all of the topics that we have gotten to so far but I will quickly in case you want to continue with them. The border situation why I believe it is such a big deal politically and socially news. The Democrat party is intentionally. Opening up our borders hoping to create a whole new base of no skill. Workers I'm sorry no skill not workers who will be voting Democrat. And mark my words ladies and gentlemen. They will be relocated they will be gerrymandered. In two states where they can make an electoral difference. This will be the outcome please keep my words in mind. They -- all -- stay in Texas they're not all gonna stay in California or Arizona or New Mexico. They will be strategically located by this regime in the areas where -- have a long term electoral different it's all about power. You must understand. And when I talk about socially. Folks. They wanna make this country Third World nation -- people in the White House who do not like America they hate America. And frankly at this point the emperor mr. Obama has no quotes and even. Black Americans his biggest support group. Are basically catching and now saying wait a minute. You're doing this for new commerce and you haven't done anything for the 40% black unemployment in urban America are you kidding me. So very are starting to see through the facade of this scam artist Barack Obama in -- good thing it's a stark. So is -- a big deal. Tell me what a -- -- was doing at the right way. And I'll throw a different questions after the news at 630 which is kind of up -- file question but. I think it's important to kind of a medical question you mind it. Joseph this is where it. A couple years. Ago this was not alive blue. And it's probably iPod because I think an important part of having your convertible the -- and frankly responsibility of having your convertible. Is the duty incumbent upon convertible owners to usher great music with your fellow gas -- I can sort of part and parcel of the convertible owning experience for those who don't know. Three on -- thirty is the phone numbers start at thirty on the cell phone 180616. WB and now. I don't know if technically I can call this a happy ending. But. I want to. See. If we can't get away. How important this you know important I think is -- stories. But I also be one trick -- Those of you were all the shows we did about that at -- The comes a point and I don't know when that point is because this is -- -- it is not a science. When people want something else when people believe. That when when people just would like a little variety. Like when your in the -- If all that was pasta and you didn't have -- meet. You -- If you -- me and one has admitted that its cattle up. But I have a question to which -- really want the answers and actually two questions. Two questions. Because. I wanna see if I can just be diverse. It's diversity -- -- -- -- they are right one other question much sleep do you need. And how much sleep you get them to take our calls now they had their chance I'm sorry it's a bit. I'm moving up. Out of it sounds mean but it's like and don't wait the last minute and I'm already use of the miles. Mine moved too quickly how much sleep do you meet. And how much sleep do you actually get. How much do you need and how much do you actually receipt. Because she is talking -- my boss before I came on the year to about eight phenomenon I've noticed. And I don't know if you are in the same boat as -- Are now common users -- my doctors about. In the summertime. I do not need the amount of sleep I need. In the wintertime. For example when I'm on vacation in Jamaica. I've probably sleep three hours a day. Now there may be other reasons why I only sleep three hours today involving recreation and fun but. Speaking -- it by and three hours today. In the summertime. I wouldn't recommend short term it's okay but in the summertime. Five hours. Now -- what I say five hours because that seems to be where my body is right now in the summer. Now maybe it's because of the sunlight. Maybe it's because I just happen to be more summer person that I am a winter person I really don't like winter I don't like single digit temperatures. I don't like walking outside feeling like fingers are gonna pull up any more than you do. And it may be part of it is that it could be light related it could be weather related. It could just be that in the summertime I find myself -- a -- remote. But do you need less sleep in the summertime. That you do in the wintertime. Because as I sat five hours. Here's what I've discovered late -- where we had a conversation with my idea with -- wants. My body. Ever since the warm weather started. Will fall asleep just fine I have zero issues for years. All right that I do it on the drive pulled frequently but. I don't actually do but. Zero issues falling as I'm like like -- now here's the issue. Staying. Asleep. Because what I've noticed ever since the weather has changed and wanna see -- this isn't about me this is about you developed by -- -- you admire both screwed up. But what I've noticed it is my body will wake up after maybe three or four hours. If by fall asleep one. I will wake up at four or five. Like OK time to get up my whole is pretty much sound for. An eight bomb. Providing I survived the blast could go off right outside my front door and I wouldn't -- I sleep very -- So I go -- drift right off the sleep. But usually. Three to four hours after I drift off. I wake up. And what happens is. I go back to where -- sleep. I shut my eyes. And I'm like OK you to sleep now. Tom you've got time to sleep. -- usually takes up 45 minutes to fall back asleep now please don't think that it's because I have a lot of my mind. Because. I don't I mean I do but bedtime is sleep time sleep time is relaxation time. Don't have an issue bifurcated between the work day and when it is time to relax. As is written in a crazy ass things and Pete Seeger wrote the song and the birds made it real popular to everything there is a season. And my body is fighting my body does not want. To sleep as much as I want to sleep. And I notice this is more the case in the summer that it is the winner in the wintertime baby I could probably sleep nine hours and be just fine. And by the way I would definitely not recommend trying to get by on one hour's sleep in the wintertime I tried that last what are. So now -- 030 victory is the phone number -- thirty on the cell phone 180616. WB ENN. How much sleep you need and how much do you actually get. Let's start off with that it's the other echoes because I think that in her with somebody used guys. Here is a Obama and I did say use guys intentionally here's Donna in north tunnel -- on the WB Ian Donald talked to me. Hi how many. I think that but for everybody ideology is so different yes and -- you are that the and again expect academy -- me. You are -- summer person you love this eighty plus degree weather and I can't even move and it. -- -- it's a well established fact that I am insane so let's just start with that premise. -- -- He said for me if I'm I am good to go. Incorporate the cooler -- for example that import as -- and but apologize. The real about it are you so much done now under fire public sleep during the summer. Because it is so hot I do not sleep well at all. Night. Are you kidding when the 79 victory with ninety degree 90% humidity out I get a lot of. My -- there's this tremendous invention. It's called air conditioner. Yes it is and when you have air conditioning and then you walked out into not in 1908 degree temperatures igniting -- -- -- You -- so much is that really not related. Where most it. Spider so much and you can become dehydrated. And that is the whole you know it's just the matter out of a person the geology of the -- in my side. I'd -- of all and the winter in the winter. I figured -- the or 5 o'clock in the morning and and I'm good to go all day long after -- Well I think go to bed earlier I tend to go to better around and when I like it before finally -- pretty you know tired but I maybe get a nine or ten. My goodness I won't depend upon watching if that we're doing something -- -- the the end of the day and then ought -- -- not I'm gonna click. And then I sleep and then but that -- get my body clock may actually wake me up that early. When in the wintertime. In the summertime when it's ninety degrees or some ridiculous. Use antibiotic that would be up at all I wake up and it'll be 11 o'clock in the morning. So role. What I hear you saying news even though you detest the heat you actually sleep better. Or just -- I don't sleep all lined up by about four I think the coldest time of the -- -- -- 345. And I am just for the sun comes up. I -- that cool breeze starts coming through. I'll sleep. And that I think better than at the temperature rises I wake up so I'd probably get about. Five hours sleep a day in the summer and I probably -- governor any debate about when I go to bed at night. What is your OK I have to ask you what is your ideal because in this -- I just don't don't linger about this before -- came on the here in the summertime I honestly think my ideal amount of sleep is five hours I think I'm. I think I'm trying to fight myself by trying to sleep more than five hours even though my doctor in the winter times that -- you got to sleep more. In the wintertime it really is nine hours I gotta get nine hours in the wintertime. So do you view -- as well. What I do vary as well but by what I am I think my set point is probably about between 78. And in in the wintertime my -- get I know and I get it right here tonight it's great what is in the summer I I might I might make -- seven hours but it's. Sporadic. But it closed down I get a -- when he stopped accurately. While all. That's very interesting that I have another question -- -- because. I'm so I have another question for you because I want I wonder what other people's experiences are with sleep. Because sleep I think it's just it's always been a fascinating thing to me I actually am not bored when doctor Dan -- start talking about sleep -- are one of the local neurologist who specializes in sleep disorders. Do you use white noise that sounds racist do you have a white noise source in the background whether it is a fan. Or whether it is you know the sound of crickets like what we hear from the white house with the American soldier in the Mexican prison. Is there white noise that helps you too -- fall asleep. No matter that again I don't want it it's in or any other Kenyan women in their collars of these very quick. I live in a horrible noisy area at 2 o'clock in the morning betraying the freight -- come through and though there aren't so loud it would wake the dead. And it happened again at 4 o'clock in the morning than it happens again at 615. Up for some reason in the wintertime it's -- out of loud I don't hear the only if it ever -- yapping -- -- -- awake at a house. Coming down the street. You know at 4 AM to clear the road. Summertime. You've got to be kidding how anybody -- seriously. I but that. Some of them like it does my not my daughter was born and raised here she never had a problem with the street noise and traffic noise or the train noise doesn't bother about human. What I want. Part of it -- nice quiet area. Well I before I let -- -- I will offer you some sage advice I would call this wisdom or just call this common practical sense yeah. When I replaced the windows in my hole and when I had it insulated. Basically my whole became bomb proof is part of sound -- thunderstorm. Could go. There could be a crack of doom kind of thundered directly over my hole and it would not wake me up at night. I am in the process right now in recent heavy duty in relation so if that helped. Well it doesn't matter because I've never -- -- sleep well in the summer and I always said I just I'm a winter person away and I was -- internally to person. Yeah Osborne of September and -- a summer person -- that makes cents. Hey thanks a lot I'm really happy to hear from me I appreciate -- put into the show. I actually wanna spend more time obviously this will be your final time I've just talk review this week talking about sleep but here's my question how much sleep do you need. How much sleep are you actually get. -- Do you need more or less in the summertime does it vary based on the season. Speaking of sleep do you leave the TV on when you sleep. The radio. Do you have a -- Do you have a source of white background noise to kind of draw a drought now says some of the ambient noises that take place in the neighborhood. I am curious about these things by the way we as a country run any -- of sleep deficit why do you think coffee sales are so high. People need caffeine buzz causing slick enough. And folks take it for me you need sleep. You do need sleep trust -- all three all right thirty how much sleep you need how much are you giving. And do you have certain sure fire things it will put you to sleep -- -- -- well yes I did pioneer sedation radio. 8030930. Start on thirty and 180616. WBBM. Your input. Talking about you or sleep. Which fascinates the -- Well yeah -- Sometimes what amazes me about my job and -- talk radio is sometimes it's the off the cuff stuff. That you really planning that really people are in two and lot of people wanted to show which obviously I don't have time to do now. But on. What you learn from loved ones that. In what was the big lesson what did you take away from. At some point I think it's a great topic at -- that you can be very helpful to a lot of people now. In the time we have left. If you guys wanna tell me how much sleep you're getting verses how -- you actually need. Be happy to take your call 8030930. Starlet thirty and 180616. WBBM. One of the things that I am very surprised by -- and the viewers well. How many people do you know. Who have to have a -- -- machine. Is if they are going to get quality sleep. They have to have their seat that they can't even spend the night with you. I'm not talking anything sleazy understand you know they don't feel like driving all of its -- they get thirty mile drive. But they say I I don't have a choice. You know arguable because we got to get to their -- that machine. Because it is stunning. The number of people probably you know them as well. You know who have sleep apnea. And what sleep apnea is. Is. It particularly. Affects people who are overweight. Especially when they try to sleep on their backs. And what happens is basically their throats close. It puts an enormous story on their heart. And it is thought that a lot of nocturnal. Heart attacks. Are actually caused by. Sleep apnea. Or at least it is a contributing factor. When people buy a heart attacks in their sleep. Because it takes such a hole on the body for those of you with these two bit machines when you don't have a seat that machine or if you have untreated sleep apnea. To actually struggled to get that next breath over and over again. That it basically kills -- I think one of the -- what are the things that has been very important is an increased awareness. Of sleep. Not a secret machines. And our Nebraska in the doctor us okay let me get this story. -- asleep at this thing you did and actually gonna get equality night's sleep he said trust me well. I believe in the Hollywood school when it comes to the word trust me and what it really means but. Do you ever what you went in for your sleep study way back when. And Baylor is sleep for awhile without your machine. And they woke you up they said here put this mask. And you were the mask. And you woke up after a couple of hours and you were just blown away. By the difference in how good you felt. What it definitely approach this in a future program I really do at a given enough time -- but I think sleep is sole important in your life. I want to thank you very much up for a couple of great shows this week governor -- on for a few days they planned time off I need to find ways and I need to go to my eyes and place. I knew where my eyes and places are going to so anyway thanks to John German drugs job calls relief that I as always thanks to Joseph Bieber and I believe you wish to. Very important words. This is the net result. Any wisdom I've ever -- No yourself. I.

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