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7-15 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

Jul 15, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And it's. I don't prefer taking administrative action. I'd rather -- permanent fixes. To -- issue we face certainly that's true on immigration. I've made that clear multiple times I would love nothing more. Then bipartisan legislation to pass the house the senate land on my desk so I can -- Wherever and whenever. I can take steps without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what I'm gonna do -- here. Com hourly and that's must be within 200 feet of the storm. Or Ichi. These life. -- -- It's local -- this it's Tom hourly cash in at a question and try to get this much this isn't the real caesar's palace wouldn't. These -- live here. -- now. And so on news radio 930. Everywhere and -- what he meant some personal things that a lot of confidence and listen -- first class W. Yeah its add match in the hangover before and -- from the hangover that's from the first one. By the way -- -- cracked me up and what what they sell first what I said you know -- -- This is like right up my Alley. You take pride because you're wondering in the fact that -- I can't enjoy it with equal gusto. Henry the fifth. Which is playing Shakespeare at the park by the way sure expert Delaware park and I strongly suggest you see I've not seen. Bring a flashlight with -- might bring bug -- as well but definitely bring a flashlight or download the flashlight app for -- -- -- -- -- walk -- -- pitch dark and there are a lot of -- goals and -- into which your feet and plunging and you don't need a broken ankle and out of here but we've got some excellent actors in buffalo we have a vibrant theater community we have some extraordinarily talented people. And I encourage you to -- support. The local theater community lot of great folks involved not many of them hate my guts because of false preconceived notions about. And what I stand for but that's OK I can deal with that what's educated. Suddenly they cover up. Of course the it has nothing to do with my desire to play Richard the second in Shakespeare at the parks production eventually. The history of king Richard the second. I've got a hair. One of my favorite characters. And I think it's one of the great under. Appreciated Shakespearean plays Richard the second it's a love story and more over folks it's a metaphor. Everybody thinks that if you have money. And power the suddenly life becomes a bowl which series you missed the point of life and you miss wisdom. And they get back to a market Cheektowaga. Wait. Scott and buffalo was telling about the two polish Brothers. Not to be confused with a five Chinese Brothers. And this personal story from your youth. Up Scott was totals about -- polish Brothers who came to the United States the right way they came to work for a trucking company they are two of his best drivers. And I must ask you Scott. How is there English how much did they speak when they came here and how are they doing with -- now. But it won't speak speak great now I mean maybe it's you know they they speak perfect English now they they they get into English what. When -- when it came about security and the onto a little while -- -- -- easily -- -- -- limited back home 48 before they -- -- but it would. In orchestra they assimilated you know they these were these were not -- who are who are demanding that we see. You know accommodate them they're like -- -- this attitude has always been or this is you know this is where we're coming here that unto -- -- you know like they. I think eight they did at the way. That -- generation at the way to our our grandparents and great grandparents came over. And he gave me no excuses they were not looking for a handout in the -- -- and -- -- And I become like she was it's one of my you know I I both in the and that's one of my. It's one of my prouder moments like that those are you know like I highly highly. And that Katrina and the need to work hard they took a -- throwing over the weekend. And now. Truck all week aren't good. -- so thank you write my hearings a little off today and I just had to make sure. Oh well the -- but there it's it's -- it's very it's very refreshing you know that it's as an example of how to do it. And I they they never they -- I figured these are not tie whatsoever but they're gonna come over here and -- you know. -- if there are any kind of that they make I went -- I I I highly doubt or any kind of assistance. And -- It's a very. It's very refreshing thing without a doubt. I am so happy to hear your story and I'm so happy they did at the right way and -- throw that things are working out. And moreover sir I'm just I'm thrilled that you made the point that my audience. And it. Myself. We welcome immigration. Just do it the right way. Were not set of folks were not racists were not haters we just pulled -- that a country -- their borders and an orderly process by which you legally enter what should be the greatest country on this planet. And Scott as somebody who has experience at with legal immigrants in this case from Poland when you. And those guys from Poland look at what's happening at our southern border right now under this America eating a rogue criminal regime. What do you think. Well it's it's it's very frustrating haven't spoke -- and gotten their opinions about it but I it's. It's really frustrating that and that does this thing I think about from my perspective as you know what if you know not not the kids of course that -- -- It needed and -- in the truck driving world there such a shortage of drivers around the country huge gigantic -- -- drivers around the country. That these people wanted to come into it right they would get work immediately some of the bigger companies out there I don't know -- I don't know the situation with the language barrier. But some of the bigger companies out there like the nationwide wanted a thousand struck what did the -- -- -- the world. They have their own school. Well UConn meaning you. If you don't have a commercial -- like they'll bring you in. And and they make you do what you do you -- them a year Alfred military thing what they they won't charge for the tuition for the schooling. If you come and drive for them for a year and -- -- at UCL and -- you have to have a skilled trade. And there is big gigantic shortage of drivers in this country that and that's not the only steal IBC wood just short there's there's sort of employees and it's if these people are you know if there was a way to do it right -- -- I have no idea you know actors. There's any kind of government cooperation on other end of it but there's so much work these people wanna do right to the time it. Amen brother amen thank you very much and glad you call. 8030 my authority. Here's a questions if you just got to do your card just got to work at five it's like it was partly -- okay. The situation at the border are you following is it a big paraphrase what a vice presidents at about health -- is that a big F -- deal. Because I think it is I think this story is huge it's monumental I think it is a game changing story. And the -- for locations of it are going to be long lasting enduring and frankly not good for America number two. Did you do it or loved one or friend do it that is to say come to the United States the right way. Because we welcome immigrants that's what this is about we don't welcome lawbreakers. That's what this is about. And I've -- the nation if you don't have borders. And try to get -- had been on the program today. And I get too detailed on this because people are gonna think that you know -- medication or something but. Which I don't just so you know I have a psychiatric clean bill of health probably am one of the most well adjusted people in the universe. But. I simply say that some really weird things that happened with communication involving me and Doug -- And he can back me up on this take it for what you want I really don't hear what to say about me. My sanity or lack thereof -- -- why am I -- reality news and all I can say is. What I just said. It's just not easy. Connecting -- -- sometimes. Because. It just isn't. That alike and say it is not -- it's not him and it's not me let's go to. Mark in -- the log on WB EN hello mark. Well I was sure. -- I would like strongly disagree with you about the border. -- Language culture borders. -- on. -- -- -- Yadda yadda -- you already shown -- when a parked you. That's important stuff language culture border that's important drug go somewhere else go play and NPR I don't want to here's Grayson -- for a WB yemenite. You know I'm open I mean need it and and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- before. And they just wanted to -- to a little bit about my story. I would love to hear my -- but first before you any further tell me whence you came. -- came in 1990. I'll look. I came from Peru America. Oh excellent -- got to hear about this usually people from here or go to perimeter to visit but now you are Peruvian living in the United States I've got to hear your story. Tell us about your shining path -- not a good word to use tell tell us about your pathway to citizenship. Well I think in the big -- if they couldn't have wrote that I don't really have that back to look BD at that point and they came to graduate school UWB. The studies for a for the BHP. And let -- -- European equipment he would do it because -- -- Many years. In the protests he got married to an American CDs and so that's a really -- team that. At -- defense here first then. No permanent residents. And then type years later I was able to become a -- defense. Well than I expected working and no this -- this story I'm getting the United States legally. But. What they wanted to let you know too is that. One of the few weeks to come from the United States can be really -- here it is but marry each. And there's definitely been -- -- thing. That for example many of my -- friends WV. Who that the Ph.D. We're not able to stay here because one being the visa expires. They got the need and believe they make FBI do you think maybe one of some of the best people who did well. Professional. But they have not able to say and that's one of the reasons why we need. The patent litigation reform but these smaller affair with people. When you say more fair to the people. I'm gonna need some clarification on this because. We do have an immigration system through which people can go to become legal residents of the United States than you did yours through marriage. All right. But I know people I mentioned this before right I'm very close to a lot of people in the Indian community is in the subcontinent India. And they've really welcomed me into their culture and into their lives and considerate a great honor to kind of be an honorary Indian. But I hear stories about them waiting 345. Years spending 10151000. Dollars. To bring loved ones over. -- elected to just hold on hold on please. Let's see. Went a little Borough -- over. And will be right with your credit just correctly. That I say little moment though -- for more correctly. The momentum. I thank you I'm learning I'm learning. All right -- -- all the other my dear let's go to traffic right now and in fluent English I think add AccuWeather partly cloudy cooler tonight a shower and a few spots 57 now I'll take off tomorrow Thursday Friday and I need to find my -- place -- enormous and places and I'll be enjoying at intervals of clouds and -- a cool breeze in the shower seventy. Right now holding its 73 degrees at WB yeah now let -- go back to grace and -- port originally from Peru. She is an American citizen she did at the right way through marriage. And grace before I get into. What you talked about as far as that your friends who wanna come here. Even being married to an American and gaining citizenship through bat and going through the naturalization process after you were married. Use two to 4000. Dollars the approximate price who had to -- A city built Ford thousand dollars is what they had to -- total. Okay and at that that's the price you paid for doing at the right way. Now when you see what's going on at the southern border now as somebody who ate dinner at the right way. -- has educated friends who cannot legally be in the United States without her going in line. What is your analysis of what's going on at the border where lawbreakers are rewarded. Well at the border first would you say that we need their borders that actually work well aren't they can. Movie. -- in this cool gun into the kind of guy who could not anticipate that's not working well. And all the love that they -- I don't think. Many of that people would be willing to come legally if there wasn't actually legal way to do it. People -- a couple of broken the -- people who company education. People who are willing and able to work. And that still full. They should be able to come but doesn't know when he actually it's not they -- -- -- and system is growing and requesting. There's really no way. The state here but for a first generation. Become -- That's basically. Right well I -- Canadians who would love to become American citizens I have no problem with that a Lester from new from land and then that changes the game entirely. Sir I work with a new feet and I have to breakers and ads are renowned again. But you understand also though as an educated woman. We cannot literally find room for everybody. Who wants to become an American citizen and that people who can't make -- contribution like yourself. Like those Ph.D.s they should go to the front of the line. They -- they -- but there is no wait for Penn State. When people finish. There's studies all the audiences they become engineers stopping in years you're an open ended this disclose in the country but. And just -- able to work here and do you need a political one here. I lost third. Is they get married. For the company's from the extent it came to a standard. They get a want to state that not many companies are going to be able to talk about them that they can't get turned me. Understood. Grace I I need to break I wanna thank you for becoming an American citizen I -- thank you for being such a fluent speaker of English. Because I assure you that if I ever moved to a Spanish speaking country priority number one for me would be to master Spanish. And I'm serious IE I I've worked that mica told -- Harris when my travel. I try to pick up as much Spanish as I possibly can and it's amazing what comes back to you when you're exposed to -- all the time. If you think that Bill Clinton went into the country. Indeed it is I force myself. Thank you so much I am honored to speak with the grace. -- about it. -- -- Actually -- dear friend of mine. For I mean from 34 years ago. Actually. Spent a lot of time in Peru as a high school student and just fell in love with Peru and -- club more importantly with the people of Peru and that was at a time when the shining path movement was well underway so that -- used to worry about urban. She's sentence. By 26 a WB. Is at 535 news radio 930 WBE. And hourly with you on the radio on a Tuesday if you're just joining us just a note just a programming note to is my last -- this week I am not going to be here. Wednesday Thursday or Friday. This was a pre planned. Vacation I'd had made arrangements to take time off before Ricci died. And as it turned out. Well it's. The timing is good the timing is good and you know I I think Gary you might be able to relate. To various in the in some small way. I mean please don't think that. The death of Rachel wells is the only death that I've ever experienced in my life because by no means. Is it or was it. I will tell you that. I had never been in position. Where I had been so close to somebody. For so long. And that. We had been in such constant communication. Right up until almost the -- she died. And bat was. The crusher. However. As the week has gone by. And this is this is me and this just where do what addicts. I always looked for and I I would encourage it does make sense to you keep this in mind for yourself. I encourage you to. When you lose somebody. Try to remind yourself that that person you loved and that loved you. Would not want you to go through life miserable. Would not want you to go when -- quarter and suck your well. That person would want you to Kerry and move on. Never forget it but moving up. Look I have closure -- I've never believed in closure. OK I think closure is the most overrated nonsensical term in the English language it's -- Well you know you -- to figures today there is a hole in my heart. Over Rachel wells that is never going to go way the acute pain. Is over. Every day last week -- confide in you I would wake up. I would walk outside. And I would cry. And it was very cathartic. It was very. Necessary. To the way I agree. And -- over the weekend. -- -- started to search for. Larger. Meetings and larger forces. And what got me through and again folks this news. Take this as wisdom if you'd like some of you already know Vista some review maybe you've never really thought this far ahead. But I am so happy. That there is nothing. I ever wanted to tell Rachel when she was alive. That I did not tell her. She knew I loved her. As a human being. She knew how much are respected her she knew how important she was in my life. Do you think I get my work password to anybody. Ricci. Yeah -- Richie was my. Overseer. Of my FaceBook page. When I was not in the country. So -- it to myself she was the person. She. Had a key. To the kingdom if you were. And I'm so thrilled. He's talking about the death of his best friend he's thrilled yes because. There was nothing left -- The only regret. And and this doesn't really count. The only thing that I wish she had no when she died. Was that at 1:40 PM. Right as she was passing out and the hospital there and was on the way. Rus Thompson sent me a text saying hey we're thinking about getting the conservative Terry in line on the ballot. Am I so wanted to text rapeseed but I knew that she was with their moms and pops so I didn't wanna bother her that part of it was like. OK to right center a text or do it because I'm sure she'd won a -- family or to hold off on. And I said but hold off -- And that's the only thing that was kind of a -- for a moment. But. I take great comfort. In -- and please folks if there's somebody in your life. That you love if there's somebody in your life who is important to you and you've never had the opportunity to tell them exactly what they mean to you. And exactly how they make your world in your life a better place. There is nothing would see. About telling a person how you feel nothing. And I take great solace and comfort. In knowing that she knew. The high regard. In which I -- And she held me. In the same high regard. We were in each other's heads and I know that that's kind of hard to wrap your hands around. Now but she's she was -- happily married woman don't miss understand we're misconstrue what Wednesday. She was happily married woman to a great guy who was totally cool with the fact that we were reference. We never hung out that it just just say you know. So wasn't like we're having an affair now know when. It was a mental it was a psychological. It was a spiritual it was an educational it was an idea board. I take great and this wrap this up because it's some -- like you're gonna lose somebody. And what I'm trying to do here is sure -- little little wisdom. Which I'm not entitled to do was a fifty year old. A thirty year old cannot shareware is the thirty year old doesn't have much. Now most of 850 year old what are the benefits of that is. When you share wisdom people give -- some credence because they know. You've been around the block a few times and I have been around the block quite a few times in -- more times than I can count. But. If there is somebody -- important to you. Make sure they know don't hold back. Nobody's gonna think Europe homosexual. If you tell a fellow man or woman how much loved them and what they mean -- you. Not that there's anything wrong with that by the way I know that that seems like you're cliche everybody has to say. Telling another man you love him as a person. Does not mean you wanna get his pants and a and I hope that were mature enough to accept that. Because that's where I try to live my life. And the other thing bad. I hope you will remember when somebody close to you dies. Is to try to find. And think about the reason. You were in that other person's life. Now. Rachel. Was my confidant. My idea board. My professor. My rabbi my priest. She was. Somebody who would tell me if you thought it was wrong. She would tell me if she thought it was right. And she was the most honest person and the most genuine person on a regular basis. I think have ever met. And I think what gives me great comfort that I know what gives me great comfort. Is knowing that there was nothing that was left unsaid between the two of its. End. My greatest. Some call -- pride I could use the word happiness. Over the death of Rachel wells my best friend. The pointer of the word conservative area. Is the fact that my role. In parts in Rachel's life. -- to share. Her work with you guys. See the back story. Of Rachel. I didn't mean to do this right now but I'm trying to not talk about this because I wanna cry all over you because I'm not try. I'm trying to share wisdom which you that you may find. Useful work at some future date. But the back story use for years. Rachel was in social media. Four years. She blocked four years. She came up with a opinions. And she didn't really have. That large an audience she had a devoted following but it wasn't a great way it wasn't a big. And what of it what are the things that I take great joy in that offers me a tremendous amount of comfort. Is knowing. That I exposed Rachel. Two people who ordinarily would not have heard of her that I was a conduit. Between her. And you guys. All right. And it is. -- put this delicately. That if there's a reason put it delicately. It is so nice to be able to share with you guys who listen. People I think. You would be turned on intellectual. So that was my role. Now. Just to wrap this up and put in a nice tidy -- for. As -- share the wisdom. Just remember the following. If there's someone in your life. Who is. That much in a bag of chips to you let them know. Don't let things go -- Number two. If the unexpected happens. You're gonna get hit with a -- grief do not let it get the better view. Okay you're gonna be set. But always remember the person who left -- Would want you to carry on. And number three try to find the affirmative value of your relationship. With that person. And you try to figure out. What an important person you were in their life as they were in yours. I don't know what move. To share those words of wisdom at this time. Other than. A need to. Halt police say something profound today wasn't political. Because this is real life baby this is real life. And so many of you. What we've done shows about hey your member of the funniest or best advice your mom or dad ever gave. So many if you say the following -- and I wish I had told my mom. I wish I had told my dad how much they meant to me when they were alive because now it's too late. So that is my wisdom for the day for you guys. And I know that somewhere out there somebody. Is being helped by this. And I know that somebody in the future will be helped by -- And I thank you for your open -- To my little preaching and homily of the day. Because there is more to life in politics but now. We get back to politics. And it's really political as much as it is involving the future of our country. And it has to do with the immigration the invasion crisis we have in America. And a lot of find out if that to you is the big story right now. Because I happen to believe that the story of the illegal. Civilians unarmed invasion of our border our territory. Is. Huge. Ramifications. Politically. And socially. Are enormous. And I wanna hear from those of you who either KB here by yourself legally. Or a family member you know you've -- married somebody get to bring them in legally. Or in the case of many of my friends from India -- to wait 567. Hours to do what the right way. I want your take on doing it the right way and how you feel about what's going on now in our southern border. And the larger issue the larger question I must ask you is. If you don't have borders can you really have a nation. And I feel very strong. About the fact that you need borders if you're gonna have a nation because otherwise when you pledge allegiance is -- exactly to what are you. -- -- pledging allegiance. A question to be asked. Don't three don't like thirty years before number 8030930. Start I thirty on the cell phone and 180616. WB yet. All right and a few -- my bad it has died. Not the first time -- don't worry about that. As part myself a vital long time ago I just haven't realized yet AccuWeather partly cloudy and cooler shower and a few spots overnight low 57 tomorrow some clouds some sun -- cool breeze with a shot -- -- -- -- be about 73 degrees at that news radio 930 WBBM. All right got an email and I've got some text messages from friends of mine wanting me to put what I just said in that segment that we just did in two words and posted on FaceBook. Even though technically I'll -- off at 7 o'clock tonight for a few days I will do -- And I frankly am deeply honored to those. Who found comfort and solace. In your life. From what I said thank you it means something to have one's wisdom appreciated by others. I I like being able to help people honestly. Here is up at all actually first this is a meat in Rockport are -- in Amherst at a meat is one of those guys from India who did the right way. And he has so pharmacy at last word you spoke like. 141000. Dollars trying to get your wife at the United States legally on meets. -- -- -- -- -- I am five and I'm just gonna warn you that. Work we're gonna take your full call following the news at six but among the things I wanna ask you are number one. Your health which I know got beaten up pretty badly over the winter because you need money to pay. The legal these and you can't make money if you -- feeling well so we got to do a quick coverage of bat and I also need to find out. Where your wife is standing right now and how she and you both feel about this carte Blanche. Erica that's happening at our southern borders I was hoping you'd call a meat. So yeah. All right well you don't go you don't go on the you don't go anywhere because you are one of those people from the subcontinent was welcomed me into the Indian community and I don't forget my friends. Well I do player of the money.

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