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7-15 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

Jul 15, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB yes it's the. The fact he has yet Ford dead Americans with -- -- protest it was because of guys out for a walk when I decide they don't kill some Americans. What difference at this point does detonate. If you've got health -- already. Then you can keep your plan if you are satisfied with a I'm -- and I don't know I didn't put. -- -- People know and it's live it's local and -- It's com hourly -- a -- I -- that the news radio. It is at ten minutes after four Israel at thirty WBD. And welcome to the show it's the Tuesday edition I am going to be taken -- few -- a few days off here at the -- the weeks and others like my Friday but. I haven't taken vacation time on mosques. For quite some time actually and it'll be good frankly just takes some time away. This time was actually planned. Before Ricci died and I'm glad I'm with a by the way just in case. People wanted to know and there are a funny story real quickly before you put the Mike in west Seneca. You know Rachel holt and -- what I talk of original talking about Rachel wells who. Was my best round. And who died down just over a week ago the founder of the conservative aryan movement the one who invented the word. And she did not believe in coincidences. And I get goosebumps. Thinking about what about the failure. Folks as you know I'm very fond of forest lawn cemetery it is one of my zen places fourth law. We have a family plot. In section 26 it's a section where there are two big crosses. One of the quarters and that is kind of the landmark for which we look when we're going to our great great grandparents grapes. And that section 26. And I took a look at them apple force one today. And Rachel is in section 31. And you're saying so what Tom -- section 31 there no we're Gary each other now Rachel is right across. From my spam. OK first of all those floods a big place. Secondly the idea that I can throw a rock. And hit Rachel's grave from my ancestors graves. I take comfort that kind of stuff. I'm sorry but I don't. And it's just it's just got to freaky at all just thought I'd make mention of a small world. There's a show -- itself do you believe in coincidences I've done until we keep pictures. -- when people use Kawika. Because there are coincidences. I think all the Rachel didn't believe in coincidences you always look for larger -- and larger voices larger forces. Let's go to Mike again in -- west Seneca. Who wants to tell us about what a giant pain in the wrecked and -- to legally. Marry a woman from Russia which has got to go Mike because every day my inbox is full. With millions of Russian women who want to meet meet and only an eight. As well as Chinese women Filipino women etc. but mostly Russian women along with the Ashley Madison chicks anyway you're on WB yeah. Oh. Yeah I. I don't like using the word because. I get the figure I've yet to come to a determination in my own mind as to whether there really -- -- sentences or whether there are larger metaphor is amongst the creative powers of the universe that simply exist to reminders that all is going as -- -- ago. And it's just too deep to get into at a Tuesday right now but let's let your mind with your wife. Well and and Utah America that I am a program or direction the first record you used the expression. Spring horse -- and I -- sometime today you'll feel. Executed -- stay away all the you can. Well unfortunately sir it's a day late and a dollar short we are in the middle of summer right now afraid -- gonna have to wait until next may or June to hear me officially declared the official springing -- split. Here's here's -- called. About one week ago. I was upset after hearing all the news again and again and again about immigration -- All I -- I have no idea how to use Twitter I started at Twitter page a week ago. All. Picture or whatever the word used to describe what which already I was hoping there are encouraged to run for president. But. I'm not you got me curious whom where you -- encouraging. -- OK I just have two words Romney care but that being said go ahead. I get over 300 followers Michael computer opponent -- -- that I saw that earlier today talks. And people from around her but -- -- actually air for up but that's. That's that's good but I -- well I was talking about immigration debate sort of all I'm glad I got true because. I've been married for twelve years my waking for Russia. Follow all of the steps legally which news you can come here. For ninety days maximum. And be married to an America that mean. Or if people back. He controls -- and bring. Bring your right here again. I'm a different either but we got a direct way and within ninety days. We were very happily married now. And after April up the bulk of the dollars to pay for that government which I -- that's just we thought that's how it works. All -- -- older people who work. It was thought process of a number of years. And aren't what should -- -- rule the processing. And things started to look pretty quickly in terms. C'mon in to the federal building don't tell -- an interview. And then. Think you'll go all will get picked Q&A. Few weeks later you get another letter okay I've used successfully. That interview now work on every component or. I apps and learn about these. Government and have another meeting with the immigration officer. So just just to be clear you were married -- or at this point but at this point she did not have poll American citizenship although she wants to watch. That's -- After so many years in the country -- 11. Year -- yours and other callers. -- correct numbered years. -- over years of being. Six months. -- 00. Swearing all. That. It was terrible. Where. Did the right way while local channels in the and all all people like. To be able to. Their. Allegiance. And let me let me ask your -- bottom line. How much money did you end up paying Uncle Sam in order to officially make your wife an American citizen how many thousands of dollars did you spent. Approaching and well or something like best but between it's really figure. Between four hours -- back to do with the right way. At least support. So as far as your wife is concerned when she sees what's going on right now our southern border which show was encouraged aided and abetted by eight. Our current president. And we even see people. On the right like a certain talk show host who shall go nameless because -- divorced him. Bringing hot meals and Teddy bears to lawbreakers thus aiding and abetting these civilian invasion of the country he claims to love what do you think. We'll keep you for -- what does -- think I believe and together we're in agreement at something appears to be well. We. Even people who are supporters of the president -- be our growth for their contrarian view like outside of facts well you know those people. Who usually stick up for -- at -- said. We see from what I understand. Something that's going on without. If you don't you don't they don't agree with what's going -- We we just cannot think maybe it'll release some sort of capital that it is -- looking because it's just. It's also the new order is now at the Gulf of Mexico and -- very apparent that the that from new but I think that's that's what he's thinking. That you think you're border now starts as well artifacts. Take your pick up wallpaper with -- -- Because there's about a four the wallpaper is now coming up Barack Obama. And people are now seeing that hatred for the United States this man has had all along. And the wallpaper. His facade. Is slipping away. And I folks are a look I full office. I. I really -- people call and tell me hey you know you're you're you're you're just not catching up as fast as as we are. And I tried my best to not believe that a president of the United States could actually be guy who hated America. And then this was the clincher this was the closure. Everything Dinesh D'Souza said in his I Obama's America 2016. It just it hit me like a ton of bricks only somebody who despises America would allow what's taking place now to be happening. Well do you find that your numbers are audience members are up because urged its current but he it's a around the water cooler around America think the blow everybody's talking about. -- honestly we don't. -- I only get the numbers like four times a year and to be brutally honest with you if you know me well enough and I've said this on the year I don't worry about my ratings because I never you know what I don't do dances around the street if -- great book -- to -- wanna hang myself of the numbers are quite where we want them to -- ratings are ratings and -- ratings and I don't I honestly it doesn't it doesn't matter you -- -- so I don't know if that makes any sense yes it's our bread and butter. But if you start think him that you're gods gift if you get a great book. And you start thinking that you are a piece of crap if you lousy book you're in the wrong business. Well at least there's agreement. Subject. People upset. Did in my answers surprised you or it's the order -- racial or. -- To the extent that you married her and she became a permanent resident. Because some of the people -- spoken for from India head pre existing marriages and try to get a spot of skin from India. Whether they've been married in India for example is not the easiest thing in the world to do. But I'm glad you would call it thank you so much. I'd love to hear from legal immigrants and your family's cars against folks. Nobody in this audience I know of anyway is anti immigrant that's not the conservative area viewpoint. The conservatory in -- point is we are an all star team and we have the right. To pick and choose those who can make a contribution to our country and to allow a limited number of people who. Basically are politically tortured poll. Now whether we're gonna find much respite in the future US amateur -- is Tuesday. And by the way wanna make a reference to a couple of things number one every show I do every -- city beach does all of our newsmaker interviews. May be heard at WB EN dot -- so we have kind of adapted to visa to this Internet thing. And you can check us out to any time every show and also our cash contest. Is continuing on WB -- the 1000. Dollar cash code it. Here's how it works we give me the chance to win 1000 dollars all simply by knowing the code word we give you at 7 AM. 11 AM. 2 PM. And five -- and once I say that work around 5 o'clock you can text the code word. 2728. 81 at 72881. And again the code word boy you're gonna feel it a secret agent man the code word will be given. -- second Susan roses -- Buffalo's early news at 73 sandy beach you show -- eleventh during rush get to and then with me at five. And that -- I can think of some good uses were -- a thousand dollars. You know like by hot meals and -- Beers for illegal lawbreakers its port 23 at news radio 930 WB EEN. -- -- master control John sure manager call screener at a couple of things here on my agenda. And I've got some silly stuff too because I sometimes don't know the summertime what you guys are in two and what is up -- you to tears. And obviously I wanna talk about what interests you. There are sometimes I will be self indulgent but usually it's about -- And usually are on the same page about what we find interest and I got two things right now number one why do you think the president's poll numbers have tanked. Barack Obama is now considered the worst president since World War II. I wanna know why I happen -- think it's because the wallpaper. Is coming away from him. And what you were seeing underneath the wallpaper. Is a very ugly shade. -- -- Ugly pre disposed to hate America individual exactly the kind of guy -- to -- told us he was in his first movie I have yet to see America which is playing now. But Obama's America 2016 and I should have opened a lot of eyes. So I think that's a big reason let's put it this way folks. Obama's core supporters. In the black community more and more coming out saying. This is going to hurt costs. We are going to be affected by various. I'm ever saying something for so out of that about two weeks ago we started talking about the story. So why do you think Obama is the least popular president since World War II. Number one and number two -- for people who immigrated to the United States but who did it. The legal way. You know. Big big -- -- for you know the older I get the more appreciation I have for George Harrison. Beyond The Beatles I just so you know. It is now you're -- -- loves it when I play within you without you from sergeant pepper -- it resonates with him touches his -- I can -- Anyway -- is 433 cities on your way nine to new WBM with always outstanding programming and that that I can't help them K Beck. Is -- ran for office he's not running for office now so he was on the error and every Friday of course I would mr. -- the movie show with sort of a -- And I cannot recommend it listening to sandy beach enough. Now sitting by himself is just great. When he does the movie show I think it's always must listen because I don't like wasted my money at the movies anymore. For crappy movies you know I mean I've got HBO and Cinemax and the man there's a lot of great movies ever sought the theater. And there's a lot of great movies I saw the that are that I like to watch again on the like. Well hard hitting intellectual movies what they want to say. Like the hangover three. You're -- forty year old son who answered well I'm 420. So you know the only reason the two rap scene of a hang over three work is it was such an obvious computer generated -- otherwise it would -- But anyway it out of your familiar with the movie does that there's three movies hang over. The bag over to pay over three just brain dead funny as hell. Am I also what are might you. If you're like the movies and again this is tough for me folks because Jim Carrey did -- anti gun video. John Kerry however also is a star of one of all time favorite movies. The deeply intellectual dumb and dumber along with Jeff Daniels. And Jeff Daniels and I know I talked about this last week he played general Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain then a colonel. In the Gettysburg at little round top editors are so hard for me to reconcile watching the same. I from that's all -- team. In dumb and dumber leaving the twentieth may have it in the swing like a hand is down a little round top team. I almost find it impossible to do. But anyway. Those of you -- a marginal interest in history who often heard me speak of Gettysburg I strongly recommend the movie. I if I cannot recommend enough I think it is the best civil war movie ever made. And that is saying a lot now Murphy. I don't know how we started talking about there's but it. My show and I'm entitled to diversions. Because you listen to me for a few minutes ago learned something -- Seven if you just learn -- guys are real -- out that's what I'd at least its new lord to for a result the already suspected but -- Murphy was in World War II hero. He was five foot 55 foot six. By the way which -- -- say. Because people make assumptions about shorter men in Albion wimps and all that kind of stuff and they're not necessarily true they're short of a short. Anyway -- Murphy was a major hero in the Second World War and I have news for -- Murphy was one hell of an actor. And he did he play the -- In the red badge of courage. Which is also an amazing. Civil war movie which goes back forty. Or 45 years and I suggest that one. But in terms of something to which I think you're going to be able to relate even though it takes like three hours. Definitely Gettysburg with Jeff Daniels is it's an absolute must Tom Beringer is that a whole bunch of other names. Not Charlie Sheen what I'll always do. But anyway known that Mark Miller he was an Adam 12. Anyway I check it out when -- of the jets now -- a couple of things on my agenda today hopefully you'll have an interesting number one. The invasion at our border continues and frankly we ain't seen nothing yet. I wanna remind you. Those who view who just -- that. I talked to -- myself talk. And that I have all kinds of weird theories in weird ideas on life. I always like to tell you that I was more correct than 99% of the political pollsters weren't predicting the outcome of the 2012 election. Because it literally went through it's state by state and in contentious states county by county. And my prediction was I think the second most accurate prediction I'm aware of in the entire country heading in -- 2012 that I do takes pride in the guess that is one guy using my noodle. My logic my common sense to come up with what I believe to be the most rational result. But I told you last week the week before and the week before that that everything -- -- at the border right now is -- -- that. See this is just the trickle this is just the proverbial hole in the dike dignity. This is just that that the trickle that is starting which will become a raging river which will become an ocean which will become a tsunami. In the words of Bachman turner overdrive you ain't seen nothing yet this is only the beginning Chicago. Anyway. Is this the most interesting topic to you. The illegal invasion of our country. Because. I think it is. Probably going to be the most important news story of the year for many reasons. And folks it pains me to -- Davis. Do you think for a minute. Now here's your work if you're a liberal first of all I have nothing against liberals. What do you think about the against liberals I've explained this before. Conservative arrogance and liberals can agree. On a lot. If you love the United States and wanna see the United States succeed. I welcome classical American liberals of the deep -- stripe or conserve its aryan movement. What we have on the White House right now I don't like saying it it it's not something that dragged gives me ward are right I don't likes it. The -- we have the White House right now is a trader. The man we have in the right in the White House right now is committing treason. The man we have in the White House right now. Is a person who genuinely. Hates America. He hates the idea is upon which we were founded. He has never reconciled himself to the fact that this country engaged in a bitter bloody Havoc causing civil war in which one million Americans died. And that XP -- the guilt of slavery. Not to mention the fact that most southerners never even. Saw her in the never even owned any slaves look. I think you know me well enough to know how much I hate the test slavery I mean I agreement but -- explained that's just that's a no brainer. -- -- But Obama. He's never gotten over. Despite the fact that. His ancestors were part of the United States when slavery was taking place at least as black ancestors. Were so it's. At least not the United States. My ancestors were more likely to have been slaves in the US -- it -- But he's a guy who looks at America and -- all of her faults in very little of forgot. And I told you guys at this has been a recurring thing about the show. When somebody uses the word fundamentally. Change fundamentally change you have to pay attention. Because and I know the use this example a lot but some people were away last week and they did not hear the brilliance. Obama's he wants the fundamentally change the United States would be like the Los Angeles Kings say. We should really try to be more likely ask your sabres were the patriots saying we should really try to emulate the model setup by the Buffalo Bills over the past ten years it doesn't make any cents. But that is driven by this giant chip he has on his shoulder. I tried to believe that that was not true. Of an American president. But I now believe that that is the only. And that is the inescapable and that is that tragic conclusion that logic and facts must point me to. I have a question for you that it's gotta tie it up and all the -- And it would seem to be a no brainer but I have to ask you. Can you have a nation. Without borders. Would you like to explain to me how exactly that would work. How is it possible to have a nation without borders. I'm gonna return to that in just a moment if you're just join yours. What I wanna talk to you guys about today is. Is this a crisis on the border are you pay attention to. What do you make of 8030930. It's 8030930. Start at thirty -- cell phone 180616. WB yet. Are you paying attention to it is this an important story -- that is why. What makes this an important story because I will outline why I believe that it is the most important story of the year possibly. One of the most important stories in terms of its war -- ramifications for this country. Number two. The issue. -- you have -- nation without borders. Which I will return to because I also wanna find out in case anybody thanks. That I or my audience or members of the conservatory and movement are anti immigrant you don't listen. And you don't understand. That the conservative -- movement is a movement of love and tolerance it is not a movement of -- And I'm gonna repeat that as often as I have to because I'm not gonna make the mistake the Republicans made all those years ago. -- basically. Laying back with Q so at liberty and -- the Democrats to -- them philosophically at the paint them as something they were not now all the Republican Party is dead rotting decomposing. Okay and it smells like something is rotting and decomposing in July. Which isn't pretty. You know it's like the people on the neighborhood on the first 48 Tuesday. You know with -- up and kind of funny we just were sure wanna. That's why we think to myself there is no mistaking that smell what the hell would you think people. But that's another story altogether. I'm a wanna hear from those of you did at the right way. Because. Again how many times must I say. We welcome immigrants. How many times before it sinks into the regressive laughs yet. We welcome immigrants. This country is in a position. To have an all star team and we have the right and we have the duty to our fellow citizens our government has the duty to us to make sure. That the people who come here who do so legally. Are gonna be contributing members of our nation. They are going to make sure that they continue and all star mentality and not a Buffalo Bill or buffalo sabre mentality. That the United States has the right and the ability to cherry pick the best and the brightest. So we welcome immigrants and also leave some room for those who are genuinely oppressed by governments apple. My fear being bet within the next twenty years -- simply going to find oppression in red white and blue which is no. Different or better that oppression and -- Are right. And finally as -- -- incidents and again folks all of these topics are kind of trending in the same direction. And offices to revenue for your Tuesday July. But. Can you genuinely have a nation. If you don't have borders and ice -- absolutely. Not. And for those again I realized last week was a big vacation week for many viewers on the -- on Sunday. Folks. When you -- a whole. Why do you do a survey of the property you're buying -- they want. Simple you gotta know what's yours. And what's your neighbors. I get to know what's mine I got to know what is my neighbor Bruce's. I got to know what's -- I got to know what might what is my neighbor Bob answers. I -- know exactly what I all -- For what I -- pay. That's why I want the survey done and that's also why do the title search. You wanna make sure that what you're buying is actually available for sale of the person from what you're buying it actually got the -- Okay and hurt. So -- an hour every day real estate lives we recognize as a foundation of owning property. And property rights that to all the real property which is land sometimes it's developed sometimes it is not. To all real property it is incumbent upon you. The buyer to know exactly what it is you're buying. Furthermore let's extend this out to the macro level. I've said this so many times and it has to be said again and again folks realize a lot area were away last week on vacation. Where you read the peace treaties this country assigned. To end the various wars in which we have engaged whether it was the revolution whether it was were BT twelve the Mexican American war. I don't care. The major components of those treaties and Paul did Olivier -- Bob borders. This is what Mexico all loans this is what the United States all -- This is what England owns this is what America all -- you read the peace treaties you'll find I am not smoking crack. I know of what I speak why it because I'm the geek on Friday night who opens up Harvard classics. America historical documents 1909. I read those things. That's why I knew that Thomas Jefferson took a lot of the declaration of independence or at least a lot of these questions from a from the Mecklenburg declaration. Because that's part of my job to be your geek on your bitch on your -- OK what I do. In a -- help your understanding of history the way I communicated in every day terms that I've done my job. But -- AJ you -- -- -- a country you can have given nation unless you have borders otherwise -- What do you have you have chaos. You have shelves -- now you have chaos. 803 all right third start at thirty other soulful. 180616. WB yet. You paid attention to what's going on at the border what do you think of did you get here or your loved one get here the right way tell me what a giant pain in the but it was. And can you have a nation without borders. You see where this is going right -- 8030 my thirtieth news radio 930 WB yen it is hourly. And stand by because we're gonna get that cold for the cash code for that 1000 bucks real soon -- -- yourself. Well the computer didn't fire that's Helen -- the computer blocked the roads are responsible for that they give you crap to work where it doesn't work we will love -- That's all that matters I love you Joseph Bieber and I love you John -- Arab ever. Well I do John you know that I don't often call people my -- But I call you my -- End there's that. All right let's he loves it when -- say that invokes -- your fan of deadwood I stole that from elsewhere in June. And it just has come -- become part of my repertory try to use the expression once today. And I five people around me doing get to. And it's just a riot so others that are let's go to Scott in buffalo on the WB and Scott you were on hello. I thank you don't wanna share a story -- you about a about a couple guys you know but I don't personally. Who would get it right. Immigration so all of a common equity with a trucking business and I do like you must -- a couple drivers we have two Brothers from Poland. One of them came over. I'll be back in the in the in them in the late nineties -- brother came juniors later. And it's. These are guys that in New York City where they are loading it right in but he. -- did it on human kind of directs them in but in the right direction and it happened buffalo -- ignite it or not noble thing. Well that's the right direction if you're polish you got two great choices buffalo and Chicago. Milwaukee took. It. But -- what's up stereotyped. All right but the come to a debate site we and and one guy go abroad abroad as other brother in and trained -- it -- only do that that. But -- with -- in the truck for six months -- on the whole thing. And they become to a -- -- and then he told the about it naturalized last year even driving force for. Situations. And these these -- These are two guys into an area that you and I have an acute and they're so it could be years there and here. And on it's if it's in -- clear to a write it. -- particular. I would be honored not city PH one of the high points this Andy's career you can tell I ever great. Deal of respect for sandy beach and what are the high points of his career was when he had a chance to do be welcome to America's speech before a bunch of recently. Naturalized American citizens I would love to do that I would wave by 5000 dollar speaking -- to do. I just got to work in the 5000 dollar speaking Pete part just in case and if you put the hire me. I'll hold it like to talk to more okay Scott if you want it to be good if you are all well. If I love to hear about stories people who did at the right way find programs appropriate depending on the group itself for 55. Cash is proffered at news radio 930 WB. Eat and.

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