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7-15 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

Jul 15, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WES. It's. Yes they broke the law but it's not a felony. It's kind of -- it's it's it's so it's a it's an act of love it's an act of commitment to your family. It's Tom -- It's live. He's a local park. Being -- Third yeah. Yeah half. Not being heard Tom hourly. Effects. On news radio 930 hey everybody happy and you can fire -- showed up. Okay yeah. OK okay you better double -- David. Bob let -- one of the things that is a great great great great great -- And two well. If there really a lesson but it's a great re iteration of the fact that people who are progresses people were on the left. Are some of the most miserable. Angry classless. Skull here's. Mean all our product. Clue it's broad Jones. On the face of the planet. May be found it. On FaceBook I am totally convinced of the left in this country ladies and gentlemen. They don't lose well. They can't even win well it I think of when a big about the left in America or maybe some of your members the -- after Obama won in -- 2008 and 2012. They were getting hard. Calling my show to say. Act like a bunch of five funerals that mentality. Seriously. They are truly the most. Better devoid of humor devoid of any grace and class kind of people in the not universe -- editor of people. I don't want she was a listener OK I I I I -- I I don't need -- I don't want you I don't tear. I'd rather have let's see I'd rather have one listener. And had to be somebody who's cool and have a whole bunch of frankly people on the left who I really don't want listening anyway. The only thing that's affirmative about a for me is the idea at bat at least. I know. Bet I am living in their brains at least I know that they have actually taken moments out of their day. To write their screens a big -- all of -- and at least you know what they have a bogey men in their life. So I guess if there's that. There is that purpose to be served I guess that one could turn that into an affirmative or in 28 positive experience but we have so many things into which I would like to bell this morning and the let's start off with the idiot more. We've got to the White House right now actually I'm being a big two -- and he's not an idiot I hold on I just log on FaceBook again and I do not like to leave myself -- -- the because that leads to all kinds of issues like people coming in here after -- go on and putting things on my FaceBook page that I didn't write. It would be the same thing. I -- this -- -- -- and John Germans FaceBook page was out. I would be soul all over it's time for me to come out of the closet I'm in love with Tom -- time for gonna come out of the closet. Joseph -- and I have a relationship I would do so many things insurance FaceBook page it really isn't money. Because I do have a sense of humor and I do have the mentality roughly a great. Of twelve -- But anyway. He's not done talking about the president he's not stupid he is current but he's not -- he's not inept he's brilliant. Because he is executing the execution. Of the United States. In almost as flawless a manner as anybody possibly. Could. And there's something to be said for that you realize that this president has managed to fool most of the people most of the time. You realize that for six years. -- this man big -- -- White House the overwhelming majority of Americans supported this guy and what he stood for. You realize that right maybe obamacare. But he was able -- that down our throat because of people like the much venerated in the Buffalo News Brian Higgins. Who when it -- to Obama here he couldn't give a rat's ass what you had to say about Obama here he had his fingers up Nancy Pelosi skirt. And you don't want as much as I am quite fond of having my hands in the same position. Nancy Pelosi is where I would draw the line seriously that would definitely be a deal breaker for me right -- have my hands of Brian Higgins the man -- to visit to put into perspective for -- okay good. Now. The impeach work has come. And what the -- August 2 hard. Love. Of. What are they are really sick and tired. Is people say -- top Republicans can't afford to start making waves against Obama now. Because 2068. You know the election is coming up with a 2014 the Mets -- the Republicans can't afford to take a stand against Obama -- because they're going to be that is racist they're going to be -- it as a living in 9800. Okay and that's going to be different hollow exactly some of you people are so stupid. That's really what I can use stupid. They -- might be a better word do you honestly believe. That the Democrats are gonna give brownie points. Brownie points is that racist. Do you honestly believe the Democrats are gonna get brownie points for the Republicans. For not going after Obama with -- impeachment in 2014. If you do you're probably the same kind of person who tells me -- you should really rejoin the Republican Party you've got to change it from within -- Really and you probably believe George major is quick to say you spend more time -- spam which in forty years is enough. Really George -- do this for thirty years. Except we don't get the golden parachute pension in radio. This like -- me -- and I say I accept that I embrace it it is what it is your life you don't walk away. Twenty years power like that there's something deeper there. Sorry but there it is you just don't walk away from. Now this president. It's just been. Utterly. He has been treated with kid gloves by the Republicans. I want you tell me what good. What good has come to the Republicans. From their gentle handling of these so called first black president in American history. Tell me what good has come a vet because all I heard the Democrats say about Republicans and please before I go any further. Just we just keep something in mind I'm not a Republican let's just say that again I have not been any Republican for almost ten years now. I am. Absolutely positively not a Republican I think Karl Rove is huge -- I thought -- ass of himself on election night in 2012 when they were talking about the numbers from geez was that was at Ohio. It was Ohio. It could have been Michigan but it doesn't really matter. Because Karl Rove was all these things never just give you right I I really got to disagree with what your fox statisticians percent and the actually brought to us it actually went down to the fox statisticians to show Carl were all exactly how long he wants. And guys like Karl Rove are a big part of the reason why I'm a Republican. Because I honestly think I have said this before folks it's a dead party you might as will be awake. Well we'll talk. Don't understand that if you start talking about third parties to -- noticed that if you start talking this way about the Republicans are just opening the door for the Democrats. And my answer is pretty simple and I don't care if you'll like it or you don't like it. This is my answer and dammit I'll go to this stuff. I'm better at this stuff the most of the people are you see on fox TV I was a lot more accurate about the 2012 presidential election than 90% of the people you saw on TV. So don't -- we don't know what I'm talking about. The Republican Party is only the Republican part of it is only the Democrat party of twenty years ago that's what the Republican Party is to the Democrat party of twenty years ago now calls itself the Republican Party. Okay now so what do you do. What what what is it what is a person like you to do. Well first of all quit donating to the Republican Party. Quit feeding the beast don't do it. Be open the two candidates from third parties. Whether they be libertarian or maybe eventually when the conservative aryan movement gets on the ballot eventually hopefully that'll happen at some point. It will be great money it will be great minds that will be people who knew who know how to navigate the system. But that's where the future is for people who believe as you and I do. Because I wanted to say something and I've talked to young people about this after -- young people about -- after up to them to get up and -- folks. The young people kind of today. Who want to be conservatives. Who look at Obama. And the -- Of destruction he has created. In his six years in office but not. Going to be William F Buckley conservatives at least not the stereotypical how you might think of William F Buckley. They're not going to be debt. They may be high and ran conservatives. They may be electric call conservative area it's gonna gonna newswires were your folks and you might not wanna hear there's. Most of the people under the age of thirty wish the Republicans would just get the hell out of the social issues. Get the hell out of the gay stuff get the hell out of the gay marriage stuff. -- -- don't do it you don't have to -- his cake and a fresh turret on. -- hot today. The young people today who want to be part of our side of the aisle who look at Obama at the -- is an absolute fraud what they don't want. Is politicians and political types. Who start talking about people's sex lives what they want is more of a libertarian approach by the way it's the approach I take. That government has no business in your bedroom that people should be considered equal that marriage rights ought to be equal rights because what's good for the goose is good for the gander and they dole that if they honestly believe. That some of those beliefs with which you and I grew up. Might -- neolithic. Everybody is will be stone age beliefs now what do you believe in your personal life of faith is one -- What do you want your government to do in terms of intervening that is something altogether. Different and -- something else that is very interesting to. Is that at least the young people I know they think it's a joke. That people claim they can't afford their own birth control. They find that to be absolutely hilarious. If these are people again these are young people under the age of thirty who want to be with us they've been exposed to all the crap all the BS all the baloney of the liberal. Other liberal. The regressive. Institutions of lower learning. That's cell parchment paper for 50000 dollars minimum for bachelor's degree I call a big sheepskin and big -- works in cahoots with the government what happens is big sheepskin keeps raising its tuition so these poor kids graduate with bachelor's degree in anywhere from fifty to 100000 dollars in student loans. And the government -- -- big -- to do it now if the oil companies that increase prices the way the institutions of what I call lower learning have increased prices. Guys like Chuck Schumer would be all over the place call for massive investigations into the fought. Lower these tuition cost ladies and gentlemen. Are a joke. And they do it because they can't they do it. Because they know that those loans are going to be backed up that they're not gonna take the hit and we need a politician or political movement to stand up and say you know what. It is criminal. What you're charging young people for a so called higher education. It's criminal and it's got to stop. You have raised your tuition rates not to mention your fees the book prices at a rate greater than anything the oil companies have done. And that always -- me folks up I'm not a big fan. You know paying what I pay for a gallon gas and what you pay for gallon gas either. -- got two vehicles on the road one of met the Pope reasonably energy efficient and they both cost about fifty dollars thereabouts to fill up the Pentagon what octave level like who's. So as well give -- -- wave the flag for big oil. But I also recognize that that the government the taxation. Increases our cost for -- and gasoline around here enormously. And I also know that because of progressives like those in the White House that we do not exploit we do not explore we do not take advantage of the energy resources that are here in the United States that technology for which has improved exponentially over the past ten years the argument used to be all we -- we've got more oil in Saudi Arabia but. But we can't get better because it's not our cost effective it's cost prohibitive to actually bring it to market BS not what the technology that we have today. And what you wanna call fracking what do you wanna call -- some other term we do we are able in this country folks. We could be producing a -- lot more oil hello -- up more cheaply but this president has decided against the Keystone Pipeline this president has decided that fossil fuels are a thing of the past this president is a luddite. When it comes to. Technology. What I say luddite I mean he is literally mired in the past. When it comes to. Fossil fuels because fossil fuels will be the fuel up our economy for at least the next forty to fifty years meet the Buffalo News I'd laugh my ass off they can talk all they want about solar energy. Folks if you have been on this planet long enough you've been hearing disabled song about solar energy and other renewable energy for how many years exactly how long. And again folks I think the same view of it as I do with those whose very will James -- Republican Party from within it luck. If Solyndra couldn't make it which solar energy Ronald Reagan couldn't change the Republican Party. Why do you think things would be any different in the future. And this is just a forgive my -- -- did monologue Brit so nobody beautiful thoughts are coursing through my brain like -- it's a genius that I simply have to explore our expo RX and they -- it if I have to express them as I explore them. -- -- Now we have a president who is basically tanking in the popularity. And we're gonna explore this a little bit further and I just a -- if something that I just -- second -- here for people is. That Republicans can't afford to even talk about impeachment a Barack Obama because of the 2014 elections and that's when he 62 to understand the Democrats will make mincemeat of them. Do you really think the Democrats are gonna give Republicans a break and anything seriously. You don't live in the real world and you don't understand politics and I can tell you firsthand experience politics is blood sport. If you think the politics -- some genteel profession for the -- the honorable and the judicious you have been smoking some serious we'd want some by the way but you've been smoking some serious -- could you don't get -- politics is about power who rules and what you do with that power and it always has been and always will be blood sport you've got to understand that before you understand anything else. Why do wives. Yeah it's already. Birthers like 23 left but I just don't listen to them all day. It is at 333. News radio 930 WB EM. Very simple question for you start things off President Obama. The fraud. His poll numbers are crashing. I -- do you still have that audio last year apple yesterday. African Americans. Black people in Barack Obama's Chicago have had -- That speaks volumes. It really does now what you can. Folks you can tell me that if the election were held tomorrow and it was a white guy against Barack Obama Barack Obama would still win maybe there's something to that I don't know. But. One of the problems. -- Groups that considered themselves to be minority groups. Is they tend to stick together like glue. If they feel other groups have categorize them or miss categorize them as something they are not. In your lifetime if you've been around long enough. I'm sure you've heard one -- -- other those blanks always stick together. And you can use the word whatever ethnic minority you wanna say it's gonna fit in there if it is a and as a minority group. Or a place for people for a certain place on this planet. There is always that sense among outsiders that those blanks always stick together. There may be actually some validity to that. Because if you have a group cohesion. And you feel that it is you against the world of course you are going to stick together. It's part of human nature I cast no judgment on it it is part of human nature. I'm gonna say that one more time. We are all -- greater or lesser degrees tribal and our nature we can deny it we can claim that we are not. But at the end of the day all of us are animals we are two -- opposable thumb animals at the end of the day. And like all other animals we tend to be tribal. We take of ourselves as sophisticated we think of ourselves as civilized but at the end of the day folks we -- all tribal. To greater or lesser degrees. I don't judge it. It's just a fact it's an observable fact and in my lifetime I've heard it said at least four different ethnic groups. Those blanks always stick together. Three groups and one religious I can thank. A -- I forget but up first thing happens if you sticker on this planet longer and -- groups about which people used to say those blanks always stick together. As those groups intermarriage. And -- it to -- and intermingle in to the larger base of society. Those expressions lacked any merit because they lack any true. Okay -- look out of honorary Italians like considers. How many times. When you're drawing up depending on how old you are did you hear somebody say. Boy those Italian shorter stick together except they often didn't use the word Italians they often use the you know what I honestly don't remember the last time I have ever heard that expression used. I'm guessing it was probably about 25 years ago. Seriously. Because with immigrants came over folks. They always end this may be true of your family as well affect about Italian Americans -- for just a moment. When Italian Americans came over just like German Americans bit of Irish Americans just. It's ever get settled in neighborhoods that tended to be Italian American elements Dante placed those of you might remember that were basically -- Erie basin reading is right now. Was a very very strong very poor Italian neighborhood. The west saw a big part to the west side were mostly Italian Americans are right. But what happens is over time. As you're Italian son of Mary's the polish girl. And then day in turn produce a child who Mary's. Let's see the Irish guests on the you know things get -- people get -- buried in those expressions no longer have the merit they did when neighborhoods tended to be almost exclusively. On Italian or almost exclusively. Jewish like north buffalo and Avery -- large Jewish neighborhood and Avery cohesive Jewish group. And again folks -- not -- -- This isn't about judging. This is simply about anthropology. It's simply about observable human nature but it does my heart good. Very good. When I hear people who look like they could be Obama's son. What I hear people look at Obama. And -- have frankly the courage to be critical of somebody. Who frankly was viewed. Six -- seven years ago. As an individual who could almost walk there who can almost stopped the top. Who could almost bring them down with a us with a single stroke of this and. He's got to go down as we -- one of the worst. President. Obama today. If you look at it and that we brought his -- when you go get the same result today. Never meant. All about back. Oh yeah. All right. And so -- who would have the same boat put these young people. Thank you capital want to crawl before. You wanna save their president Barack needs to pay attention to Chicago. You can not get through to the Chicago an African American community he needs to. -- back here we got to bear and I think it -- -- apparently United States would pass legislation. And have given up finding. To create opportunities but -- was six. Coming to the United States -- noise and you -- -- raised with the president. And those not already bond. Like immigrants and or fake it. African American community and African American. Family I think got this great and Barack Obama on -- fifty. In the thick of Chicago he's started -- straight at them and he did not -- and it. Missed a pleasant thing. -- accidentally you. -- spending billions and thousands. But we got a problem ends. We would -- But -- here. And he -- his fifth minute Kelly and sue me. Happening and -- community and I Guillen about maybe we'll probably go to town as the work. Resonant. That. -- -- -- African American red. -- all opera folks I'm sorry but that's pretty remarkable. Bet -- -- get it absolutely extraordinary. Now is it the panacea. Is it the golden is at the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow no let's start. Because folks. For too many people and I have to be honest too many African Americans race trumps everything. And let me give you an example. -- I have in mind when I make such a statement. General Colin Powell. The -- -- You have no idea how much respect I had. For general Colin Powell and his service to the United States and his rags to fame story. No idea. But when he backed Obama. It was obviously. Because they have the same skin color it had nothing to do. With deeper issues of philosophy deeper issues of the role of government it had everything to do with the fact that if you put their arms side by side. They would be approximately. The same color they were not Caucasian. Even -- Obama is half Caucasian. And when you I don't care if you were black or white Italian polish Irish whatever. Win that enters your thought process as a rational means or a rational determinative factor. In whether or not you were going to support somebody politically. You have betrayed your own racism. You have just basically announced to the world I have no principles whatsoever. Race trumps everything. And I really didn't like. What Colin Powell. I didn't like I didn't respect it. And I think what he did in supporting Obama was the embodiment of everything I -- the test. It was unprincipled. It was only about race. So what I hear these people more people like you and people like I think in the streets of Chicago saying Obama. Really you're spending billions of dollars. In Texas. In Chicago is going to hell of a hand basket. Is it is at the end all but it sure is a great beginning. Because when you know. As a black person African American whatever you whatever label you wanna give yourself -- that mattered to me one where the other. But when you can look past race. And when you look at a picture of meat. And say you know what. -- Gets it. Obama might look like I do he doesn't get it how -- gets. That is a step in the right direction. OK. If it's an election. You have a white guy and a black -- in the could be women I -- that guy running side by side. And you say you know all this black fellow might look like me. But I don't agree with what he's saying at all -- -- for the white guys. At that moment. We have made such a tremendous strides. In America. Because remembered some of those people now like Colbert. Who are claimant. That the crashing of Obama in the polls is somehow racially motivated. They -- forgot about the election of 2008. Do you think Obama won because only black people voted for. The election of 2012 did -- get reelected because only black people voted for a the math there's not work ladies and gentlemen it's simply does not equate it does not compute. So you cannot say. That. Let's put it this way if race didn't get you to the office of president. Why is now an excuse for why you're so unpopular as president increasingly unpopular in the heavily black areas. And I'm gonna say it. Something bad people say I say this too much but I I don't -- here because I think it's important for clarity of message. One of the fundamental goals are involved in conservative organism. Is bringing every body to gather. Irrespective of race irrespective of creed national origin. Anything else the only prerequisite. That I have as a conservative area. That's a word -- -- by the late Rachel wells my best friend in the whole world. One of the things that is so important to me. Is that people get to get there. If they are patriots. And they love this land. And they appreciate what our founding fathers tried to do. And the absolute. Rebel yell. That was a declaration of independence. The absolute yeah -- -- a school. That was our constitution. For we the people. The more of you recognize that. Who get in ball. In the this different. Movement. The better. Because the Republican brand is irrevocably. Tarnished and destroy. I can't support a lot of you can't support. I hear Republican establishment -- think of it like George Mason jars of the first -- in the article the local rag about George majors. He's been an ally of Governor Cuomo. You know I sister Barbara certain talk show host and a bit crazy fellow. I think remember him talking about Albany being a promiscuous -- intertwined. That bed. Into which both Democrats and Republicans died together. To engage in the want to and scrolling of the people of New York irrespective of the at once again proven right. I know there's stuff folks I get this stuff. I see this stuff I see right through their stuff. Now. My overall question to you is why. Not -- but why. Do you think Obama's poll numbers are clashing. Do you think it has to do with the border I think that's a huge part of -- you know life. Because the border has taken the veneer off of their hatred Obama has for America. The border has revealed his true agenda the real rock Obama. Okay the emperor has no quotes. Which was a famous story well Porsche made -- I think -- is 88 buddhists concept which basically means. Well two -- -- publicly after explain -- -- you guys I think if even if you haven't looked it up in a dictionary when I say zen place you know when it. The place you go where you feel. At peace and at -- Sometimes it feels more like hold bend your whole let's go to like us on WB and Mike you were on WB on how to. I -- I I program and what -- but today which I have -- got. From one -- -- to the other but I'd like -- -- My -- waited -- Natural as it. Went in your. OK I you know what I am thrilled. That you called Mike. I need you hold on for ten minutes because I. I have been begging for calls like yours and I want other people ever put your back on hold because I wanna hear your story but thirty seconds will not do justice. Only a few things can happen in thirty seconds. Sometimes that's why some of us are walking around but what I was gonna say is I wanna hear from people who did at the right way. Because contrary to what the progressives might say about me or other people were conservative Terry and we ought to test immigrants. That's let it sit close to the true. We detest lawbreakers. And line jumpers that's what we detest.

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