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7-15 Beach and Company Hour 3

Jul 15, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It will be just got -- -- -- big Chad our friend has rejoined us and -- and -- Hamilton though it was off the year while it was running for public office but now he is back and you're most welcome plan. -- -- -- -- -- -- emblem on the bubble school board and the good news there. I want to ask you quickly before we get back into our our question is Obama's serious about stopping the flow of illegals being up on a black man against an end to these brown people -- come into this goes wrong which. We miss them. I misquote. How about we were surprised as everybody seems to be that George made the ours is not going to run again. I am not surprised. -- -- you know in fact you asked that question what took you so you know it's like let's -- -- have a lot of controversy. George senator made here again columns 'cause I've known -- -- the -- okay. Over and and north -- on these were joint paper or plastic. With the network that. Is of great great yeah. It was funny vibrancy of -- since it was a youth. Well now I met him I was twenty the I was about twenty -- then yes obviously several amendments -- -- and clerk for three years. Somebody's doing the math and hello all I imagine that they'll drag it down so you were nobody in Niagara -- you they can't do the math that you weren't surprised. I was not surprised him. -- that because if you watched things very very closely. You see things happening happening systematically. And with everything that was going on in his in his life is political life. You know it was inevitable that either you know that for some reason is going to be very very tired but very very tired but I have to. And now that he's created some problems in Niagara -- -- know that he controlled the Niagara county legislature I know that he did a great job at the state. Bring state money into the city and on this. Because I've known him for so there. People and I -- follows a criticized him about. And that represented the city of Niagara Falls of having some influence there. But prior to him becoming the senator in my -- flaws I did tracks them I think it was something like 70s76. Million dollars. That he put in the city without -- being his constituents. But on the other side of the equation and he's done some great things for you -- my interest. Through the county. But then there are other things that the county is still -- the county is room of the the most highly -- and all of these other things that everybody else -- -- -- brings -- -- and so when you start Republican in the aggregate. -- Its talent around. The play is -- -- -- Caspian did that it it's to me and he probably will be better served. Himself and everyone else now have to be there based on something that you were saying the other day. Is that we really really need to look at term limits at every level. A proponent of term. But we need to find a way that we can make term limits. Works -- that they don't penalize. The working -- who wants to leave his job for two for six years. The service people -- back to the -- that he had otherwise we'd ultimately system where only the people who were whale -- failed. Our lawyers. Can become politicians. And that's not what we want final Brooks is the only legislator that I know. Who -- building named after him. In Niagara county fire hello you don't -- At this spot however. And I is -- -- Brooks of the Brooks of Brooks but Carlos said to me one day I estimates is dialysis. And he's been retired quite some time this -- what is wrong with this county legislature and he -- Kenny. When I was -- county legislator. All of us were either farmers are businessmen. He says -- to -- he says crisis he says. We politics for six months over 24. Month term and then for the other eighteen months we offered. He says but today the politics for 24 months of their two year term upon him. I don't read Chris and Tony in a very much in favor of term limits for Entercom management. We think it's it's time it's time they turn over. I I think the management here is excellent after it yield you can read every -- Right now up before we go to calls what is your position on the question is is Obama serious. About. As stemming the flow of illegals the border when. Rick Perry points out that of that three point seven billion that he wants only one point 8%. It would actually go to -- border security. And though it doesn't seem like a serious effort. You know. You to understand. And I really wish I remember his name Danish the next she's a OK go -- a filmmaker Theo. Any of you writes books and -- excellent book in the toxin that one of -- books. About to understand Barack Obama the first thing that you have to understand. Is the love and admiration that he hit from for his absentee father. Who was a Kenyan. Under British rule. Barack Obama is an anti colonial list. He just hates the idea one. Country controlling an -- and I think what he's trying to do is to make world amends. By no sledding calling you I'm absolutely just let anybody into the country and that will correct the mistake in the past of the Yankee imperialism. It was a -- part of his election campaign Credo was we didn't hear much about that yeah you know because you are listening to the wrong notes now maybe. Maybe but I just get the feeling world being played right now and it's disconcerting and answer your question. I'm more poignantly -- his -- -- of course -- -- expert and and let me and let me add one other thing okay. And this is about the National Guard. Rick Perry cannot nationalize. The National Guard. You know he can use them for the internally emergencies. That -- non law enforcement and I some law enforcement by National Guard. In Virginia Beach during the Greek -- back in the nineteen -- in the 1980s. Hurricanes tornadoes floods the imprimatur for the state of emergency right and Civil Disobedience. In some cases. But if you remember what happened in Arizona. When that B shares start to enforce federal law Joseph Arpaio right and they and they got slowed. Because in order to protect the US borders you have to be federalized. And and just got. You can do best -- in the budget cleared that up because I I know that under some circumstances the governor cord and the president. Can always yes I will be back with more we'll take your calls -- hopeful a banker calls the basic question is Obama serious. About stopping the flow of illegals on the border from the border will be back after Ken Hamilton is -- as well as you go to the calls now. Gary and how Wanda you're on WB -- I'm Gary what's undermine. Well he's not serious about this this is some former -- -- agent and I can guarantee that he's got pictures -- belong on this one. What has really got up to -- you guys out there and I and us. -- where absolutely I mean thicker than it is not a document areas in this about the rule of law which is what are Republicans based upon. We have to keep that all we can focus. All he accumulations have them back already I mean. From past experience. OK if you look them you know hunker down and establish roots here but -- -- a little later on in the back then it was contested they'll -- humane. To get him back now be able to you're still -- of the propriety and if you realize we -- do something else. And even now or right today it's a two year wait for their -- A further hearing I was sold for the Joey here's where responsible for their upbringing. Well that is that we were there other out about stuff like that and you know it was tracking that they think it's very hard. I was -- for the first amnesty want -- decades particularly but -- Q what happened that was right at the application period ended when at least. -- had a -- supply we still called illegals and their question was when the next one. -- is waiting for the next round up. It's I golf often thought it's it's not a good policy and it's certainly not humane to ask law enforcement officials. To put their lives on the line to enforce the law when the president doesn't have any interest in doing swearing -- on the -- It's -- and Hyannis and these other quasi military organizations police departments etc. We are recognized don't give us your responsibility. Without unleashing. With us the power -- carry out there. Right -- you have to ask don't tell us what we have to do and then tell us that if we do it then we're under scrutiny or that we can't do it even -- written in the rules. And so that's I think the first entity demoralize them through when -- -- -- -- -- to do now. This is really really -- the rank and file support. I think it's like -- are cop who -- only makes good -- all the time and keep seeing the same people walk in the street it doesn't seem to see any solution to it or Gary thank you know it but it sure Brad. I -- -- -- -- you -- on naturalization so yeah that's a judge or carrier and knowing it would have been W these guys get the right way -- -- you can't get -- when -- -- -- naturalize. Did not do the right way maybe people think they're catching. He went to the CO -- system. And so we can also -- legal and then someday become citizens in everyday at legal and fractured the border and we -- the whole time. So they're making I can't make people that in my career eventually became citizens and they -- -- here illegally breaking the law and they're laughing at the system should be very careful to say. Why are they could be careful in saying that but the message to get people to do the right way. Is the overriding message went out and the egg in the -- and ignorance of Matt knowing that some of the folks have. That you cannot and this is what we're talking about you have to pass the rules for the majority and try to enforce it on the majority rather than on the amount. You know it's frustrating or Gary is that it. And if they are really wanna fix immigration you haven't heard anybody talking about the original way we used to do it just making that more efficient more streamlined. Are more cost effective. And they don't even talk about that all they talk about his come on and it will appeal of it later or ten and then we got a stat making it necessary. At all ball -- -- okay Gary thank you thank you very much -- if if Obama was serious. The first thing he would do -- stop the bleeding okay I'm nationalize though or federalized the National Guard secure the border. All right also while while we're fixing the problem that we have facing us right here. They be talking about work or computerized nation should be a lot a lot more efficient than the immigration process. It should be less costly. Less time consuming and then people would wanna do with the right way it'd be more incentive to do the right way instead. The people would do it that way -- almost like suckers because they didn't have to do it apparently. If this president was in all it was an office that didn't have to do with the right way they could go -- come in the back door. Because -- solves his political. Questions absolutely and for those who don't know what I Eunice losses immigration and naturalization does count and would gladly served and I bet he's happy that. That he has that doesn't have to deal with this on an everyday basis if I if I were in charge and not in charge -- -- just to my job was to trying to enforce the law. And I saw that my boss. The boss of my boss the boss of my boss's boss wasn't. Interested in doing it it would demoralize me absolutely by Bob spiel as that's what is it other than. Backward stumble this'll be off very good very good -- The photo Steven -- savior on WB yeah. -- -- My wife I've for illegal immigration and so my wife -- this country illegally. Her waiting period was thirteen years in my step daughter was the whom you were I spent a 120000. Dollars. RI patent lawyers enough -- and off the government. And during the process when you apply you have to go. -- your background check in their call I warms. And the delay it was so long that I paid for I -- along the way out react forms like three different times. So after my wife became legal. And everything was fine I had this do to get my daughter. Okay in this country's supposed to be helping everybody. Immigration is on the event would have been 63000. Legal immigrants a year but yet if you -- like you're cool in person or different kind of person it. You can wait fifteen to eighteen years to get into this country so my comment is really -- it and lying in wait legally speaking very much. OK I hear laden and accurately points out something is that in this Nightline. And those -- something that in this country. We reward bad behavior we punish could be now and then we are surprised that we get more and more bad. We punish achievers. -- that we punish achievers. You've done well your your your working hard you made something -- results will actually at a higher rate will demand as -- going to be more oversight into your life. Meanwhile the other is -- stand in line here we just sort of from him now we're gonna give it to you. A Tony. That the event went viral that woman was that in Texas or Florida Detroit was -- Detroit where the woman stood out instead. How about our kids first remember that it was like a few days ago in Chicago which is our Chicago right now actress -- -- -- -- and it was Chicago tennesseans -- that -- went viral now Chicago is Obama stomping grounds. And she was it was it a black woman as I recall -- so one time. And she was furious about how easy it is for these illegals Vietnam analogies that. What about markets instead of raising their kids out some assistance to us. And so even in his traditional. Stomping grounds which would be Chicago. Where his chief of staff as the mayor where they have a really high crime rate and they had to finally get they were the last state to sign up were gun permits because they had to. He's being criticized there a lot of the traditional people. Who in the past that says he's our guy this is -- a bigger finally catching on it's too late how little -- -- in the -- Sandy's on this video one time that I can reveal and he got -- that was a black woman I like that and I -- that was you know wearing a Hawaiian sure. You've done all. Well he's Colorado and -- I can -- Don Corleone and not all as you know Hillary got it covered we'll be back effort as. Your hearing the voice of buffalo WGN. -- -- now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and start nine journey and our toll free line is 1806169236. Tobacco bigs coming up sandy beach -- Hamilton has re joined -- were very having to have -- hard -- -- -- -- were asking about ago Obama if he is serious about stopping the flow of illegals of the border. I'm mentioned in and -- he's co op Ed piece he mentions that the three point seven billion dollars the president has asked for. Only includes one point 8%. Of that for border security right now there is a two year wait on hearings for these children. Who'll. Unless they're from Mexico or Canada cannot be just deported they have to go through a hearing of which we supplies. Lawyers always apply legal counsel for -- com. To fight it it's a two year wait before -- even get there and many times on their court date they just don't show up. And as you can imagine the enormous amount of vote money it would take war searching these people -- to bringing them to the court and it's just a nightmare. And the president is thumbing his nose analysts are right now. And -- asking you -- you series I don't users at all. But the for those who say and that seems to be a defense. Novo Obama that the Republicans are using this as a political. You know let's stick to whack the president well if they are. And I'm not saying they are but if they are the president can take that -- away. But he won't let. He will not do it because. He may lose a battle here and there. He wants to win the war and the war is not on the small battles the war is the end game. The end game is get rid of the Republican Party forever and that -- happen if these folks stay here and become citizens and get the vote. Then it's done it's over and the finals of the final tally will be Obama won the game. Absolutely and here's something we will be closed out the last segment by saying. Talking about the woman in Chicago the black woman -- -- angry I was what about our kids and doing something for our kids. We need -- factor race out of this thing. Because as an African American and I am an African Americans know. Tony did you notice that I want to -- alert reader of these things Chris you should have sent me a note. He was an African Americans you know a lot of your listeners don't know. And have fun women. Endured. Over you know and I -- the satellite and the Mumbai thing I was on tolerate it right. Eyes don't have we view art -- stipulate that your honor that he is an African American or. Again broke and you out with its. It's not bulletproof. And you know about Fallujah and an alleged death and a -- hit it. This woman and -- An American woman recognizes. When she says -- kids. That the Hispanics coming across the border from and America. Is not our. And yet we wanna keep looking at Barack Obama as being our president because the color of the skin. Then so doing we split on the grave of Martin Luther King. Who tells us judged by the content characters undergo is not the color of the skin cancer and then we denied that Barack Obama on Barack Obama ever had in my other. Because Barack Obama and his first trip outside of the country did not go to Africa. He went to Ireland. And that's what he is you know he's he's out of god. Like what is today. As it is an almond joy at all -- and as chocolate covered but as wide an inside and as nuts I wasn't gonna say how. Mounds I love about. And we need help us now we need help -- -- out. What is there to factor -- -- -- out and start looking character would get about race covering and everything else Barack Obama. Is more. Whites. Danny is what we have come on the black which I hate which is his inner city culture. Part of you first campaign was the the thrill of being so progressive or going to elect our first black. President nobody said our first of 43% black president or any any specific number the reason that went viral. Is because -- it happened in Chicago which is worries from. And it happened to be a black woman one would assume that if he has. If he has roots anywhere as far as political support it would be answered that embodied by that woman well with the overall pretax dollars and -- -- just a black woman volume in this one minute Chicago -- I had -- -- Oprah Oprah is from Chicago. She is not in this video. Ken's been rushed that your. Guys not Oprah would recognize that and implement it right overdid it. And I saw Oprah is so -- as somebody else protest with the methods. -- would -- -- what about my kids she doesn't have any. -- but the issue still comes down to I wonder about is not a -- that's. Is he acting is Barack Obama acting as a black president is acting as a white president is acting as an American president. And that we have to. Separate all of those elements together in order to understand what he's doing from one point to the -- You know the real rub is through to me I I there have been presidents in the past that I've agreed that some might disagree -- and some it's been both ways. What I what I really have a problem with is that just turning your head on the law the law of the land and was -- -- passed by congress and signed by a prior president absolutely the best that bothers me the president of the united. States is not the government of the United States he is the exit shooter on the -- marketer of the -- law the senate is not the law of the united has not the government of the United States of America. -- House of Representatives. Represents the people -- of people -- United States they set it represents the states and the president. Has still Obey the laws that they reconciled between each other saying this is what you we want you to do and this is what you must. There when the president rub your nose in it by saying I have a pen and a phone I don't need you. What does that say this guy is supposed to have been a constitutional law instructor. And away by by do that he's saying I have no interest if you're not gonna go my way I'll just do it my own way and too bad for you absolutely. The three branches of government you know dad. His the House of Representatives. And and sent it in the congress. Supreme Supreme Court and the presidents not the president Dick and -- You know so it's that's to me even more important than any single issue we've ever talked about with him. Is his disregard for the constitution and the law and the rule of law will be back with more -- -- -- -- and Hamilton is here. We have more tantalizing. Candy references under radio and which one has the nuts and -- After this -- -- -- before get back to the calls. Andy and Chris. I just did the Olson's commercial and it was not include Saturday in in the commercial but I gotta tell us. The other night I was on my computer. And I was long. So I decided to go now where most people would go oh where Tony are the others -- -- not a girl like com I went to the Olson's website. And I saw cupcake there the captivated me. And I wanted to it's not in the commercial but I wanted Tony to read the description. Of that -- cupcake please do it now. Meet our -- summer complicated it's a root beer float cupcake Vinod K. With a creamy custard whipped cream filling and top. With a delicious root beer flavored water cream their tastes like the real thing finished off with a chocolate strong. How does that sound good it looks amazing amazing the picture except I go to I'm gonna bring olive view that luckily it won't be on Tuesday when hands here. I know -- -- -- -- that warrant for. Based on how I. But if it looks and then I have not had one there's -- Will bring analysts say one for you. Of Winfrey's. In my freezer. I'd let's see of reversals go to Chris a couple of FaceBook please and we'll go a little bit. -- Jackie's as the president is not serious about the borders only focus seems to be fundraising a lot of things where powerless to stop them and sadly he might be right. Well yeah I agree with -- -- and and you're right he's fund -- all the time think about it he's not running for anything also. He's using them money number of four road. The ability to still have influence after his left office. And he wants to be a king maker because he sees it as a really good job because that's how he envisions what he is now. -- -- This is from Pauly says Obama spent a lot of time and money suing states that want an immigration laws and force. And now this is happening is is what we get for doing and the attorney general here know -- well. Point. Yeah the attorney general holder again what was -- yesterday. I mean this guy's amazing. Yesterday said the only raising era against them as you don't wide black people all please. Hold that is. Yeah get a new whacked. Eric Holder is totally useless as an attorney general let's go to was standing in Rochester stand here on WB in. -- -- It definitely but you're right on the money. What can I think we're preaching to the -- most people. I think it's I don't know what their supper and work on TV are the real problem -- that there is no formal opposition. If you look around the Republican and Democrat won't do anything and the conservatives can't the other person minority party. -- works sort of -- and Obama can -- you won't do what you want nobody cares. You know what scares me about what you said because having a stroke here's what scares me. Desperate people do desperate things I hope nobody gets nuts and does something -- regrettable because when you feel you're out of options your logic leaves you. We have we have to stay focused we have to understand this -- only got a couple more years in office. And then maybe will do will do better off in the next election but you saw what happened and in California when they tried to bus people and the locals came out and opposition I think and we saw what happened in Nevada that was unfortunate for a lot of reasons. Feel a little humor journal zone. Who later I was at a hospital I'm I'm sorry in the nursing home recovering from a operation. And I say I was getting more than I did you know wanted to go home I could argue all morning and -- get their pocket running right did an excellent effort. There always are conscious that -- is glad. I absolutely do not what it was but I did what I decided I lose just a few words but they'll be good words. I called it got directed hey -- I'm bored. Where -- the Heidi get there and it soon I was you know then on the way home. All best thank telling you that your wife -- your -- at all when you very much. I can't any time you're here you're you're very involved with Niagara county politics and you know what's going on the year you -- wanna give -- -- garbage story nothing like a good garbage -- The big issue and I. -- follows is trash as. We're having these new bands being rolled out in the city that is known for its poverty -- big -- -- quick ones that the most the port city of the most resources. In New York State so we're rolling out in the trash program. However but in Niagara Falls housing authority was exempt it. From having to comply -- this now the issue comes down to the fact that the Niagara Falls housing authority. Paul -- is run by the Niagara Falls board of education pretty much because the board members. Often are the same people who also around the hospital who also hires. The public relations person. Who is unmatched who's the chairperson of the city -- emigrating here -- there's an awful lot of inbreeding and so we're gonna have to begin to ask questions about these alliances why would every other landlord in the city and every other resident. Have to follow the rules but the people that are signing the paychecks are making sure that the people who do sign the paychecks for it's council chairperson. Charles walker. Exempts themselves and he goes along with it. And then we gonna have to ask the question it's taking a federal judges where as this man wrote a letter on city. Letterhead to a judge asking for leniency in the sentencing of a drug dealer over the biggest -- -- we have -- Niagara Falls is next to poverty. It is you know the drug situation which goes along with poverty. And we're looking up all of these things and we're setting up there we're -- this got to run over and over and over again and you know why. Because he's black and the supplies and we have to get race. We have to sit down and talk about these race issues so that we could follow king's dream and begin to judge each other based on the content of character. Rather than on the color of our scans because it is killing not only this country. It is killing us first. Nationally true I mean I have you do you recall of politics being more toxic because it used to be that you would the only issue. And you look at one side or the other and later on you're kind of figured out the political side of it now the very first thought you have is how is this. Affecting the various parties and the political aspect is the first thing you'll look at. -- you know I'm glad that it was raised to that level of consciousness. But now we can't stop there we have to get past that by solving that and the only way that we solve that is to the objectivity again. Well IV aids in many we've we've got a lot of damage to the presidency. And have a confidence of the American people that we have a form of government that has checks and balances that we have three. Branches of government not one so that it's more than one issue it's more than just this issue it's the fact that if we don't have confidence. That the checks and balances are there and that the rule of law is followed. Then what's the next step -- -- we go do we go to anarchy that we go wrote where do we go how do we get it remedied. When it doesn't seem like we have a way out of this -- in the. -- with the caller Laporte said I'm Laporte I'm sorry in Rochester says the and we have to worry more or less about the checks and balances in government. And have to worry more at the local level where we may have a modicum. Of power of petroleum and look at are the checks being balance our date politicians balancing themselves on the checks that they are receiving. And look like this is more than one way to disobey your law you can't disobey a law by. But obviously going against with a loss as -- and also disobeyed deliverable law by not funding it. And this is -- some of the things that Obama has -- he's made forty different. Let's say corrections. Of things that. Apparently congress felt good enough to make it in two from a bill into law and whatever president was involved felt good enough to sign it but it's not good enough for him and you know what he's not good enough for us. Well and I think that word has to get out and hard and has no duty -- that it -- just like you say. Is on our side that I Democrats have got to have him back Kevin Hamilton could be that aren't so we'll see the rest of -- tomorrow morning at nine. Local movie which they never into music these.

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