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7-15 Beach and Company Hour 2

Jul 15, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- backward region got -- sandy beach. Any doctor -- the hemorrhage we'll tell you one thing. Stop the bleeding you're gonna stop the bleeding first and then work on the problem from there but you can't let it continued to bleed you bleed out and -- that's where it is. And the president refuses to stop the bleeding on the border security question regarding a tens and tens of thousands. Of a young children coming across the border war required. They're -- hearing which can be right now school years in the making before the -- deported if if there of found that they should be deport. And so instead of up -- reaching out and say okay let's go we have to stop what we've got going on now and then let's work on the problem. Are you want to do that he's asked for three points seven billion dollars from congress. To work on the whole problem but yet only one point 8% of that. Our goal is to border security and as we said with a two year waiting period now. A way he has to be serious about if he's if he has any. Integrity in this issue at all he has to be serious about stopping the bleeding and he's not he's not I'd like to know if you think. That he is serious or not the by the defenders of the president will defend him no matter what it just doesn't matter he's right. You're wrong and if you don't agree with him it's because you don't like because he's not like I mean that's the basic argument is that. Got nothing to do with his. He is trying to destroy the other branches of government basically. Instead of three wants one he'd just as soon forget about Supreme Court in the legislative branch he said it was a really need them he's got a pennant and a phone. And it's a remarkable. Time we are going through right now let's go to Dominic in airy Pennsylvania. Dominic you're under BBN. There our Governor Perry I think is being a little bit January's. He has the authority to call up the National Guard himself. I always thought a governor could call up the National Guard but I'm sure there are specific reasons doesn't have to be a IEA state of emergency. Well I. I mean it's it's pretty much opted out that the individual's right to -- out but basically state of emergency and I would -- that they've got that in taxes. So I think he's using news this situation politically as well the president has. He could he could put on the border and and stop the bleeding at least in taxes. From what I do know about the military in the National Guard will be part of that it cannot be used for law enforcement. However won a state of emergency exists there are certain contingencies. That -- that can be done and and one of them I think is calling up the National Guard. I'm going to in a few moments read a statement by the governor Governor Perry. Because he wants the president to do it but I'm thinking if if it was clear cut that he had the right to do it. From what he writes there he would have done that. The eight the other point I would make is that that the vast majority of those young people coming -- the order. Can't prove they're not Mexican citizens. Yeah I should put we should put them right back across the border city there are apprehended. You know another question that's a good question here's another question. Most of them would have had to have come through Mexico Mexico is very tight. Policies regarding border security. And I'm wondering one how they got through the Mexican border before they got through hours. It's -- little search recently the president of Mexico held a joint press conference. Where. Guatemala. And. Giving out temporary visas and -- transporting them across their country to our borders. Wonderful and then I haven't heard any American politicians speaking out against that as it's it's typical when. When our country wants to get rid of people that aren't contributing to their country they opened the borders -- now. Castro did it he opened the jail cells and people came across -- -- -- -- -- -- Well -- when Barack was in indirect taxes for his fund raising one of the groups he met with was La Raza. In my opinion a terrorist organization that is trying to dissolve. The United States so lonely you -- ask who decided he. That's we've been asking them for a long time thank you -- thank you for the call via we've been asking that a long time. Okay here's our Rick Perry we have a dueling editorials in the USA today. We have the editorial boards. Look that GOP climbers from border fixed. Then balks at a sensible plan. OK now adjust the headline will tell you there. Anytime you see the words sensible. This is this is a keyword always look for the words sensible. Because it's always used to position Yahoo!. If you disagree -- that you're not being sensible. It's easy this is like this is like shooting basketball with a 22 so I mean this is so easy to see Davis Cup. But will get to that in a minute but first here's Erica Perry's. Opposing view -- And he's saying once and for all secure the border he is of course Republican he's governor of Texas. He says President Obama is appropriations requests only deals with -- one aspect. Of the current crisis on our southern border while barely addressing its root cause an unsecured border. Of the three point seven billion dollars in president Obama's request only 68 point four million or one point 8%. Is directly dedicated to border security efforts. Which are absolutely essential to resolving the crisis in avoiding more in the future everything else is only treating a symptom of a much larger problem. And we know they're treating symptoms the problems will continue until the root cause. Is resolved and I do agree that. This has been a problem for a long time in Texas we've spent more than 500 million dollars since 2005. Who's supplement border protection now -- put that in in to what he just said. Texas since 2005. Has spent 500 million the president proposes to spend 68968. Point four. -- so -- says texas' spent 500 million. A four border protection. Fighting transnational gangs and drug cartels conducting criminal activities of the border region. With the influx of immigrants further straining the existing federal resources that already weren't sufficient for the job. We've expanded our efforts to combat these elements seeking to take advantage of the situation. President Obama should make security at the border the top priority in resolving the crisis to begin -- He should send a thousand National Guard troops to the Texas Mexican border. To support operations until sufficient Border Patrol agents can be hired trained and deployed. He should also direct the FAA to allow drone flights. Along the border to identify and track the easing of these people engaging in drug or human trafficking ignoring the core problem will only cause more hardship. Encouraging more people to leave their families and risked their lives across a desert in the middle -- summer. My hope is that congress will expand measures that will enable us to finally secure the border and that President Obama will sign into law. That's Rick Perry he's position as a dumb guy by the Democrats he's the dumb guys. To me that sounds very logical and and bury it and a man who's looking out for Gordon welfare of his state. And it winds -- for his state is also good for America on the other side we got the alleged Smart guys. The Smart guy who plays every angle -- the man who disregards the constitution. He has made over. The last as the as the guys up. Forty alterations to existing laws 44 hour call aren't so he doesn't care what they passed weakened either not funded. Or put on hold on. On or whatever meanwhile he doesn't smoke and mirrors stuff like this big number. The fight the crisis and only as a very teeny percentage of it dwarfed by what texas' spans. Is actually gonna go to that if he gets the money. So this is the kind of shell game we've been subject to for the last six years while disguised been president. And if the waiting time now is two years every single illegal kid that comes in here now it's gonna add -- that waiting list because there's no way you can increase the number of judges. And at the number of places where -- kids have to be housed and fed and clove and all that stuff. You can do to keep up with the flow. And so that's what we got going on the president refuses to stop the border of them the bleeding at the border and we wanna know if you think he's serious about it. Do you think he's giving a real effort but I think he's a phony like he's been since the date appeal. Because he didn't intend to Obey the -- and he doesn't intend to do this either. Will be back with more with beach and company -- asking if you believe that Obama President Obama is serious. About stopping the flow of illegals at the border and no he's not mean I'm asking you what you bank. Which you know my opinion he's definitely not serious -- -- -- good point copier true. Regarding the National Guard one what I -- know about the military is that the camp -- use. Four law enforcement. And generally when their called out. They're called out during a state of emergency. And that requires a specific set of circumstances. Now I always thought the governor was empowered to do this. And the president certainly is empowered to do this. But it's out of a good question. Good point. If the governor of Texas calls them out OK what's going to happen because here's what you have to do. You have to realize that briefing now has some kind of -- political motivation. And I think we can all except that it is toxic out there and they're all fighting for their tour. If the governor of Texas calls -- the national guards say it's within the parameters that he can. It will be two of those illegals and those who support them in this country a Republican. Governor calling out the National Guard. If the president calls -- then even though it's the president it's a Democrat. Who's sending their troops to the border and that doesn't fit this strategy at all. This strategy says get as many in here as you can then make an effort to. Strengthen the border security. And then go through the rather wrote of they can they have -- stay because we got too many and takes too long and costly deport them. That we have to grant them amnesty because that's they're here and then after amnesty of course they -- second class citizens. We need citizenship and citizenship go votes. And goes with the votes. Being pledged to the person -- party that they perceive help them. It's not going to do the Democrats of bidding if they call out the National Guard. Which targets. A brilliant. Advocate the next Tucker Carlson get yourself a ball outside -- ago. And that makes sense it makes sense when you think of it like that it's certainly makes let's go to David analog port David -- on WB yeah. Ayers did it. I I hear you when you say is he's serious about this but I -- I couldn't be any worse here positive that that -- him and his regime. Orchestrated this and caught the how well how well in January to date have posted on federal web site. They put out bid for companies. They handle the logistics. Well read locating. Opposite is if five or 65000. Children which just ten times the normal per year that we get. How could they have known this -- states didn't orchestrate. I agree I totally agree that they are they either turned a blind eye but I think it's it's beyond comprehension of think this all happen at once by coincidence. At 65000. Kids don't decide that you don't put out -- good Pampers and take a walk north. It's a good point and they all across all across a Mexico again here. I don't disagree with you all day and. And ended it in the the government shall there she just -- speech to a -- -- -- And she told them we can't wait for congress to do what's right for our next generation house. Now I just love elicited that James brown and -- Just. Wait no real burnout and -- underwear across this country that that's what they think it deserves an asinine way I can put it that that maybe it'll go -- -- -- Well -- -- it -- that that was right at the -- but you made a bad idea I agree with David I think -- it's more than coincidence I -- I believe. Laughing about it -- -- -- of insecurity about impeachment -- I know it will it would never get better issue to get dragged out what it is illegal in the right thing to do. And if you don't know what you're set a precedent if Hillary gets in their next. She's already free to do anything Obama did because nobody MP. Well I have the four page speech from a Sarah Palin. -- -- it's all marked operated goes so we may get into that later in the show thank you thank you very much. OK I drew them -- David I think I think he's right to think that suddenly. These kids woke up 1 morning. And their parents woke up 1 morning -- said you know what now's a great time. Here will say good -- now will -- to pace somebody will do it ourselves to get you across the border. And a good -- good -- and hope things work -- for you think that's coincidence and that sort of thing just happens I don't I don't believe in that sort of stuff. So I believe the word got out that that now if you're ever gonna do it now would be a good time to do it the timing is perfect -- he's in the second term of as a. Awe of his. Reign shall we say. I you always think of him more as an imperialistic. King Bennett president of the United States because he has no respect. For the constitution. -- so let's do a couple of Facebook's plays this one comes from Mary's. He says my understanding is that state leaders can't call out the National Guard not the president. And that is not happening because Obama won't give them the money to pay for it he doesn't care about the problems. Well first of all the -- president as commander in chief of all the military including many of National Guard. And so he certainly has a right to do that. And of the is always been my understanding that governments could call up the National Guard but every time I was trying to think back of any time they've been called out. World wasn't an emergency. They've been called up for natural disasters I think they've been called up for riots. Which would be the states of emergency and their very -- very defined. So they have the -- -- meet certain criteria. I I would be surprised if this didn't fit that criteria but maybe it does maybe it doesn't. But I assume either of them could do it and if that's the case if repairing had the authority to do it. I would like to see it done -- really would stop the bleeding that's the first thing. And -- this many a kids coming across the board and their flowing across now as we speak. And for every kid is gonna be two years. Of your money. It's -- right now if they don't if another one doesn't come across it's a -- year wait. So you imagine as you keep adding some analysts and adding some analysts that it takes longer and longer because keep in mind as well we pay for lawyers for these kids. We're paying the legal fees for representation they don't come across with they via a coupon for a lawyer we'd provide a lawyer. So here we're providing a lawyer we're also providing fold clothing education. Dentistry whatever is needed to raise a child. America's suddenly become India in the raise a child business and we seem to be happily accepting that role the people have them. Have abandoned that. We have to pay for. OK so for every kid that's coming across the border. Your bank accounts getting a little -- we'll be back with more -- company -- -- and I'm thirty WB. Your hearing the voice of Barcelona WDN. That call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and start 938 or toll free line is 180616. 9236. Now they're back for Beijing company we are being played for such suckers we rarely are we have a very contemptuous. President these companies can join us about us. Because he thinks we're all dumb enough not that recognize what they're trying to do. My question is is Obama serious about stopping the flow of illegals of the board pricing now. Now while I read Rick Perry's opposing view talking -- the governor of Texas. Talking about securing the border you're probably wondering -- why don't you give excerpts from -- The GOP of climbers for border fix that balks at sensible plan editorial witches the editorial writers of the buffalo new as the date. They think everything's well. And -- the ball on those the USA today. And I'm gonna give you some excerpts from this and give you my opinions as I go through parts of it because I've learned a long time ago. If you don't object right when it's happening people think you buy -- and this is as I said from the USA today. Talking about Republicans they want Obama to send the National Guard to the border which is true. Let's call the Republican response what it is tactical decision to let a problem fester for political reasons. Well we can both agree both sides that it is a problem. So that's the start way. All right perpetuating it gives the GOP I stick to beat Obama with through the November elections. And helps its candidates get off the hook for their utter failure to overhaul broken immigration laws. That are both driving big current problem and blocking a solution to it well first of all I would challenge that. The insinuation there is that the Republicans could have done it with help from the Democrats. They haven't gotten any help from the Democrats -- I think trying to say that they didn't allow it to be -- is disingenuous. To say goalies. Getting back. The Republicans argue that the prospect of a path to citizenship is luring people to come before the laws passed. And there's a logic to that argument it just doesn't apply to what's happening now -- I think it is a very logical argument because we've been saying right. -- the -- -- what the -- that's going to be. The format is let in as many you can turn your back lead as many as you possibly can end. Then and say we're getting serious -- clambering down and you stop somewhat the flow. Then you say you have too many already in here is going to be too costly and too time consuming and we can't possibly. A deport all of them. And so the next step is to grant amnesty. So you're here. So now yeah we granted you amnesty you don't have to worry about to do being deported the next step after that I don't know how the time for him -- on any of these but the next step after that is amnesty was 11 thing but. We've. We've got to we've got to let -- become citizens and enjoy the full American life and with citizenship comes votes. And once you've done that the people that you you've -- in knowingly what was going to happen. Are going to be very grateful to you and thankful to you and you would be. The Democratic Party and so the Republican Party hangs it up and goes on -- Tom because they're done. They're done we'd never win another election that's colors to. So it says it doesn't apply to what's happening now under anti trafficking legislation. In acted before Obama -- became president that's true George Bush's office and a and so ordered Clinton modeling. No minor from a nation not contiguous of the US they can be deported without a full hearing. On his or her application for asylum for refugee status knocking the mind. All of these things are being handled by lawyers that we are giving them. Giving them today these kids don't have any money. So where providing them with a legal counsel through the whole process. The more kids coming and the stronger the way it gets for such hearings it's now nearly two years two years. For every kid that's here now all. As they continue to leave those doors open. Or -- not not diligently closed. It's going to add to that right now it's two years. The lengthening wait combined with a skyrocketing number of kids has overwhelmed a few existing centers that house these children many will be sent to live with -- relatives. Well where they might or might not be heard from again what what we have seen is that they're given area like tea. I date a court date to appear and a lot of them -- overwhelming majority don't appear. What are the odds of finding them. Among the population. So what they're saying is a lot of these illegals already have relatives here so that they get across the border of relatives can harbor them. If we Harvard criminals who weren't relatives we should be charged with a crime. That's what smugglers are telling the parents pay us to take your kids. Out of their violent homelands whether they get to the US they'll be -- briefly detained and then released. Nevertheless congress is free to amend this request but that would require horror are more rapid collaborative problem solving. In the face of of crisis and my my we can't have that now when these very same crisis are to be exploited. Now one thing they don't mention in that whole editorial. In the USA today is being responsible. For your actions. All they say is the Republicans are taking political advantage of what's happening. But what role if the Republicans are taking advantage of it then. That gives a -- Democrats know. Reason besides the reason it's the right thing to do it gives them another reason to do it but they. That's the point they don't care about this well winning this battle -- when the war. What how good as winning a battle if you can put the other party out of business so that's where that that's where their main focus is it's not in this alone. They don't really care they take a few hits like this if they -- and the long game they won everything there will be no battles after that because they'll be a second party. If it if it is proven in his seems to me like it can be. That the president first releases all kinds of illegal immigrants from our jails. Was -- a year ago I believe was. Maybe even mistrial -- a threat and it seems that there's been a my effort to get word out to South America that if you come up here. Not really gonna cracked I -- so isn't that reason for impeachment well. Sarah Palin I have her statement right here there is. Obesity. Was ready. To name. When congress declined to pass amnesty for illegal immigrants offspring. Unilaterally enacted his own version of it which created the current crisis on our border as illegal use or and or country to receive what he illegally promised them. So there's a list -- what Sarah Palin thinks would be grounds for impeachment but it's a different story for different show. I think that -- time time if nothing else is against impeachment. That's a process that would take more time and he's going to be in office that's another story but contributing. To this sort of thing. Encouraging. And Eric and get -- a fine hairs of splitting encouragement. With permission. On OK you and give them permission but you have to -- and that you know lot. If you are there you probably wouldn't be deported at all and if it happened to be along so what you're saying is now. It's like somebody's thank god don't apply for me anymore while -- are Americans going to come needs more than this president though he's playing the show. And what we get back we'll talk more about it they don't trio 93018061692. Visits are and I thirty how dumb are you. Because the president seemed to think you're a moron. All right well maybe some people are but I don't think most of our listeners are gonna catch out what this guys try to do. And I think it's shameful absolutely shameful. His own agenda is -- -- of the agenda the United States. He was elected to enforce the laws of America. Not as not to run around upside down turn them inside out hold -- -- bands that don't bomb bomb do anything can. To actually restrict. Law enforcement will be back after all right we're asking you if the president is serious. And for those of you who don't pay much attention. There won't do manager -- through three point seven billion dollars from congress that sounds pretty serious. Well it would be except for the fact that one point 8% of it would go to border security that's yet. One point 8%. Will go to border security Texas spends. Times more money themselves than the United States. We're dedicated to Boris here. So Rick Perry wants the National Guard he also wants permission. To fly drones and whatever. And so far the president is setting -- smirking it's. Just laughing at us because we are via we are the winner of the clones that we've been sent him for his amusement. Let's go to -- block port -- on WB again. -- OK the belief kids coming out on document. Our solemn promise not unlike trains and -- stall across the border. Well they they say that the coyotes through these people who charge money to the parents to smuggle the kids and here. A lot of them coming in this way it doesn't they're because some of them are toddlers. It doesn't hospice specify what mode of transportation they're here. One would guess that it a lot of it would be vans and their trucks and any kind of a trap human trafficking usually. Uses those. The containers. False floors and while. They found -- regular Q we can go off. And murders. Security Border Patrol or whatever and a new ship that. Act around one container knocked back on the whole bunch of you sound. -- trafficking has been going on a long time they find trucks with false floors in the monologue as. Well make it. They control that anybody. Get caught. Shipping anybody vehicle you know the across the border. Automatically following big giant in the vehicle did. It. Well I like that -- -- of India. If it means you're gonna count gave. My along Choo Choo train. Indicators. Railroad companies are regroup -- Security under containers -- -- well are under strain. I like the thought of getting serious by yeah obviously. When you're talking about toddlers and things they didn't make the decision come here be awfully hard to get that but you're the people -- -- you know. I'm trained to sign that hell out of the -- -- that are -- on these trucks. Your little strange to roll. -- -- -- In the they're gonna be real colorful all in all almost jumped another train like -- old days at all -- gonna be real careful body train coming your border. I hear it thank you very much a -- -- humans. Trafficking has been going -- long time. But. And they come in various forms. And they get across the border and that's what they collected the money for. But if you think about it a lot of these kids these none of these kids made the decision themselves. To come across. So they're parents either helped get him across but one -- assume -- if their parents that it dates a year ago. But as you see in one of the Euro stories I read but they may have relatives here. So their parents may have gotten numbers across in the relatives and got them. Immigration. Or Border Patrol or whoever's in charge of finding these people. Can't find the mall and then they get -- a court date which appeared to show up. We have to pay for the lawyers to represent them kids money. And then -- the weight right now his school years for hearing. Ended -- -- to would you think it takes care of music they get money from their parents now we take care. We freedom we call them all the things that you would use to. To raise you're child for two years. Where using for each kid that's come across illegally. And meanwhile their parents and I'm off to either of these coyotes and and I heard that CBS report last week your condom. Please. They said desperately. Poor people. Our approach by -- these coyotes and they say for 101000 dollars will bring your kid across the border well I have a question. If they already have 101000 dollars I don't think they could be classified as desperately pour. If they don't have it where they getting it. I'd like to know that. Aren't the bottom line is if they've got 101000 dollars they can take care of their own kids. I don't seem like I'm heartless but the bottom line is you can save you brought him into this world is your responsibility to take care. Not just dump -- for the border while the United States of America will -- some future political lead by taking care of them for the rest life. Just not right it's simply is not. And in this editorial if the Republicans are taking advantage politically of the situation. And the answer is simple. Take care of that. If you are -- the Democrats and you simply take care of that he'll eliminate that but the Democrats are willing to give up short term battle for the long term war. Because the long term war is to eliminate the Republican Party totally. And that would do it. Once we got to citizenship once we got that step it would be over so whatever losses they took in a battle. And you can cite any war were battles a loss but the war has won and they're willing to do that the president sitting back there smirking. Scheduling is -- golf quality. While the country goes down the -- will be back with more after this.

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