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7-15 Beach and Company Hour 1

Jul 15, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Although it is region governor -- -- me jump I'm learning a lesson from Warren Buffett if you are. Are these second richest man in America -- worth more money than god. Where you take gave VIP. Visitor who wants to have a bike -- you OK I want to be thinking about that now. While the -- singers ramp up and then we'll tell you this guy is Smart when a great promotion months. Yeah sessions are trying to learn from people are quite accomplished in Warren Buffett is as accomplished as it gets. And guess who was in town doing a concert and that would be Paul McCartney. What do you think ago you guys got any kind of idea Tony Harris mighty taco that's calls about eucharist shafts. That that that's good. Actually. It said that when it does say where but it said they went out for a ice cream. Now let me guess where they went out for ice -- anybody say dairy queen. Because guess who owns -- dairy -- Warren Buffett. I deal with the Q yeah. I saw I did doesn't say they want to be killed but said they went out for ice cream now if they went out for ice Graeme. Where if you warm up and O'Neill owned dairy queen. In your life in new guard for ice cream would just take them there I would think you would -- Anderson that that's great promotion if indeed it was the cure it doesn't say that. It's as billionaire resident warm welcome Paul McCartney enjoyed ice cream together Sunday night after dinner out. McCartney was scheduled to perform Monday night at Lincoln's new downtown arena ya one would guess -- -- -- -- when there and that kind of stratosphere. And you know Paul and and in Warren's biggest price standing outside line. Way to go -- yeah. Waiting with the other people and their shorts and flip flops and at an Iowa that is that you Andrea and politics world quality go on -- -- in my mind Paul's eating habits a little strangely. Told pool hot dogs and stuff like that so and then you get the thing. Add these as well this is really good ago war and he says well I I don't list. It is all you'll on this location on don't all of dairy queen every dairy queen known to man I own. Always echo a lot of at a blizzard with the -- and see him arguing I don't want it dipped in chocolate what can I tell you. But that's -- so and I know they have that celebrity a celebrity that they have that charity thing every year. Where people who they usually investment bankers. Is where they bid on lunch with Warren Buffett. And they've been a lot of money of course its charitable things or is probably. It's probably deductible. But what I'm saying is a good day a lot expecting him to just you know. Be downloading great stock tips while he's eating is his asparagus you know I'm talking about -- sells solar railroads what do you play monopoly -- by boardwalk yeah so it's imagine. Having that kind of money imagine. You anyplace you want you can buy anything I mean think about that. It's pretty. It's pretty amazing to me through impact of the few places to -- yeah I'd like to buy chefs. Higher tiger by chefs I could have spaghetti arm in the meantime I wanted to do yet but I think moves can kick you out of usual well that's true that's true but -- -- -- I don't it. 2:30 in the morning and I you fall asleep on the chair boom and you wake up and you've got to have something to eat before you go upstairs to bed if you want to play into why not. Calling him a shepherd said needs spaghetti part right now right now and right now exactly. A -- for dessert. Now I think a lot of retail has to do with the name of something. When you get the right name it conjures up the right image. And and you wanna buy it there's a clothing a chain it's been in business for ten years. Very they have fifty stores in eighteen states. And they're changing their name and I I can't understand why they're changing minute because the name they have I don't think we have any around here -- could be wrong but I don't think so. President they have -- eight but they're changing it to something that I don't think is greater at all okay. Eighteen states fifty stars ten years the name of the retailer chain for women's clothing hot mama. Now that sounds good hot mama can you imagine giving your girlfriend or your wife or maybe both of them. Something from hot mama that sounds good since they're changing at 20. Campbell we've been doing this but they are. They're changing it to ever eve. -- -- Ever eat that's that EB ER EV. Now you know you gotta be really careful that your wife doesn't mix up that -- it's from every not summer -- am which are which is definitely not be well well except that -- aren't -- the -- -- what I that you know look over data in this out there are exactly. And the board and -- that we wanna change hot mama to ever leave. I would vote against a vote against -- -- -- argument or every means I hate these new leads me out I don't know anything well he of course the first woman you know and maybe it means for ever of these clothes or whatever we're selling world. Will last a lifetime or they'll always be in your memory -- knows what but you're right a lot of his new -- stuff doesn't mean anything. I want to I want the name of worms shopping to tell me what I can expect there hot mama. You know which are getting plus anybody that gets. A gift like that. It would be appreciative because they'd be considered a hot mama doesn't wanna be a hot mama. Maybe Hillary. That's. So that's it's it's you're looking for hot mama forget it you're gonna have to look for ever eve. And that's the name of that through what's going on in sports not much that's kind of like who -- bills open on Friday already. Good training camp it wasn't Sunday as the first official practice com man and then three weeks after that. Pre season game I love football but here's the problem once the bills are playing. Use you fast forward through the rest of summer. You fast forward even through affair. And already thinking about is the kick off which is usually in September but sometimes earlier but usually September -- Summers and I'm guessing it's just started the kids just got out of school -- -- -- go to the -- -- -- -- back -- single up the -- I saw a sign on FaceBook yesterday as some reports like -- -- which in place. In -- -- back to school supplies I don't know why it just maybe it just seems that way about the summer here which is fabulous we love them there. It's great. But it just days ago by like rocket and winter it's one minute at a time it's just drags on forever I was having a conversation with someone last night just about how it seems it. Time is really flying by. Nick is going to be seven years old I'll guarantee it and it just seems like you know he was just born yesterday likable blink of an -- is gone. Jesus things like I was just at your wedding 04 years ago -- -- Experiment it's always -- doesn't. I asked Randy to stop that that 511 the convenience storm victims Hitler all. That -- great will be back with mark. -- Beijing company and illustrator and had thirty W -- happy today speaking of something fantastic to can't acknowledge it's a total ram and move Shriver -- and little old Shriver his birthday I think was Saturday I was listening to a show Saturday. And people wishing him happy birthday so I guess that was is it that way. And he had some of the grandchildren I'm program removed from the -- -- is great guy. And he's celebrating a birthday he is as far as I'm concerned country music in Western New York he's the real VO. Because when idea when I go to my. Ancient dvds of classic country real country stuff. I mean he passes that he poisons that -- really good stuff not you know cheesy. Pretend stuff this is the real deal almost seemed that we do so kind with an ambulance and thank you for listening on until I love our country or Betsy I'll give some milk for your property to. -- -- What's working sometimes as it targets -- ultimate machine and the answer is this. Word and even in your cup of up. The always thought about it that's there was and so I think that you've got -- for Bessie get a copy I mean your daughter -- -- hardcover -- But when -- showed up Jean and wanna give him. No prisoners and she -- some kind of -- -- that's. You gave her squeezing their oil supplement and so happy birthday to reverend -- driver we love them we really don't they Lou -- -- my favorite people -- -- And -- -- -- our favorite people here is candy channeled George in the front office and no matter what kind of Bulger and when you see candy -- and a good mode she's just a wonderful person and very good at what she does she's them as I said in the front office. She's been here watch my lips are you ready for this. RVE. Errors amazing. At some easing. And she's still at the top of her game forty years congratulations -- baby she is so good and where we're very pleased that as she chose to spend up forty years with us -- and covered in the gonna have -- You'll notice they always -- that stuff out afterward on them they never go lower here. And so I'll I'll I'll I'll Oprah and appease the pretend it then but that's it so -- happy anniversary. To candy -- channel and happy birthday to ramble on -- Shriver I see the sabres have a prospect camp going on to. Right now they have the of the young guns out there on -- you could tell us -- you could tell what these of the younger players they have. A double latency so. If you guys are really young they're getting a really young for the national rate at a Peewee pigs in here exactly. So you see -- If you're watching TV sport you see the video of -- young kids a hockey and you see them preparing training camp and you know a bit soccer is over and we're ready ago into the real sports. Of hockey and football and that's very nice I I was so following a Jeep today it was. Wrangler type of a -- And you know what they have for the spare tire cover -- a giant soccer ball yeah it was kind of cool it was so obviously a soccer fan. And I know there weeping because it's four more years to limits were of an alliance. They've already released the odds for the next world cop in the USA well first while we went into this World Cup at 100 to one. Odds out as they've really improved to thirty to one not so pretty good blow looking for the US soccer program. What the estimate of how much more of a Cleveland Cavaliers -- worth. Oh with LeBron and without LeBron know did you citrus no I've heard discussions on a but I haven't heard an actual number it's -- it's up almost 500 million dollars while some nearly half a billion dollars -- it's it's worth nearly a billion dollars now before they were. Like 450 and now they're nine or something like that. But it it nearly doubled the worth of the franchise. -- just by getting him back -- -- own genes can share the spotlight Cleveland well that's good obviously James is more established. LeBron James is more establishment if I -- Cleveland. I would trying get them to do some promotional stuff together. You know absolutely promotional videos Cleveland and they got the Republican National Convention coming there's been a lot of stuff there. Are going on and -- Cleveland it's a new arrival in the rock and roll hall of fame. And you leave the browns out conveniently forget that the browns -- -- truck. I get it all in one promotional I'd be pretty exciting. I even try and get a you know ought to be fun to watch LeBron. LeBron James Earl passed. And he's played football we -- wave of yeah okay -- very -- on board. And that then I watch showed John a football play basketball. -- -- play basketball -- forget that idea but the idea was good. May wanna try and find out what that held this means. She is Christie could I have an order that weighs novels -- the style cooking in the restaurant -- We'll be back what -- BJ company on the trader I've birdied it via. The home of Rush Limbaugh weekdays noon -- three news radio 9:30 AM WV and -- -- Good job Asian companies such we've been drummed out that we can no longer call ourselves Italians because we cannot pronounce that that phrase that's in the deal of the day we are pronounced we -- in -- was elegant and so it means old style kitchen. Italian -- yeah -- I think Mike may allow for giving me a heads up on -- -- in my young he knew and so if we can't be Italian police. At least I can be half finish. You know you're all its you should know I -- going -- afterwards -- Michael calabrese is so yeah that's it that's it so where where we apologize profusely on that. I get confused about two when restaurants advertise home cooking. OK does that mean that. Before they came to work they made this stuff at home. Or did they make the -- themselves. Our what is it exactly -- home cooking Maine I'm -- -- home cooking after cook at home and ordered her home with prepared stuff. My guess is a lot of it is eight from scratch okay -- deposits hospital grandmother made possible songs I used to love to watch it -- as as she as you would Mika -- the price to help. My grandmother we'd put through the -- -- the turn them in jail now seen it in there were Kamal -- battle and with. Should mean you're mainly looking linguine and that she used to make a SARS a sauce which is a meatless sauce are being capable. I -- I missed that I loved the days when this awesome beyond all day and be simmering and you'd sneak into the kitchen. And you'd take a piece of bread usually a big -- -- of bread not -- -- -- -- that was made them more and you dipping it into the sauce. And is there anything in the world is better -- I don't know mark Killen right now except my mother know. That I was glad it dipping and good at sneaking the bread and desires but want I wasn't good -- is lifting the top off the pot she. If I you know you know McConnell thinks she when he it was almost like it had an alarm on -- don't -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And then she would come of the kitchen. And she's -- times -- a -- with a piece of bread my hand in the sauce when you walk and and she would smiled reprimand -- smile. It's I think if I didn't want the saws -- have been unhappy but she didn't want me to have a better early because he is a term. That is forty useless. In any kind of an Italian house it will spoil your appetite yet rated he went well last time that's ever happened. Imagine. -- dinner is ready here's a -- oh. Can. I had something in middle of the afternoon hopeful as small ball exactly. That doesn't haven't you can eat a whole. 85 bolt -- Five -- -- -- that's a measly 585. -- my macaroni. Five. And a just delicious and I never had a spoiled Africa that's why. One tournament -- 400 a month. Article for Parcells made myself hungry. Ago. But yeah this and you you'd you'd smell of the -- started in the morning and if -- -- -- convinced now. Where you come home from school and who would already be on there and have dinner while and by -- you're going craw as well. And then you keep going back. Ambac and really nothing nothing. In them before that we would have won a super shot that she ease. Rappers columns and a little bit of Italian Brad. So that would be kind of like an appetite well there were times when I come home from school either one or two things have happened we had practice basketball practice. And and I had to walk on committee member card till later I'll war I was ten in detention. Which was most of his time and that I'd have to walk home. And my mother would have the sauce on and I going to lay down take a nap and then when you wake up after a nap. And it's there right there it's on the table is ready to eat you can -- now let. You've just had a nice nap after retiring practice or long walk home from school because you were bad boy. And all while that's that's like a dream day doesn't get never does. I here's something just doesn't seem to be getting better and that is border security. For those of you who believe that Obama. Is a serious about border security. I yeah I want us -- kind of set you straight at least as far as I'm concerned. If you would say well of course. He's serious about border security -- what's the matter you adjust and Obama none fan. He cares about the security -- border in fact he just asks congress to appropriate three point seven billion dollars. Two to help with the illegal immigration problem. And I would say OO. Lol lol you ignorant slut. Don't you realize that I out of that three point seven billion dollars. Only watch my lips. One point 8%. Is for border security. Now all one point 8%. Of the three point seven billion dollars that President Obama has requested is for border security now -- -- tell you something. In fact governor Rick Perry has asked the president if the president were serious he would -- he would comply with the use of the governor's request. The governor said please deploy the National Guard along the border. And first of all if you think of any kind of vote hemorrhaging problem. The first thing you do and right now were hemorrhaging. Illegals. Usually illegal children across the border. In any kind of hemorrhaging situation in the medical profession -- would stop the bleeding that's the first thing you would do is stop. But bleeding. Well if you wanted to stop the bleeding. Why not fulfill the governor's request Mr. President. By deploying the National Guard the National Guard would stop the bleeding or at least severely cut it down. But now he's not doing that instead he's doing he's playing you know like. Like a violent. For those of you think three point seven billion dollars that's a pretty big commitment. Of the border security and only one point 8% would be devoted to that and so we come back. And now stuck by the way. That the arm. That the governor could call up the National Guard as well as I think about the times governors have called -- National Guard it's usually during a time of a natural disaster. A hurricane or tornado. These kinds of things flawed. Where they bring up the National Guard to help civilians I note that of the military cannot be used in no law enforcement. Maybe it has to be a situation where an emergency has been declared and they get called out but. Governor Rick Perry of Texas has asked the president to deploy the National Guard. And he has not done that and so he does a flashy -- don't know I want that three point seven billion dollars I must have it because I need that one point 8%. To increase border securities or you kind of see where his head is. By this small percentage of that. And not calling -- the National Guard he doesn't care what he wants is as many people in here as legally as possible before he makes that decision to actually do something. And then there are already here and you know. What the approximate time -- frame is for a hearing now for any of these people keep a minor flooding in they are flooding again. Watch violence the average time now for a hearing is to yours. Two years. Two years in which we have defeat implode them give a medical. Assistance educate them whatever before. The average person's it was not like all we just Solio. -- got to come back tomorrow and -- -- high percentage do not even come back from hearings. And then if they think it costs money to supplement the border try finding them later OK it's just a cluster. And this president knows exactly what he's going and it's working out to his satisfaction. We'll take a break we'll be back with more would be to -- -- is -- company my basic question is. Is Obama serious. About stopping the flow of illegals but at the border I think he he couldn't be any less serious about it. The things that draw the headlines I'm asking for a three point seven billion dollars. Two help -- this problem it's sound loans for those of you. While only scam headlines and some of view probably I'm preaching to the choir here. But in lots of voices of people they just don't know they don't read they don't really care it's dog only of a casual interest until you realize that. They're overwhelming the border thousands and thousands and thousands of these kids keep coming across and a governor Perry's request to have the National Guard called out unheeded. And go only one point 8% of that three point seven billion dollars would be spent. I'm actual border security now the thing that really sticks in your mind you know when you're trying to oh. Like the whole thing all at once it's very difficult to swallow and digest you got to take it in bite size pieces. Here's the bite sized piece for you think about nine I alluded to a just before the break. It is the loss says that it children. Are coming here from non contiguous us countries. Which would there are here illegally which would be Canada and Mexico is okay. Those children have to have a hearing. Before they -- deported and other words it's not enough okay there on this side of the border of the agencies that we are here illegally. Here -- go back right now to weigh in on a dog doesn't work like that. They're taken into custody. And then they have to go to we're hearing it before they can be. -- The hearing. Time now without purpose of stopping the massive flow is nearly school years. So I want you to think about this this is the bite sized piece to take away. For every Childs. That comes across here legally we have to take care of them for truly is that's the minimum. And -- of course the sliding scale says that the -- become the longer the waiting period will be but the problem right now always two years. So for two years we have to -- imagine if a child showed up -- your doorstep today and you didn't have a budget for say a surprise child showed up. But a child showed up and you took that child him. And for two years you had to pay for their full. Their medical care they're closed anything to do Whitman a child growing up during a period of two of you had to pay for all of it. Now multiply that times thousands and thousands and thousands and that's what the taxpayers are going to pay for this because we have a president that -- is letting it happen. He's letting it happen. And I don't think that one point 8% of a three point seven billion dollar proposal shows any serious intent and then it just gets worse. It's just gets worse I just saw a banner headline across a news channel I have on records again here -- economics yet. No I just told you how. Thousands and thousands and thousands of kids are coming here illegally. The White House has announced. That. Are the children. Have just been bused back. Out of the United States 44 -- party. All right so there you have it it's you don't I don't like. What's going on in Washington. For a lot of reasons. And I think we outlined the most of the time on when we do shows about what's going on Washington. But the thing I liked the least about what's going on Washington is how this president is sitting back and thinking we're all idiots. We're all morons. Were all of the the IQ level that he can easily do this without us seeing it. A look let me get this straight Mr. President let's let in tens of thousands of children and and take forty and send them back. And that's supposed to appease those missing US -- three point seven billion dollar. Appropriation. Explosive tell enough people -- really serious when only one point 8% of it goes through the actual stopping of the hemorrhaging. -- -- -- We -- I mean really are huge issues to being around people that buy that stuff because I'm not buying and it. And I don't think most of our audiences buying it the -- That's exactly what we have we have a president that is contemptuous of us. He is absolutely contemptuous now some people like Sarah Palin is calling for impeachment. I think that's a waste of time simply because time as The Rolling Stones would tell you is not on our side. And though there are a lot of things that he does that we don't like but aren't necessarily impeachable offenses so. I think we're wasting our time going down that road but what I don't like is that he has no respect for us. And you know if you think about it what kind of respect would you have for an electorate that elected him twice. I'm thinking as the old Groucho Marx line. That though when asked if he was. Going to join the the country club of Beverly Hills where his daughter wanted to swim. He said no he would never join a club that would have him as a member. And I think it's the same thing with the president. The president's attitude is why should he have any respect you morons elected me twice think about that you really should end because I think about it all the time. And for those of stand up for this clown by it's just beyond my comprehension. So my basic question. And nor come back we'll get into -- while repairing necessary because they got dueling editorials here. -- my basic question is Obama serious about stopping the flow of illegals of the border I don't think -- series at all I think one thing he is very serious about. Is getting on that first of all -- they've got to stay because it's too overwhelming our cost trusted trying to deport them. We've got to grant them amnesty is the next step after amnesty they can't be partial Americans ago before Americans. And so a -- a grant them citizenship and then the right to vote which comes with citizenship. And then it's all over for the two party system and basically all over for America that's where it is and it's this guy thinks he's the smartest guy in the room. And if you don't pay attention. It's your own fault. Basically your -- fall out of the field would be so I held in such low esteem the president thinks -- moron. We'll be back for more -- beach company on news radio I'm thirty WB yeah.

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