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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Albany Perspective of Maziarz Decision - Ken Lovett

Albany Perspective of Maziarz Decision - Ken Lovett

Jul 15, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Ken Lovett is with us on the WB in -- -- Albany bureau chief of the New York Daily News -- good morning. Political bombshell around here yesterday with the retirement announcement from states senator George Mae's -- Where is this on your radar and and what's happening with the investigation into his campaign expenditures. That obviously any time our outlook yen. Steps down. Especially on -- and that is at a rate -- -- by about -- one. Are there and play the governor has promised to clean it up and -- so I had another war. But yeah -- that. I -- that shot. Alcohol on. The senate that they had eight that the at a Republican open. To control the senate that don't stood at large probably the seat for the Republican. It really didn't need anymore. And the gonna have to spend money that they would have otherwise expect it up there another race. Cam had senator -- JR is not decided to announce that he would not seek reelection. What would've happened to him. Trying investigation and in terms of men in terms of the investigation. Well I'd -- it might happen so maybe we don't go looking into it makes me any -- obviously. They subpoenaed some of their there were -- to true there -- a couple of resigned last week unexpectedly and part of that probably. Well I I it would have been a major. Distraction that they are excellent color and the other and they're certainly it would have hurt the Republican overall. In their site. Other local had been a major distraction for our current job. OK so you're saying there could have been an investigation under is still could be an investigation but the let me ask you about the -- -- -- Situation. He resigned from the new York state assembly but yet there was no subsequent investigation. Into his miss misconduct. I do know that these statement. -- -- -- -- -- And now that it yeah. He can still be buying and there's -- difference between -- actually being looked at by the they and that we commit to other island public offer up. And weather and -- US are looking into. George NPR and whether English spent campaign. Campaign money. Even though not there anymore that they -- that I never well he should be charged with a belt they need to -- to -- and. He can this is on the results of work of the Borland commission. Which Governor Cuomo shut down and the AN US attorney in Manhattan is picked it back up again. Why was that shut down. When governor do that. Well there's been a lot of controversy over that first all of these the question who has become an up and up sides of the governor for. Because that is an appearance -- -- a lot of started out the governor would dictating that so who and where -- subpoenas going out were also slow. Even though -- product at this panel would be independent. But partly I'm. He only had a -- the left side of oracle or no war going into the locker let -- -- -- well they've actually gotten my other ethics reform. You know everything you gonna end -- where they signed up well I'm a reform you repeat -- tomorrow. So as a tradeoff. Yeah okay you know this all began unfolding earlier this past spring in -- while senator ms. Yaris and and sort of floated to the top here. I guess other people were involved and some misconduct. Are we gonna hear more names the literal. That children that they actually I -- -- -- -- -- that we we will try our control of the members on the cattle up the out. Dimension. That they were spoke -- sign anywhere between something like 812 or a member of smoke it if not all of the ever. So. Rather go out of concern some you know which are sure that the deputy Republican -- Talk that this was an idea girl lying to the FBI murder and related investigations. Well you know I'm -- and that separates them. Well seeing that everything out there and so are poke a little chargers are so looking into it. Didn't bring every article so far the to -- up -- -- -- but this certainly looked. Can you provide a lot of insight on this thank you very much for joining us. Aren't as Ken -- the Albany bureau chief with the New York Daily News.

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