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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Woman Found Injured In Hamburg - Police Captain Peter Dienes

Woman Found Injured In Hamburg - Police Captain Peter Dienes

Jul 15, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Captain Pete Dye and as for the Hamburg PB. Is on the WB in live line we're working on a breaking story we. The became aware of the solar a couple of hours ago and other captains on the phone not a help us more of discovery of an injured woman lying on the side of the highway in the town of Hamburg. Is under investigation captain what can you tell us about this. Basically -- about that 12:35 AM this morning. We received the call of the email was injured and unconscious. Big tree ruled in our town. And it was apparent that she sustained and serious injuries. Were unsure. As to how that happened and or suspect drew was investigating. Can you talk more about the injuries doesn't appear that it may have been hit and run. Well that that's certainly a possibility and that. Basically what they've been investigating since she was found its -- third. Captain we're looking at a report the police were seen in -- not too far from the accident scene questioning someone. At a nearby house and our car was told away from that to the particular house can you tell us something about that it was early connection. Well I had that this panic they can't comment on them like -- that are detective bureau is is investigating the matter but. It is true parent was -- Has there been any sign of debris in that area from a vehicle that may have been. Involved. There was some. Some items taken at the scene whether there you know affiliated with a terror not. I can't comment on that and I'm an actual work. Can you tell us approximately how old moved the woman was the one who's injured. -- 29 years -- Has she been identified yet. Yes the 29 year old Jennifer -- of amber. How wishy. She is -- EC EMC and. Not sure. As to what. You know how she's doing at this time. OK any. People of interest in custody for questioning at this time. No not at the are there or is she having is that life threatening injuries that. But I just know that the injuries the injuries were serious. OK and if the public anybody who was maybe driving in that area. Around 12:30 this morning what should they do. -- so they called a -- hammer police department at six or 85111. Extension 2502. And again the Kaplan about what time to the simplest morning. 1235 they were -- no good to chat with you thank you for all the updated information okay thank you we're very grateful it's gonna compete -- with -- -- PD.

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