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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Politicians Have It Too Easy Once Elected? - Kevin Hardwick; Pt IV

Politicians Have It Too Easy Once Elected? - Kevin Hardwick; Pt IV

Jul 15, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Our guest in studio this morning doctor Kevin Hardwick professor of political science echinacea is -- Republican member of the Erie county legislature we're talking about. George -- shares his retirement announcement. Investigation about his possible replacement career politicians. It just missed -- is not running Kevin what happens to his. Nearly million dollar war chest. Well let's that's a good question it's it's up to him I mean you'd have a lot of politicians who. Hang on to their money they can't use it for personal purposes they can't buy a house with whatever. But they can vacant parcel it out to various causes that their interest in making that the nonprofit agencies. They can give it to there are their party committee I mean if George majors want -- to he could give all the money. For the Republicans. My guess is he'll hang on to the money. And he'll let it out a few thousand dollars time you've that this candidate they can they keep his influence going in state politics. Can't use it for if there's a federal investigation for his legal defense. That I don't know I'm not a lawyer don't play one on TV and I I don't know whether it whether he could or not on mighty. I I would think there's a possibility could but again I'm I'm that pause for all intents and purposes only has this money even though -- is no longer an elected official. It's still makes him somewhat of a king maker -- sure does sure does. You know you get if you know people like if common names like Tony -- yellow light. Jolt you amber and others. Have on hung -- -- some of their money and again they give it out to their friends who were running for office they given to causes. It's still buys them some influence certainly. Could a replacement being named soon I think it would have to be names in the state election laws pretty specific about that. Yesterday was the deadline. Forward senator -- easier to decline my understanding is that he did decline the nomination. Now the vacancy committee that was on his petitions that people signed will will appoint a successor and they only have a few days to do that. -- were also talking about a career politicians this morning. Now you know there are a lot of members of government who are good men and women to do a good job they've been in their prolonged time. I mean why kick good people out. Well I I I think the the argument is some people make the argument that we already have term limits you know that we can vote them out of office any time. -- you look at you look at I mean George me yours is an example who I think is fits that category of someone who's done a lot of good for Niagara county overtime. Yeah he's sitting as of January 31 he had in his war chest 943055. Dollars and ten cents. Now you're right John wanted to run against him we could probably raise the 55 dollars and ten cents. But the 943000. Dollars probably be a tough nut nut to crack and for all intents and purposes we're neck beat him Nolan is going to be him. As a result you know you get people like this Sheldon Silver is the classic example who Nolan is going to be easier forever. They feel invincible bulletproof if you will they do whatever they darn well please and you you you kind of get away from the from -- at the turn over the new ideas coming in. The people who have to do a good job who have to perform. Otherwise you know there out on the street. You know I don't wanna compare -- I guess I am comparing it to. Two teacher tenure now I'm I'm a tenured professor -- college. And no when he can he -- count of course once we get tenure just sit on their laurels and and doesn't work hard. But I've heard that at other colleges and and other schools that once people get ten year. Maybe they you know take the foot off the gas of this I I'm not sure right I don't have any firsthand knowledge of that obviously. And we know we kind of worked hard as I work hard everybody you know the benefits just to attractive. For politicians could pay long stretches of time off and the -- on. There the better your pension is certainly I mean there are there are a lot of advantages I mean it's. It's not the way it started out couple hundred years ago when all these jobs were part time and and you know he went you went to Albany here whatever for for a few months of the year. Things have things have evolved OK just to recap you told us earlier that does sooner or later there will be a measure on the table. Term limits in the recount in Erie gala usually and I can I mean I've where we've been talking about that. In the Republican caucus for some time Ted Morton of Cheektowaga has been begun that. I've been big on that the only thing we've we've had trouble doing is narrowing down that that sweet spot. What is the ideal term limit you don't want it to short you don't want too long last telling BB bears chair right it was just right. And we've been arguing over ten years or twelve years I think we we talked about yesterday when it settled on ten years and that should be and sometime this week. Larry Kevin great Steffi you'd be here and congratulations. On the idea. Arrival of your grandson will be any minute hopefully hopefully it's happened while we've been speaking here and thank you very much -- nice of you to join us in studio here and I'll let us now. -- Non and he appeared we will -- -- doctor Kevin Hardwick political science professor and member of the Erie county legislature.

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