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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Politicians Have It Too Easy Once Elected? - Kevin Hardwick; Pt III

Politicians Have It Too Easy Once Elected? - Kevin Hardwick; Pt III

Jul 15, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Career politicians with their retirement announcement by twenty years state senator George may -- -- the other day it got us thinking why do politicians stay in office so long we're talking about it this morning with -- in studio -- Doctor Kevin -- Professor of political science conditions college and Republican member of the Erie county legislature. Our founding fathers never intended for that right. -- no way they they were. You know it was a different time obviously -- citizen legislators was where was that. But now. Thinking about what you do your your raid. Political science professor and a member of the -- in legislature but in your political science department you're training these career -- oh yeah. He and in the -- Many of them are are eclipsing my political -- I mean you get get the state assemblyman Mickey Kearns. -- Bork is now mentioned as a successor to George -- -- -- -- be fantastic I mean. Any -- salaam of course would make a fantastic leader. We used to color cells where leaders were made but anyway right I think. Yeah IE I enjoyed that it it's nice to see them succeed. We have a lot of politicians obviously there. For the pension I mean let's be honest here for the pensions and I don't think most people go there for the pension and after. You're there for awhile and you see what what's available you say hey I can. Putting just another few more years Nolan LP for life as a member of the Erie county legislature. How soon do you qualify for -- -- after one term welfare will know it's it's just as a member of the Erie county legislature or them the mayor about lower councilman Butler councilman in. Town of whale holes. Is eligible for participation in the New York State retirement system. Employee retirement system just like anyone else so the longer sort of -- -- you -- that he. Yeah yeah. But depending on the job you don't necessarily get the full years credit realize the -- state pension which is very lucrative. New York State is very good it's not as good as it used to be of course there was a new -- just added. And the new employees are gonna get the great benefits that the older employees get but it's still pretty good it's a factor of your final average salary your top three years times. The number of years you've been in. Been employed by the county this is the year the statement in the system. You don't necessarily get a full years credit for being a part time councilman in the town of a Boston for instance you'd get a partial year's -- So it depends on the job. But did it's lucrative and mean it would make I -- yeah. I think can be very it it can be very lucrative just like any public employee answer teacher whatever.

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