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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Politicians Have It Too Easy Once Elected? - Kevin Hardwick; Pt I

Politicians Have It Too Easy Once Elected? - Kevin Hardwick; Pt I

Jul 15, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

There's more fallout this morning from state senator George -- r.'s decision not to run for reelection and some fresh info those warning to. About the investigation looked could be swirling around him his WB and state gave. And John -- -- here's former chief of staff -- -- -- The attorney in New York City who says that. He's he has been subpoenaed prosecutor -- BS has picked up several investigations when the governor has -- commission went defunct. He's believed to be looking at campaign spending of several lawmakers. Color -- attorney says she has been subpoenaed regarding -- yards and his campaign committee. His statement says she is not a target of the probe and has cooperated fully. Meanwhile the Republican Party in a scramble really to replacements -- because petitions are already out there there's a scenario where they could swap someone else onto the ballot. North tell Wanda mayor Robert port tells WG RC channel two that he first heard his name mentioned in the media. But because of that speculation Stewart he's mulling a run now. Iphones yes they're bringing in and I started making phone calls myself you know it's very it's very flattering what are your name has been about four. Opportunities or what have you you know it's only an opportunities I think I'm I'm considering I'm talking to people gauging support but I had not made decisions. Orleans county businesswoman -- -- ROG Arnold rather has circulated petitions for primary against -- -- -- says he'll decide on a run and a few days no word on the timing meanwhile the investigation out of New York City chances and. Dave thanks -- in studio guest this morning we're talking about this doctor Kevin Harvick is here pretty -- here Kevin great to be here. Politician he's an Erie county lawmaker he's also a professor of political science -- discount this -- errors that the timing of their retirement -- this. When he when he thinking here. Well it it did you know I was I was that shocked it was a bit surprised. Especially since petitions -- already been circulated there was no chance for someone else to jump in and say oh Georgia's retiring I think -- -- -- certainly there are a lot of people. Over the years who -- like to have run for that but haven't been able to because -- has almost a million dollars in his campaign war chest it's -- -- have to. Have a Hensley a lot of eggs and silences to -- to put together that sort of nest -- for campaign. So you've you've got all these businesses it is it is a pent up group of of candidates ready to run. And of course they are precluded from running since it's too late to the -- now now the parties will be able to replace. The candidate on the belt in this case to hurt me yours is vacancy committee. And looks like -- or mayor of north I don't want -- who incidentally is a former student of mine. He's in Iraq War veteran I think. I think he'll be great senator if he should get elect. -- that would be the second. Some of -- -- -- made -- tricky currents former student of mine a little old woman Stephen Walter Stephen Walters. Hamburg supervisor sure there are all over the place. Western New York is is littered with my former students in a world -- talking -- -- places were also talking heaven you know about career you know politicians. People of an office like -- and we're wondering when does a politician begin wearing. In of that edge of the designates him or her career politician is how many terms. Does it take wet what well it depends on whether yours that career politician or whether you're debt politician's opponent. Because certainly it challengers to label any. Any incumbent as a career politician. So it's it's in the eye of the older -- Mean that moniker career politician as a negative. Yeah that that people don't goes in kindergarten graduation last month. They didn't say you know Johnny wants to be career politician you know -- one -- firemen crew politician.

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