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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Maziarz Latest & IRS Scandal Deepens - Dave Levinthal

Maziarz Latest & IRS Scandal Deepens - Dave Levinthal

Jul 15, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We opened up the WB and -- line this morning to Dave Leventhal senior political reporter with the Center for Public Integrity Dave good morning. Big story here is that the naysayers investigation the timing of George may -- retirement announcement. Has been raising eyebrows they Moreland commission Dave was looking into campaign expenditures than Governor Cuomo shut it down now the US attorney in Manhattan's taking a look. And he's issuing subpoenas where do you think this is going. At Utah or in -- for reelection and that won't likely would have a very dark time for -- and he would have been running for reelection under the cloud of scandal that he says he. He'd get -- -- life he says. That decision that you make to not run for re election. And leave the senate. Was not -- all inspire a profit by any investigation that was going on and and again thank you. And -- that there's no wrongdoing here but he's been considering retirement that is not a word except for about five years right now but a up by any measure would have been pretty typical for him going forward. -- -- to run for reelection and then -- to -- living. Auburn territory is that it and since 1995 that. The same time -- we don't know politicians there who aren't important to the scandal and even if there are buried very long term servers are in whatever opposite the running or. Serving in and I suspect the. Meciar is who's been in office for some two decades now we're wondering about a career politicians. Being in office that long who's -- necessarily a bad thing or is that a good thing in a lot about on the national low level. -- do we have any champions. A term limits and congress do know who they are. Yeah we do we get that. Between -- and -- you don't have a lot of clamor here at Washington DC for. For folks that say OK well you're a member of the US countries should only be able to serve two terms report terms -- in the senate. Only -- two terms of maximum of twelve years I want -- wily politician who's going to advocate for that but really you don't have anyone who is out front. Advocating that when you have all these other issues but -- economy. Social issues. Financially is it -- the mayor that they are going to likely play at the 2814 mid terms that don't expect anything bottom line. At the federal level in terms of term limits -- either -- it was a hot issue back in the 1990s legislation was put forward but really look a whole lot of -- that was done and just seems is that about the present -- -- the only thing. For perpetuity that actually is -- limited out there for a president can only serve two terms. Day of -- Center for Public Integrity is breaking story this morning. On the IRS what's that all about. And we we appreciate investigation that six months. Making app that talks about -- -- -- he's part of the higher grants that that looks at nonprofit organizations. Particularly the ones are very politically active of course -- at the heat heat scandal blow up. We capped at congressional investigations that are going on what we want to do -- this investigation has looked deeply into the part of that agency. It's the focus of the Tea Party scandal. And that what we found that that effectively there is and I -- it's an incredible amount of people who are you compliant with -- part of the agency. Other funding 38 and he is going down to regardless of what do you think the Tea Party scandal. It's in a terrible thing -- wonderful thing whether you're liberal or Democrat or Republican and conservative. Can -- all Americans because effectively the iris is not -- To enforce the law as it's written in the United States -- -- Eric AdAware under any effect on banks are giving subsidies to organizations that. By a lot of people actors should be political committees as opposed to nonprofit groups and of course have that benefit. About being able to can't be acts well yet in operation. Interest you looked -- checked him out thanks Dave. -- -- Dave Leventhal senior political reporter with the Center for Public Integrity.

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