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7-14 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 4

Jul 14, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBS. I don't prefer taking administrative action. I'd rather see permanent fixes. To -- issue we face certainly that's true on immigration. I've made that clear multiple times I would love nothing more. Then bipartisan legislation to pass the house the senate land on my desk so I can site. Wherever and whenever. I can take steps without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what I'm gonna do -- here. Com hourly and that's must be within 200 feet of the school. Or Ichi. It's life. Yeah. It's local provoked this -- it's Tom hourly cash -- -- -- question and try to get this much this isn't the real since 2000. Wouldn't. He's -- live here. -- now. So on news radio 930. Everywhere and -- what -- meant some sort of things a lot of confidence and was that members coast problem. It is our lead news radio 930 WBZ. And let. And the. It is I can't believe the final hour is upon us already and we're taking -- we're taking a break from the political stuff. And we're talking about the real life stuff -- you're vacation. Gonna pick two weeks gonna have a fun vacation I'm sorry that's my version of The Who live it leads summertime blues and it sucks. But in any event. Some of you I don't can't go on vacation. You don't have the money for some exotic vacation but to have three or four days for a onetime -- maybe you've done that maybe you've got a recommendation for people that's fine. I would love to hear from people who have been to Israel. I would love to hear from anybody who's taken -- distant trips to strange lands. You know what's interesting is the last I would additional a lot of people call that about Peru. A lot of people have been -- A lot of people called in with other Caribbean destinations. And I haven't sport to New York is not come up -- that aviation history. And its interest its -- but at the districts are right it is eleven minutes after six let's go to. Christie in that Williams bill hello. Our act actually are Christie you know what I took you out of order I'm sorry I gotta get back to -- Richard in Hamburg. Richard. -- Yes and and you're gonna talk about your good experience and -- years ago I read the car and you and your wife drove basically up and down the group. And we -- that we had a great time the only issue as we get a parking ticket. And you know a year later we were still getting notices that we had not -- the parking violations so we suddenly. Head to go back to the rental companies because the rental company was the one that church before it that was. It was kind of an issue but we finally get it resolved. And everything worked out great but we we've spent. I numerous vacations. We did the kid saying that does mean you know the beaches the camping and you know what now we're both retired it would do in the vacations that we cannot really like to do. And that was better bucket list needless to say after our first experience with Roman. It was good I mean it as we've done all inclusive than Mexico the Caribbean. Dominican. We've always had a great time they're great vacations but I totally agree with you I'm. It needs to be an adults only resource. Because at this stage in our lives we don't really need little it -- -- little kids running around the pool was screaming out playing again. And kicking sand in your face and whatever so totally agree on those. Those so all inclusive vacations they're they're great but do your homework. Indeed and I also what would not recommend the Dominican Republic but that's just me I mean -- a lot of people have been there what a great time I did not it was. You can check out any time -- but you can never leaves time. I'd never thought it was going to end and the best. The best part of the trip was being on the taxiway on the way home M and the big -- and then the are ruled on the runway and the rotation up and leaving that -- -- -- -- -- -- of a country. Thank you I'm glad you called. -- but we have a lot of rain. It was terrible it and when it -- it downpours and it was so bad that they don't have the irrigation. But the water was like running -- -- that it -- the sidewalk in the pavement these relate knee deep in water. I think we -- country you're talking about where. I'll okay yeah I wouldn't recommend the Dominican in anyway shape or form but again that's just me. All right thank you 803 on I thirty start -- 3180616. WBE and this is -- -- Williams -- and Christie is finally I. Lucky for Kristi while I personally but I have been looking for somebody to tell me about Israel because that is a place I would really really really like to go. Yes I want to Israel and 2000 patent. And for twelve days on a tour and it's fantastic words there was a greater -- ever anticipated. It went to the Intel Lee we went to Jerusalem. The Dead Sea and -- And caddie. Jobs are those that aren't so everything with our methodical spiritually and and darkly and it was that the great -- and so are highly recommend it. Okay what was the most memorable part of your entire Israeli experience. I mean just. Because it to me it's a dream and I think a lot of our listeners it would be a dream so I'd like just more details. It is now down one I can't comprehend that -- and tell you I really like it was very common people there and knowing that you're on. Seen that even apparently on the storm that's really exciting and it is just beautiful very fertile green there and -- you know going to Jerusalem and seeing. Called I are working its recruitment -- at the just as -- experienced mountain. Yeah temple mount that was insisting it would also pregnant shocking to him. Eighteen year old nineteen out kids do you have gotten -- -- You know so that was an opening statement I don't look at -- -- -- I -- at an amateur to value it. That's where the Romans besiege the Israelis and rather than fall into the Roman hands the the -- Jews jumped off. Yet -- I think they played equipment out. And not yet that was amazing until now everything about it is certainly an incredible score Wright who is. Matt yeah I do so she knew everything from MB every which way she she could just tell you everything about it at all so that added to it to it was a an incredible spirit and it really changed our life. Now what's the agenda for this year I mean obviously having Israel would be for many people once in a lifetime trip have you anything else planned or is there anything that somebody has said it. About a place you -- then that they have been. About which you would like to dissent maybe you have a different. Take -- Italy or something else somebody mentioned. Yeah I would I would I I have been Italy I would -- crude last September. And we did a lot of Italy look mad at training group and I I loved it I loved everything about it needed problem. It is simply are not that -- here I mean how we did. The -- any and we did that -- And everything was greatly we'd like every kind of you know the only thing that -- candidates he'd been at credit you don't get to spend a lot of time anyone. Play but am I I thought oh great I didn't have any problems with I would add to go back and part time there. The one played and I could they didn't care for the Athens Greece that was. I wasn't too impressed. Well did you get out of the apparent rifts through the harbor area and actually get into Athens. Yet we were inept in just -- -- but we didn't get it anywhere else. Angry against the -- eye -- great we. Yeah you know what -- let me just say Athens I had a similar experience Athens is basically like New York City except it's hotter it's dust here and it's not nearly as much fun as New York number one. If you're gonna spent time in Greece spent it on the Greek islands go to pot most go to -- -- go to sent to really go to create. And I enjoy -- to creep because I am kind of an honorary Creighton in a way. We have been told that. Different spelling but the same. Well let -- take you live I'm very happy to hear about your travels this good stuff. Well thank you -- next -- -- in Norway it's like to protect my husband Italian and -- we are now I think Arlen. -- Well. Next year. I'd like to Sweden but I would be the ugly is due in Sweden and I don't think my -- handle that thank you very much. Mr. -- to pick up front. Well short of fellow with the BB artist. He's up about this really. But you know I guess by that logic I should really want to go to Japan and -- be the tallest guy that -- Here is dated on WB yeah I've got to shield the pitch odd behavior on WB and hello. I got my -- serve. All -- calling you're referenced. One guy got away earlier. And actually just recently took me out short Oprah I don't know what -- that was absolutely -- -- I mean I think a lot of people I mean I've done a lot of traveling all that bad year and our throughout the country. Little international traveling but. A lot of people are on the forget about what's in our own back yard beauty that we have right around what you are. Which use this kulana what are you talking about. I don't know -- I went down to -- What part. About two weeks ago wanted to be in the -- age but now -- -- and apple. And -- confront them. 37 agreements. And oh we -- or a lot week and certainly on -- And I took her two daughters are once you. And -- thirteen. It -- just you know it was a nice little. Our single room cabin. General -- he. You stole the lecture me so to audit the girls that was comparable Burton. -- -- -- and the outdoor meal without having sleep and. This is true. And without having to worry about beat being eaten alive by a mosquitoes -- Andy black flies that might be twittering from a north Barry Ontario. Exactly exactly and I hear our previous caller also mentioned about like the campground. Our ability and I had actually called previously had done a little research. And it turns out where they're just stopped re doing all -- shower and -- area campgrounds are. So weeks early. And Arctic each other mariners. Where -- just -- on the string I mean. They always almost otherworldly because you bought you bought into our locker nice big. Open that that our brand in Iowa -- elsewhere though how about but it was beautiful girls. Well that's what it's all about making a beautiful for the girls. And the big and beautiful for you bit. All by the way -- quickly are you bringing any book with you on vacation. Out what I am I -- -- that we -- about good times and that was -- you know that one or two novels that I haven't quite accurate no over the year by the it seems that went on vacation I was gonna get distracted by that relaxed I don't really feel agreed. You know it's funny you mention that because I fell into the same trap. I used to always bring a big -- with me and now the only book I'll bring will be a very thin one and it'll be one of the Shakespeare books usually Henry the fourth part 100 -- part two. I'm just one of those just occupy me on the flight should I wish to read. Otherwise I applied to me I like looking out the window and his -- in my eyes and just veggies just relaxing because once that plane is in the year. Then I can finally relax. Exactly am I here we're just it's really important on -- for -- just. Wrote my mind throughout my brain just cannot relax and let go and even you know just being distracted by reading -- and are not like I don't wanna enjoy the moment -- -- my I have the sense now. -- great -- thank you very much -- well let's worth state park is a beautiful place by the way you've never go on here is -- Paris -- traffic. AccuWeather cloudy tonight a shower or thunderstorm 66 -- morning shower or thunderstorm tomorrow otherwise breezy with more clouds than sun less humid in the afternoon 75 were holding its 77 -- news radio 930. WBP and how we're talking about vacations. Surprises me it just how things go in cycles. The last seven -- did they show I think it was last year and the year before. But I was stunned by the number of people who came back. Who had toured Eastern Europe and all the stories -- heard about Prague. And Buddha and passed combined Budapest. And all those places that used to be behind the iron curtain Warsaw. -- -- And not 1 call from Eastern Europe today it's it's just funny how these things go in cycles here's Tom in dispute on WB Ian Tom hello. Hello. You're looking just because someone who's been to Egypt. And I was there many many years ago almost forty years ago but it was one of the most. Wonderful trip I ever took. Being in the Valley of the Kings. And the Luxor temple. Climb into the center of the green period. Pregnant -- which was rather -- bitten. And having. Great deal and -- all week sent out in this era. And may I ask exactly. What components made it a great meal. A great meal. Because I I frankly am thinking roasted Campbell dates and nuts if you want my honest opinion or what I'm thinking. Well. The main course was actually. Wrote it like I am. But we weren't served Campbell if we show it. And there were lots of deep enough but we have been told cops who. Anything that we could not you all. For instant. Don't sell it. Because they would be washed in the water. That in many -- terrible things and it. Yeah. Yeah I yes somehow. You know I don't know about you but -- out of buffet. MB dressings elections are Italian ranch blue cheese and fecal I try to stay away from the -- Definitely. But if you ever get a chance do you really need to go there in history. Was just amazing. To be there and think what went on their historically. Well. Part of -- would like to go to see the mummy of Ramses the second. And hold up a certain thing for my wall and say thanks a -- authored. -- -- -- -- -- All right are they they fit a vote for Egypt are wherever you -- What -- destination Tuesday you have no. Again folks it's so interesting because the show is so unpredictable. Sometimes we get a lot of Cape Cod calls we get Michigan calls we get Pennsylvania calls West Virginia calls Florida calls. And today we've got a lot of calls for exotic trips. And at the same time I must tell you that my heart is heavy for those of you who have never been able to travel. And for whom a summer vacation getaway is just not going to be in the cards this year. Because that's sucks because everybody deserves recreation everybody deserves a chance to -- stress. I would call -- human right but everybody should earn the chance on WB yeah. So yeah. It is 633. -- news -- 930 WB EN it is power play with you. And I got a couple of things we're gonna have to round up the show with but first of all I do want to remind you of a few things here. The cash contest is underway here at WB EM -- and B 1000 dollar cash code it started today. It started today and we given the chance to win 1000 dollars just by knowing whatever code word we give you at 7 AM. 11 AM 2 PM and 5 PM. And you'll text that code word to seven to. 88172881. So wanna make sure that there were up to speed on that right inadvertently. He raced the memo because it was in a sea of other emails that I often receive. Up now. Got away is here that I wanna go first of all. Just say you know I played I don't know about you guys Ari I had to take a break from politics today if you looked amazing our story. We like it it's about tomorrow and the -- G Arnold thing. We -- I don't know. But for today eight. All I know is that I saw a whole bunch of people on the New York they threw it over the weekend heading from points east back into the buffalo area and and I figure a lot of -- Use the Independence Day holiday. As your first laid off and then took advantage and turn that into your longer vacation that's my guess anyway. And if you would like to offer. The fellow -- hourly listeners your suggestions on places to go that's great Cape Cod. How many of you or tape got -- if you were in late George how many went up to Maine. Kennebunkport. -- how many did did that I want to. I wonder how many of you were where you were and whether or not you're a good time lake George black -- -- the Adirondacks old forge -- bill forest for water to -- -- -- There's a lot of places in New York statement to be a whole lot of fun so let's not forget about that course Massachusetts. Has Kate got. Massachusetts as old store average village but I I wanna tell you something. Bad. I -- know a thing or two about historic villages. And here at Western New York we are really really blessed. Because the one we have in Western New York the old village right here in Western New York. And I am drawing a blank on right now this is so embarrassing. I wanna say Medford it. Country village and I know it's not it might Josh. You know I was having a song blank over the weekend I could not remember sought. No it's not senility it's that nothing like that. But there's also Herbert village in Massachusetts -- one locally. That is between buffalo and Rochester. And I don't million people are gonna email me with it it's old. White guys. Just let's say you don't have to go to old servers village. The what do we have locally is just as good if not better the old -- bridge village in Massachusetts. Joseph did you figured out yet. Now you'll look and -- working hard and I should know this because I've been there about a gazillion times. And it should just roll -- my tong. And it's not rolling up my time and that's unfortunate but I luggage that name before the end of the show because. Johnny do you have. On the court. Byrd thank you yes yes my comfort that humor much -- for -- and Mumford new York and it's one of the local. That is just as good if not better Dan olds -- -- village in Massachusetts. So well. There's that there's also those have you taken these exotic trips to Hawaii. How many have you -- in Hawaii and was it worth the trip Hawaii is a twelve hour flight. And usually what happens is you start -- buffalo elated Chicago or Detroit big -- and again at LAX and then from LA actually go to Honolulu. And it is all told about twelve hours in the in the year one way at a worst twelve hours in the year the other way it's a long flight. And I would just advised that if you're gonna spend that much time doing to a destination that you spend more than seven days now. Personal experience tells me and this goes back to 1984 when I was in Hawaii -- thereabouts. Personal experience says Waikiki. Is -- like New York City which -- it. My how we at least I was there a little place called one hideout was actually enjoyable it was more sedate it was call it was quiet. It didn't have the horns blasting it didn't -- the traffic. A Waikiki. Now whether that has since changed I do not know you'll have to look that up yourself you'll have to consult with a travel agent. But something I do want to caution you about if you do go to Hawaii. A lot of tourists find out the hard way Hawaii has very very strong. Dangerous. Currents and an excellent swimmer. And I almost drowned in Hawaii at Waikiki Beach only time in my life I thought I can't believe this I am checking out by drowning. I didn't panic has panic as the worst thing you can do I could not break free. And I finally said all right I've got to lung capacity I'll wait now ms. bitch and finally you know it broken finally has it we get to the surface and grab myself -- So be careful when you go swimming in a Whitey. Just thought I should pass it on the now what else should I mentioned to you. As far as -- traveling and trips on all always bring. And you know web sites that will delineate Orwell actually list. Various supplies that are really must brings on vacation. Am I. Always bring band -- I always bring some of that stuff called black what we used to call it black sat. Which is meant for splinters slivers because you could not get a splinter or sliver in thirty years you go on vacation. -- -- you get one and it's like you have got to be kidding me it'll be the deepest most penetrating sliver you have ever gotten and just for that reason. I bring along a razor blade. I bring along Korea I bring along Selma Listerine. And nail clippers nail clippers yeah. Because with nail clippers a little bit at a time you can actually chop a little bit at the time it doesn't hurt that much you can finally exposed the sliver and they used tweezers to get it out. Believe it or not nail clippers are a great way to get out slivers and I have learned that from personal experience ladies and gentlemen. Now what else should I remind you about all. Always bring with you especially if you're going to be traveling to a foreign country you always wanna bring with you demoted him I know what you're thinking. I never get sick to my stomach I have no sensitivities I haven't hired cast product. Okay the amiga is a Central America South America and the Caribbean they couldn't care less about your cast iron stomach. If there is an amiga to which your body's not been exposed to which you have no immunity you are going to end up. Very very very sick. And there are also by the way and I don't mean to scare anybody got a traveling. But -- -- diseases when you get into the Caribbean which can be very very nasty and I'm talking about things like malaria I'm talking about -- fever I'm talking about bone break fever there are a number of things about which you need to be -- before you go and its symptoms begin to present themselves. Find a good doctor every island in the Caribbean has several trained professional English speaking doctors. Who. Could be practicing in the United States but they decided they'd rather have the lifestyle of the Caribbean make less money and basically deal with tourists. So I wanna throw that out there. On top of that. Most of the decent quality resorts those of you were going to these places. Will notice will have gift shops at which you can buy things you might have forgotten. Or at which you can buy things you can be safe in that drinking for example. A lot of the old -- pitcher -- go to. You do think the bottled water. Is all inclusive you'd be amazed at the number of places that do not offer bottled water as part of the all inclusive now you can have a million bottled Beers if you want try to fight at one bottled water and it's like try to find -- -- -- -- -- enables. But you'll be able to buy bottled purified water in the gift shop just make sure when you open it that it has been properly sealed and not -- feel. Because people will do anything for a dollar including rip you off. What else all. Just a little word of advice here from Tom. When you go on vacation especially to a Third World country. I always try to find out what the made schedule there's. Well I'll what does that have to do with the price of -- I'll tell you what they're asked to do with the price of fish because if I know if I arrive somewhere and Friday. That the may he's going to be -- made every day until the following Thursday right up front she gets a twenty dollar -- right up front. I consider cheap insurance. She knows that she's been taken care of she also knows. You're cool. And I think that bets that best twenty dollars you'll ever spent but that's just me. Maybe it's just me but I always try to picture of the date because the -- has full access to your -- and I'm just putting it up there now the hotel six in the room. Are as good as the people in the maintenance department at the resort. This is important and I need to mention missed. Those hotels say it's you know where you press in the number. And -- -- belongings in them. Are very easy for people to break into who have any basic knowledge of how states operate. Everybody on the maintenance staff at -- resort. Will know how to get into your safe. So. Never leave anymore than you can afford to lose in that safe. And go online and what you wanna do is check the reviews of the place you were considering a traveling. Because you might find that the particular resort you had in mind. Has a bad track record and an awful reputation. In terms of theft of stuff from your wrong. -- -- -- Ladies and gentlemen I kid you not I've got nothing against Mexico despite our recent shows we've done actually I do you have something against Mexico who might try to get. But I used to like going to Mexico. There is a flight from Acapulco to stop in Mexico. Everybody who stayed at one particular hotel and Acapulco got ripped off. They were talking about how they would never go back. How they had stuff in their safe it wasn't there are when they got back people lost hundreds of dollars people lost valuable jewelry. Again this safe was only as good as the people in charge of the maintenance at the place where the safe was located. And if you get in at any time so just a word to otherwise I'm just putting it out there as somebody who's been there and I met. And all by the way when all else fails. A little travel tip from Tom and this was actually learn from a gentleman by the name of welcome Paul. A smile goes a long way in this world a smile and handshake with a twenty and it goes a lot further especially in the Caribbean. You'd be surprised. Now you well maybe you wouldn't be surprised. But there -- times. When the person to whom you were generous which -- gratuity. Will be there to help you because they feel a sense of duty and obligation to you because you have shown them respect. Just mark my words and that folks is somebody's that are out. All right you know -- time for some more calls I should probably point that out at 8030930. I wanna hear about your distant vacation a wanna hear about 21 tank trips I wanna know what you would recommend. I'd like to know what you've learned is there anything you'd like to add to my list of -- got emptor let the buyer be we're which we all learn from the Brady Bunch 8030930. Starlet 3180616. WB Ian. It is -- hourly and -- and I thirty WB east avenue. This is my last minute call for calls on our hey where have you been and would you recommend that subject whether it is a one -- trip to -- chip or a trip on which should you need to get on an aero plane. And do your thing. Away. Obviously was a lot more fun that used to be now. It comes time believe it or not and this might strike people and they're Taiwanese worked or maybe even early thirties is being shocking. But there's a time when you could actually show up. Ten minutes before flight gold. Down the running through the gate. Running down and fighting your exact flight gate. And then huffing and puffing say here's my boarding pass and -- get on the plane and then take off. Dare I say that those days are long gone and unfortunately. As much as I enjoyed flying and as much as it is the way to go talk to somebody about this last night. Even a flight to Chicago. Think about this folks Chicago is an hour and a half flight. I'm told it's about a ten hour drive a ten hour ride rather on the -- my correct ten hours on the trend and an hour and a half in the year. Yeah there's a time when taking a plane really was the only way to go right but. Think about this at this point. They tell you for domestic flights to get to the airport at least an hour early. I said at least an hour early. So this may isn't really ninety minutes before your -- time you should really be at the airport not -- pentagon where you live in relation to the airport. We could be looking at let's see two weeks at looking at two and half hours right there just to get to the airport. Then you add up to that the flight to Chicago. And you're looking yet three -- have four hours. Made and then of course -- waiting for your luggage the planning and everything and there's always the big people in your way because you sit in the tail section of the plane. And at the end of the day you've spent all that extra money and what of your release date you save five dollars. Think about temperament. It's not like it's just an hour and a half flight anymore it's you really. You get aren't saving all request and that's why 007 actually this got a cool because somebody sent me email about New York City. And a fly to New York City because they remember that a -- talk about flight to New York all the time. I don't fly to New York City anymore. For the precise reason I just mentioned it just didn't make any sense. My advice hoops are debated at the might might advice for those of you who are gonna go to New York City first of all go to new York city New York City kicks butt. New York City is all that and a bag of chips New York City is the center of the universe New York City is the capital of the world now we might say we don't like it's politics well I don't like his politics either but there is no other place on this planet like New York City. But my advice would be to do the follow to get to New York City. -- car drive to Albany. Drive to Albany. Park at the Amtrak lot in Albany. Hop on the train that gets you to New York City Detroit -- only gonna take a couple of hours. And if you feel like split urging you can go business class which get to a lot of extra room. And you can actually relax. And you will arrive in midtown Manhattan. I think it's about two -- two and a half hours of not mistaken from Albany to midtown on Amtrak. And what's nice about that is when you fly into New York City. You still have to get the taxi the shuttle to get you in the town itself like the airport is -- the -- Central Park it's not let the war. So I think it for my money and people can argue with me about this if if you want to courses are really time are you would be about it today but. For my money from my time the best way to get to New York City is to drive to Albany. Park in Albany. Traded to New York. You don't have to work you are right there when you get off the train you are right there in the Big Apple you are right there in the middle of New York City and life is good. And if you just study them up -- New York City just a little bit before you go. You can't avoid being ripped off by taxi drivers. And it's only happened what's at a reasonably familiar with New York City it's only happened once were told to taxi driver yeah I'm not paying your. What's your meter says because you are doing this intentionally -- we should be right over there you're going a long way I see right through it. Because that's just the kind of person I am I did not -- was on the meter nor -- -- -- -- -- Because you know try to screw me I catch you and you know -- That's an immature I guess -- to be president now okay. That is gonna wrap it up will be about early show on a Monday in July. Mike profound thanks to Joseph -- for another job outstanding -- delicate believe the time flu like this John Sherman. At call screening duties. And I will leave you by inviting you to go to my FaceBook page resort something popping in my FaceBook page. And I -- lead you. Let's see here a couple of thoughts number one we love you Rachel wells. Number two. -- yourself. About. Yeah.

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