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7-14 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

Jul 14, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And welcome to the New York. If they got -- extreme conservatives they have no place in this State of New York no one -- with an assault rifle. Yeah -- think -- -- the time. Tom hourly. Column in the road but -- At the moment about how linking and. -- -- -- welcome. It's live its local capital. We'll we'll. Looks like it's huge it's Tom hourly -- what happens in Vegas stage and make the trip for her recent. And 930 W yeah. Person. I actually had a nice that text from -- local politician and I guess that's what my expression. That. There is a John Q percent like sensuous. Hornish entanglement in Albany between Republican establishment and Democrat establishment types is very much. Shall we say accurate. And people in the know all know how accurate it is that's all you need to know I honestly I don't feel like during a political show today. I'm I'm not feeling it in my balls maybe tomorrow I'll get -- nonchalant because there's a young lady named G Arnold. Who is being bold and -- possibly. In this -- our situation. And she is pro life she's anti analyze say it. And it looks like the establishment once again is going to have -- a a person not of the people but of the system. And it has merit some consideration but it will dive into a little bit later on today I don't know I. Yeah well. Policy of smokes are very opposes a million times if I did politics every day on the show and -- -- -- sheer. All right I. And life is about more than politics. And summer in Western New York is very short. And somewhere in the northeast is very short and you're really need to. Take some time to -- You gotta take some time for you. You got to take your time two. Enjoy. Your family. You got it takes time to enjoy your spouse. Or if by you are saying -- -- -- -- you prefer to travel. You've got to take some time to find yours and place and just agitate and chill out there's nothing wrong with that traveling by oneself. As long as you can be amused by yourself never really had an issue with that whatsoever. Dignity it's at twelve minutes after five at news radio nine. No matter what your data and news radio on -- thirty WB and we're talking about your vacation spot so far Nazi Montego Bay Jamaica beach sandals. Which again you know you're gonna you're gonna run into some money here we've red lake George we've -- black rate which is by Watertown and -- -- up that way. We've had a rumba. A place called did he or divide -- the -- it's like DeVine just take out the NE. Just today got a mention black lake. Some places I'd like to know about which I'd like to know are Germany and Italy and Israel. And a friend of mine is actually make sure -- and he was. His family from Egypt and he wants to go back. But his dilemma is -- as early wanna go back now because all the crap -- going down his country because he's not what back. Man that I hope he does have a chance to go back. And don't ask me why. But. Germany I cannot believe. Germany has not been in my travel plans. As a grown up. Because that's one of the things people say where when they finally travels will have you been to Germany like no you plan on going to Germany. That's about it but -- the except it'll be in Germany nothing wrong with the -- by the way. Even though you guys did produce Randy bush over I guess we can forgive you we -- Let's get to jail cell phone on -- WBN's. Joseph LO. I cannot. Important -- could -- -- about three days. If you want it to the way it burst in Ontario Canada. I -- without winning our combat for an. -- if you ever remembers you know we didn't get any kind of remind me like. The -- then and then type atmosphere. It's got an envelope the golf course -- It's got up on eighteen you got a speech it's got a -- out yeah. It's got into the game for the kids it's got two great what strands. It's kind of been called much scope of our country. Much -- You know occasionally she. You know singer and -- And it's so you'll probably only a half hours. And it's really great and we're going there in September we can't. Shorts. Yeah. I knew I'd been summoned back to Myrtle Beach -- so I'm going to a little bit and and accurate but it's. I would only good like maybe we reported on get on a week. OK so dear -- Canada I'm writing that down and you know it's it's kind of interesting that between Toronto in the Arctic Circle there's this entire world that exists like places like some bridge of -- -- there. Okay there's this there's this hamburger hot dog stand I always talk about. I I keep meaning to stop their every time I drive ups on -- which hasn't been in quite some time but it actually has a line. I mean they must have the best hamburgers in the world at this place the only -- it will take you in -- underage heading north. And I can look up the name of it quite easily but you talk about cottage country in Ontario. And the choices are really limitless there's a whole world except there's one caution for -- that I need to put out Joseph and that is. The black flies of Ontario. If you've ever been you know exactly what I'm talking about if you've ever been up to north bay and anywhere close to there. The black flies will consume a human person. -- So bring off will bring some kind of bug spray because honest. I have never seen flies that big -- nor have I ever felt like a fly it was actually gonna kill me before as I did in black day. North rather. -- So on break down gear burst by the look up where that is in relation to Sandridge. And you'll be happy to know that ten years ago in so underage my daughter saw her first moves. I don't -- out there wouldn't see that the outcry -- -- you don't wanna get it. Yeah I know I've seen the signs in Maine and bay -- they hit the -- is -- in my daughters -- already taking. My daughter had her first deer jumped up. Four years ago unfortunately she did it with a Chevy cobalt. And I shouldn't be laughing to support -- did make it but there thank god the kids in the car repaired. All right thank you very much I appreciate that all. Late spring of this year. -- -- of their walking. You back for all the all the -- I forget the name of mystery it's right next to the driveway re Poland to behind reads the dry cleaning place. I forgot the name us right back park. There's a beautiful brown house on the corner anyway. There was this -- had a bit of 300 pounds a year. Walking on somebody's wallet I have never seen such a gigantic deer in my it was a drone dear I'm convinced -- it -- it it it was a military drone -- on that long it was far too big. Our Joseph is writing down something he's ready down -- industry. Castro I need to give the cash code -- to raise cash code is something with which -- intimately familiar and hand. I erased the memo what were you supposed to do with that people are supposed to do well with the work hand. Joseph you got to forward me the -- I raised it again. About a thousand emails from either Ashley Madison Russian brides or Korean Milch who walk me at any given moment. Not to mention everybody in Nigeria who wants to give me five billion dollars so. You gotta tell me what's going on because I raced the memo that really actually needed it. Here is Tom sorry about that folks that's my bad unfortunately. You know it yet you know what it's like -- now imagine. You have all these listeners and -- A mocked complaint is just that sometimes the the Pope. Will override the important stuff here is -- buffalo on WB -- still you've got a vacation destination my -- While Cuba I would tell you it's one. -- -- -- so he can dry and hatred but it driving vacation. Is and in Maryland. -- not supposed to. On the boardwalk is ready. It's the speeches are so that it was Medicare. And walk out -- on the boardwalk out. There's just great food great restaurants and prices -- -- currently. While that runs in boxes that run out they are not at that someone and didn't sound the other. I -- you can drive it straight rental. Outlets that just a great place to go dedication their many many Summers. And then. Have you also been Ocean City. New Jersey because we've had -- ocean city's yours in Maryland and on the other callers and New Jersey. I'd prefer Ocean City, Maryland since being injured I like Ocean City editors -- just like Ocean City, Maryland -- -- -- Lots of great seafood crept in and. I don't detect crap but in a lot of people like seafood I can't even stomach this well. No it really get a lot of things to do both you know for Stanley isn't certain electrical. It's a great place to go -- and it. And then world destination I would say I've been lucky to do a lot but I Australia's going to be my -- with. And just to great great. Where did you just say Australia. Well that lets talk -- assure. Bobby. All of sorry Austria. OK so. You get Australia you're looking at age twelve and twelve flight I'm presuming you you'd laid over in Honolulu or LA Honolulu. I do is no like -- expect to Vietnam China. Ed in Beijing and then went onward to Australia the next -- but it's just it was well -- the bucket list item you know. Kangaroo hop around like here right around this year. To help the koala to preserve its a great great trip. And how was it on the Barbie the cool. And I -- no doubt that it it it grew. Hole. I'm sorry I'm sorry I can't go there I just yet by the way you're tourist resort called -- by our previous caller. Actually is south of -- rich they drive I made many a time for a certain hockey camp. And I. I didn't realize how close it was compared to some underage son -- is led by -- god when provincial park that's how far north you'll find some rich. Those of you who are interested in your and shall we say -- Canada or Ontario geography. But Australia what was your favorite place to go in Australia before I go to traffic. I went to the Gold Coast over Q eighty. Is beautiful beaches article -- preserve the victory -- -- equality than kangaroo -- -- to preserve over there that was just. Probably my favorite part about -- the main thing. The opera house of course the iconic structure and in that case the word is actually appropriate. To actually do operators are just -- for design I could never forgive them. I'd I was always wondering if they actually did opera at the Sydney Opera House where where there just there for show. Not only can get to go to show there and play as a tourist. You know if there -- capability -- I was kind of being silly but part of me was actually serious about it thank you and I'm glad you called. All right like -- if -- state capital doesn't really do anything or is it just there for ago. I think it's just here for prostitutes but here's Alan Harris with traffic. And AccuWeather folks to be cloudy tonight a shower or thunderstorm 66 the low. Tomorrow morning shower or thunderstorm and then it'll be breezy more clouds than sun less humid in the afternoon and 75 right now or it -- 78. And news radio 930 WB yet. And if you're just joining us I I really taken any significant vacation time yet this summer and I'm going to be taken. Some time off this week I'm working tomorrow and after that it's going to be Michael Caputo. And I won't know because I won't be listening because when I'm on vacation I have to totally tune out otherwise I. Fall into the trap of hey I didn't really. Do anything advocate yet because now you can listen online from anywhere in the world. Believe me I don't need to be doing. That just is not part of follow live my life you've got to get away and for those of you haven't been able to vacation. Honestly if you're really wanted to could just say even do it. Here is. Oh my hobby but request because I've wanted to know if anybody been to Germany. Because everybody asked me if I've ever be in there and I keep saying Null and Mike you're gonna put us in the up in the loop. -- well Portugal -- -- to talk with you again. Yeah I've ended Germany probably spent ships once or more of my life here in week three week increments everywhere else in Europe. And by the way I agree with -- prior owner. We Zealanders at the top of my list on my seventieth birthday with diabetes will be great barrier reached there so our own. If you didn't get eaten by a shark so there's that. You know yeah I figured I'm sold -- -- you know that -- good -- it's been your and yeah okay is it in terms of ways I would like to check out being eaten by a shark is pretty much at the top of the Louis. You know. Oh no I really would like to avoid that as much as possible. I I'd rather be smothered to death between Hillary's pantsuit it's. -- -- Before they go to the dry cleaner. -- I'd be more vivid. All right I want to hear about Deutschland -- all race in would know in that nor -- -- bitter but I have to take a break okay you don't go to work cylinder where you've been in Germany and what it was like end. How friendly they were how evil they work and they should -- a really good boot they just -- the World Cup so no -- lot of celebrating. Lot of lot of full -- in Germany today that again would be the first time. The main candidates today even more important than the future of America. With the illegal invasion is that this country comes up will be traveling Wilbur -- tribute band bad news. Now that's priority number one when I'm president just a you know. Up -- away. Speaking of which. Vera is a band out there and Mike and grandma Niagara counting getting right back to you. But. I mention earlier going to eight summer soiree. On Saturday night. And one of the -- and Lance diamond was one of the performers like caught just the last part of Lance act and I you know I agree he has. But I never liked Led Zeppelin and the tribute band that was playing Led Zeppelin I have to tell you. They were called out on -- titles. And if you close your eyes on -- it was like actually hearing Led Zeppelin it was absolutely. Amazing. Beyond amazing and I. Am a musical perfectionist. And these guys were just incredible they weren't the Led Zeppelin what BBC news to The Beatles. And what I said BBC I mean Buffalo's beatle connection. Our let's go to might not a matter county who has -- Germany on a few occasions my -- have you been and via land of the hard. Probably almost everywhere you know -- -- A lot overwhelmed frank for though Munich. Took a ski club trip -- I -- eco trip -- took took them to a Munich and went from their -- just fuel and Austria. There and took -- -- Trained troops wrong. But Denmark here actually true -- sure -- -- -- and then I'm everywhere I've driven there to train their. -- -- The people icing -- Among inflation start looked at -- two to me and probably to most Americans are among the -- you know in the world. -- great. You don't ever have to worry about -- you don't have to worry about and he's seeing that you might run into all the countries that just everything immaculate. Everything runs on time. Are -- of course. It does and it took our -- everything always happens on time in Germany. But that does this does mean is that you know. But. I have personal friends there now they are big going to do we know thirty years and more every five years. Talk talk to them frequently there but but -- an -- I'm going to just. Dispels some ideas people have like that you know -- think you don't get over there and you know you're going to be eaten that eating. So brawl and gotten so pro -- worst. It's almost difficult to find all that stuff they should they have more French cooking and Italian cooking you know and they have -- German -- See that's surprising because the last person -- Doctorow who went to Germany basically said the food was atrocious the trip was great the food was atrocious and she lived on pretzels. We're really well that's that's pretty interest I haven't that well. It is what I saw you know when they are on -- at night you know my weight isn't there -- I go to. To the nearest. Beer gardens and sit -- and opportunity which I fortunately -- And so you know that this really I enjoyed the country. If if you went to Munich of course you can go to. I've been to October -- twice the widget which is nothing like October fest is we understand that you know -- Reverend saw the Chevy Chase movie and I know it's nothing like what are October bazaar. What they call what they call it -- is and -- they have these big. Metal buildings that are each one is bigger. I don't know what you'd say as big as the steel field how at a big university and they have dozens of element at all or local pop pop -- and that also wrote that fight. You know 500000. People in the world. So always -- -- queen of heaven long -- -- OK now I'm getting I'm getting the picture now. So of all the places to go in Germany and my family comes for a bunch of small towns about which you have never heard the closest big city to most of them would have urged a Europe. But of all the places in Germany clear would you most recommend. Well for myself for personal effort for somebody else is -- gonna go and play well if you go to Munich. -- four or early and you know berliners gestures history -- one step after another force. -- just brush your floor and I think I think probably Munich. -- -- -- -- -- All right. Well the (%expletive) yourself up fully fit right in on the worried about bet that. Oh. Yeah. Well. And Munich where Berlin that is correct that's what he says but for those who do. All right well my -- thank you I am very glad you called in the but I still waiting to hear from somebody who wants to tell me the good the bad of Italy. Oh well OKMR world traveler I feel like I'm talking to the Arthur fund -- of the fall of the former world here. -- right so let me just say -- -- heard about Italy a candidate that people are. Our asses the food socks. And they are not a tourist friendly country ago. OK I I would agree with set. However. All of that depending upon your attitude and Oprah com. By that history in this country. I mean there's just a fantastic. Yeah obviously you know I've been upon -- to retreat tied up huge can't you can't. You can't even explain that when you see. I heard that was a real pain in the -- Well it was people where they are yes down that they also excavated herculean gym which you know also went down at the center and his company. That's correct and that there's still austerity. How and so while there are you know it couldn't constantly doing. While all this it's. But you know I like -- you know I enjoy Rome in India over what are you that you need to you probably need some Italian and Italy. Because. Many many people don't speak English and if they do which -- -- him and they do they probably don't want to. All I can pick I can pick it up and a -- a second it's an Indo European language it's a romance language I got that. I got a covered. I would take it as it's. But but -- playing the food they're bad I don't know what people -- in there I thought that the there was. What a story or a particular and this actually comes from a friend's mother who speaks Italian occurrence or who understands -- but -- really speak it all that well she understands it very fluently but you just can't speak at which I've often found kind of weird but. In any event she was sitting down to a salad. And the waiter brought brown owner lettuce brown hold lettuce and an Italian he said it was later body not knowing that this woman spoke Italian hey -- stupid Americans what do they know Bob Brown lettuce. And -- that like suddenly she decided to speak Italian to basically tell Michelle put up their butts. Well like you you can Salt Lake I'm not saying that we. By a bulls have had multiple lies when I was there with my first wife and we were at there will be any different. Aerial Tito Ortiz who we are. And he ordered her real which -- trying. In this lady walked across the street they'll watch along -- -- ever by the restaurant as you point don't just hours talk in Italian -- or didn't have any idea you start close sudden. She grabs a bunch of little while way exploit continue to look at the history. You know itself you have a speech it's an adventure. You know. Yeah that's. -- quite an interesting site. Ensuring food but generally it's with people I know number one number two. I don't know -- feel about somebody who just randomly took food from my plate because like first thought would be how I say appetite is an Italian. After she's beaten. All right. And their 00 my gosh all right well I'm kind of envious of you by virtue of the traveling you've done and capital traveling in the Caribbean but and -- Europe. But I do thank you very much Mike tell folks I don't know it could anybody have a similar experience in Italy. Because I really would love to go to Italy. But frankly I have yet to hear my -- at a decent time and Italy. But she's the only person I know who really had a decent time in Italy ever to everybody else I know it was a colossal disappointment. I'm Germany I've heard good things about Germany. At least 1945. I've heard good things about Germany. And what else all all. I would suggest. That and I realize folks that some of you are even taking a vacation. Either because you don't wanna take the time off of work. Because you don't want to lose your job and I maintained that if you're gonna get whacked there gonna wacky in a matter whether you take a vacation or not by the way. I maintain he should take every vacation day that you have coming to you and enjoy it because you only get one chance at life there is no make over do you understand that tomorrow is not guarantees. Today is all you have to Amaro isn't even up promised tomorrow is a possibility. So you have to take what you want to do and you have to do don't wait until it's too late because at that point guess what you won't be able to. Not many dead people travel and enjoy it at least not in the physical world possibly in the spiritual but let's not go there today shall. On it's 544. Now as far as you're Europe. Up a couple of things that I do want to mention number one England. If you go to England you're gonna lose weight there and that's not a bad thing if you -- -- -- London. You'll find no shortage of Italian restaurants in London which frankly it proved to be my salvation in London Italian food in London yes. But. London. Is sold. Filled to the rafters. With history. That it is a must an absolute must and if you go to London if -- agree edit it depends on what your interest. Bar. But. To absolute must are the Imperial War Museum. That is an absolute must and the Tower of London is another absolute must everything else arbitrary. Don't go along that expecting to see we're Jack the Ripper walked. Because it looks nothing like when Jack the Ripper walker so if your criminologist. Don't even bother that's a waste of time. Now the French. The French also give a bad reputation. Paris is truly a remarkable city and there is so much to do in -- folks you could spend a year easily. Especially those of you really into art. You could literally easily spend a full year at the -- which is of course that big art museum makes the Albright Knox. Which is world renowned well that makes you Albright Knox looked like a day at the beach the dude is just amazing beyond words. The best thing to do it can do is to pick out. Five of its biggest treasures including the auto -- -- check those out everything else is just gravy otherwise it's a full day. And all your got to remember is the Mona Lisa and a few other ones and that's it. Unless your art student the Eiffel towel. You have to do the Eiffel -- if you're in Paris and when you do the Eiffel Tower you have to take the elevator and you have to go all the way to the top. And when you do. And I'm sure this with you because we -- -- people listening who are going to go to Paris soon and kind of wondering. If you go to the top of the Eiffel Tower they've got a really cool display. About all the Eiffel Tower was used as a radio transmission area and receiving area during World War I from the trenches. It was a structure. That actually hated the French army. In the the first world war through its huge -- in terms of being this big. It was able to communicate with the treasures. And I was quite fascinated by that I was unaware. That terrorists could have direct communication with the trenches. Against which -- the Germans were facing the French in the first world war. In the Second World War the French lasted about a day before they capitulated. It is 5470. -- you know French rifle used once dropped once. 803 or 930 is the phone numbers start on thirty -- -- cell phone 180616. WB EM I hear about your travel adventures. I want to hear about where you have been and whether you would recommend it all and by the way the name of the hot dog or hamburger stand. On I think it's route eleven and so underage in Canada. Well it's not in -- underage but it's on the way to sun -- it's called Webber's I've mentioned it before. I've never seen so many people lined up so long for freaking hamburger seriously. So such a long line I didn't even wanna stop I mean I wanna do but I didn't wanna take the hour it would. It's 547 news radio 930 WBE. AccuWeather cloudy night tonight a shower or thunderstorm 66 below tomorrow morning shower or thunderstorm breezy. More clouds than sun tomorrow will be less humid in the afternoon 75 it is a 77 a news radio 930. WB. The end. Well there's the long awaited vacation sure I like to set aside for hours once a year to do this show because especially in July. Not every plan vacations well in advance of -- -- got to do things at the last minute. And I also know that a lot of you. Well. You're lucky if you can afford a one tank trip and an overnight somewhere and and that's fine too. Where ever it is for you find yours in place. You know you have to fly 4000 miles to finders and place. You -- fighters and placed in Akron falls park. You can find yours in place across the border and queens that. Or lowest wherever it is. You don't necessarily have to go to the ends of the earth. To enjoy just in time wreck -- yourself. And enjoying life a little bit now I'd love to hear from people have been on these fancy vacations but there may be some one tank Jones. Now somebody asked me -- for recommendations about Gettysburg. I -- order makes specific recommendations about Gettysburg because frankly. I basically got sick of people complaining because apparently my view of what was cool in their view of what was school. Were two different things and I don't get paid to be travel agent. But the one thing I will tell you about Gettysburg is if you plan on taking a horseback to -- of the battlefield. You have to book in advance don't wait till you get their book now if you're going to Gettysburg block the horseback thing now where you will not ego and that's the best part of it. Here is Richard in Hamburg on WB and Rashard -- on hello. -- You were on sir you've got a story for us. Thank you on just wanted to comment basically. The previous caller and also your comments on Italy. Both me and my wife had been on a -- a couple of years ago and one of our apps as well home. And we fell in love. And a year later we decided to do trip to Italy. We rented a car. And we drove 15100 kilometers. Through Tuscany and two. Bad -- down to Naples. And in Rome as well that they're stopping points starting point. It would. Bibby -- we had such a good time. Why I have to ask you because -- always leery about driving in foreign countries why did you decide to rent a car cannot take advantage of the Italian rail system. We just decided we wanted to go to like small towns where is that all the big cities. Good thank -- -- We kind of stayed in a lot of bed and breakfast and smaller places that in the actual cities themselves more like suburbs would be over here. And we just had agreed meals it is not the greatest people. Most of them I would say 90%. Spoke English. 10% didn't we just kind of late -- our way through and it all worked out very well. -- -- -- -- -- Well I am. I'd love to get more information about the trip but your dollars are going a little crazy you can hold -- until after the news break if you'd like to because I must confess with the exception of my mother I haven't really run into a lot of people got a lot of good things to say about ability Italy. Surprisingly. Very surprisingly intimate.

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