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7-14 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

Jul 14, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And. And and and just system. That speech. Worthy of Abraham Lincoln. We're here -- wasn't going to set -- world. Tom hourly just when I think you could possibly be anything -- You can go and do something like they have been told. Yourself it's live it's local ethnic -- and you hope it's Tom hourly. Arthur -- news radio 930 W. -- our lenders radio dietary WBM this is sell one -- the requested shows that that you guys want. And I cannot do it alone nor shall I do it alone ID calls -- been a lot of places but I have not been every Cuellar. Donna a lot of traveling never regretted any help with one exception never never had any trip I've effort again. But we all are aware of that exception was and why it was the exception but I'll find out. Either one tank to tank or flying at. What are you go oh do you have days and vacation place. You like to recommend. Either for a couple. Or family is one ever. It's an -- Montego Bay samples and a Montego Bay never been to a sandals resort. Why I guess the opportunity just never -- as they usually travel by myself. And sandals as the couple's place and I think that might make -- stand up. I could tell them that I had this invisible woman with David that would make me stand up and probably not in a way that I really want to. They feel -- sandals -- brought up an inflatable ball do you think that that would. Yeah out that would probably get me deported. All right nevermind I didn't just -- event. 803 on -- thirty starlet 3180616. WB EMC. The key to making a joke like that work is to actually treat her as if she was a real person. That's all well that's how you make that work. It's all about comedy it's all about actually making it fly. Here's Jack in a beautiful for don't yet New York on WB Ian Jack you were on -- hello. -- It's always a great day in my world. It you can hear the sarcasm and enthusiasm with which I -- them. Yeah we don't even -- -- anywhere we go camping. It's acre campground move and we'll go to our campground campgrounds all around the area. And we -- ball. And it's like a vacation every weekend. So where's the best spot around here. Okay we wanna look at the data one called what side. There. It's when you get it down and and that's what Lily dale is right -- today that. Yeah everywhere Lily dale has some. Annual pass there to this story go by we don't stop for the store -- open on her way up there. We go down at a campground you build yourself a campfire night sit around that fire you and your wife your family whatever you just -- ball. Well you know look I tested you actually all should talk county have always fun to be a very special place there's accused of special vibe I get it should talk with county it was kind of hard to describe. Always have gotten it and I think I always will get it but I gotta get further away at least for a longer period of time did you talk -- count. Well yeah I understand it. That thing we Eric can't breathe food all over -- campground all around the whole United States. This is true so are your favorite is -- -- Vega and are there any other road trips you've taken or other is -- book you'd like to recommend people bring with them on vacation to check out. Our -- you can pick up these rural cabin guides and stuff that will give you where the campgrounds are wherever you go. -- like her debut wanna go to Ohio we ought to Ohio one time right here arm. Dayton Ohio. There was a campground right down there from probably -- twenty miles outside of Dayton. We had a ball. And as far as book series somebody brings books on vacation because as much as I asked the question of people I don't read on vacation. What all our knobs are what I do read is. This is a Boeing 767. Here the emergency exits follow the lights to the back. Remember the nearest exit may not be in front of view that's all operating do obligation. Yale we don't really read much I think -- we have we federal crafting my wife -- our work. Social shall be bitten or cleaning up shall drink pitcher of the campground where we're. And now and then I'd bring my guitar and Albert get great get out and start playing well ball well -- -- Well it's also an awful lot of fun and you camper I presume and I don't mean to be overly presumptuous. Do you have running water. Yeah. Yes. We have also obsolete. And that there can't really even if you don't have -- if -- campgrounds doesn't have electricity or water we can sit there were and still enjoy life. I got to what portable generator. You -- for -- William. I can never going to be camping because I'm sorry I just have -- -- -- running water and and showers and bats and everything I just you know what what can I say. Get -- street like you'd normally people on -- computer and go online. You can pick -- your campground and sometimes they'll have a rating. When you look at generating it'll say what your bathrooms they're like -- -- or they get you know I've been to the showers -- gorgeous yeah. Places were shot or were better the longer they've ever called. Well -- -- -- I try to look for places with how to arms just. It's a -- Aldridge the. You can don't campground have those -- even had campground opponent pulls -- -- cubs who. And talk I mean you but you do you believe Jews you can't what -- now. I did not realize there -- city wide variety and they ran the gamut so that's very interesting. Yeah all right -- He had checked the stars like is up there like there's a five star rating on the council. The bolanos Armonk as today get that bad commercial nights but their image we have a shower -- campers so don't worry about it. Well I am very happy to hear that and I am very happy call and we have a large camping community in the area no doubt about that. Yes are -- thank you thank you picked up some of them are fire are friendly or how many have you specifically go to places where they -- -- set up. Because they'll be a big part of that I with the -- chances are your camper -- are also gun owner editor gun owners elector recreational shoot. -- -- on vacation you -- recreational shoot when you're on vacation of course if you're gonna bring a handgun you gotta gotta gotta make sure you follow the laws and permit practices of the -- basement. A majority -- let's go to Nancy in Williams bill on WB and Nancy were doing the the much ballyhooed and much talked about hourly vacation show and I wanna tell you -- today's deal of the day from my buffalo perks is twenty dollars certificate of pairings. All four pairings wine bar. On main street in Williams bill for just ten dollars Perry's why bar redefine its casual elegance enjoy the summer breeze on their beautiful outdoor patio go to WB EN dot com and click on the my buffalo perks logo. For pairings wine bar. All right irony OK now let's get back to you Nancy. -- I wanted to call and it might. It by our outlook. And when you say see I have my own little meaning of the word Xen which basically means. I go into almost brain death but it's a very peaceful rained death and it's almost like it's were I'm supposed to be yours is a rule but tell me -- A world why it is just -- He -- all. And that the credit in the beautiful people are wonderful. Air. They're friendly they're on the dating. I'm -- it clean. It just it. He ball and it it just. Well I'll think I would think he'll talk about your vacation. And I order. It's yelling at the radio. And all of that just lived there for a couple of hours to scuba dive as recommended -- 120 would run. With. -- -- No sir are you officially certified all that stuff. -- -- -- -- It's well snorkeling spot to witness scuba or something extra special about scuba I really should just have gone ahead -- certified but you know it's like you have. It's something that I'm gonna do all the time for me so I feel like getting the full certification as I did it. You know what I didn't I didn't buy a -- you know that -- good -- it and I don't need to be certified because chances are -- it would again. That I don't know that they'd let me do it again actually like gosh I just realized something I may be medically barred from doing it yeah. All right. -- why. Yeah. -- out art art art. Or I. Don't. All knows it now here's here's you don't understand my psychology which goes this way if somebody tells me I can't do something that I wanna do it. It gives it's all I fight authority authority always wins what do you stay on -- At apple places. We really like that it. That camera at the restart which is it's very beautiful hi why are we like if you spell that dormitories. I see -- -- the resort. -- like divine but without the Jenny okay. So hole it's not a highrise what is it a two story three story what -- Or two story very well all. And either got all Stratton and Barrett then. Cool all and all I'm cop shop. And then you -- -- boardwalk. They -- parallel the Caribbean sea and it's nice. It's very nice every every -- I would highly recommend anybody. So if my listeners are hearing you and they're saying boy this -- joint and -- Reuben sounds really nice effect Rupert sounds really nice. Including airfare and your state and I'm presuming it's an all inclusive. What kind of know what kind of scratchy looking at for. You're short. Or not my husband and I. It and I'll look at it got back at what it's like a tool and it -- look at the -- I'm. And error error error. What about. Dollars. -- a lot -- normally -- well. What do you look at total what's what's the bottom line for people listening to me right now were intrigued by this what total -- the total. Four grand for weaker way. And to -- worth that. And that's all it's about you guys had a great time you can reporter you enjoy that life is good you only live once you've got to do when you can't. It. And kudos to you because others you know what I what I see people that just put it off and put it often put it -- they wanna do things and do things and do things -- them before they don't they're dead. It really it really remind you that you gotta go for when he can't. Many ears and my daughter eighteen hit a vacation and would go to that your -- -- That was our deal that and then when she correctly -- all it would -- And that's only been doing -- local. All -- well I've had many experiences that as Cedar Point in sandusky Ohio that was that was dead duties. And now it's all about selfish. Indeed indeed -- I've done my duty thank you very much. Let's find out about traffic right now see if your vacation or returned from vacation is going well on the roads anyway here is Allan Harris. And here's your accurately forecast from WB ES going to be a cloudy night tonight shower or thunderstorm overnight low 66 and a it feels like grain Joseph are your joints or anything you've ever broken in your life cut a key today. Yeah my knee is and usually -- today for no good reason whatsoever. Tomorrow morning shower or thunderstorm otherwise breezy more clouds than sun -- be less humid in the afternoon high 75. Degrees. Right now it is a 77 and news radio 930 WB EN you're just joining us this is by by popular demand show I've decided that we're taking an excursion away from politics I really don't feel like talking about George -- yards today I really don't care about George -- -- today. I really don't feel like going there today. And I think frankly. I don't know hole. As of today what more I can possibly say. About the illegal invasion of America that I have not said over the past two or three weeks. So today I wanna take a diversion. Away from that plus it's a Monday and I'm never quite sure where your kids are on a Monday as we start up the work week but it is the we're getting down into the peak of the summer vacation season and realizes some of you have but not major vacation plans. And I know that you appreciate hearing what other people have done on their vacations now so far called in to us Montego Bay Jamaica these sandals resort which is an all inclusive. Another guy likes to go camping. -- it is his official camper with his wife that throughout the country but he's especially fond of -- -- bigger. And on the last caller was in two our robot in a place called DVD -- -- -- -- -- that's about a 4000 dollar total trip. That you would be making. And you know sometimes folks one that. One of the pot what are the unpleasant -- about living in buffalo is it's very very difficult to get nonstop flights to these destinations like if you lived in Boston. You -- nonstop flights to. A room. Where New York you -- nonstop flights but living as we go. You've always got to go into Atlanta Detroit Chicago or in my case Charlotte. Charlotte is usually -- place or Baltimore or sometimes it is New York or Philadelphia. In order to let's start you were a trip usually. When I go to Montego Bay it's buffalo to Charlotte Charlotte to Montego Bay and hopefully. If all goes well I end up with the same flight -- It's it's just it's fought -- told you this story before. About how the pilot makes us the pilot thinks I'm somebody famous but he's not quite sure who. -- doesn't quite know how to approach me. And it's it's just a rod it I gotta tell you it's half half the fun apply. Is that little pick up we do in Charlotte that's the putt. -- -- got that big old joint right there. Right where the -- where you grab your flight to wherever it is you're going from buffalo. And I I. We'll -- you smile -- I don't think they're talking barbecue here. This show you -- Did you go did anybody here no no no yeah I didn't. You know like -- -- scattered side thirty years ago. Sorry. It is up for 34 news radio 930 WB. We are soliciting you and your vacation idea is today it's that time I mean basically folks it is mid July. And -- -- -- do -- -- just that one thing after another has trumpet and today I figured you know what if it's got to be now or never. It's got to be done now or just can't do. New York vacation. Suggestions for couples your vacation suggestion for families whether it is an exotic resort. Or whether it is or something that is a one tank Tripoli to take trip is five -- whatever your budget is you know. I'll -- a couple places I would like to know about personally. Israel I'd love to talk to somebody who's been Israel and what it's like Israel and the Middle East anybody. Egypt. I'd love to -- Egypt. The only problem with Egypt is I really would like to be issued an AK 47 upon my arrival so at least have a fighting chance when I see the -- against the jihadist that would be nice. So that probably won't be happening. I'd like to go there those are -- -- one place that -- go Israel and that Egypt I would definitely not not my NC. At all. No desire and maybe you can change my mind your desire to go to Thailand zero desire to go to China zero desire to go to Japan. And it's just not something that I think would be a lot of fun part of me would like to go to Vietnam. And you might say that's kind of strange you wouldn't wanna go to China Japan but you go to Vietnam. And the answer is yes because I would like to see these places of which I heard when I was a little boy were Americans were shedding blood in Vietnam. I would like to see these places for myself. And I would be going not to pay tribute to the Vietnamese. Government but to pay tribute to the American lives that were lost in the Vietnam that's the reason I would go to see those places like way. Just because -- I I would want to Korea -- even though my dad served there I don't know why. But just based on the way he described it it just didn't seem like it would be a lot of fun. Course and again he was there when it was a war so maybe it's changed a bit. 8030930. Start -- 3180616. WBBM let's go to Albany new York and it is Dennis on the line. Dennis you -- on hello. I tapped. First of all I would not wanna go to Vietnam as -- -- that's enough. -- I'm OK you were. You're there I'm sure in combat gear. Well not bad I was aboard ship but. I -- but you're still I'd like to go right to pay tribute to those of you who did not make at all. That would be my reason for going not to pay tribute to the Communists but to pay tribute to the Americans who died when I was a little boy. Iowa I'm behind a 100% about that. But anyhow there's a place in New York it's called black lake. It is about thirty miles north of Watertown. Up route 81. And 37. It is a beautiful lake I was going carefree years. With my grandfather. And mother. -- grandmother. And this is a place you've got to check out how. It's it's beautiful absolutely beautiful dinners -- and all around the lake. And told to call -- I'm not going to. Say the name of the kind of. Actually you know what it's okay today if you do I really today I don't care to -- -- my usual rule and I don't mean to confuse people but there where would you suggest and -- people's -- Nick layers -- column and CL US. Yes okay. And it is gorgeous but the thing is there all booked up in that. It took a long time just who's gonna cottage there every year at the same week. And man like that say we gave it -- for the kids. Go get older stuff so we don't cooperate or by. And you have to -- -- it's its along only if it runs almost alongside of the same orange river deserve. Up five miles away you get to. Thousand and take all the boat tours and stuff. You know it's it's beautiful land that there have been Ogden is -- which is not all that far away but -- -- to black -- No it's not -- well. They called Blackley because when you get a vote in the upstairs turn up the water almost looks black. Like iced -- but it's good almost as fishing. And a I like you would enjoy it and -- about four hours from upload -- -- -- so I am down here mistakes. And I think it really look. What do you have you been to places like the Adirondack so old forge blown bill for a sport that area of New York guard north of Utica. Analysts. Had to seven lakes. Which is north. -- I believe. A long time ago and really. It was a long time ago. Seven people. They don't they name him like 1234. And. I don't know because I didn't really have a chance to see too many of the lakes because I was driving and the roads in the Adirondacks at night like between old forge and -- Dublin bill you must concentrate totally on driving because if you think there are deer in Amherst. We're talking about the spawn of the deer in Amherst all over the had a -- I've never seen so many African deer in my life. -- cadence to overtake route three a -- From Lake Champlain. Not know. No bid to Vermont and a -- around obviously a parallel to Lake Champlain but and not to my knowledge not on route three. You're -- drive. Twenty miles to go three. -- -- just wind if you look at cars down Gloria -- as saying you know well the direction you just came from. -- like that well thank you I'm I'm happy for the call I I never thought of that black lake New York thank you. Whacked like the -- and check it out it's it's -- long lake and there's a lot of little violence in it gets lost. And not lost but at the moment though. And they got both. Credible and in the campus are just gorgeous I think you'll have to worry about showers. Well yeah that's that's a huge an integral part of my life if I don't shower and orbited three times a day it's not really today. Not that I'm -- about Clancy and cleanliness but I am thank you very much. -- thrilled at thirty -- camping the only -- anybody else take three bad today. Showers and shower and or bad depending on what time you all right good spirit especially with regard. I gotta get the pollen off right away or screwed. Here is -- Michelle in Cheektowaga. On WBE and Michelle. This is my all time what are my ultimate favorite shows of what are your ultimate favorite shows where I talk to people about cool vacation destinations and you've got so. Right aren't we are. Lake George New York. I have been around lake George I've been the white all I have never actually stayed at lake George usually I drive past lake George and end up in Vermont. It definitely it may have been -- marriage are probably about ten years now. Never in my kids were young our darkness that fled there and had a crystal comet. -- -- -- Yeah all. He had been -- leaving Don can't legally -- acting. Arts background I think parents aren't buying. On everything today and think -- detonating capital are going to die every year they expire or. I'm a -- and a pirate on the -- They made a great family vacation. Okay and yeah it's one of those places you never get -- you don't. Right and on here and they'll. -- And now I did beat -- Block out for him angry right there right in the valid plant. But how how swimming hot house the water because one of the things that's nice about the Caribbean is due you you stepped into. The Caribbean in the summertime and politically it's like stepping in to bath water. Good thing I -- like going in late rivers comments I you know go in my art is beautiful why can't. -- legal lottery acting as a part of that let. -- -- -- Right in the heart. -- they like you get out of the boat and a lot of -- and crystal clear. Loose items that you can. -- an absolutely. Beautiful. And what level of Whitewater rafting do you do I know there are different levels and as some people go absolutely nuts over. -- I think about the level. I would never achieve industry believe me not. It actually has been very. Amazing that would like to -- -- an accurate there so. -- -- So if if what our listeners has been so intrigued by your description of lake George that they are gonna go home and look at up and go online. How many days would you recommend and what kind of dollars at the end of the day are we look at it in terms of gasoline to get there and that is the money you need for food. For lodging and were having some fun. It. I Allard yet there. I -- mark I think you'd pay. -- Won a very lightly on there but the money the cost. -- and -- paid. Can't you go. Out and -- on a bank. Maybe a little bit last. Eight and around a couple times but we you know -- -- -- -- I hit and then in. Why lottery acting like I -- going. Minding your bank -- and we did. Not act. Made and how many people. So the first time -- zip line. How scared were you. And yeah I I don't know what there is about zip lining but that's something I will not do and would not do and yet I don't think anything of hopping in an airplane and flying is single engine airplane that that bothered in the least. And why you're. Here. Going. I mean you three screen. Mainly due to imply but mark but it is was -- it going from tree to tree. -- -- -- -- Artist and things and eligible for the first time as well but definitely gonna get into your. I'm all right well look I'm I'm glad to hear from -- I -- just like a lot of fun and the zip lining thing. You know every time I hear the -- zip -- -- that poor girl who went down to -- Acosta reeker she's zip line and she caught. Basically flesh eating bacteria. And end up losing all of Berlin she may have died actually about the result of the antibiotic resistant infection she caught. Because she just didn't get to it in time and in Costa Rica is not exactly a place where you gonna go for stated your medical treatment. No absolutely I think every time I never heard I heard I've found that. All right Michelle thank you very much what I do on vacation I'm gonna definitely start attacking a pair of pliers. Why dental emergencies. Pliers for dental emergencies I've come to that conclusion it is fallen Tibet. Doctor Bernie Goldberg would not be pleased with by saying that but players will be a critical part of the travel -- I don't three all right thirty -- 3180616. WB EM. It's vacation time folks in my audience loves it when you guys call in with your vacation suggestions I'd love to hear from anybody who's been to Israel all. -- -- about Italy anybody. You know I got to tell -- something for as much as I'd like to go to Italy the people I know who bin. Except. She went there she loved that other people I know I thought we're gonna love it and that up and they really work thrilled with the entire experience but Germany and -- -- the Germany. I mean not over going to be 24 but actually to Germany I'd like to well. Someday someday. But when Germany has Paul trees a considerate. 803 old I'm thirty starlet 3180616. WP -- -- and. And act you weather report tonight it'll be a cloudy -- shower or thunderstorm overnight -- 66 tomorrow morning shower or thunderstorm otherwise breezy. More clouds than sun it'll be less humid in the afternoon 75 right now where look at -- 77 degrees at the news radio 930. WB. The end. All right it is up 453. Right now. That season recently email about -- hunting. You know I know that I might lose some points on my man card on this but I don't hunt. I just on paper targets I could not kill an animal. -- not a vegetarian not a big and I don't hunt I don't fish. But I'm also not a -- As yourself and I just don't do. So my complete -- I just you know Tuesday -- I love to shoot. -- hero. Something about credit. About Nokia solidity here here is. David Williams bill -- WB a day you're on a. You're doing an excellent. Good now ocean city New Jersey. You gotta tell you about it I've heard so many things about it but I need you to fill in the blanks. It. About seven A half hour drive. To do it you know do it -- -- It's it's -- the ocean ten miles south Atlantic City. It has got about a mile and a half two mile boardwalk. And it's like the bear on the ocean. There's amusement parks in par putt didn't play is that he didn't know it if you like that is fair it's awesome. What would you say you like the fair as in Erie county fair. Yeah president if you're -- They're type person some do some note. It that's the feeling that I got in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina I know that some people loved Myrtle Beach while I was there are all I can think of was. While that I really make up bad decision this just -- my bag baby. -- say people there people here com as longest Three Dog Night is playing at the Erie county fair I'm totally cool that. Or Lady Antebellum this year now that'll be good to. But that for gambling and we've been here for 25 years. I'd love to hear more about it and hold on if you would like to share ocean city New Jersey. By the way politically calls and you -- disagree that's fine lot of these places I just not that I've been a lot of places but a lot of the local places you know I'm more about. Way over their guy and -- and right next or -- on WB Ian.

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