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7-14 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

Jul 14, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WES. -- Yes they broke the law but it's not a felony. It's kind of what it's it's it's so it's a it's an act of love it's an act of commitment to your family. What is -- And her -- Tom hourly and it's live. -- local park. Being. Served. He had. Not being injured Tom hourly. On news radio 930 yeah. Hey everybody happy and user fees go up. Okay yeah. OK -- better double -- Hey good afternoon it is our lenders ready at 930 WBE. And with you on. Monday and this will be and abbreviated work week -- -- -- Host I need to get to eighties and place for me. For those who don't understand what is and that place is I want it is just think of the place where you go and it might be in your backyard it might be across town might be of the river might be impolite might be a pork Colbern. Wherever yours employees happens to be. Where all of the -- lines are absolutely. Perfect. And you feel like you actually get some breathing space so a lot of the albeit short work week for me Michael Caputo views are going to be sitting in for me. I really -- take a vacation of any significance. Just a couple of days here in -- -- Ringo and -- notes this summer usually. Usually -- this point I've used up a considerable amount of vacation but I've been with you because frankly too much has been going on. And I have a lot of the get out of here because I'm one of those idiots are actually enjoys what he does for a living which is kind of silly -- think about it. I they wanna thank Nancy. The -- Paul and Paula everywhere you have a wonderful summer soiree. Over the weekend a summer soiree. It's not every one is invited to -- soiree. It was my daughter's first ever soiree. And Oceana area magnificent time -- said the soiree. And hey guys I don't wanna make you jealous in the next room Joseph beamer and John Sherman. But you'd you do know that Patrick game set at our table right along with his uncle Don you know that right. And you know that we were nice to uncle bond even before we knew that uncle -- was -- occasions uncle you know that. And here's here's a funny story on the appellate tales out of school here but. Some Tim Hortons named him. And I laughed that I I just. I felt like the oldest guy at the table for some reason probably because I want and I said man. I remember watching Tim Horton played as a Buffalo Sabres are actually from reverend Tim Horton before he was adult. And a -- is double what we're credible player was. And I said Patrick. Just think prototypical. Late fifties early sixties NHL defenseman hard hitting clear in front of the net. Stay at -- crunching it Smart. Educated steady. And that only begins to cover the kind of hockey player -- important was even in his latter years what's important ones. And I suggested that microbe which side. I -- I held a lot more about Tim Horton from a hockey player's point of UC I could just address it as a -- and -- -- an NHL player obviously. But -- and a show. Good certainly tell more about Tim -- as a technical hockey player then could hide. And Jim shot fell actually throughout his career always gave -- important. A tremendous amount of credit for helping your -- to keep his head in the game both literally and figuratively when Joni was as redheaded rookie wearing number six you brought this instant respect to the Buffalo Sabres especially when the sabres were going up against the Boston Bruins and that that was about it as far as hockey talk that. Because people -- people -- their space you know what I mean everybody evident by the need this base and it was just it was a good time ran its. I've I've also become an honorary member of another family via no belly family. And I've actually got an invitation to a party next year which is very unusual for me because I don't get asked to a lot of places. I'm usually on the you don't mind or do not call list with people but I get to go to no -- best next year's more resentment -- I'll get to go to no valley that strategists Iran that the market is lovely wife Rachel and of one of their friends Mike DiFrancesco. And longtime listeners no time no actually a hot Mike called wants but I had to cut off because he used -- bad bad word. And in describing Michael Jackson before Michael Jackson died. But the -- the short of -- it was it was a well needed. Diversion it was -- cigar Dave style diversion. I'm Saturday night desperately needed after what was a very very difficult end a trying week is that many of you are well aware. Now the big story in. Politics of course is something. In well if you'd talk bout -- Buffalo's early news this morning basically George -- years. Who's are good buddy of Andrew Cuomo by the way to the Glazer didn't know and what are the reasons why I just every little respect for local politicians. Including major ours is. It's all incestuous I've talked to. I told you guys this before that. It is a promiscuous way incestuous. Enter tangling. Various levels of prostitution involving Republicans and Democrats. I want no part of Albany or anybody who goes to Albany or anybody who is in Albany I think it is probably one of the most loads of places on the planet if that rumor has it. When you pull away from Albany if you look back at Albany you will turn into a pillar of salt at least. That's what somebody once told me I have never actually put that in the practice because I did not want to end up like biblical lot's wife. In the -- of Sodom and you're more. But that's another story altogether actually you know what some -- de Mora make Albany seem downright virtuous. That actually care about wrong all but he makes Ottoman double seem downright virtuous. But you know spend any time talking about that the major situation which just strikes me is a little bit fishy people do not spend their entire lives giving. Basically accumulating power and becoming the king. And then just walking away from with a whimper people don't do that that's just not the way people do. Especially people who aspired to power people who aspire to control things you have a certain point where you were most influential and you walk away from it. There's something rotten in the state of Denmark I don't know exactly what it is but is just not passing by smell test and I'm sure if that offends some of -- but it just isn't passing -- smell test but. Yeah well I would really be interested in knowing. For you guys. When when it comes to running for office. Now we hear me out on this. I think one of the problems we have a country. Is our political class. And this goes for both Democrats and Republicans. Where politics has become his career. It's what people do. You start off. As a school board member then you become a -- board member. And -- maybe go to the Erie county legislature where the legislature in whatever county in which you -- resides. And they go to Albany. And then go to the state senate and then sometimes you end up being mayor buffalo and instant energy and up. Going -- the congress. Has become this career path for people. Onto which to latch. And it's what they do with their lives. Now. Waved back in my family tree migrated our goal was the president of the buffalo county council in 1911. It was also a decorated World War I hero was -- was octave Augustine Bruce. And he was in addition to being a politician. He was also a very successful green merchant with -- offices in both buffalo and in Chicago he had a life outside of politics. He served but he also had business interests outside of politics. He wasn't just all about politics that was not his entire life. It was about his business it was about his family and it was about. What he did politically which was basically a buffalo thing a city of buffalo office that he helped. And going back even further. Other ancestors having direct ancestors served on the buffalo common council -- David John and back way back when was a buffalo common council member and a great great grandfather or whatever so I. I've had them in my family okay the viruses there in the family. Thank god that that regressive trait has not reared its ugly head into my life. Sometimes. People say it to me surprisingly enough hey how come you know you're you sit there you talk about all the problems. But how come you don't run for office how come you don't do what -- thing. And number one it's in a lot of ways it's not my -- In a lot of ways it's just not something which I think I would be particularly. Adept at doing. A man has got to know his limitations and a woman has got that it was lunatic are her limitations and you've got to know what it is for which you were here. But if some kind of oldest got them. And I decided that I was gonna run for something. That would probably have to be something. It would have to be congress it would have to be the US senate it would be something bit. If I would wanted -- around with legislatures were on board or stuff like that would have to be something bit. But here's the problem. That maybe you have also thought about office. If I want -- know if you ever run for office. If you've ever regretted it. And if you've ever run for office. Would you advise anybody to do it. I know people who've run for office a lot of people who run for office. And the BS. The baloney. You go through. Even for what I would consider to be Picayune. Petty. Offices. Is absolutely. Ridiculous. I have told you this a million times. Politics is blood sport and I don't care if you're talking about a City Council race I don't care for talking about a county legislature race. Hell I don't care for talking about it on clerk race politics. Is blood sport. End of story it is not something for the faint of heart and a lot of people maybe some of you listening to be right now have wanted to get involved. And you actually got your name on the ballot you've gone through all of what it takes to get your name on the ballot. And before you know what you open up a flyer you open up a letter and you see your character assassinated all over the place. You see things that people are saying about you that you know aren't true but if you spend all your time defending yourself. Against all of the wise that you really don't have a chance to get your message out whatever your message happens to be. And a lot of people I would say the majority of people though who have ever uttered the political arena or tried -- have come away. Very disheartened they have come away feeling. Very much like that's part of the world they never ever ever ever want to touch again. Now in my case. Frankly. Here's here's the biggest reason if you're one and not that anybody whereas. Biggest reason is I don't wanna have to hold anybody again. I'm gonna say that again I don't ever want to all anybody at damned thing in my life. Other than you know Visa Mastercard American Express whatever. Those people -- oh those are credit towards. Getting something I pay for something and direct project at the end of the month McCormick a direct deposit. I do not wish. To take any big Asian. For somebody that feel so I am beholden. To that person because without that person I would have been able to buy the ads in two different television markets to run for office. See there's something that is absolutely antithetical to -- being. About owing anything to anybody especially when it comes with office of public trust. Because I think that that is a sacred thing and I don't know unfortunately. I just do not have what it takes to tell somebody to take their. Money at -- where the sun don't shine because I simply can't be bought. In terms of a public office and public responsibility and something that I would have to do now. Also. Let's just talk about congress for a minute let's just talk -- term limits for. United States senators serve six -- answering your serve a six year term are back Kirsten Gillibrand. And Chuck Schumer whenever they win an election. Unless something unexpected happens. They are going to be in that office for six years Brian Higgins Chris Collins and the other people we set the House of Representatives. Day sir for two years. Folks. It takes you a year. To figure out how to get around in Washington. Okay it. Doesn't happen overnight. So just at the time you were feeling like to finally know your way to the closest men's room you've got to start thinking about campaigning again. I don't think that's quite what our founding fathers had in mind. And I believe a -- thinking about this and and what makes sense to me now is. I think that what they ought to do. And this would require constitutional change just you know. They should limit the number of terms a House of Representatives member consumer. But you should also increase the duration of the term to limit how much fund raising somebody has to do. I would limit a compact congressional term. To know more then 26. Year terms. I would change from two years to six years and you could not serve more than a total of twelve years in the office of House of Representatives member of the house that's number one. I would probably not mess around with the senate. I would probably leave that as it is if I had my druthers. But I would. Folks I don't know if if this is how many people. There's this is gonna hit. And I may be talking to myself on this but have you ever thought. About running for something. And maybe you have run for something. And you'll learn a lesson along the way. I would like to -- Here is it's not for me. And it's not for racial politicos begging for money and then expecting somebody. To ask a favor with which would have to reciprocate is just like I can't do it. It's just not in my -- that's just not my psychological make -- -- Now phone number 8030930. Starlet thirty and 180616. WB yeah. Yeah. Every Pink Floyd song must at least one -- minor -- and it just in case you work did not know that same -- -- company. But that's just another story altogether 333. Tom -- by the way congratulations celebrating his 119 birthday sometime this summer. It is 334. Almost appears ready at 930 WBM hourly with you. All right well we I'm I'm sensing you guys are not an apolitical mood today. And that that's fine. That's very very fine because here's what I noticed yesterday on the two way. I was spying. I don't have a general. Yet but I was buying your. I saw the asteroid back that people come back from the east. Into Western New York it was backed up at Williams felt for quite some time I kept thinking to myself welcome nobody else is easy -- -- but I thought I'd gladly help. But I've been promising you guys there's for a while. And since politics just is not where you guys wanna go to I can tell I I I can tell just like bet. I promise you this and I am way overdue for this and it's either now or never as far as the summer of 24 -- -- We need to talk about. You're changing topics -- soon yes I can tell. I can tell. I wanna know about your vacation a suggestion. Destinations because I'm pretty sure that many -- you. There are just arriving back from where it. Where you happen to -- over the Independence Day holiday and the weekend which followed Independence Day that is -- wild guess but it's also based on. Analyzing the traffic on the New York's victory away which was a lot busier. It seems than it usually is Bob over the weekend which -- in terms of cars coming back from the east. Now there are on several different vacations. That we -- to talk about first of all I want a little bit. Are you somebody who just does not take vacations. That is not my first question -- -- -- ask that question before. Are you somebody who. Either does not get paid time off work. You do get paid time off from work but you don't take. Because you fear that if you take your paid vacation you are going to lose your job. There are a lot of people up there like at. I'm stuck by that because frankly people Perry is no more secure job on the planet band broadcasting slash radio. There are equally insecure jobs but -- that this is. Is not exactly a career field that is known for its longevity which is something by the way that makes this vision extremely extraordinary in terms of the people we have and the people we've had and the fact that we've been here forever. You know we have longevity here and my advice is for us. If you get paid vacation. You should at least take the time off of work. Now whether you go anywhere that's that's got to be your choice that's got to be your call. But never let a single vacation de -- -- used by U. And here's my thinking on net. At the end of the day he says using a business cliche. At the end of the day if you're gonna get whacked from your job. You're gonna get whacked regardless. Of whether or not you worked or didn't work whether or not you took vacation or did not take vacation. You will be whacked. If the managers in the bean counters decide. That you simply cannot justify your position that the -- you bring in don't justify the beans that date -- And what they give you. -- -- -- -- So you might as well enjoy the time off that you are allowed. Now for many people especially just starting off two weeks paid vacation. After a couple of years seems to be that seems to be the standard. Are right you -- it's a week after a one year service and then two weeks after a few more however it works where you are. Take the time off. In the long run you'll thank me produce because you'd need to get away I don't care how much you love your job -- I don't care up actually you are about what you do I don't care whether it is the ideal fit for you. You need to get away you need to separate yourself physically from the office and when I say get away. And separate yourself physical -- and physically from the office that also includes email and it also includes cell phone. When you go -- a vacation. Turn off the cell phone or block the work numbers from being able to get you on cell fault block him. Most carriers will provide free a ninety day or sixty day block for you. So you can take all the phone numbers are likely to call you from work and block him. During the time you were on vacation just rumored unblock them when you get back but you'd deserved time to yourself. You -- time to be with your wife your husband your kids you deserved time that is un interrupted in any way shape or form by the office even if you don't go. Any worker. You need a physical break UT eight physical separation. From the office is everybody with him. It or is it or do I have some dissenters from that because I wanted to is something I do not feel the slightest paying a deal. Use the each and every vacation day to which I am entitled. I hate sick days can't stay in use in sick days mean I'd really odd to me sick that is the Bane of my existence. I never in a million years have regretted taking every single vacation day I add -- Because like put what I preach and practice my philosophy is. If third Nowak because it took time off. They would elect me anyway. So at the end of the day I just -- have time off. So that's one. Do you actually get vacation and when you get a vacation can't afford to anywhere. I am stunned -- the number of people in my audience my concern but carry an audience who are just struggling for money. And you don't even have the money to take three eggs and get yourself down to Allegheny. Or go to the finger spent some time haven't -- Wherever did you wanna go but times are tough and people like you are not gonna go when did that so you can go on vacation. And that's because you were Smart. That's because you know what the government does with your money. And use and -- money help a lot more wisely and you refused to go into debt doing things you cannot afford went in the long run all gonna do is purchase financial. Now otherwise for those who actually are able to travel. Those of you were able to get away we need to break this down to -- are so different kinds of occasions. There are quick vacations there's one thing trips. For example. And by the way. I don't wanna turn this into the Gettysburg -- But Gettysburg is great for daybreak. You drive there one -- you spent two days there to come back. On the -- that is a great it's not one thing trip. But it's not much more than one trip and it's very very doable and you see different scenery you're exposed to different people plus you're exposed a little bit of history. And it's a great one today trip there are many other one thing Triplett and they -- when I -- once I mean you know you're popular cross country drive. I realize everybody gets forty miles to the gala I doubt we have -- Prius drivers in my audience. 8030930. Is the moment restarted thirty on the cell phone 180616. WB yet. Now there are the driving trips that are close are the flying trips some debate there's a lot so that California. Because that -- in place some of your goal and two daughters and you find yourself in plans. You find yourself in Bangkok. I'm sorry suddenly Billy Joel's Allentown and acoustic guitar -- going through my head. When I mention Bangkok those of you are familiar with the hangover movies will understand the arrested you don't worry about it now all. I wanna find out a word you go on what you would suggest for couples and for families and are you gonna bring something to read. What do you have you already selected your vacation reading. I plead guilty than not doing a lot of Reading on vacation I read a lot when I'm work I read a lot when I'm here when -- on the job. Read a lot of hole -- on the job when I'm on vacation I like to put down the books. I like to pick up the iPod. And I like to just badge out. That's my idea to meet vacation equals semi. Consciousness and brain -- To me that's what I need totally zoning out tuning out. Preferably at a place that's warm and sunny with lots of beaches. They don't three all right thirty. Start at 38180616. WB EN one I. My listeners by the way to one of the most popular shows I do every year my listeners will thank you. Mightily. For your suggestions. I can give you some but you guys have stuff that I've never even thought. Here's they've just -- in the electoral wanna on WB -- Dave you are on hello. I don't David its -- off. Are my recommendation is -- my people -- Jamaica. Montego Bay Jamaica and the goal -- a family go with your wife Kate goes solo what's deal. All of my life -- -- all inclusive. And look we love -- he had a great beaches you have that great fuel or water the water looks like index. It's just a play cystic -- forget about everything and just try to get your own little world. And you typically do what Saturday to Saturday Sunday the Sunday. Is there a vacation that actually is too long have you ever been supportive thought boy I never should -- this long I should have only made the seven day. Yes some there's there's about a Q -- you look at each other gulf. They are ready and yeah yes I've just always for summary you just know that it's time -- -- that you just -- too much of everything. People to and this is something I don't understand but then again somebody captures it explains to me a lot of people feel exclusives. A completely overdo it on day one they get themselves so absolutely hammered they fall asleep in the sun. They get this ridiculous sunburn. And you see them the first time on Saturday the next time you see them as the Saturday when they're leaving. And they looked as though not that they just had a relaxing vacation but that they just spent five rounds with Mike Tyson. Right -- they almost painful when they leave. So they get -- -- -- public frat party or some people they get there and like all I saw the -- brawl on let's go to get moderation is speaking. You've got a moderate you've got to take time. Just angle we sort of just going all the -- The the place you go is -- family friendly or secured -- couples. Are okay all right so Montego Bay. Yup because that that's another thing to and I don't know day if you have this experience but. One of this gonna make me some horrible horrible person look I have kids and what we had kids. Going to places that family friendly was obviously important because you weren't the only person with screaming fits around but. As a grown up the last thing I think most of us want an indication. It is to watch kids running recklessly around -- pool screaming and shrieking and going absolutely bonkers on sugar highs. I couldn't agree with him more that's that's what they that you -- so one. One qualification we have Ernie we sort of we go to visit -- kids and it's not a person under him up against your diet gets. But -- got to that point my life for a no I don't wanna China watcher overlook the rubber -- and the and the forties and and everything else. Well you certainly don't wanna sit next to me and any flight lasting more than three hours because unfortunately I get the kid with the inner ear infection. And I have a feeling sorry for the kids especially when a parent is largely clueless. So I don't usually do this but what is the name of the place at which you generally stay in Montego Bay. Samples. And others a couple of sandals I think yeah on Jamaica but Montego -- right close to the airports you can -- you can or gitmo bay and then -- -- resort probably within fifteen minutes after the hour long -- customs. No obvious if you didn't you -- if you -- -- -- -- and a and how is it possible and why am -- not heard about this with this is something that I just as governor while I was there. I was just there -- six which. And then it's. People were pocket too. -- that you got in this global base of global Anderson. They they extradite to break through immigration and security and so report that rope line that go through. You check your bags with the airline and you go to the club ball page yeah -- The point where you going to. The -- and they issued to recruit that's a straight line Serbia knuckled under people there's only like three people are. Okay what's the secret handshake. What's the secret password. Well. Well. It's that's what it is I I shall look into that because that's the worst part about any vacation is okay you just flown right especially up awful lot of Charlotte which generally Asia connecting point if you're going to Montego Barry. Charlotte to Montego Bay and get you arrive and you are super pumped. -- era Jamaica cat does so does pounding down. Your vacation is about to begin. And then you see the line of people at customs and immigration and you know it's going to be at least an hour to get through there hopefully your luggage is where it should be and then hopefully you don't end up waiting an hour for everybody else to get on your shuttle bus for the shuttle to wherever it is you're going to Jamaica. Well actually actually I found that people -- get to Jamaica even if you're not in their club -- eclipse source big. They're pretty quickly you're pretty much out of there may be forty minutes capital. You have it's unfortunately not been my experience usually -- -- Now -- Reading what you were yeah. I don't read what I golf. But what a particular reason this confederacy -- There's certainly it's like trying to read the Bible believing that they can interpret this and Chrysler are bigger read this -- are you recommend -- Probably five times that every time like I recuperated Angela. I think you get the last. -- confederacy I've done this. Confederacy of dots is okay well thank you thank you out now it all makes sense that you were much I looked at Joseph instantly who were bounces made -- All right. -- thanks for the call they are Montego greatest figures to see animals in Montego Bay. -- I'm just getting. I looked at you saw my own reflection in the mirror to see you know art confederacy of bounces. Are you going on vacation couples or with families. Because you know. You you've got kids some of them are small some of them are teenagers you're never gonna please a teenager and a small -- the same trip somebody's going to be miserable. Which is why it's best to leave them type in the basement 8030930. Start thirty. 180616. WB. The end just leave a note for the neighbor you know when they have to be fed and watered. Anyway you're just joining us welcome Michelle this is my old. Overdue show this -- meeting to do and at various things have gotten in the way or have superseded -- in importance -- I use this one. And this is your chance to be a travel guide to -- troubled actor for your fellow audience members. Now I know a lot of you. Don't have the money to get away and that's fine. Some of you go through tough times I've been through tough times you don't have the money to get away at least get some time away from work I cannot stress that enough. You need to be relieved. At the end of the day when you were on your deathbed that nobody ever looks up and says yeah well. I wish I'd spent more time at the office never has happened in the history of humanity never at least as far as I'm -- But you gotta take the time off but if you are going some whether it is a short ball. Or whether it is a globe trotting adventure involving an aircraft and all of the lovely airport security through we've through which we must go. I want your call on where two ago both as a couple and has a family. And family vacations you know it's interesting because that would vacations. Sometimes at the time you were taking them. Can seem to be the most miserable. The most stressful. The most good lord how do you lose one flip flopped and not the other time. But then looking back years later you glad you -- did it that you are glad you did. And I speak from some experience with bet. 803 all right thirty starlet 3180616. WB yet all. And as something else to bet that needs to be set if you're booking an all inclusive. Which generally are the trips that were up on the airplane and you end up in an exotic locality got to whip out your passport. Do your research before you go to an all inclusive. Folks. When I was in the Dominican Republic. All I can tell you is what I told you at the time in January. The -- hotel California. Kept going through my mind no actually it was December. -- hotel California kept going to my mind you can check out any time you bite but you can never leave. And folks. Never again. Never again. The single worst travel experience of my life. Imagine an all inclusive resort running out of food. And all inclusive resort running out of food. Imagine a whole bunch of white people over fed over stuffed rioting. That's what -- back -- -- it is 355. At news rate if I'm thirty WB EM I know I was there.

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