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7-14 Beach and Company Hour 3

Jul 14, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The show stopped the show or shut up with the name we have a media audit we we had to be audited public like this but we do we know that we insist on media audit. Now we had a story about Sam -- on the signal former judge and attorney. And he's very of payments for commercials. And the Randy said he's famous for those seven words. Sometimes good people. Make mistakes now -- don't math is kind of like a favorite thing a mind and I understand not everybody has the same interest level that I do. But I'm looking at the birds sometimes. Good people make mistakes so let's go now Tony as I say the words I want -- to -- okay. Sometimes one. Good to people. Make more mistakes. Right now it took the first words some times which is 11 word but if you made it two words so it's SO I mean. Dash T Miami -- that would only go to sex you know I'm blaming him Randy bushel now I blame Madonna's school. I'm just telling you if they graduated guy -- counts that. I mean not attack is -- I. So wanna blame buffs say yes -- state should check his records you know I'm talking about you telling me about state senate okayed to Madonna is cool yeah send your send Randy about state. Because he can't count to seven. You have anything to say about that your defense mr. bushel. As a rebuttal you are wearing pants and there is another version of the cut are you ready okay you and mr. Count on hitters don't regard high schools -- -- to the abacus out -- I. Right here you're out there. Now of course it would be sent the wrong. No I don't that's right ladies and gentlemen and worst part about. The -- just refused rent it -- is not well and so he lost track ago looking in his right hand. Which he does a lot but that's why it should have been five words you could go to six if you make some times two words which I guess you could. Although it's really one word so. I'd say it's him a break as he sick and we like him I got a McKee this Madonna's self marriage you're okay Leo I'm back on the record yeah. Sometimes good people make things. The same thing you know yeah -- sometimes. People may it was -- five that's five words. And even at times that can make this thing. -- it doesn't matter which weren't emphasizes it's still five. I. Did that you can go to the alleyway and that those backers. Org has every right and I'm just gonna go to my doctor appointment and find out from my and I -- a program called 80. But guys don't ever send them -- for food and give my money -- you want change if it's more than five thank you Erica. It's funny. Really funny -- sometimes good people make mistakes and we're sorry about passing examines what he called the show before. On different on different subjects and I was closer shocked to hear of his passing as I was not aware that -- -- today. But the and are very prominent figure on television to former judge and attorney. All right remember the in his commercials he has those. Five words sometimes. People make mistakes vacuum. Now and get on the show now we've got the mess straightened out it is a bit. It has -- to dominate. The good moment I needed a moment like that in government -- in -- it would not gonna put him in charge of payroll here let's who votes on them through that. Are what we're talking about his George -- -- Senator amazing -- represented meet. In Niagara accounted for as long as I've been back here and I've been back for a sixteen almost seventeen years. And he is my senator and I had no problems. I'm now as I recall usually I'll judge people by the by the problems I have with the mistakes I think they made and whatever I'm doing a talk show. And I don't recall having to do a show. Wondering about some some vote that George had or some statement or some speech. So I guess when you think like that that's positive those with two thumbs up. And we heard from Rambo -- said he facilitated. After a long delay finally called senator's office he facilitated the computation of is a retirement plan as they state prison guard. And we have another person who was very. Felt very strongly about the great work that senator -- ours -- gone for him. And so we're getting we're hearing from people who appreciate the workable public servant it's important that we. Recognized not now there is an investigation going on but as as I said. -- regarding those solid campaign spending and rule some. You have to itemize every single thing some you don't there's a cut off point and when anything comes out of that if anything comes out of that will be with a but as -- now. As of now I think it's important that we recognize that he's done a good job. And that not every public servants should be painted with the same brush some guys we don't like public servants because they become. But boys of four row of people I can help them move their careers Brian Higgins and and so it's it's very very important. -- that we have good people and their whole looking out for us and not just themselves and I think George Mason jars is one of them. -- come back from our break. Will global look at that again 803093018061692. Through six are in thirty plus or minus of term limits. Plus video man George magazine -- his report card after twenty years -- to -- and -- have a pretty good handle on what kind of job he did. And so we'll talk to you about that. On his -- I'm thirty WB yeah. Everything about the announcement has raised eyebrows that the effect that the announcement was made the timing and the ramifications of it I mean this was really. That -- the proverbial bolt out of the little nobody saw this coming. It is region company or asking about George -- -- gonna hang. After the end of his term twenty years driving back and forth on the through way to Albany. And I give MO letter grade because he represents Mayo love today yeah. And he's got a pretty good job. And would like to know from -- -- -- -- European amaze you are also in general what about term limits. This happens to be a long term guy I would get a good job but we've got a long term of people that -- But for some reason their constituents keep voting -- -- -- not like that but others are and that's the reason we're asking. About a term limits and -- what you think they should be keeping in mind in both houses here and in Albany. And their two year terms two year terms meant. So I think three terms -- -- -- -- for me that these six years they can do it is -- juniors and then do what the founding fathers want you come and at that time from farming and whatever agricultural. A background you come in your serve your country then you go home. But you don't make a career of -- career politicians now that's the first thing they think of is okay have won this election Ottawa when the next one and. Think -- that it would be okay for them to run for another office for different where there are different office where the forced to run on the record. To show what they did in the previous office. So -- form that -- we know too well. We should also I feel very strongly about this if you hold the office and you'll run for a different office. If you then you have to leave the first office. If you if you're losing go to that one at all. I really believe that because like of people when their presidents they do it. When whatever office they do -- where they spend more time on the road running then they do serving and I don't think that's right ago. Let's go to Gary in Youngstown -- on WB -- Where particular college what they would -- The current post -- record VFW post was looking out out. George has always been very portable but he's you're out of these you know get as Welker or about what the population but -- -- an effort. Two from our best there is so personally throughout the officers numbers. He's always been -- to respond foe called my agent and he's responded what are they are true always. In specific -- he's been very involved in the world -- why. They -- -- -- veterans you want it ought to let. She. Several years ago you and your parents to -- I'll post which it is terrible for -- Our post building was actually the old bit -- while the fort Niagara gazette green building relocated. -- -- -- presents. A lot like in. Around 95 you know -- but it renovations that they're building there it was dark injury it was not a very well -- Environment right exactly and if you had trouble were you your rent your parents -- -- to -- to -- Korea. From the state in order to refurbish. That built and now what you know -- it that SeaWorld -- it's it's not quite come to. In the end. All purpose and use our correspondent very personable. All of it and -- ago. Well you know we hate to -- yet we -- to see good people believe he says that he's been thinking and his wife actually has been thing about a floor. A five years but you have good memories and it's certainly for a good cause and and we're glad you -- share those memories Willis thank you Gary appreciate it. Very nice especially for an evening regarding our veterans and honor fired flatter course. Are those of flights that they take -- veterans of World War II down to Washington. Too good to see the monument. Of the hat I Wear all the time outside of his radio station is -- on a flight that. -- it has the coolest hat I've been given a gazillion hats in my career and some -- allies like more than others obviously but the honor flight cap. It's funny of Sydney where that would that the red with a flag and I mean it's that -- -- -- outlook and had I get comments on every once in awhile. So thanks George thanks for helping me of the of W let's go to. It would be JoAnne. In a north tunnel wanna join her on WB again. -- Say a little story my final was standing on law school three years ago him at the end of their first -- they have -- To find some kind of jobs from legal type of situation. You know now he can't he said there is open for an internship -- senator -- that this process. So he applied. And then a few days after Vietnam the senator actually -- here at my home. Like and he got tired at this George Smith ethical. And I -- you know I'll try you know outside of the but yeah I'm thinking well maybe to put a good word on May be dead in my active -- Internship this summer and into the file at the fact that so you know -- good experience for him and and he said to me probably -- then you have not taken -- take a quick tour. Our descent and social he actually did -- that took so. It's interesting for my son in you know maybe he didn't have a little input that I don't know but. I'm thinking that. Are you now I'm thinking needed to know if your son enjoyed internship. He did it -- you you know interesting I guess to see that. Aspect. Oh sure it is you know what it and then whatever so that's that that's a bigger you know well we're glad that Georgia work -- work it out for your thank you JoAnne thank. -- that's very nice it's nice to get response. You know drives you crazy is when you don't get a reply you don't give response or takes forever and never never never keep remind government is so huge you know -- I'd ever written. Of course I realize that but it wasn't top of mind how big government has and so what was a couple of years ago. When they were talking about the you know the budget shortfall they might have to shut things down only fund certain things. I never realized there was so many things I knew was huge and it devoured money. Very the federal government. But I realized hung far route reaching one -- mean its tentacles. We're -- the German wanna use its tentacles are way out there. So there's a lot of money a lot of a lot of times if if you need to get through bad to amaze. You call me -- -- like that. As George run again you -- is that enough to grant it gets isn't amazed George Mason jars like that why should I just said it. And the result yup I'm idea -- every once in awhile I get a piece of mail. From. George -- is the art is talking about what's going on and that's very helpful. And occasionally. When she said that it it was George -- the column as one of those robo call that occasionally get them from politicians but he's got a pretty good job. Which stinks is that you'll probably hear from political hacks. And the next few days and I'll tell you all well George voted for this or voted against this when it could've really -- Then they'll find one thing they didn't this is the way it works they find one thing they -- all I can expound on it and. And blah blah blah blah blah blah. You know that -- era. -- -- ammunition pouches empty that's all of a yacht and I guess if we followed anybody around we could find one votes. Or one speed sure one decision that we did a great work. But I think we have to vote for people and kind of think of people on almost the whole body of their work. So I don't have anything that sticks out in my mind about something that I. Was upset about what George made easier as he's done a good job I'd like your opinion 28030930. 1806169. Degrees sixers -- I'm thirty. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WB ENN that call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and start nine journey and our toll free line is 1806169236. Has been mentioned probably by Republicans. As a future candidate for something higher including the state senate when they came at the -- -- devoted. Cartel ovaries and heard aware of a Johnson is an -- by the way you can always hear John citizens newsmaker interviews on line on demand. At WBM dot com along with my show and Tom Bauerle show also just check it out linkage and here. When it's in real time you can listen to it at your leisure. They were talking about their George CR's and I think he's got a pretty good job about twenty plus years but twenty years going back and forth Albany. And it's time to hang it up according to George his wife has been talking about this for five years. -- asking your grade your letter grade on his performance and also the general concept of term limits. Other pluses and minuses of term limits one of the things they're looking into in the investigation. I'll vote campaign money and he says autumn and investigate haven't had anything and as we said. So far so if anything comes out will be live at the time but. They they were looking at each campaign expenditure one was forays. Clown rental and I like that I like to straighten that out you know it's a clown -- may seem to you. -- a silly expense but it's not first of all say this he was trying to save the taxpayer payers money clowns are cheaper than minds. First saw it reminds would have been more expensive and then not only did he go with a clown instead of my time. George went with a -- the clone. Who was a lot cheaper than I mean there's big -- clowns like my marbles the public had marbles on. You know how much extra marbles to -- because he brings marbles and gives marbles all the children. Have been far more expensive because. UN had to pay for all those marbles and of course a lot of lawmakers have lost there marbles. So you have to replenish those true. So instead Eagles was -- zip is your basic clown. It's the you know it doesn't have air conditioning or any of -- cool stuff the cars -- back up cameras whatever -- becomes out falls on a banana peel. And even brings his own banana peel so I'm thinking George -- the economic growth was that the clown. And the economic group with a model Ramallah and so Georgia this when now I don't know why he raises it. I have no idea -- I'm sure that they'll look and they've poured out of a Prius and that was planned maintenance and -- -- Collins. Yes walk out of the Prius I love that I just love in the clowns a pile out your stand -- that -- But and a bug Grand Island all right let's state here we -- -- -- -- at George magazine are saying goodbye after twenty years. I about it how many times -- order form. Back almost seventeen years ago probably about eight times I voted for George may argue I've been happy and I'll always kind of review in my mind. So where my votes -- ago and the reason it's gonna go and doesn't have to change as you know stay the same as last time. Are reviewing every time and every time I've pulled that lever for George -- -- -- I think that's the biggest voter confidence. As I said I've only met him one time and that was that the Tony's wedding. And that was I I think we may have talked to him. On on the show a couple of times but not not in studio just on the phone so minimal contact -- he's -- a good job. And because I've had minimal contact with -- is the reason he's a good job OK Chris we've got some -- were opposing what would you give this one mature on. This is from Brian he says term limits assume that voters can't make educated choices or that the political process is broken. I'm offer voluntary limits but I don't like mandates well well. Not that there's anything wrong with that you can have mandates are you -- have women dates either one of them you can have somebody united gonna -- or where -- -- all of it. Because we're very open minded on the show okay. And no I. Here's what you gotta wonder. You always you know I and it's a long time ago in radio. You'll hear about like some legendary. Radio disc jockey okay. And then you'd travel because -- companies to send me around to different markets. To scope out any vulnerabilities in the markets ago book format changes and stuff like that. And so I would have to listen intently in my hotel room by the way. That is the worst job in the world doing what I'm telling I had to go back one time the vice president of the company call -- is that how you -- when I was in Detroit. Decided to organize -- well I'll tell you how bad it is -- I just sent for a rope and a chair. -- -- room service. But anyway. So you hear these about these legendary people. Who are written up all the time in the trades and you're going and listen to them. -- go there now I don't get this. You didn't get there are owed her appeal because you -- local use and understand. And I'm sure some consultants have come in and heard me and said the same thing basically. Well it's the same thing with a politician. When you see somebody like Sheila Jackson Lee. Somebody like that or Nancy Pelosi. You've got to wonder not Nancy Pelosi. But for instance is wealthy. And she comes from the Bay Area which is very nice okay. You -- -- that they'd be Smart enough to say why the hell are we sending Nancy Pelosi back in on Tucker -- and they don't they keep reelecting her. And so you gotta wonder you don't understand it because you're not local what does she do for the constituents but you've got to know that when your in a national job like that. That what you do for those constituents affects everybody's constituents. And so you do you know Nancy Pelosi of we have the -- so we know what's in that. Fame. Regarding obamacare. You've got to wonder what the appeal is you don't understand it and Sheila Jackson Lee has -- is in the same category as policy as far as I can see. Are Harry Reid another. And so you don't understand. And that's that's the point. Of term limits. Term limits would be the fact we don't get it. Read this this is a poison pill in this case to the whole country because they passed national legislation. In the case of state of course it would only affect us in this state in New York. So that's the reason I think the term limits makes some sense. Is because people may be enamored of somebody. Who is who is really not doing very well for the league non constituents the people who didn't have a chance to vote form. But the people are dead are okay -- So I think term limits justifies itself -- and all those along. Explanation but I I think yeah I think -- water will be back with more with -- and company under Israeli and I'm thirty and I did not hires will be the -- or even -- the -- And I just work alone knows except with Tony interest with the threesome that's Wahl. I thought a threesome but I've not thought -- -- -- two guys to be honest -- you that's depressing a medical home and take a pill will be back after this. Everything about the announcement has raised eyebrows that the fact that the announcement was made the timing and the ramifications of it I mean this was really. But the the proverbial bolt out of the little nobody saw this coming. It is -- company according to this article first of all. You can tell it's a big deal on -- -- says he's gonna hang it up front page headline top of the fold. -- are in the bubble and I was amazed you -- says he won't seek reelection and not only that they put three of their best writers on this. Robert Bob McCarthy. And those so and there are and it shows the importance of this. It's as crazy ours is as close to a political -- as Western New York has an Albany right now. Thanks in large part to the seniority driven system that decides many issues that the legislature. So that's one of the advantages I would guess. Of of being long term another advantage is you know how to get things done. You know which roads to take -- which roads to avoid. So that's a beneficial. That's a benefit of a multi term person. That the edit the negative. Because I ask you to kind of tell me who have pluses and negatives of term limits. The negative part is that. A sometimes though lobbyists. I get you get a little too cozy -- lawmakers. And in the case of term limits they would have do more often. You know kind of forge new ties instead of owning somebody for years and years and years and years. -- so I think that would be fairer to the taxpayers. So that's one of the -- one of them up losses is that the although there shorter term. A shorter term ties was put it that way I think that would be beneficial. The negative side is that if you have a really good a good lawmaker who cares about. His or her constituents. And they're doing a good job you hate to see them have to stop because of term limits but I think I'm I'm willing to take that hit. As opposed to having lifetime career. Charlie Rangel. It here's a guy who it Charlie Rangel I don't wanna get off on a tangent here. But who has more infractions on them than the man and a moan and he keeps -- he just won again. He just won again. Couple weeks ago in India. Election down there. So you have some that no matter what happens they're there year after year after year you wonder. Why -- we don't understand the attraction for the people we get to vote for against them. And so that's what I'm thinking about term elements might make a lot of sense Chris so we have a couple more FaceBook -- like you know on 01 issue a gold go through this one comes. From Warren he says were the highest taxed state with the second highest population loss or gas taxes are high. But all that mine -- twenty years I'm ready to give somebody else to try. Well I mean if you wanna build an army is -- as I guess we depend -- on everybody and get rid of everybody but look at it like this. We have that opportunity now. The elections are truly is form of both houses in Albany. Every two years you get a chance that's not very long two years 24 months you get a yeah. But some people keep electing the same people over and over so they must be satisfied. I understand his frustration with the state because I have a true. But how much of it relies -- lies with the fact that though we have less representation because we have less population. And downstate against the majority of the attention. They -- they drive the wagon no question about that but it's good to have somebody who's worked his way up through third most important person in the senate. And so we get at least the voice through seniority if nothing else some. I don't -- willing depend at all on George or any of it actually and I'm sure some but not much what culture. This is from Jane she says as far as panel Mays here -- worked for us and I am in favor term limits I also think we secured those guaranteed pensions after two years. Yeah -- you know some. They earlier brought up a point or maybe it was you tell them I'm not sure. -- if you've been there two years and and you have dual pension should get a -- -- your pension. Three years of four years ago before your pension rather than get the full tilt boogie what -- in there for two years or whatever that doesn't seem right to me. The big month the biggest miscarriage of justice I think regarding pensions and taxes and things like that the House of Representatives in Washington. You get elected to one. Time. -- term and you got a full pension. And that's wrong. That is simply rock at least one term as a senator you are there for six years so he would even that -- trying get a pension in private business and two years or even six years. Not gonna happen. So you're not usually vested in those ten years what they do is they've in a traditional pension fund. They yeah they put in money and you you might be able to match or whatever but you know I've vested until ten years and of -- not that. You know fully vested -- ten years it's a percentage. It's you know 10% 20% -- 2% I think that's what it should be for the government so. I think the one thing it -- -- -- about term limits is get rid of the party garbage this -- we -- loyal local the fighting that we're seeing him. Where we have old school Republicans will do anything that they can't to block smeared do whatever to stop tea part to stop. Conservatives disarm people -- reform. What's wrong with government government is the problem. Yeah and I don't think they wanna recognize that I saw again. Oh my god this is getting social sickening this is my worst nightmare. Eric Holder again this is not the first time he's the attorney general and vision for drug. He is saying that any criticism. Of this Obama administration. Is based on racial hatred. All of yet old life would you please this was -- this was what I was trying to. My worst nightmares come true. When Obama was running said this will be great weather winds poses you know but. I don't wanna hear if he wins any criticism always automatically. Being chalked up to race. Because that's a cop that's all it is is a cop out. Like a horse that comes in fifth. As a black jockey in -- say it in favor of course there's the at a black jockey -- this case the head of the government happens to be black in the attorney general's black but I'd get a feeling that the push back. Is for their programs. And there are in their ideas and what they think they should enforce and what they shouldn't and -- as nothing to do with -- race it has to do with thoughts the things going on between your ears. So that means those residents of Chicago. Whose video went viral. -- over the week and criticizing the president called the worst president ever they must be racist or wait a minute. They're black they're black BI and this is Chicago his though is stomping grounds his home turf. -- it's it's. Pretty sad when you have to whip that out every single. Time it's almost like I bet that's on is advanced calendar. Player race card putting a date. Then another couple weeks plate race card just write it down you don't forget it. And it has nothing to do with the fact that we don't think the president's doing a job nor -- we think he's doing a good job and he's aiding and abetting the president as far as I'm concerned. By not to. Not prosecuting things that should be prosecuted. I'm just -- -- but which you see any special prosecutors sitting around bank Gaza and now you know are going to either now as long as he's there. -- so I think the basic judgment on George Mason jars. We haven't heard much negative today and that's pretty good. Now there editor of the good of a US attorney down in Manhattan. Not our US attorney -- local Madonna Manhattan. Is are undergoing a ia investigation. In through spending from campaign funds. I guess is a certain cut off point where you have to determine exactly what it was spent four. And there is below that you don't have to do and they're looking at those numbers you'll realize OK I bought two copies and Abdullah. -- -- you know as of four dollars and 32 cents a fellow form for. I was so we'll see where that goes and as I said I will take that when it shows up but George says in this article in the buffalo on those. Bob I'm not afraid of a lot of investigates and that's that's a good attitude. And we'll see where it goes from there but meanwhile after twenty years I think come good job George is gonna stay really end of term. And let's hope that -- -- replaces them whoever ends up has the same kind of feeling for the district as he does. And does the same kind of -- and gets the same kind of reviews of some of the calls we've had today. So what thanks all of you will -- and now that I have how many words Sam is says sometimes good people. Make mistakes I got it down the good. And -- and Randy and engraved plaque with those words on it I'm going to immediately to the plaque makers and have that one -- up. We'll -- tomorrow morning at nine under Israel the united thirty WB. -- -- Little room as they never -- to these beasts.

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