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7-14 Beach and Company Hour 2

Jul 14, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

However Beijing company -- said he beat George -- ours is stepping down at the end of his term he's -- twenty years of back towards Albany is enough. There is an investigation going into some of the expenditures of from campaign money he says bottom investigators got -- and hide. One of the things that he spent campaign money on. Is rental of a clone he -- and I'm thinking what kind of -- country doing. When a public official -- -- -- -- in other times when just a mine won't do Unita clown. When you need a clown -- should be able to rent in all of that money be Andrew Cuomo wasn't available he is. -- com. Delegates every morning -- they be with a red nose -- the the big overpayment let's move floppy shoes in the bells and the whistles. But erratic comic -- do calm things on the go home. On talking about I'm I'm in favor of while rental not clown ownership. So that's that but on a more serious side I think Georgia's got a pretty good job. If if anything comes out of that investigation will -- all of that at the appropriate time. He says nothing is polls were girls but I think as my states that are right no complaints of George miss the ours did a good job. And I'd like you -- report card format be represented you also talk about term limits. Keep in mind in Albany either except for the governor of their two year terms on both of both houses. It's so obvious stumble in the senate two year terms. That that some day I would I would like to see term limits of maybe maximum of six under is throwing a number out there. But as it's it's tough to. I gain traction in the first -- -- you gays getting in no PW barely find a parking spot. And then by that time you're running for reelection again in two years is awfully short. But I do think that the maximum should be something -- six years and I favored term -- But George Bush and did a good job let's go to Bob and and. Hello Bob you're on WB in the morning and he bellowed hello there Bob what's gone on. I think I've got an old favorite term limits. And I think that your limit should be like fifty years for anybody that was of this -- Terrible habits on the area I hear you. But a couple of crazy suggestions. Term limits should be you know very by my office but elected officials the -- territory they should get -- through your pension. Like is -- their pension and so -- I like that yeah because congress. A full pension at the end of the first tournament two years seems a little over the top for me. Now. All right so you favor -- I think I'm with you -- think -- in the same waved like thank you very much. Yeah I because what happens as familiarity. Breeds contempt. Produce don't know once the biggest concern I have is. Power and lobbyists. And lobbyists would on the cynical side lobbyists would have to buy a whole new group. After return from I like that I like the fact that it's not the same deal year after year after year. I think what it would also do is take away the rubber stamp. As far resolve voting some of what you don't have to you won't see people just -- whatever their party says that's where they're gonna vault you know. I agree with that I totally agree with that I think you have to -- there you know and it works on both sides of the -- this. There are some people had no matter even if it's a good idea. That are gonna go for because it's a different party and that's not good not good for us is not good for Alabama saga for anybody. Like I think that I love Rush Limbaugh. And I listen to Rush Limbaugh laws but the his Achilles heel I think as the fact that. I've been listening to him as long as he's been on I can't remember a time. When he thought -- a good idea or good suggestion -- good bill or anything like that came from a Democrat. Or Euro area a liberal. That can't be justice Jessica Jesse numbers alone say that something decent if that's the come from something. At least once. So until I hear that kind of lost credibility -- me in on talking about but and and if you're trying to if you representing New York. County or -- stayed or whatever. I'm thinking -- sometimes. You have to sit down and and work with those who politically differ with you. And trying to get something accomplished now he should be a lap dog. Obviously just the further your own gains but sometimes the road to success travels through enemy territory. Political enemy territory and you have to take. But as long as it's. Respected and respect and respectful. I have no problem that I do have problems with those who just become but boys and -- You know essentially we would eliminate the Thurston each party he has -- completely eliminating the other guy exactly I don't think it's necessary to destroy the other party. I think people can occasionally work together but I'm telling you right now it's toxic it is absolutely toxic especially in Washington. A and it's been made more more toxic every single day but I think regarding. Regarding. Albany I think ms. Garza's got a pretty good job. In this article front page in the buffalo -- the departure of -- ours could have major implications of both the internal workings of Niagara colony. Where he was -- -- king George for years as well as the possible partisan makeup of the state senate and that's important. That is very important. The governor has already pledged to help Democrats take control back from Republicans. On the senate and while -- -- is -- the whole -- of GOP so. His leaving office under a possible -- could give Democrats an opportunity to take his seat and they add up the equations to assume. Control of the senate and you've got to be really careful about that because that would be not a good thing. Mazie ours is as close to a political kingpin in Western New York as we have an Albany right now thanks -- -- to the seniority driven system. -- -- is also the chairman of the senate energy commission which decides policy and financial matters affecting the various aspects of energy. And the industry that it represents and works its worth billions of dollars so it's an important city important committee. 22 beyond. And -- or asking your report card for George -- Karzai government. -- he represents me and there have been few times if any that I can remember where I was severely disappointed. On a vote or anything coming from me is the Garza's office I think he's been conscientious. If there's anything good comes out of its probe. Oh will deal -- at that time and evaluated at that time. It might by not amount to anything I really don't know that's why there talking about it but I think helpful when I don't know. He's got a good job and if he wants to retire after twenty years. More power tool. Maybe less power lust but more power to him will be back after Davis is Beijing government takes the bubbles over. A seven it was a fabulous today and Sunday they were interrupted by -- but apparently people game. After the race and so that was good. And today front Zach from the council. He was a judge on one category I guess of this New York representation. Something like that. He -- why old war. Have you ever had wild bore no no no I sent her home listening to him on the radio some people are wild board -- put. This is wild bore on something else I have no desire to see that's why I'm not a judge you money border. -- yesterday at -- about fried catfish nuggets sound good now because a lot of places. Where you go in this country. You'd award nugget is interchangeable with testicles. You know like a calf Fries and texture or calf Fries are now -- their bull testicles. Yeah and my surprise the are you going you know but until you find out when you move there like I did. That that's what they are and all I don't know some news director convention to try them because they were really yummy. I've never gotten -- from I had. I was down there Yankee down there and to -- -- is or isn't he of course chicken fried steak is that is it okay Barbeque everybody knows Barbara. That's great but. Who knows about calf Fries into you go to Texas. And you learn sorry -- you have to ask what things are before you jump on them what's the other one rocky mountain oysters BI thinks they'll. Now so that's that but -- wild war first well. A lot of restaurants I don't think I've ever restaurant that had them on the menu now -- wild board today in -- so. Anyway dress it up -- -- you Barbeque it and Paula is gone it's one guy is something you like the happiness stick there penis. As donors could probably have won almost any category of doughnuts that there are rumors in the city because it's a great job -- -- improbable the other -- that are subpoena and they subpoena anything except peanut butter all good news and this pine on I love peanut butter. On bread with jelly sometimes but. Anything else would penis and probably in what you like recent cops don't those are good you -- -- OK you've changed my whole life thank -- All right George Mason jars is calling him a coroner. I was -- amazes everybody else I don't know George. But he is my senator. From where I live and he's done a good job I think I've not I've not recall I was trying to rack my brain. About a time when I might have been unhappy with George. And if you if I was it was sold a small miniscule that can't think of it today so that's a good sign. So I think basically skipped this and formally get regular information. As well probably his constituents I voted form every single time. Since I've been back and he's he's won fourteen elections he started aged 25. So it's it's time go slow it down and and relax and good for you George. So I'd like to know how you feel about term limits. Now for those of you who thought that Mazie -- did a good job. Like me you'd wish she could stay in there. As long as he wanted to and it turns out he has because there are -- -- For that but for those of you -- who would don't like a politician they get in there. I mean there's some ha on Nancy Pelosi can hear some tell me how she keeps winning. I mean real answers Sheila Jackson Lee you've got to be kidding me. I mean there are some that are so -- on a national. Basis you wish there -- time moments -- -- -- was Jesse's gonna see them. Also with may see -- Maybe you don't have a month something maybe helps you with something or gave you some information -- work something out for you as a constituent. Share that information -- no I never had a need to contact him as my senator. Actually as I think about it. I don't think I've ever contacted a public official. I don't know that when I moved to Pendleton. And I wanted to get a motor home I called in and talk through public officials the -- with the rules were. And I follow those rules and that's fine but that's it I don't think I've ever. As something personal. Needed it needed assistance from a public official I really don't like -- or -- one thing have you ever as a human. Trying to think like in the top man had nobody aggressively were contacted anybody who represents you know when I -- -- no word experiment and make public the number up but you know I don't really know the protocol for yeah well basically you probably -- through -- staff and whether that person gets involved directly or not usually try to solve your problems if they can I did. One time I had -- call Jimmy Griffin. Awful lot we were playing softball in the league and we had some problems. Were with the diamond that we're playing with where we were being harassed by a neighborhood. People so I called. Jimmy Griffin -- honor you have prior and he got rate to it and we never had any problems after that I -- so why you're going to love on miss amounts. Let's go to Walton Niagara Falls while you're on WB yen. I I well. I think there were missed two with an aggressive very. Strong proponent. Western New York. Did several times are routed through this arbiter of who also communicated. To him by email. He reached out to its constituents. To get their thoughts and ideas. And then direction from cases especially. -- in the there was an important bill to come up. I respected him. Many years ago when it was. Quite should be situation on myself. So you'll reached out and -- -- do. I'm sorry you reached out and he helped -- way I reached out. And then he. Sat down with me give me full vote of confidence. To assist me what I needed. Aren't they cute what are the if you. -- public officials. That. It'll help their constituents. And listen to his constituents. And I think they're western York is going to be. From I guess we can buy his literary. Well we're sorry to see him go too because he's a -- position as though like the third most powerful person in his chamber and that's very helpful for us and I'm sure if you were listening now he'd be happy to hear that you were grateful for what he did thank you all appreciate it. Yeah -- knowing your reach out and somebody council like that is obvious but that was important to Walt. And does somebody -- -- because usually. When you see a politician. They're raising money they're glad handing they would they're looking for your vote whatever it's it's a lot of times where they're looking for something from me you. As opposed to representing. You. To make sure that -- what's happening. -- with the laws the rules the regulations the fees and taxes whatever. Are row are acceptable to you so it's nice when -- when it comes back the other way and you reach out and and somebody help -- that. Now that's very beneficial in regard to have affected if you have seniority. Like George did I've heard senator newscasters like the third most powerful. Person in the chamber in the senate. That's very important for your district. Because you can get some things done calls -- taken people listen to you. When you say something it's it's it's widely put out there it's you're not very good you know -- the fifteen story in the local section. So glad to see that and he's on a good job for Niagara county. Which is where I live and them I voted form every single time and if you're running again next -- I'd vote for again. It 03093018061692. Through six -- 930 do you favor term limits the pluses and the minuses. And George -- -- report card twenty years I'd give them today for May the way I look status and also. If you reached out and then his office or he assisted. With the U. Until you. He's given you assistance let's -- about that too will be back after. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WB EN callus now 80309. Series cell calls are free and start -- -- -- toll free line is 1806169237. It's about the announcement has raised eyebrows of the fact that the announcement was made. The timing and the ramifications of it I mean this was really that the the proverbial bolt out of the blue eyes nobody -- I was I was. That's -- caliber is at various political person and he knows all about politics and he was surprised and I'm not -- me I'm not that political myself. I do it when I have to do it as part of a talk show however I was shocked -- Because I thought George -- -- via. A good job as my representative in the states senate and he was there twenty years and like to hear from you regarding term limits. In other words if you like George -- yards Jewish she'd stay in their forever if you'd like my guess after the first two years super there was there was. A one one term -- I'm thinking if there are term limits especially since in New York with the exception governor. In both houses it's two years two years. That's. So I'm thinking three terms which will be six years would be about right I'm thinking -- in six years. That's enough thank you very much now what's the downside of that is you might. Lose some people you -- could have been no longer about because of term loans they can't. But on the plus size is that doesn't because. A body in motion tends to stay in motion some -- people who aren't that good. Art or don't offer that much that tend to be reelected and in New York State the number is ridiculous. Of incumbents winning reelection is very very high you have to be a major screw up to be an incumbent and lose in the state. And so he was not a major screw up I think you do a good job so I'm giving emanating. And yeah I still wish there were term limits announcing my my thought would be a three terms to be six years. Also -- let's give Georgia -- report card degrade I'm giving a -- for best that I can I recall I think it is a good job. And did you reach out -- you have any stories about George. Maybe on the campaign trail maybe you had -- contact his office was something you know for some representation and Albany out of snow how he did -- that. Let's go to a Ronnie and new ban on Iran WB yeah. Yeah I wish I could many thought oh good -- in -- term limits technically right here. But -- two years too short. Yeah I -- -- by the time you get and they you know where your parking spaces if you're running for reelection. Rate. You're. You have -- in my embody. All okay all anybody events ride anybody is in my hometown there as. -- -- so we've -- when we got to calls both eyes that you weren't that -- until so we have something in common. -- roller -- -- supportive of roller skating rank in and we can -- girl qualified. What the I think it was going to be able red shouldered. Yeah you know what I used to do because I ran the fun house there my friend Don -- the golf course. When we were afraid when -- time -- once bright -- go over the roller coaster because we give free rides and we could stay on that hole I pick to head down I broke my heart when they did that. That that the whole park is gone now and they made him a condos. And that is so sad because I grew up with -- Leo -- well I'm glad July Georgian I'm glad you rekindle some great memories of vote number thank you -- -- or. -- Well I'm -- cameo. A wooden roller coaster. By today's standards you know it would probably be outstanding but it was fun. And any but it worked in the park of course. If you had lunch hour whatever you go over there and get on the car for free it to stay on as long as there weren't customers that were being served there are a couple of NBC's so often times you go there I'd love roller coasters I don't. Like Ferris wheels at all but I love roller -- And it had that pointedly -- sound I'll never forget his lines of economic likely -- as you're going up and -- and then suddenly there you go these guys like -- Is I love roller coasters and listening to you when the caller talked. Dad -- crystal beach memories -- MIA in my mind of the comet in the yellow roller coaster memories what was there was coaster and I love that place and. Now the parks all out trying to outdo each other you're rollercoaster yeah I used to love -- but I want a long time but that I used to go are east of the season pass to Darien lake when it was a when I was younger so I would go all the time the wooden ones though. Nowadays hard so -- compared to the audio medal at all that I almost can't even do Arianna but that's known of the chain -- clank clank have declined because you know. When you stop hearing that chain. You're going downhill I lobbed back and and that is -- while Pavlov dog. Through this day I I associate the sound of that channel which you don't hear anywhere else Fantasy Island has a wooden coasters it's pretty wicked middle and law. Pain you when you go through the turns but is it didn't sound in -- -- classic feel my greatest disappointment regarding a roller coaster was in Milwaukee where at Six Flags there as a south of the city in my news woman Jill St. John said. The YouTube Cubans had just opened on time. She said we -- domino Batman ride. I said down guys is that now we got so eyes she and her husband. And sandy and I went down to -- Six Flags and there's a Batman ride and there's a huge line. I is that this is a big line and I said look at look at how many probably -- people and you've got to harness that comes over the top of your head in and closes like toward your chest I sit. I won't even be able to fit in there they scenario well -- I don't wanna wait this -- wise is that nobody got okay so I wait in this line forever and -- never won a serpentine lines you know. Back and forth back forth then you go past the wall where you think you're gonna get right on known -- more back forth back forth okay finally get on the Batman ride. And I go to Clovis harness down over my head and gets it done it won't walk and to bet man employees. Come I guess once it's locked -- locker open okay. Too bad man employees are hanging on the harness. And won't block. So I can't go -- And oh how embarrassing it is to get off the bat man Ryan -- -- people get on the -- man rides but to get the -- yeah. Here is that ill by the time my -- throw the serpentine line in reverse. And we went down to the ground level the ride was over. The it's like my honeymoon. I didn't have a harness of that either but has stood in line for a long time for about one I was hardly worth the -- to be honest -- but that's another story but there. The shame of at all that I got expelled from the Batman. And to this -- I probably couldn't fit the Batman so I got a growing in the a big and tall Batman ride place that's the line I'll stand in line for. I'll take a break -- come back we wanna talk about George -- ours who. George is a little guy he fit on the Batman ride maybe he well may be well Prius because after the end of his term he's calling it quits and we wanna know from -- Again about a Georgia a report card -- -- I'm giving him in May he represented me. And what about term limits I'm thinking three terms six years on every money although I think he served for twenty and it would have a distinction. If there's anything coming out of this investigation. Will be -- -- then but as of as of now as of this moment I get manei. And also we'd like to hear from you regarding the pluses and minuses of -- elements will be back after this. Somebody who has been mention probably by Republicans. As a future candidate for something higher including the state senate when they came at the George -- to gonna get. I got to help me when there's a pairings wine bar. You'd think they mean pairing wine with something else or appearing to people who. Like the same kind of line what do you think men big and -- hook ups now I think authority euros. It's a national -- I've never heard that what you think Chris says the pairings meaning of putting you together would go right wine or putting it together with the right person I think the mystery in my that I made more people like interest OK I just out there in -- mystery -- that's it's a -- of pairings -- apparent you with the right -- idea -- skull -- if there were -- -- pairing the right wind -- -- so I don't know. What color wine goes with what kind of food you want redwood is the long wide -- that in a while ago. And battle lines the way I look at -- -- -- -- the way it used to be cool way. And one was cool -- your money's a shovel and a shorter. Grape -- Lleyton was the favorite and good to I saw the pitcher Jim jones' barbecue there not been worked out too well Everglades yeah that's sort of -- drinking and when -- -- right -- about it. About that I mean there are some. Some terms you want. Like a Scotch tape that we call everything's Scotch tape -- scotches a brand. The ones that aren't Scotch tape they call itself thing today. OK so a mayonnaise to go out for years I didn't realize that. We didn't have mayonnaise we use miracle we're -- a miracle whip was mayonnaise so that's kind of generic. Format. And I'm thinking that though a lot of things that vision -- but the term drank the Kool Aid I'm sure Kool Aid isn't very happy -- that. Because it means drink and I. Good advertising slogan because you may get people to try it wants but the repeat business kind of drops off after after one shot here drop off. It'll trailed Montreal 180616923. Sixes -- and I'm thirty. We wanna hear from -- we wanna know -- George -- -- maybe you had some day with -- -- you -- in his district and you needed some assistance or advice or whatever from either he himself or from the office. A state senator amazing ours I think I've never column for anything I've met him a couple of times including its -- his wedding. It's in nice enough to -- David good enough job and he's a third most powerful. Person on the in the senate so. I think that goes along way for representation back home. I would like to hear from you regarding who is a decision not to run after this term expires. Let's go to Maryland Niagara Falls -- on WB yen. So -- and I'm from the tiger military players council will while where do you ask -- -- and yes -- yeah. It takes it out and a couple of or. Rec commission. A church to keep the -- so that I guess Arctic gradually. Earlier this year that weaker ears he's still a big asset to the community. And it -- the men and women of the military and the air base he has spot really tired. On the state level -- well -- the congressional folks and the local folks -- -- tiger although there are 83000. Jabs. And -- -- -- you go over I guess we all need to take a little break once oil and. And yeah. -- can grab you wanna be congratulated to always -- your devotion to have a base is very important to the community and obviously it's very important -- you. How far back it does your time would have -- his -- -- Merrill. We are formed in 1996. -- they're doing the united. Brag. Well it's twenty years anyway. It's it's an effort -- -- -- can tell just the small little thing I did with you. Up there with the when the Pellegrino and and the ago at the tour the base or whatever. You can tell the difference between people who do something because it's their job and people would do something because they love and obviously you love that base. Yes we do it and I think it's it's really important to support the men and women in the military. When I was in Vietnam. All different situation. There and it out for support your -- percent. And I just probably Paris. Well I -- way happy that you're that dedicated to thank you for your call I'm sure George ms. -- thank you for -- -- -- you just gave him thank you. He gave my I didn't say a letter read but I would assume that today I gave manei. We've heard from a few people already who have had dealings with -- he helped the mountain that's a good thing. So far so far so good let's go to Rambo -- north title on the gym -- on WB yen. Yeah the better rate here help me when I first retired from the state. I retired it was April 30 2000. That and your work. Less than a week before Thanksgiving you're kept it -- wherever that is what you retire. They have to fight the luxury -- red numbers so what you had to sort of be for the rest your life expect him. It takes a little -- type. Records that are very courteous and here was less than a week before Thanksgiving -- kept calling Albany. Five light bright numbers. No go go go go go go. But look at the human body for Christmas she -- here and back into your body. -- -- -- Ago okay what ever hog up all the calls better -- you are often on the -- I got it been. And I figured it was -- game what Social Security number he that are gonna have better Albany. -- -- -- -- -- -- Two days later argued that you're in the mail on your number tempered by the light -- apart and yet they deposited my money it was the fourth straight. Oh wow so you've got great reaction good help and timely yeah yeah. That debate here wanted to be sure. He didn't have a good called -- Called me and Obama vote in my -- vote number -- that -- can get your money. I've yet senator thank you I do -- I'm not so much you want it bad guy would. You would think politicians wouldn't screw with prison guards saying that a lot of politicians and up there. I would trade resident cards very -- and if I or and bags and to discourage them we appreciate it -- -- -- somebody actually can cut through the red tape. And -- -- I mean it's hurt our procedures and rules or whatever but just to get an expedited just to get some it'll look at it. If you know you're going to get -- -- -- matter of time and and it sometimes things just drag on and drag on and drag on. But a phone call against things rolling and that's that's the good part and when you can do something like that people remember for a long time. I think a lot of people have a lot of good good memories of things though on the positive side that George -- ours is done as I said he's my senator. And I'd just assume -- state -- working but he says it's time. Says he's been considering retirement for five years he says is -- Wants him to retire most wives one genetically keyboard and casual drive me crazy when you come home but apparently a Beverly things that them. It'll be good tonight -- open is -- -- they'll finish his term so we like to hear from you. The report card you give George -- -- after twenty years. Also if you have any stories we'd like to hear those and the pluses and minuses of charm limits. I I would like term limits I think it makes sense in the in the case of me is ours he was judged more effective as he went on. He did not become one of those people just taking up a seat which I think is important so it's a good job congratulations to George. Will be back up service.

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