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7-14 Beach and Company Hour 1

Jul 14, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

All alone is -- governor and a savvy region. And I have a lousy -- in my investments I'm telling him. Just last week. I invested in a clown rental business. And Barack -- George crazy does is my best customer. And now he's not gonna run again and Mike why don't I can't do -- you'll be devastated. It's not crazy go on a clown rental businesses I have for many years actually. I I haven't disclosed that I said in the monologues -- it was just last Friday but it was several years and it's been a good business I -- clowns the politicians. And that's good that's a good job because they they pay up front there's some question about that George made ZR isn't. And and spending from current campaign contributions and one of the questions is. He rented clowns and I'm just making the company got good clones I'm sure I get the best clowns -- on talk about how do you differentiate though. Between the clown you -- and the rest of your colleagues. In Albany. To -- and there interchangeable so all the same thing you know and I can imagine if there's an investigation and they called zippy the clown to testify. And Zalmay what is your work ethic allies like a little song. And a little dance and loans seltzer down my pants I was -- there after. Zip is that the no did you ever orgasm is as red styrofoam. And so I mean it would be fun here's moment ball got away. Refund Zoubek yes you grilling a clown because I hate ones are really doing -- clause unreadable. There really are don't like looking at and they -- not funny for one thing. -- calls are funny. I mean really is funny about that. Now if I survived. My weekend. I'm telling yeah I'm destined I'm destined to have some good luck here because on a Friday treasury caller I told you that. I was nearly in a head on collision as somebody came into my lane. And I was about to. Introduce myself to them through our court tournaments. And I jerk the world we run ended up in the in the wrong lane of oncoming traffic luckily nobody was there that was Friday. And just to make things interesting on Saturday. At 2 o'clock I had an appointment. And as a business. Appointment and I had signed some of those some legal papers and things like that. Add to a 2 o'clock. At 1230. I'm -- heading out of a garage now my house is set up where the laundry room goes to begrudge him is like four steps. And I'm very careful everytime I walk down those four steps because of the bottom of those four steps is a cement floor okay. Well as I'm walking down step one no problem that -- are right there -- after he was I handle equities however. While talking with somebody in my garage I was distracted. And didn't step on step car and I came tumbling down like a mighty oak. Into the cement floor. Now I'm way over 300 pounds and is not a pretty sight and it happens fast and it happens well. Fast in regard to home is gun butts in regard to your going down and you're thinking about which -- going to break. Is it well because ours right there should I try and -- on the hood now. I don't want I don't wanna break my elbow or my right ankle again or remind me or my hip and I don't wanna say I've fallen and I can't get up. I'm mean at least get a joke out of that one you know. And bill went down like a ton of bricks and it was one of those things where you start moving your fingers and your arm and your leg and luckily nothing broke take inventory does make -- and -- Blair. And get as I had to go sign those papers. -- but I did bruise my right hand and I'm right handed. My father was left handed but he could sign mood has left him in his right hand. I can't do anything -- my -- well almost when my left hand okay. If I had signed -- like look like Forrest Gump by needed to do the left hand you guys ever taken a tumble like -- Yeah awful motorcycle while all that's right here that you got -- got punted off the for 99 -- yeah and yeah it makes writing very difficult but I used to writing left handed I remember going to see you weren't there can more mercy. As the nurse was applying things that release and put you out of your mind think. I won't want to I knew I wanted to cheer you up by saying Gabriela was scum but I didn't know that it presents ever irritate and a -- like that. I have been nothing is serious disease interview I just I have done the stairs thing button luckily usually only the last step you know when you're kind of outline on the stairs out the -- careless you're almost there and you think like I'm good and you you kinda. You reach for the step but it's not there any kind of slip but it's. It's annoying. It's a close enough ball we're just gonna like her -- a little bit and feel embarrassed -- up and up to break. That's revenue in the last two years ago when I broke my right ankle missed the last step on the cellar and there was -- on the cement sellers they -- floor. Would no cellphone and nobody in the house. God I didn't think I could walk. But this was at least I didn't break anything -- I'm so I I feel lucky today I came in the knock on wood. No problems they're a lottery to play now Rick there as -- business. I'm sure well I heard this isn't talking about the great numbers that the soccer final -- World Cup. I did an anecdotal survey. It is not scientific. I was at a restaurant at Baghdad time the game was all right the restaurant had a dining room and also at a bar. And they had a big screen on the right hand and the bar and the bar was basically blow all of the marshals were full. And anecdotally. It got lousy ratings because out of it maybe. Fifteen people's either standing or sitting at the bar only one was looking at the TV. Because it was over there you have the -- crank your -- so I'm suggesting that those ratings that they're telling us about. Our fraud. That's that's a scientific stuff where only one guy maybe it was that they had a hot bar -- never -- Zogby guys right -- -- got a real stuff fair. We'll take a break here and I mean MB Dexter is today and hopefully I'm. Wrongful non mobile home on those -- I'm thirty WB. Well I'm getting ready for that their trip to Alaska the other night at Tripoli they had the orientation meeting. Where they gave us are the packages with -- all the different tickets and maps and all kinds of things got to meet a lot of the people who are going on the trip. And it was a lot of fun looking though looking forward to about it now starting today I'm officially again I'm preparing. My wardrobe my on some. Of four row four -- Alaska. I'm going to bring exactly what I little -- No hope of humans and I made. But that's out of that make me happy and Tony too easy to please Tony is so excited because he had the haystack with bacon. Now what do you that that haystack -- are you haven't lift. That's nothing. That's like comparing a -- cruised to a Nissan GTR it's no competition. You must have -- -- and the are you ever -- that. Pass the budget and get the big -- no I didn't -- -- -- -- -- yeah I didn't feel like I could handle the one pounder and neither could Glenn Glenn -- -- he got the one honorable couldn't finish it. What's the matter with -- American and American man we went to the moment we want more Joseph would women. And with women who -- so I mean by give me a break can't handle a one pound bass that what kind of manly man are you. Yeah I felt pretty bad about that plot. The addition of speaking to dance and we did it it's just so you won't go and now officially Germany as the winner stopped talking soccer. I -- -- talking to Chris using your soccer terms guys use the boys are all I can't believe -- -- it. Actually some resentment was fought when his -- that mean he had -- -- his chest yeah you trap with your chest you can gain control like bust a heart. She must if I would have been a great player. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- To -- to a sport and kicked in and chest to foot yes a major Tom -- that put -- -- Tom. -- are you glad it's over Germany one that's at four warriors were on the Oregon. Yeah the I like the World Cup and I think it's cool it's of a global tournament I think it loses steam for me while once one America and goes out I lose interest. But the at the end is really drawn out early on his games every single day. And then there's a big long gaps in between right it's it's tougher -- to adapt to OK we get some talk about it. Now you exactly -- well my ex wife loves soccer surely did well -- offs are exactly right she used to get excited every four years. -- about it. She never just that and you know so. -- and then and only wellbeing as oil and now I'm glad they have by a detailed plan in case of an emergency. At the Saint Paul Zulu. Okay this is a real story out of the same polls move a guerrilla. At the zoo escaped its main enclosure -- keep in mind prime mates. Are eight times stronger than men. OK so you take the weight of the primate. And you multiply it by eight times to get -- to get an equal fight between a man and grow up. OK so the gorilla escapes but luckily there were emergency plan kicked it and bizarre told visitors to get inside a safe shelter. -- -- that's its plant right. Saying he doesn't like Coke. You know imagine that you do not -- -- -- grow I can tell you that right now I think I'd be pretty scared job but that's that. The they finally got the gorilla back in its enclosure and everybody was safe and we're glad that junior. Out to prove that was put out over the weekend about how dumb people can actually be. Wouldn't surprise rate goes up up picture posted with us Steven Spielberg. With one of VI dinosaurs in Jurassic Park was a try Sarah okay. So they post today and there was a long look at joke thing. This guy just hunted and killed the very last. -- kind of a fun yet some guy thought it was real men and just lashing out how cannabis for animals -- All that's been extinct for years law. And there you have probably started it went viral and did you gotta say that it went viral it was a viral Fox News was all over the it is amazing how loved gullible people are. Folks and Tammy -- hometown of trim on Mississippi. Are very happy that that she's going to be the subject of a stamp a US stamp. There are gonna have a ceremony to market -- in the town. It's it was it is only 460. People live in the town I imagine a town of 460 people going to produce somebody. As outstanding as Tammy one that left them voice like you would not -- While. And I loved -- she's married to George Jones however that was not a marriage made in heaven -- any of his marriages -- an unknown George is unusual. But so she's got to get her own stamp and glad to hear that. And if you're going to saint Louis the last thing you'd think of his dying of a snake bite if I heard somebody -- mistake by I'm thinking. -- Phoenix you know some desert places -- this is Saint Louis. And eastern Missouri man's death last Tuesday from a copper had snake. It's so rare that only two others in the State's history of suffered a similar fate the other deaths were in 1960 and 2012. So that's that he you don't wanna going to be emergency room where about while we haven't seen one of these in thirty years no that's that's good and I I think being demise snake. Would not. Well for a couple of things that wouldn't be very good for the pain and secondly you have to have a really close friend to ask them to suck the of them a model of your snake bite. And it depends Horry got bitten 20 I want what is so -- what was assume I'd say by it was really nice we had a good time -- remember the game. A couple of so about that five that's that everybody is you can already feel football in the air and everything gonna camp via the guy you really -- it was a six weeks I think it's about six -- next Sunday -- practicing -- you know -- the -- game is offering him now will have an interest this year. Watching because of Andre reed right but I mean they've barely they barely know what number they have on and they are playing a game that's content I mean we play five pre season yes now that's the at -- is more likely lead to injury if you play an extra game logic will tell you that. But glad to see Andre -- and there yes do you think he'll mention Ralph Wilson is. In his speech I really -- have to imagine Jim Kelly -- Jim Kelly too so it should be should be good to watch this year. Even excited and watch football Thursday night. This Thursday this Thursday -- -- holders -- Winnipeg is planned block. I see him now draws down arena football as well as the Canadian football. I know is the FL stands for Easter quarterback you will be in these are -- pretty well with the Winnipeg -- -- -- OK so will root for him yeah as a political and paper bag Wednesday all right -- they have a wider field yet so otherwise. I can identify with that -- Some some good NFL players have played up there certainly Chad Johnson's plane -- not tire implant there. This summer from -- no joke GAAP. Yet -- jumped out from Minnesota via Arthur Caplan apparently came gonna do very well -- our -- -- -- vote yes some good guys regard. Okay well we come back will -- get rolling on the show today if you're in there clown rental businesses he said de force. We'll talk about that moron who's right and -- thirty WB yeah. All of Sean Hannity and buffalo all we tied seven till -- news radio 9:30 AM WB yeah. A bachelor BJ Cunningham sandy beach got a lot talk about today. Front page of the buffalo goes and everybody were shocked and that -- their jaws dropped as it says -- ours says he won't seek re election. Now first of all with a lot of these shows that we do I have a story of some experience I have either would be with the event of the person or whatever. I do have one good George -- is our story as is pretty funny. I was at Tony's wedding. And -- -- ours was there because Tony is a huge. Contributor to his party eyes you know he's he's he's a he's a whale as they column in Vegas so George -- got scared. Amazing as was there. And now it comes time for the food there's two lines for the food and a long table. So half the line goes on this side of the table half a lie angles on that side of the table. Well I was exactly into at the same spot in line as George Mason -- So we're going through the full outline together face to face now we get to the main course. And I said George I think you're going to be disappointed missed. -- I said let's -- check -- but no pork. And that's his -- starter really elaborate and George has got to look like I don't mean it's. -- everybody. Idea you know what's funny is as we tend to judge people. I judge people by. One and I hear things are going wrong. As opposed to going right I think -- -- I mean he's my senator. He represents my my where I live my accounting. And I think he did a good job you know no is it perfect probably not you can probably find some things that. Yield -- liked and didn't like about George Mason jars because he is a twenty year history there but if I -- -- him just on. On my just keeping track of normal things that I hear and we talk about whatever -- would pretty good job but he's quitting after twenty years. He says he's added it's he's he's been considering retirement. Four or five years. That's incredible that's half a decade. Yeah and you know Marv Levy said. Once your considering retirement you are retired. And marvelous I have a lot badly but George has been considering that he's had some health issues in the travel. I think first of all. Driving back and forth Albany would get old in a -- I've been a driving up the ball fall on interstate ninety since 19651. I came up to me George Reynolds. And believe me it is the most boring ride in the world. I'm so I can't imagine one backer for the bag -- for twenty years for your job as well so here's the deal. -- he is considered. Perhaps the biggest of fish we have. It is in Albany from around here George miss the -- And so for him to step down -- retire means that there will be you know people who'll try and and grab it is this -- obviously. I have a story here by Bob McCarthy here's how important Mazie yardages this story is front page headlines. And it's written by McCarthy Tom precious and -- -- Three of the best writers they have and three it took. All the right this. So when you butchery of your best writers in there it says that that this is an important story. And we're gonna take it from a little different angle. He's one of the show us -- State's most influential lawmakers according to this article and I believe that. His decision also comes as the federal prosecutor looks amazing yards his campaign funds. And -- follows the resignation of two ways last week now we don't know where that's gonna go apparently from what I call from an earlier. Article. That items below a certain number don't have to be specified. Above and number they have to be specified. And so is the question what was spent for a lot. But. So that's what they're they're looking at -- are insisted. That his decision not to seek reelection had nothing to do with the federal investigation I'm just tired he says and as -- not running. I've been doing this for twenty years driving back and -- Albany twenty years a long time my wife has want me to retire for five years. He said. That he would leave office at the end of this term following long discussions with his wife and that's usually the way it works. Where you come to a mutual decision. He's in my decision has nothing to do with any investigation people always suggests things like that with somebody retiring the US attorney is looking into it. Let him look into it I have nothing to hide -- by US attorney. He does not mean of the one here. -- vocal he's talking about one in Manhattan. Amazing artist. Whose political career began as city clerk and -- -- Wanda you know when he started I think it was like it was twenties or from a mistake giving it was like 25. As a matter of fact he was named north tunnel on the city clerk a 25. So he got out so we got started early here he was a very young when he started. He's had to run for election. Fourteen times. Because remember that term senator -- our assemblyman. Assemblywoman. Is is two years so he's been there twenty years -- ten right there so he's had a run fourteen times that would get old -- And has no desire to run again this fall he has had some health problems in the past he said I'm 61 Michael retired taking a pension of 55. He is a power broker from our accounting. And two of his aides recently retired my arm or quit Marcus hall and police. Are called Archie I guess submitted their resignations. This year and 82 true. As his chief of staff Paul made 526. Served -- -- office manager so the question I have here regarding George -- ours are Koppel. One it comes to mind the best. Of the pluses and minuses of term limits. Where it's it's set out in stone the -- and run X amount of terms and that's that there are pluses. Room and there are minuses. To me and will go over or come back. But I want to think about this that of the pluses and minuses of term limits. And give us today a report card forward to twenty years as a as -- fixture in Albany for George -- -- And now as I said I voted for him. Every time he's been on the ballot that I've been here. I'm I've been back probably just laughter -- bit back seventeen years. I'm from Milwaukee it's hard to believe isn't on seventeen years credible you know sometimes -- like last Friday it seemed like seventy years. But anyway so give him a report card I would give manei. And I'm not a friend of -- I've only met him a couple of times and animate your wedding and a couple of places where he was in the same -- I was by accident. I don't think I've ever in the room on the error could be wrong. He may have called in on something but so eyes on personal and nothing personal on this but I think he's done a good job. And as far as I know everything's Kosher. So I get my -- to -- I'd like to know what you would give -- as a grade and didn't go AB CD or. OK that's it. Will be back with more -- company also over the pluses and minuses of term limits under -- and -- thirty WB yeah. It is big company and I'm sandy beach George -- ours is calling him a career. -- -- play out the rest of his charm and then quit after a twenty years of right back and forth through Albany. And these hang on an up so I'd like to know first of all the reason. I'm fumbling this question is because he served twenty years I think -- offered a job for May. I don't recall many times where I was angry with some. Some speech he made or some voting maiden so this doesn't stick in my brain that the that he didn't do a good job and I think you're pretty good job. And I want you to give me the pluses and minuses of term limits. And also his report card if -- if he represented you and where you live on what kind of a job that he do after twenty years. -- all the pluses and minuses of term limits are. A quite apparent I think the pluses let's do what you want to first plus or minus pluses are the pluses of vote term limits. Our -- somebody gets in first of all. If they if they start off doing a good job of body in motion tends to stay in motion. Maybe they'll continue than doing a good job they make the right context keep in mind now the terms in Albany are two years except for the governor. So they're true years. Two years remember Brian Higgins said about the congressional terms in Washington the problem with too weird terms is that after the first year which is. Which is twelve months you are raising money in the in campaign mode again. So it's very difficult to have that feeling it's not like a US senator for six years the president with four years these are truly your terms. So if you get somebody that's good. They need a little time maybe to get the right of feelings of book. Of connections with people low and and trusting avoided -- do you work -- -- who is going to be tougher work -- of ways of getting things done. So you get a little bit better at that. As time goes on and so I think the continuation of a good job nobody wants to see somebody yanked out of a job on -- doing a good job because of term limits. But the other side -- term limits the negative side. I think makes me favored term limits I favor of them even though occasionally. If you had term limits say way to win this job. You might lose some people that you wish could've stayed in the job but they couldn't. But by and large it keeps it keeps those who or in a long term and I don't put Mazie ours in this category at all. As just being just taking up space I mean you know on a national basis when you see those same people. And and they keep getting elected by their district over and over again. And you know that. US shed some fresh thinking and there's some fresh lot. Bad I think term limits is is very very. Admirable something we would want and here's another advantage I think the term limits I'm not trying to be a Smart ass here but it's true. Lobbyists would have to cozy up with somebody ever -- two years or four years or whatever Illinois as opposed to having somebody. A you know in their back pocket in the first year and there went on for a 203040. Years sometimes. So it would make it would dilute -- it would -- and watered down lobbying which I think is. A good idea I'm not a huge fan of lobbing really not because if you think about what lobbying as. It's who may lobbying is hey remember I did for you now what did you do for me and here's my client and these fabulous bush is great -- no matter what you've heard about where friends and I hope you ago. It's a man. On -- legal bribery exactly you know maybe they don't have money over but they certainly hand recognition friendship. All of that horrific power power especially power. So I justice don't have fresh faces in there now it I don't have a specific number. Of terms of what I'm thinking farm. Before somebody that has -- too weird term I'm thinking six years this money because keep in mind if you aren't. Person. Would -- the founding fathers as I am. That that was their idea there idea wasn't specifically -- -- but what it was was this. It was you come to your capital or wherever. And you serve your country your county you know your state whatever. And then at the end of your term you go back to your real job you come here. You serve the -- serve the country in the citizenry and you've done a nice job now you go back to your real job well bat is totally. Gone now. Now it's a career everything's a career. So as soon as you get your foot in the door I mean think about like best. It and in congress. And the House of Representatives. After school year is one firm you get a pension. The pension for 24 months of our duty. Think about back. I want you to think about that. So that's -- two years you got a pension for the rest of your life from the US citizenry that's in -- federal courts. So I'm I'm thinking now that's not right. So if you would if you like term limits what would the term B on a two year term I'm thinking six years would you like sported six years of failure Chris. I think six is good because if we do all for now for most things down. You can run for a couple terms like presidency I think we should include that as well I don't mean what's wrong with just a six year term I mean you look at. Obama gets elected bush gets elected and it seems like after two years are already running for reelection that's right there -- yeah if you think about it it's -- once a six year -- for the presidency makes some sense every once in awhile -- wish you hadn't said that -- yeah I think so gives them more time because they have a bigger -- -- long as there's any recall mechanism in place that if that person does something extremely out within a year -- that you Q do you get a -- we're just saying the maximum write a maximum. Because another was if you run for two year term -- running every two years obviously. But the maximum you could be is three years and I like that I like that a lot. I I like term limits for the presidency as well it's a larger stage you got more players on an obviously. But regarding George Mazie -- Our retirement. From politics. -- term limits make any sense you yes -- -- to -- the pluses and minuses. And with his job twenty years representing you. I'd like a report card on him I give a month I'll get behind mark -- manei. On him today I have no reason not to give him today now is everything he's ever done or said perfect well for a if we investigated it we find it well I wish -- done this instead of that I think on alcohol on him and I think you do their jobs. -- -- more under Israeli and I'm thirty we are WB.

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