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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Immigration Update - Lourdes Iglesias

Immigration Update - Lourdes Iglesias

Jul 14, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

A -- Maryland on immigration and our next guest on the WBM live line news from buffalo. Lords the Iglesias former director of Hispanics united of buffalo. Ms. English is good morning him we thank you for joining us. If -- or we're doing fine mystical as he has to him when you hear. About these protests by Americans. Blocking busloads of immigrant children the stalemate in Washington and immigration reform. How do you feel what are you thinking. Well. Chair and ranking active as a result. A lack of content with the immigration reform something -- we've been advocating for now her early years. It and nothing has happened so that would be at least -- You know the president don't we are -- -- -- how and optimize our. You know further particularly capital I mean there is tremendous. In eastern countries. Traffic me. You know individuals there that there is under here and has its. Attacked and that's why they're going to be these can because it would take it from -- it. What about. What's happening and they're getting here now they're talking about deporting them. Where do you see this going. While the but the towel you know situation and he is -- -- for the children in attitude is he had -- our country because. You know we have the country look at individuals. Or cut other country can -- and where there how. And now all of a sudden we're seeing children here in the and I want to hear you know I'm. Poll this does not. I -- -- -- and -- -- facility there are elected officials are going -- to sit down. Yeah I'm conscious contact with the help -- This length of these children and the others who have recently come into the US. Should they be sent back to their countries or do you think they should be allowed to stay be processed and sort of meld into our society what do you think and how do you think we should go about doing illness. Well you know I I don't have the mansion -- by what I told -- truly feel is that when she led. Keep them for a certain period of -- find out what their status as. In the weeks and eighteen billion dollars. Enforcement farm worker. It'll take a portion of that and. And you know -- that -- where we go with this whole overall immigration issue. I'm it he had you know we can bring you really cute cute we can do whatever case management retirement find out what they're staring at. You know ultimately these virtual learning and they're going to be content of a home. Or reconnect them back but their parents -- find out what the standard I mean we can't just take these children. They say okay we're gonna send you back and we don't care if. You know you'll get killed error or whatever these vehement outfit which are we at a country to do there. Any -- -- -- did a great study. The kind of for Americans are typically starting out there. Immigration reform and why immigration and it is good for the country it increases the GDP. It increases job -- and -- and it increases particularly those -- look at that. Mr. -- is you say let's find out what the status as before we start shipping everybody back explain him. Well I mean we have these three countries under although not an option and I have not heard. Who are elected official -- what these countries can find out why it's happening in how we know that there. Increased my violent you know what can we as a country due to collaborate with these two countries. -- -- They're there are people where is it an if statement to migrate. To other countries and let -- Any any process that. Beneficial to ball that you can't get in the country I mean. We interesting part where where we're working in the -- -- -- now. There's no easy answer which as. And that's unfortunate because apparently. -- a solid immigration and you know -- formed. Process. Currently. Maybe this won't be happening. -- there was some talk of bringing some of these children here in Western New York for processing. To think that's a good idea. I don't see that's a bad idea pretty. You know we have in refugees on terror you're now established here in buffalo really. We we've got to look at overall picture I mean. -- The poll our immigration. System is broken it's not working in your parents. Beneficial for the individual and it's not -- -- -- -- thank you for joining us this morning hoping to talk about this in the future again thanks again. When you're very welcome lords Iglesias former director of Hispanics united of buffalo.

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