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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Immigration Update - Dr Bruce Bryski; Pt II

Immigration Update - Dr Bruce Bryski; Pt II

Jul 14, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We're talking about the immigration crisis with our in studio guest actor Bruce -- professor of communications at SUNY buffalo state Bruce. This crisis undoubtedly. Will be campaign issue there's there's no end in sight to this this I'm working at ignoring mid terms and -- -- Yet there's no doubt about it Skoda is the he's got the Republicans saying the problem is unsecured borders Obama wants three point seven million. A billion and you know you've got Boehner threatening to -- the president and so this is gonna go into the mid terms as wells presidential. Election in you know off here we are talking about how passionate the American people are about as I haven't seen this kind of passion. In a long time -- -- look on I'm some mighty a liberal Democrat in and I don't like it I mean I yeah I distinctive it cheapens. America to some extent you know we you know we we pride or citizenship and you know to have people just walking in. It's it's it's a bad scene and it's it's become so political right now that. -- I I don't see anything going on until when determined and is is gonna go way into the presidential election there's no doubt. And and look at the the protests we've seen in California of all places which is very accepting state of just about anything where anything goes. You know that's that's especially what I you know the and indeed the blockade of the -- and so forth and after doing giving California you can just imagine what the people in the midwest and the south are thinking so. Not its it's have been very passionate issue I think the Republicans can make some pain here in the mid term as well as the presidential campaign. We don't lots of people here in the Republicans are holding back help in the pros and on an immigration because. I mean just to elaborate on what we just began with a couple of minutes ago they have a campaign issue being handed them on a silver platter. I think so John and it you know I think it's it were to standstill here is the console political. With with -- either side one to budge here are so I just don't I just don't see any progress I think it's in the argun and you know makes a -- -- this the Republicans were sure. You know for the benefit of our listeners who live mr. interview two 7:20 this morning. President Obama. Being unwilling to dropped in just for a brief visit at the US southern border I mean how could it have hurt. Him going down there just just just to look. The HI did indicate I think he made a mistake I think he needed to be there. Meeting called a photo op if you want. But politics is symbolism. And I think the president needed to do something he needed to be there. Now looks as -- -- -- only reason he was there was you know for fundraising idea I just think he had his advisors. Gave him bad advice. You know -- are there any emerging political stars over this issue. May be or repairing. But. You know -- IE ID's I want us to rubio has to say about this I mean he's I haven't heard a lot from him -- -- immigration was his issue. So -- may be rubio. But you know right now Rick Perry looks over a period of some of the stuff that he was saying was I was re done. Anything that the Obama administration can do right now to repair all the damage I think they need to stop the bleeding John I mean I don't know three point seven. Billion dollars is gonna do it but the need to stop the bleeding in the interest to see these people coming in. And just you know handing themselves over literally. It's it looks like a mess it looks like we have no control over the borders. But right now Republicans in your opinion are in the drivers seat unless they got the money Susan I mean you know when Obama says I want three point seven billion it's is congress -- and it gives a thumbs up or thumbs down. And president. Yes or no vote or -- they gonna start wrangling over this could be some wrangling there could be some wrangling but on the other hand you know there's some Democrats who are not happy with Obama to. So you see -- dragging out close to remember there's no question about it John. Chris great to have you here thanks for the insight to be here guys that spurs -- Professor of communications at SUNY buffalo state.

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