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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Immigration Update - Dr Bruce Bryski; Pt I

Immigration Update - Dr Bruce Bryski; Pt I

Jul 14, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

In studio. As we continue our discussion on immigration as doctor Bruce brisket. Professor of communications -- SUNY buffalo state college I Bruce thank you for coming and -- future. Agree went to the concert that screaming you -- feel old letters Skinner has been around for forty years yeah him but they were great it was great concert with that company was a good time I'm good I'm glad you had a good time we -- need a break from all this heavy duty stuff like President Obama. Path to the chance last week to visit the US southern border. He was meeting down into actual truth Governor Perry he said why should I go to the borders it would just be theater will put itself. It's not a big deal I mean -- suffer -- suffer any political consequences by by not going down there well. I think it was unconscionable that the president United States he's going to Texas anyway for fundraising and tune in to meet with Governor Perry. In for him not to go there is it it it's it is I don't know who's advising him but I think it was a big mistake. He Macy said it would have been a distraction that he -- wanna just -- photo -- but he now he does his photo ops is what presidents do. And I think just to show the American people that he really cares about this issue we need to be either I think he messed up what. Are the options at this point with with this problem. You have listened to a couple what the Republican talking points are as follows aside -- John McCain saw on television yesterday and I heard Chris Collins this morning. And of course Governor Perry and the issue seems to be. Our border security. And I don't you get your poll going today about the three point seven billion. Or John McCain yesterday said that seven billion would go a long way in securing our border especially in in the Texas Mexico border so I think. That. You know the money can be better spent the with the Republicans are saying right now is. We need to send these people back the need to know that he just can't come in here Willy Nilly and that quite frankly we're gonna send you back if you come in illegally. If congress does approve this money. To secure the border poses the respect of any idea well process of processing John and one of the things about people the building a fence I mean well. The defense is the if that's what the Republicans wanna do they want to really beef up and including bringing in the National Guard and and beefing up border security including the ideas like the fans we've heard about that for years now. And I'm kind of surprised that you know -- are our borders are not really protected right now for for this country to have insecure borders. It doesn't make any sense to me they have been this many years after nine elevenths right. Now this three point seven billion. Is for processing you said this is enough for the border security. It's in -- -- border security is basically for for processing. And to take care of these I called children who have diseases and there are. There ill nourished so I think that quite frankly it it's just -- that the processing and taking care of them physically more than anything else. And you know I mean obviously. Three point seven billion in another three point seven billion -- could go a long way to go to border security and that seems to be the Republican talking point this morning. You know they're looking at putting all these children it and some of their relatives altogether news. Former Wal-Mart -- these huge complexes. I mean isn't that dangerous when you take so many people. You don't know what they're coming into this country with and putting them all together in one place without any kind of isolation is a little dangerous. He -- precarious is he's very dangerous John in and I think that's I think that's just basically part of the problem that you know this just isn't gonna work this way we need to. To have a more systematic way of dealing with us.

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