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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>George Maziarz Stepping Down - Analysis From Carl Calabrese

George Maziarz Stepping Down - Analysis From Carl Calabrese

Jul 14, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's welcome on the WB and -- lined Republican political strategist Karl calabrese this morning to talk about this Carroll good morning. Is the timing of may Sierras announcement. Raising your eyebrows. And everything about the announcement has raised eyebrows that the fact that the announcement was made the timing and the ramifications of it I mean this was really. But the the proverbial bolt out of the little nobody saw -- -- Well did you really not see this coming -- it really Karl I mean. You know that to his office has been under investigation for months now there was spending on question a little items like a substantial amount of money on a clone besides other things. John nobody saw this coming believe me we've we've. We're on the -- last fight with other Albany folks high ranking people -- -- nobody saw this coming. I mean that that those delegation put it a couple of months ago and then there's so -- story you're paying for another day but. Good to raise the level of resignation. Of the number three person in the Republican majority in the senate. -- that was a surprise. -- -- what's likely to happen from here. Well. Today what's called a committee to fill vacancies. For the Republican Party will. Pick a replacement to beyond the line. By doing that do it avoids having to go up circulate petitions to get signatures of registered Republicans. The speculation is is that rob or. The miracle I don't want will be -- replacement who by the way is an excellent excellent. The placement and somebody who has been mentioned prominently by Republicans. As a future candidate for something higher including the state senate when they came that the George razors to nordic. Okay since ms. -- was announced she's not gonna run for reelection what does is actually due to any investigation. It to him personally. I don't know I don't know I'm no lawyer -- That remains to be seen I think there's there's there could still be issues that that will unfold. On this but at this point we're dealing with a lot of rumors swirling about it. I really get into that I mean it is something else happens will be talking about on the radio which you read about it. And and analyze the book but right now I I don't know. Well you know Karl you're so that we we can probably chat again on the future as far as some of the ramifications of this group when. Some of misery are those alleged spending practices became public earlier this summer late in spring he was not the only Western New York politician to be mentioned. As being under investigation are we likely to hear more after the -- you are seeing players. Well what I wrote John is that this US attorney from Manhattan Sony preach to the -- Is proving to be very very aggressive. And going after elective public officials. All kinds of ethical issues and so yeah I I I think he's involved with investigations statewide. And the efficacy were a lot of those lead but I -- believe there's going to be a lot of airtime a lot of ink in the future regarding the superpowers activities. Wow OK Carl thanks for the update am sure will be talking with you again -- -- that's Republican political strategist Karl calabrese.

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