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More Earnings Reports Due - Jill Schlesinger

Jul 14, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Chills lesson -- with us this morning CBS news senior business analyst and host of Jill on money. Morning -- good morning -- stock market's up job growth is coming back but some stores are experiencing what they're calling a retail font. Yeah I mean and big stories not just you know your mom and pop down at the village there. We're talking about Wal-Mart the president and CEO of Wal-Mart has said that the middle class and lower class -- a lot of his customers are still economically challenged he says they're only spending during the holidays. Or for family occasions. And in fact it was the containers -- CEO -- Tyndall who said that they are experiencing a retail funk. And I think this makes sense because a lot of people are saying -- this is great the economy's improved but it made out of improved in now. For people to feel confident enough to spend freely and that's really the next leg of the expansion we've got to see people. Have jobs get raises feel comfortable. Then they're gonna be more inclined to spend a little bit. Jill we're hearing and two many people are saving obviously this is contributing to the problem you're saving amigos they're just unsure about the economy. Yeah I mean this safe street has been sort of steady at somewhere around three to 4% and that's something that. We actually thought was gonna be up to eight or 10% after the recession. So it's a funny thing yes it's it's certainly saving more than that negative savings rate that we saw at 2005. But it's crazy I what's really happening is that a lot of people are feeling that. They are not really in a position to be able to spend freely because they don't have confidence in the jobs that are out there. Or that they're going to get a raise you know this is a very important component. As inflation starts to pick up a little bit people got to feel like they can afford to buy gas and food before they go out and spend money and a sweater. And it's -- about consumer confidence. -- can even hearing that Amazon is now asking the FAA for permission used -- yeah I I feel like this is maybe more than -- I don't need my package that bath -- That's crazy yes. They are asking permission to test drugs so that they can have delivery even quicker. This is going to be interesting you know listen Amazon's that a lot of problems with with the government right now they're trying to fight off. A lawsuit that another part of the government filed against them. For basically make it too easy to buy stuff with mobile apps they don't want kids buying stuff but their parents mobile -- so. We'll see what goes -- and Amazon they're always pushing me down below. Jill -- those are always planned to your own weekend show here on WB and heard something very interesting you -- really caught my attention and probably. Other people's attention to credit cards if you don't cancel your credit card even if you have good credit this could hurt your credit rating. Yes this can negatively impact your credit because it reduces the amount of available credit to -- that's one of the factors that the scoring industry uses to develop that all important credit score -- credit reports. So if you've got a cart and you say oh boy I really don't want to use this anymore. You can dish -- -- your desk but don't officially closed out the -- could it could negatively impact your credits where would it negatively. Impact your credit score when you have good credit because what the the part of the score is the percentage. Of credit Hughes called credit utilization. Compared to the total amount that's available when less credit is available okay. Day that the actual ratio changes and back and negatively impact I think and because it doesn't always get reported so might again. The most important thing here pay your bills on time that's what really determined to great credit score. And if you're going to start you know willing -- your credit card use which you may wanna do is again just stick the card in the back your desk drawers don't use it but don't. Called them and cancel cart and media like and it's good stuff to know Jill thinks have a good week you to take care it's just passengers CBS news senior business -- us.

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