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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Inaugural Buffalo Brewers Festival - Willard Brooks

Inaugural Buffalo Brewers Festival - Willard Brooks

Jul 14, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Perfect time to talk about a perfect storm in a good sense nothing like that movie from a couple years ago. The melding of two things that are starting to come together at the very same time things are really starting to hop at canal side and well there really hopping with the buffalo Niagara brewers association and we have. Willard Brooks from that association on here with us now well and I don't regret or are relatively well. Now you have coming up pretty big deal this Saturday July 19 at canal side. If we do we have the the first annual buffalo brewers left for work an outside which is the only settle in Western New York says features craft beer. By and for what can you reverse. And how many breweries expected to participate about 37. Now they're not all great from buffalo 'cause we have quite a few bully don't have 37 vote. Fifteen in the Western New York area. What about the dealers are also New York's other areas of New York State. And now what are the hours for the Saturday event it begins at 3 PM and to kind. Now I'm gonna go on a limb here and guess that tastings artistic small part of what media available here right. That would be correct that they actually really unique event in that we they really insisting. Food focused as well as music focused the beer festival. Component of the day goes from 3 PM seven Gamal have. Possibly be different Beers being on able to beat temple. Or your general admission ticket prices. End. From 7 PM two from 7 PM to 10 PM we have a concert featuring JJ UN vote for a which is really awesome jam band from Florida. And and at you as you're talking about the different take of their actually like four different. Ticket packages available seat could come just for the beer or just for the music or of course for bull. Correct. Right that you beat the concert begins at 7 PM. And there's a ticket for that. There's also a VIP ticket we're featuring host Serbia wants 66. And couple of landing. Didn't locally raised our heritage hugs from you know army in Laporte. They're really unique offering all kinds of beer pairings and special Beers on out there in the nick. Which is right on the stage the during the concert if you're into the content you hit the direct. You want a decision pretty awesome. Now I'm pretty sure I've got a rough idea of where this is can outside the desist. Any different from the place what they had does say the World Cup soccer viewing is this pretty much the same setup. The other concert the main stage is is where it always is on there that is the new one continent they moved it this year but it's down there. And then there's also Tuesday is we have a in the in the in the from the bureau we have. You know several large and the middle of that there isn't a general discontent with the stage. And there's a music going on there and as well. It sounds like a good time and I appreciate you giving us some time to talk about it Willett thank you very much turned Willard Brooke is quite an outline in buffalo brewers are robot. There ego buffalo brewers sensible outcome Willard Brooks chairman of the buffalo Niagara brewers association comes to canal side. The inaugural buffalo brewers festival this Saturday July 19.

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