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7-11 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 4

Jul 11, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And it's. I don't prefer taking administrative action. I'd rather -- permanent fixes. To -- issue we face certainly that's true on immigration. I've made that clear multiple times I would love nothing more. Then bipartisan legislation to pass the house the senate. Land on my desk. So I can -- wherever and whenever. I can take up without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what I'm gonna do -- Tom hourly and that's was he was into a repeat of the school. -- -- It's local provoked this it's Tom hourly pension at a question and try to get this much this isn't the real season Nelson wouldn't. -- live here. -- -- So on news radio 930. Everywhere and -- what it meant some personal things a lot of confidence and listen -- first class double -- It is on nine minute 56 it news radio I'm thirty WB the end. -- have a picture of the kitty cat. Whom I spoke earlier it would be a -- not of which. Unfortunately is just not good enough to add -- -- -- better picture has kept all the time. It looks like a again kind of a Russian blue not a thorough bread bread Russian blue but the spur similar to a Russian. And this little guy's been hanging around my idea. My front steps for a few days ago he. How does your neighborhood -- we get to know the cats that that lived there and those who were newcomers to the neighborhood yet this guy's a newcomer. And I know exactly what you think. How long before he becomes your cat. Doral. Bill right now I don't know but now since put party wonder. If if the kitty cat sees another cat in the window. That can automatically though is this person's a person and say -- Often wondered. Never will know the answer. -- -- it is 611. And who's ready at 930 WB and they audio Joseph I asked -- yesterday of the lady going on the -- about the Obama. And bringing in people we don't need. Who are. -- And disease factors seriously folks. If one of these little Guatemalan gives way that in my wrist like that did in 2010 at -- debate. I -- for rabies shots again. -- Well -- what an awful inhumane callous thing to say no it's not callousness it's reality. There are diseases. In Central America you don't want. There are diseases that are contagious. Diseases you do not want entering the United States this is quite legal immigrants undergo physical examinations. And those -- you. Familiar with the godfather movies may remember GF 20 we're young Vito Corleone and that was put in the quality. To make sure that the disease with which he had been diagnosed. Was out of his system and he would not mark an epidemic have you ever heard of typhoid Mary anybody. You know there really was a lady named typhoid Mary she was a carrier of diseases. She and her lifetime probably caused the death. A dozen people. And she basically was quarantined. Is -- were all. For the rest of her life. Because she wouldn't she she was rude -- -- and I believe was -- -- looked it up on line I'll do that as well but folks diseases spread. Now. You might remember again not about need to show them about me. But you might remember many years ago when those many years ago for just realized many years ago 35. -- -- That really hurt but anyway it many years ago. I got chicken pox as a 35 year old man I'd never have been before. All right I have to tell you. I never fully recovered. Adult -- I've always said chicken pox took about three to 5% of me away in terms of energy I never I never got back to where I -- And folks. There are diseases worse than chicken pox that we'll do the same to you. Or your children. That's why we have an orderly immigration system in place that's why that is though. And that's why what is going on right now at our border. Is a ticking time bomb. And I love children. Even though I'm not allowed within 200 feet of school or Chucky cheese I love children. And I love immigrant children. When they do it the right way. And like Lori Borg when he wrote that brilliant piece late last month. I was in the diversity before diversity became a political buzz were I've always been fascinated by people from other countries. And why they came to America. And what they love about America. Legal immigrants so this isn't about them is sent a full back. Jingoistic. Gangs of New York the butcher spiral out. This is about reality. This is about the here and the now in this is about what is good for our country. And this is not good for our country. All right -- 030 about thirty. I've been talking a lot about the illegal invasion. Our country by -- diseased permanence lice carrying -- oil bearing -- urchins. And the Mexicans are in cahoots. With the Hondurans the Guatemalan as the el salvadorans. To expedite the transportation. The illegal mass of humanity. From the slums of Guatemala. So they can create slums. Like we need more in the United States. And there is I am convinced beyond any doubt. A plan to destroy the United States a plan to totally level this country both. Literally and figuratively. And we have got to stand up against it. And folks you know it's not Kosher. When the Obama administration. Does not seal our borders. If only seals the borders so the media cannot actually cover the story. In the Obama tent cities. The detention centers. Proving again. That the reason this is happening. The invasion of our country is because this administration wants it to happen. What part of this is so hard to understand. It shouldn't be hard to understand its common sense it's logic. Here is currently on that WB the end Charlie you are with a -- Had a colony here. This reminded me so much of what we hit the Carter administration when Fidel Castro. Opened up his presence mental institution. Saying asylum and sent all the social rejects from this country and the -- was. Under the Carter administration that when Regan beat. Wherever the Mariel boatlift we we reference that before those who saw the remake of but the movie scarface the original was with Paul -- you felt the prohibition era the Alpa -- version dealt with the cocaine trade in South Florida. Which many of the Cuban ex pats who have been released from the Castro prisons -- got involved but Gordon. And and Ronald Reagan became president yeah -- -- put naval ships between he was then. Cuba and actually fired on a mortgage. That was -- the end of that -- -- much more but I don't mind if I do think we have a very weak administration. And we have a strong administration something like Ronald Reagan I don't think we have this. We're never gonna have another Ronald Reagan or right and let me ask you Charlie because I think we're fundamentally on the same side. When I disparage. The Republican Party and I -- merciless in my indictment of the Republican Party. For it as being a bunch of pure -- animus cowards without any spine backbone or balls whatsoever I mean it. And when I hear people. Make the argument. But I have been hearing since 1976. When Gerald Ford beat out Reagan for the Republican nomination and then got defeated by Jimmy Carter. When I've been hearing the argument that oh Tom Tom you're such you're you're you're such a reactionary individual who doesn't think things through. What do you wanna do just hand over every election to the Democrats by getting people away from Republicans you must change -- Republican Party from within. My question is pretty. Is pretty obvious after three generations. And if Ronald Reagan could not change -- Republican Party would you like to tell me who can. I new leader and as we've got the I don't and never -- right now. -- and the answer is nobody and that's why I firmly believe. That there when the New York Times did the article about how young people today are likely to become conservatives. They're half right. They're likely to become conservative Terry and I talk with a lot of young people because I'm fascinated by what twenty somethings think. Especially those who were all about Obama when they were eighteen now that they graduated from college with 50000 dollars in student debt for African bachelor's degree. What their approaches to life. And I wanna tell you they're likely to be conservative Terry they want government. Out of their lives they want to beat their own people they don't want their money for her away as it has taken out of their paychecks but they also. Don't want the government involved in the social things such as. Gay marriage. That's why I believe conservative terrorism is the -- ago. You made dialogue sure. The -- they've had a beautiful forgot we get another president elect them. It just seems like a democratic president just been very weak over the years and. Old know they've been -- Barack Obama has been a strong president. Download I mean he's strong. Of folks heat he's got health care through Hillary Clinton could not get health care through Barack Obama had. Political agricultural -- and since Obama changes Medicaid. Medical the insurance. I have to spend 3000 dollars first before anything kicks -- I don't even wanna go for my cholesterol -- up now -- predator on the 200 dollars or -- it cost me twenty dollars before. I understand completely my health plan your work absolutely sucks. And the deductible I have to pay for my family is obscene but. I'd do it. I don't want any help doing that I don't need any help doing it but every cost has gone up. And corporate. Is doing it in such a way that makes sense basically how it works -- those of us who utilize the system more. Are obviously going to pay more out of pocket. Those who don't don't. Well enjoy your show -- just get a call about that. All right thank thank you very much and I also would point to that in broadcasting terms we actually have a good health care plan in Japan compared to other broadcasting companies. Compared to people who are. State troopers pro hours Sox but no such as like we maker choices I'm not look it's not complain it's just devastating effect. I have to meet a ridiculously high deductible every year. So that's why I will be spending part of next week IDC NC just to make make up for up here's Alan Harris would track the -- Still had a pretty good backup behind the only -- those holes are now coming into buffalo actually had a pretty good backup on the women in north of south Grand Island bridge. We don't have any other major problems at this point one mention 29. Tomorrow. Westbound between Delaware avenue and one -- they're going to be -- -- -- all day long that some shifts. Do you Wear that tomorrow and arabians and much traffic command and on -- with -- Beautiful my fur ball game buys -- adorable 7051 pitch Friday night bash fireworks and all that stuff. A moonlit skies and comfortable overnight low 61 tomorrow. Who I have an outdoor social event tomorrow public site tomorrow partly sunny and the high temperature. 84 degrees right now it's -- at news radio 930 WB the end. I actually have a social event do you believe that me. Mister -- and flop but I have a social event -- And it's a pretty high class one to. Yeah all right anyway 22 minutes after six course by being their automatically lowers the class Roland considerably but such is life. Anyway -- its power they would view on the radio and that we're talking about what you wanna talk about. In terms of what what is grinding your gears no not grinder what is grinding. Which I thought -- as a gay hook -- site that you download on to your fault. Tender is for straights. Grinder is for days. And it's just -- hook people up. As a judge if you're getting your day I love it. You're straight you're straight I love it here I your -- I don't year. Your life is your life and you should be happy with your life and you should be proud look for. Because I think being proud of being gay or straight is like being proud of having. Out of all hear me so what -- ball I think -- report that I was born the way you were born the way you are. And I don't judge. That's a big part of conserve a terrorism. Loving humanity. And we had some jackass I might FaceBook page last night was off his madness I say that with sympathy and with love who. Called me hate monger. You know. If you're going to make. Ignorant statements. At least get the back straight. Before you were ignorant and demonstrably so to the world. This show and my philosophy. Is about love it is not about hatred. It is about bringing people together bringing Americans. Together. That's what it's about. And that's what conserve -- is about. Bringing people together and not allowing. These Jewish bag politicians to use manufactured crises to drive us apart we have to have each other's back. My black Brothers and sisters have my back. My white Brothers and sisters had your black Brothers and sisters backs. Because were all in this as Americans. -- let them divide us. All of us have made invaluable contributions. To this country. The United States of America. Which even though it's flawed. And even though it is perfect because no country ever has been just like no individual except maybe one has been perfect. This is our country. This is our America. We have been bequeathed by our ancestors and our fore -- The greatest nation in history in terms of clearly defining our rights against power. And the continuing pattern. Of the violation of those rights at the same time as -- trees and this man allows our borders to be dismantled. And speeds up the destruction of America we must band together to stop. Look past race folks look past that that is not be a component of my life. Nor should -- be a component of yours. Don't be a Colin Powell do not let race trump common sense. It is 633 news radio 930 WBM. -- my question to you is well. Actually my complaint desk is open. If there's something about which you wanna bitch bitch away. About baby strollers at crowded public events. When you go to -- the buffalo. I'm just telling. It will be baby strollers. To -- dog's still a -- of buffalo. You don't know present and I could never understand that. Tom hates children he's complaining about baby strollers there are age appropriate events and their age appropriate events. And I don't care how mature your two year old news. After about an hour of stumbling around pays the buffalo all those grown up just looking -- -- -- The two year old got a lot of global. It it it I was too once. Haven't matured since they don't 30930 start -- 3180616. WB and think god prevent -- Susan and hammers Susan hello. -- -- you. The at which -- and really. A politician I personally in the that they. By Matt Matt like for three years ago Utley and you. Know what it's going and I did blow when I came into presidency. My question to you is that. I don't under. There and that Obama didn't do it off the top two we're in the country were a variety and not others doubt that -- and what -- and everything out why isn't somebody stepping up there are not enough other. I mean I'm an American and and and what I want that articulate that -- you where it was it was with you. To agree with you now stop and I don't understand why somebody else and power. Is in in all current and an opt in opt out opt. Well for a country -- art and did not ready yet. I am gonna answer that question for. Would you like cancer. Because I know after Davis because it's a great question and the answer is the Republican Party. Is composed of some of the dumbest most idiotic. Feeble minded -- bags ever to grace. The halls of congress because they have bought into the Democrat monster they actually think people like Chuck Schumer are trying to help them win elections which is just absurd. The reason the Republicans are so spying last. The news they don't wanna talk about impeaching the nation's first black president because I bet. Further bottom of it that further reinforces this notion that the Republicans are a bunch of racists. Furthermore they don't want to show any balls whatsoever when it comes to the border because they've been brainwashed into thinking that. These these people from Latin America by virtue of the fact that most of them are Roman -- Catholics and very family oriented. They are pre disposed toward conservative principles -- Republican principles I mean they're so family oriented that their own parents nephews nieces uncles and -- have kicked them and a -- of the country. Lieberman Democrat dark thing and that is ridiculous lies need to look at we have to ever I mean even need these. That he let these. That how do you. People. The terrorists. To come after me they were on national TV an -- gonna come get that are going towards Jordan I don't understand why there is nobody except for. The women say in all how are actually not doing anything and that work -- that Beck on while what happened happened I I get. Don't understand. Well the reason is politics Republicans are running scared. That's exactly why because the Republican Party the establishment. As I said the weakest most -- -- -- bunch of so empty suits you'll oversee which is why I a shoe. The Republican Party. -- So what do we do we just sit back and they'll say what the president's gonna do what he wants which is obvious personally myself. This -- -- and I think he's a -- one Latin all these people in here. So that they vote or whatever you want them to vote and we just sit back and say. OK well there's not that we can do. It is it's so scary to me. I don't think. I don't think he's some kind of a closet Muslim and the only way that bothers me is his being disingenuous about his -- if he is in fact a Muslim and Christian clothing but I really don't think he is a a Muslim my -- is. Favorably disposed toward Islam at the expense of our closest ally formerly Israel but that's another story altogether. Now as far as Obama. And why nobody is stepping up I think that -- admit they have after dad but here's the here's the point. There is. Should be there is a firestorm. Of anger right now that is brewing in this country. And every day this goes on. And every day the people of this country realize that we do have a trader in the Oval Office who should be impeached and removed. For high crimes and misdemeanors. Including dereliction of duty in terms of securing our borders. The chance for. Revolution. Increases. And you can expect a whole slew of articles going after militia groups who were now. Rally at the border with Mexico. And I also have told you. Look out for some kind of -- of a false flag attack. On children. Which will be garner which will be done to garner support. For the destruction of our country by even more children and and here's the thing. Susan you know that this isn't a situation that is slowing down you know that it is continuing effect it is accelerating. That people are still poring over the border illegally just the other day -- trade in Mexico went off the rail and 15100 people were stranded in Mexico -- illegally invade the United States. I watch the news. And it's so funny because. It's like. I I say I'm not there and really evolved as much as I can't illegal acts or year it's Obama and elected. That I've been kinda watch and things and stop. And it's like oh my -- I what I don't understand is that Clinton got -- with not so much anger at me. And then there's like different things. And -- that they well it. There are -- at that and they're just like -- and that 8 and I am in America I -- grandchildren my children is like. Why do you miss being an okay commencement majors thanks to our country that. It's threatening our life threatening our children and threatening. Are working class people and I don't understand why there's nobody out there. Speaking not forests and you know what I'm not Obama what -- you do me. And I don't understand. Well I think you're hearing a lot of that on my show you're hearing a lot of this in -- talk radio world. People are upset. People are angry people do not understand. And governments have fall over things like Paris. And I keep waiting for somebody. In this country in a position to do something to actually faithfully execute. The oath they took to preserve and protect the constitution. There are constitutional remedies produced and unfortunately mr. Boehner in the House of Representatives is afraid uttered the I word he's talking about the L word lawsuit. Are you out of York. Oh. -- It's bad. Well thank you very much for taking -- and their. I'm Nokia -- in the Arctic climate I got that you're not like -- walked. Yeah you'll eventually regret that did -- figured the only part not that I feel like that an opt for a then. And it because I. I argue with people at work and everybody I'm like look around look at Irina. Her who I am a four as I'm good for our country and you. You've got -- your -- and that I can look at my leader they can opt for art and watch over -- and I don't know that net there. It's really really. My dear you are expressing the. Your expressing the frustration I feel inside is just that I get the gist events. A lot. On this program. Thank you for. -- I've been really I've been likes thought about that and it's like I don't understand why nobody sticking out where he normally well but it's one. I am hey John I see you got a caller on hold show compassion and let them and have him call Glenn Beck. I don't wanna hear that crap I I just know that at my cubicle now. You know what if if your person who thinks that our borders are negotiable. If you're a person who thinks that you can have a nation without borders. If your person who believes importing. Tens of thousands and eventually hundreds of thousands of on skilled people. Into an already dormant economy is going to help the United States. I don't know why he was a listener I don't hear. Go listen to the guy who's gonna bring Eddie brewers and hot meals to the children. To aid and abet the destruction of the country he professes to -- I don't wanna hear. I don't wanna hear tell you what you want compassion you -- demonstrate compassion however great idea. What did you go to the BA. Wanted to talk to veterans. From Iraq and Afghanistan and those were still around from Korea. World War II albeit. And compassion sometimes can start with just the simplest of things. Like saying thank you so much for your service. These are real Americans not full phony Americans were being brought in as human shields. So that the Democrat party can achieve hegemony. Until this country is absolutely destroyed in a way of life goes down the toilet. You want compassion. Budget directed to people who actually deserve it and who have earned your respect. There is a process to go through. To get into this country legally. These children know they are breaking the law. There -- so called families know they are breaking the law they also know that this administration. Once this country. To be flooded with that. They may not be sophisticated enough to understand. That they will be used as political pawns and useful idiots. But hell most Americans -- either. It'll thrilled I'm thirty TOI I I can't talk of compassion -- I can't do it it's not in me because I'm likely to drop a few F bombs. That's how strong their view about Paris. Compassion. I'm probably one of the most compassionate people in the entire world. I genuinely am. Compassion begins at home. These children. Have a hole it's called Guatemala. It's called Mexico. It's called El Salvador and it's called Honduras. Compassion begins at hole. They have no right to jump in front of other people who have been waiting for years to do with the light of the right way. Often spending 101000 dollars for the privilege of becoming an American citizen. It's a privilege by the way it's not a right to become a citizen. Just it's outrageous. You know maybe you can go the other talk show host and deliver hot meals and -- leaders. I've not heard one story that any of these children are starving. We're paying for it. Were paying for their bed were paying for their housing we -- paying for their meals were paying for their clothes were paying for their medical care we are paying for it. In a nutshell. You are being forced to be compassionate. Your money is being withheld from your paycheck but -- -- And that money is being used. To take care of people who have no legal right to be here who should be sent hole. But instead they're being welcomed. Our people at the border are told the looked the other way. This is nothing less than a civilian invasion of America folks there's no efforts. In the longer. There's no difference between on -- -- so called children coming into America. And an armed military invading America. Either way your way of life is going to change and it will not be for the better. I love the United States of America. And I love the immigrants who came here and did at the right way. Whether you are from Africa India Pakistan Russia. Poland Germany England. Argentina. Iceland China I don't care if you did at the right way welcome. We're happy to have you here because you're gonna contribute to making this country a better place. These people were coming now. Are only going to be parasitic. It will not be a symbiotic relationship. Joseph let's hear that audio of a woman. Who is I'm only mentioning the fact she's black. Because. Finally. The president has managed to bridge the racial gap in America. Because now both white Americans and black Americans are questioning the sanity of mr. Obama. Nothing of the -- it wanted to -- from the White House. -- below them home. And it did. Not -- investment -- -- -- country. These kids really. Why can't -- got it I'm not everything it that the parents fine living conditions out there. And got out of there. I care about what's -- right here in May in my home that you meant it and I want in that community that I hit that box and I built a look like nine days. I'm very then I. Bigger name is Bridget -- -- and and she and our soul mates on this issue. Thank you mr. Obama. You finally have done it. You have finally managed to bridge a gap between white people and black people in America on a political issue. We both -- stay at what you -- doing now. You think this isn't going to be a devastating blow to the African American community unemployment. In the African American community is huge. You'd think that this is gonna help. -- It is. I mean I have to say you know. The -- have gotten used to it 65 it allows me a different way of looking at the world which are wouldn't have to buy it was accomplishments. Under his radio -- thirty WB. Takes. Takes the -- -- -- -- It's 650 foreigners -- at 930 WBP. And I can always tell what what what a hangover movie Joseph is familiar with that because he laughs at just the right time. You're still in numbers on WB and fill Europe and -- You know I think Barack Obama and a -- -- country -- -- anybody's -- -- a hundred. He's got -- -- every conceivable thing he can and that -- -- here. Truly put their country could mean I mean before he even became our president. There was this thing about -- -- what you can come on out correct including. America the kind of look up. You can drop out of that church to ensure that the political -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In the leg at Erica what they're dying when -- -- show he tried to -- -- on net people our mortar it would oh. Payback thing for the country and that who -- -- and I do it differently saying. And I don't know how Ali Ali can I -- it out. Poor people kill another import country and why we're -- and what are Americans doing anything about. Well Central America if well remembered Mexico is a North American nation the -- the primary the primary nations from which these so called kids are coming and I don't think -- -- -- by the way. Our Honduras Guatemala and El Salvador. They're not gonna do anything because why should think they're getting rid of their problems. Minutes I'm sorry but that's the route that's a reality I wish I had more time guys -- I guess I -- -- a time. Do I know in Georgia since the music thank you -- -- I love you thank you John Sherman island view it. We love you ritual wells -- yourself.

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