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7-11 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

Jul 11, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And it's. And and and -- system. That speech. Worthy of Abraham Lincoln. We're here the most annoying several world. Tom and our lady just when I think you couldn't possibly be anything -- over. You don't do something like it's there and hold. Yourself and it's live it's local -- -- and you hope it's Tom hourly. -- -- news radio 930 W. Maybe I job. Did something I never thought I would do it started off the program today it talking about it said. Many you know there's two it's been a rather trying time in my life -- -- -- They've had a birdies. Difficult week. And so a lot of people. Today. I did something in my FaceBook page. That really shows. That really showed me for -- it. But usually. Because. There's a man. In the -- -- lifestyle. That you have to have at least one picture of yourself -- guitar why your FaceBook. In order to be a full fledged -- Today broke down and I -- unbeknownst to me. Announced they earlier this week. Was in front of a friend's house. And a spontaneous jam took place. As well. This guy had. A beautiful. Glorious. Six train. -- him back here. I love. Cars. I loved them. And we just started -- Other guy comes into the room before you in the Pink Floyd resigned brain damage. I started saying then. And it was a blood test. Really wants and the ball was photographed although not audio recorder that I should have been audio recorder. Those are as the it's not a pretty freaking get. -- you always that you felt better than you really are -- it's like the over the scene where Peter Griffin and Lois Griffin smoke pot and then go into the -- talent show and they think they sound like yeah. Legions of angels in reality they solid -- don't fools that's probably the reality of a bit. I prefer to think of it is not exactly like Pink Floyd playing at a major concert event. You -- the official that the picture that ends all bad. That I am a -- on my FaceBook page you'll see my face of this C eight giant mop of here. Very reminiscent of Kirk Cobain but there was absolutely no Irwin at this party whatsoever the -- All right let's. Let's get to the call holes all all topics we thought well. I'm kind of opened things up. What is. Grinding your gears -- there's -- Peter Griffin referenced was grinding your gears my complaint desk is open so far today the over welding. Could whip majority of calls have involved. The illegal invasion of America. Aided and -- it by. And encouraged by fostered by. This current -- president's. Desire to destroy America. Fundamentally. Change America. Which again that's like the LA kings fundamentally changing. The way in which they won two Stanley cups why would you do that. Bill -- was a great tennis caller. Yeah always said never change a winning game always change a losing one. Roger Waters a pig flu like what's that plate and that's. Play in the depths. But this guy in the White House now thinks that people wanna hear the beside. Them -- they hit it's. It is thirteen minutes after five news radio 930 WB and here is well actually we're gonna go to. I can and arcade. Right now who's getting ready to join us but I also wanna remind you to the taste of buffalo this weekend. If you have a favorite. Place to park may not be available. So parking is always at a premium. I would always for that event. Just hop on the on the light rail. And just take the tree but that's -- me. Here's can an arcade. On WBBM buying a button is not a pocket our tenure on the. -- Lucky -- appoint what scored an -- -- gentlemen earlier cobble out importers one -- cheap labor now. I think they're and I think it is to do it. The Democratic Party. Looking to change Texas to local state in fifteen years. All can can I your overall premise is correct that your two -- you're making number one. It's not just Texas number two we're talking fifteen years out we're talking now. Do you really think the people whose very First Act upon entering this country is to violate our laws are actually gonna wait until they are legally franchise. No but what I'm seeing here is I don't I think the Democratic Party. They're extreme I believe in Canada. -- -- and kind of it that would take in turning this seat you know there's there's rumor that Chinese party big girl and a -- -- mean you know. -- -- And they're actually still clear which are there. -- they said the same thing about Jim Morrison and I assure you he's dead. -- and JFK was a living vegetable in the base of the White House and I've seen the autopsy pictures no. I'm back -- Nevermind it's I won't tell you about the one that I have bad news. On the Internet but you have to know where to look and it's ridiculously graphic. And it is the real deal by the way but not in any event can. You you you're you're right you're on the right you're on the right path but I just I just need to Alter your course by about fifteen degrees to get you right in line with the landing strip. Okay. They're not I thought I am all in cash and I I that we believe the Democratic Party. Us aspect in media Q schools and I. -- I think they appear under -- you pointing in the late after doing exactly. -- I think it changed or. Well -- can be there there are two ways to change its government's change in two ways number one is evolution early. -- through evolution the other way is through revolution. And I believe that we may be nearing the time when hope for change through evolution is no longer an option. Yeah you -- either. Arm let's now let's take over here but don't like to that's very. I appreciate your two cents I prefer a couple more million but that you know if -- is that they add up one by one. It is seventeen minutes after five news radio in my thirty WB EN he is absolutely right and I have talked about bet to this week. This is about. Folks not number one it's about lowering America's standard of living. This is about taking more money from New York financially strapped family. In taxes. And redistributing. The wealth to people who have no business legally being here number one number two. Mark my words politics is power politics -- blood sport and these people are going to be gerrymandered. Into areas where they can make an electoral difference. Number three if you really think they're gonna wait until they have the legal right to vote. Guess what. Don't wait. To vote until they can legally do so just like they waited until they can legally get into the country these people will start voting this November but -- their children. So what. If you don't have voter ID laws who cares. Don't you understand why the Democrats have stood against voter ID laws. Because this new wave mark my words this is the beginning. One party rule in America. And for all is right the Democrat party has been hijacked. By Communists. And by -- and by desperate it's by state lists and by criminals. And I believe the president of the United States is a traitor. And I believe he needs to be impeached and removed from office. Because if he cannot secure the border. From an illegal invasion of on our children how in the hell would he do it against an armed invasion from China. Not that that's like please don't misunderstand me but. Folks the political will is not here because this is being encouraged by these people for the very reasons I had the litigated. What part of they want to bring America down to Third World level status and your money in your wages and your income according. And this is again I I think he'd -- the same drum -- but I love my country I love the United States. And when I see what's happening right now. And one IC eight treasonous president. And a live you know what -- congress. That is acquiescing. And silently being led to the slaughter of freedom by this cult leader it makes me wanna puke. And evolutionary change may be getting away from us. I've said this before and I'm gonna say it again. I do believe as every day goes by it. The chance for revolution. Increases. Which by the way has something to do with the Democrats high hard one for not wanting you to have weapons. Any more than the Germans one of the Jews in the Warsaw ghetto to have weapons. And unarmed people is an easy people to subject. And by the way those Jews in the Warsaw ghetto. Are my heroes some of my heroes because they fought back they fought back with what ever they could fight back where. Date made bombs -- again they -- Molotov cocktails. They were able to fight each guns and somehow given the work they're able to make somehow Andean nation of five ammunition from the old days. And they held the Nazis at bay for gays in the Warsaw ghetto. They did not go down without a fight and they should be an inspiration to all of us the Jews of the Warsaw ghetto. Because this is how. You deal with security for all you never let it get to that point. 803 on -- thirty what is grinding your gears that is my question what is grinding your gears. What is pissing you off my complaint desk is open so far illegal invasion of America. By -- disease Berman -- legion of urchins who have no business being in our country. They are being thrown away by their own families and sent here to sock off the milk of the American taxpayers. Do you not see what's happening. And this administration wants them because this administration wants to destroy America they're gonna make the best they can and out of the next two years with Fiat an executive orders. Because they know the Republicans will not have the balls to stand up like Sarah Palin has stood up. To call for articles of impeachment to be drawn up our constitution provides for remedies for this kind of trees and it's called impeachment. And I cannot believe that there are people of integrity within the Democrat party as well as the Republican Party who don't see what's going on. UN I cannot be smarter than every single member of congress can't wait. Well. Great -- -- you can really blame Democrats. -- doing what democratic. And my point here is that that Democrats were not able to. Gain much ground they have and what they are a willing. And speed knobs and the -- like that -- step Annapolis. And so like should I don't bet. It took a Democrat everywhere and if there are right at as well for a Democrat or they were incorrect or reject it as far. Democrats are doing what Democrats do what -- -- -- There are three -- legal challenge to Obama there -- living in the world are. You know well. I was watching the. Why do you think OK why do you think that is. It's because I am I'm gonna give -- my answer before you give me yours it's because they love this president and they believed in his agenda. And only now are Sullivan started to realize they might have been but wait there's been a complaint filed by 38 different news organizations want the -- Access to these immigrant disease centers and the administration has been able to seal those borders fun. Because it wants to. I get your -- and let that happen at Winged Foot. What typical NC coming down ropes. I'm so. -- Wal-Mart -- a consultant the position. That saying. That they -- -- just don't -- out there are all ideology. It's like. Look all I know I'm talking more after the news of 53 are at the ideologues are liberal or ideologues but our conservative. There's nothing wrong with an ideologue. There's nothing wrong with somebody who advised him -- term correctly has strong views and espouses those views and publicized as those views what's wrong however. Is when the press. Which is supposed to do equally examine everybody. Only focuses on one side. What's happening at the border right now makes Watergate I think anybody who is a life with the prison over Watergate. Is it's got to be scratching their heads saying you've got to be kidding me I did prison and this guys in the White House. Hey Gordon Liddy stepped on my -- wants -- he apologized. He's -- -- with four seriously. Are still wins to kill you eat me alive and then laugh. This is Bob Brinker listen for money talks Sunday afternoons four till seven on the voice of buffalo WBZ. Am. There isn't. It's. And couldn't. Are you at 533 of his birdie at 930 WBE and a -- -- was at from love the long run seven the eight the Eagles -- -- that matter not a bad -- at all by the -- the long -- not as epic as hotel California which was the Eagles sergeant pepper -- that sounds. But it's at all. Terrific album lot of great songs. For those -- you like the Eagles somebody asked me legacy like hotel California. Here's the answer. No nobody can -- hotel California like dominantly. Except local drummer Paul partner he is able to do it. Don Felder who wrote the song some of the -- He can't even sing the song like dominantly can't act as if he's heavily just as an unbelievably. Original and unique voice and if you try to imitate -- You'll only end up hurting yourself and causing a testicular -- it's 534 whose radio like thirty WB EM. Sorry guys getting to the music. Again lately. You know if you listen to the show long and you know I have a very very very wide range and eclectic coal interests. And I think that's what life is all about. Well that the good Beers but. What life is all about. My opinion. Is learning. Because you only get. A finite number of days on this planet. And some people can live for a hundred years. But never really lived the exist. And I think that when it comes to your life. The more. Beauty. And art. The more. Intelligence. To which you can expose yourself. The better you are going to be. And one of the things. That separates. The great. In this business. From the wannabes. Is a continuing. Desire. To educate. Themselves. Are continuing insatiable. Curiosity into human behavior psychology and the world around us. And I told you before they usually want to hear all but a subject about which I know nothing. And by the end of the year my goal is to be conversant in the subject with anybody in the field. And if you think about it after ten years. After twenty years after thirty years thirty years worth of learning. But not just for trivia. -- this is the important thing in jacket and you're right your phone call but I need the -- Street folks. There have been a lot of wise people. On this planet before you ever were born. Every wise person. From India. To England the United States to China. People whose intellect and mines are far greater than mine will ever be. When you set the -- all of their ideas and you start sifting them out. You'll find out. That the commonality. A genius in the commonality. Of wisdom which helps you to enjoy life is clear if only you will seek it out. And I've said this before. It'd have to be so again. Some of the greatest wisdom. You will ever. It does not matter whether you are a Christian or Jew it does not matter. Some of the greatest wisdom. Can be found in the Bible. Those ancient prophets. Or whomever. Wrote those sorts. Had an understanding. Of life. That is and why is transcendent. And -- William Shakespeare who by the way. Was in an era he lived in the era during which the Bible was translated into Elizabethan English that's where we have a king James version of the Bible. Those two books the complete works of William Shakespeare and the holy Bible. Contain so many nuggets of genuine true. And again folks just take the Christian aspect that you aspect. Or the agnostic aspect out of it wisdom is wisdom is wisdom. And the wiser person you -- in life I think the better off you can be. Here is Jack -- the WB and hello Jack. -- are excellent but it's -- and I just wanted to call and offer up. Listing some wisdom from a combat marine -- -- Outgoing on the border. I think. You know you're gonna send people there. In the have a couple bodies have been National Guard in the -- to the border and at their inside. There were not able to doing it all up and yeah others. A couple of people coming across the border yours there. But with -- mileage are. The president is that in order to have an aspect of policy. You'd need you. Empowered the individuals in Japan -- or. Out. And you know. Why did that will not happen. Court and Asia are I don't know how I don't know for how long you've been listening when you first got turned on in my shell. But give me the reason why what you suggest which is one common sense way of dealing with the problem is not happening. Well I just think there -- you know he wants the fee. Washed completely. They're not his problem. Now the answer is spend and end Jack. It's happening because the president and his cronies want this to happen this is part of their agenda to destroy America. And I never ever in a million years thought that I would honestly -- on the here and say these things and absolutely believed them 100%. About an American president. But I have to. And as I said yesterday to my black Brothers and sisters you please I need to look at in my heart there is not one racist bone in my body there's not one racist thought in my heart when I talk about Obama. I think he is an evil man not because he's out black and half white but because he's trying to destroy. The country your ancestors in my ancestors had a role in building and everybody's ancestors had a role in building including by the -- Latino Americans some of whom can Trace their bloodlines into the United States longer than to at least the Western New York -- Think it it's it what. I mean. Now that you all the military out of Iraq Afghanistan want we want them. And secure the border -- simple really simple solution. Ought any extra money -- inordinate amounts of equipment all the interest and then nightmare rotate them and now. He quotes that are there at me like they're going in well. We needed all. Month that not seen anybody. You do it and at certain amount of -- And here in the states and put an end the problem and questionable whether it. Oh. Actor you know albeit not for that it -- making agency is the first and leading our country. And aunts or well eating it in Q -- Well you do by the way here here's the problem. And I'm gonna offer the way around it we have in this country the posse comitatus act. Which means we cannot use our military in our country this does not apply to the National Guard. I I just look at the National Guard they were in uniform. I mean I don't know. I I hear you my friend -- but there are real you know what I have to tell you our founding fathers. Would have bin. Would they would have approved of the notion that they did not want. The military to act in a law enforcement capacity in the United States because that's martial law. Our founders would have been -- hall by that idea. But they would have supported a National Guard which day would have looked like -- look at more like a militia. To defend our borders but I I don't you know what -- again -- I. I just I can't even stress enough. That the reason we're talking about this. Is is because we have a president and an administration. That is hell bent on causing chaos causing crises because they they they they have a giant. Hatred for America. And look. I'm not somebody who's been saying this since 2008. I mean I have never been this blog and this upfront about it because I've always tried to say well you know maybe I'm just not -- -- like Obama -- maybe I'm just so far into my conservatory and beliefs but I just unable to see his point of view but the proof is in the putting. And this man I can say my analysis is. Despises this country and he wants to bring it to its knees because he fundamentally feels that this is an unfair unjust racist land that needs to be purged from the face of the earth and in the world will be a better place. I think that's his belief system. And I would I would out there it you'll all signs point the F stop. I don't like saying that. I truly do not. End but I have to take a man I'm very good at analysis and I'm usually pretty spot on. Thank you very much Jack. I certainly should go 30530 start at 93180616. WB a critical juncture of an earlier in our neighborhood I've noticed new stray cat. He's he looks like a Russian blue John it is this the new great care in the neighborhood the tiger cat but the Russian blue. He loves to hang up by my faults indigo. And he he's not starving. I don't think he's -- straight. I think he just might be somebody's house candidates went out -- oil which I would never do but. He's a beautiful -- and try to get pictured it but my FaceBook page because I have a fondness for Russian blues actually have a fondness for all jets. Even jet black cats I just a Victor -- creatures ever. All right so -- break now -- Joseph says yes WTO. It's a Friday we can save. By the way every Friday we give each other man hugs here -- about -- show and tell each other that we love each year. That is some view that might sound rather on the litigation. Possibilities side. But. I told you earlier about wisdom. And you know folks. If you love what you do. And you. Enjoy. The people with whom you work. And they make you -- world a better place. Let them know it now granted this is the entertainment business it's a little different than being a corporate lawyer. But the fundamentals. Remain the same. Appreciate the people in your life while there alive. Who make a difference for. It's 546 that news radio 930 WBM. I also would like to thank my we deal. Thank you all right what grinds your gears. I won't affect gas Scott ship. Four just telling me -- top. Just keep -- open today ask people to call them and tell everybody else. What is aggravating the right now that way if it ends up with immigration great and if it doesn't that's great too. So let thanks to Scott that really appreciated there. Great idea I would've thought that. Myself so thank you -- 803 on -- thirty and tonight leave somebody on hold or am I gonna start fresh -- fresh OK let's start fresh here is. Want to recite my listener and balance your. Outlook on that WPM Avery hello. Well better of them so they. My. Migrate is age being like -- And especially politicians people. Well -- be running this country is spending my money. And you're talking about the ideology. You know conservative ideology of liberal that's okay. -- -- out there in public. If you sense but what about people who lie about their ideology. Well when you lie about your ideology. You should be exposed as a fraud. And here. Then it's up to the individual people who have access to all kinds of information now all in all kinds of analysis now to draw their own conclusions and ultimately to decide whether this situation is. Remarkable through evolution or whether a revolution is called for. That's. I agree it is up to the people. I'm not sure if you have an educated people. Well unfortunately. A lot of education happens after high school in the words of Daryl Hall believe it or not there's life after high school. And this is where people have got to educate themselves and this is one of the things I try to do want my show rush does it -- on -- that Michael about it. I -- so many people. It well we we try and -- it and it believe me if it is sometimes it's frustrating. Because. And I think Avery I know that you. -- were on the same page here the level of ignorance right now of the typical American about how this country was founded. The reasons for which it was founded and the freedoms which our constitution didn't grant but put into words which pre existed. They need to know. I understand all that -- when I was working full time I could not. You know -- not. Into researching. But now I'm retired -- been. On Britain got a 100% educated on this story. And a lot more. Locally back -- and Charlie you exactly what I know in fact I was on me -- -- Distributing flyers Obama came to town. In Oklahoma sliders I'd -- for. And it was quite -- experience there were four page like. Allies -- while. Well see I knew he was gonna go to dumps the first time he came when -- -- walked up to a man you know call of you know smoking -- body whatever. I knew it was going to be -- dobbs I live two minutes from their well. Seven minutes from there and I thought I should go over NC a minute but why a couple of -- I knew it was going. Thank you very much -- glad you called are all right and those of you in the government it's not what you think I just knew. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Just know what do you what it's not gonna say how I knew but I know it wasn't that somebody who knew told may have violated any protocol I just know.

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