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7-11 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

Jul 11, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And -- Yes they broke the law but it's not a felony. It's kind of what it's it's it's so it's a it's an act of love it's an act of commitment to your family. -- -- -- it's Tom hourly. It's live. It's local park. Being. Third yeah. Yeah. Not being heard Tom hourly things. On news radio 930 hey everybody happy and you user fees go up. Okay yeah. OK okay and double move. And it is hourly and who's ready at 930 WB EM -- nine minutes after four and I'm doing an open ended question today because -- what is on my mind is. The illegal invasion of America. Ever and you are offended by my characterizing. Children. As disease -- is so our butt back. In the old days when in reality it was actually exist and instead of political correctness this country recognized. That people were trying to get him to get from places which had epidemics. On a regular basis. And I don't mean to fictionalized reality but. There is a pick up there's a scene in the fictitious godfather saga. Where Vito Corleone. Gets to New York City Ellis Island. And he is put into warranty. Why. Because at the turn of the century the last century. We recognized. Disease. Can spread epidemics. Can break out. -- -- Did it the right way at that time. And it was quarantines. And eventually released once he was found not to be danger. To himself or others in terms of a disease vector. My grandmother. Of folks now this isn't about me please understand there's because I think I speak for a lot of you. Who had. Grandparents from the boom. Grandparents where there are from the ankle pros Sicily org northern Italy. From Germany Hungary. From Africa ever they came from legally. And bay had two. Had statement saying they will never be a burden to the American taxpayer they had employment lined up they had a place to stay. They had established family in the United States my grandmother came here as a young woman named Clara shot. From gold I -- Germany okay back in 1923. And she had to go through all -- BS to come to America. Which was the smartest thing she ever did. Because she gave birth to my father who's on me. Otherwise I'd be speaking juror a lot of them do now let's get just that. Perfectly which pisses me off because grammar is important I just haven't -- German grammar. Anyway that's another story for another day. I haven't mastered vocabulary either but I do know enough to get around quite well. Any Spanish as is is pretty well. I can't stand it out of me to get up alternate gentle one but. I can't stand it when people say now you just you just objectives Spanish and -- just don't like Latinos because Hispanics you pick it up. Spanish. I can't back from the Dominican Republic and I told dark side of that was because I'm a little sponge when it comes to Indo European languages. Bat I do I pick them up like that. And it was just exciting for me because every opportunity ahead in the Dominican Republic I spoke Spanish. Because when I'm actually in those places I pay attention and I try to show respect by speaking as much of the language as I am. Now in my an expert know. But what I couldn't communicate with words. And food was scarce at the resort. I handshake and a twenty got us a table. We're gonna target. How the world works it's what makes the world's tail wag ladies and gentlemen at twenty dollars represented probably -- worth the wages today young lady. And that's all I got was a table by the way probably got more for twenty but that was an additional twelve minutes after four. Let's target practice and calls your what -- years. Your and again in the tunnel wanted a -- was telling us the story about being behind a woman or grocery store we've heard this story gazillion times this woman. Died jams -- grocery cart with food. And then unload your food after paying for with your money through EDT card. And then I'll -- off cloture cart into a Cadillac Escalade which is a very high end vehicle by the way you know it's high end Tony Soprano screw loved the Cadillac Escalade. You know whether they -- -- mention we should take all these illegal in Pomona for any given first class. Seven -- because their three point seven billion going to be double -- Illegal a year from now will be yet another one -- because then you're all finished you know these borders. It's so they they they put into proper what are only got to do to keep our. They don't they shouldn't allow anybody comedy here they should -- -- -- or it could cost. A lot or three point seven billion -- -- there are. Dan do you think I should feel like another talk show host to bring hot meals and Teddy bears to these children. I don't -- much to say his name because we are divorced him. Michael Michael Savage calls of a charlatan and you know what I'm I'm afraid I have to agree and I'm not a big fan of the way savage savage -- other talk show host but. This you know -- fellow is awful my radar I will not re post anything from his site I would go to site. I agree with you. I co leader today -- greatly. -- -- -- -- -- Because you cannot have it both ways you cannot claim to be a patriot and an -- and about the invasion of your country it's in a mutually in -- it is an internally inconsistent there for hypocritical position. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If the Democrats -- talk about the women's rights but you never hear complain about how women at different countries. Hit driver they got to where blacks are for where you -- -- 280 -- output at -- always you know little lies it's naive to. All this say no no this is saying this isn't that as simply a Democrat good disease because there are Democrats and let's let's just get something story. You know those guys from. 1944 do you think that they were all Reagan Republicans. Well -- they were I cross section of Americans Democrats liberals Republicans conservatives. You name and they took part in the invasion. We don't have that anymore we have a regressive. Regime in the White House. Then it's you can't even call liberal I don't even think you can call it Democrat but I myself have called out the Hollywood crowd because. They are soul. But Lifesavers. They apparently they don't know that gays are routinely hanged in Islamic countries even teenage boys who get caught. Experimenting with -- each other are hanged from gallows and I don't call anybody -- Hollywood bitching about that. But left the Catholic Church do something stupid and -- all of that like white on rice because you're Roger frauds in hypocrites in Hollywood -- You ever hear about it you'll want religion you know they can do everything at school it's -- -- -- -- -- tradition for potter years in this country where content Christians. But it's we -- vehicles on the -- -- up what then all hell breaks loose now it's it's so they -- our countries to take it all but little by little read the stats. But again speed limit your words to words to live by you either have principles or you don't. And this is what issue with the talk show host whose name I will not mention you either have principles or you don't. And MIA public principles are the same as my private principals at all and my private life is. I do not hide it. So whatever thank you very much and glad you called. I went into the monologue yesterday about Powell. There's one thing nobody can ever legitimately say about and that news I'm a hypocrite who says one thing and then does another now what you hear is what you get except when -- at -- I'm a lot quieter. Except when I'm not quiet. Or use the F bomb a lot here is set calm in Lancaster W medium Tom hello. Content many things that are troubling about this administration but. No -- a couple of days were really troubles me and I -- -- 73 year old Roman Catholic all my life and what troubles me is that the Catholic Church now is. Asking people in California. To harbor illegal. It's against the law and is asking people to take it and then he's written. People gang members children. I mean I -- you know I accept some increase I can remember back sixty years ago in this country the -- TP. You're into a sanitarium for treatment. And you -- waste someplace. These kids are coming back they have their views from Central America they have TV they have -- they -- all kinds of diseases and the church is asking. People to take them into their -- and expose. Their families of these diseases. There were reports earlier this really all there were reports earlier this week that at least in one of the California. Diocese. The church asked members to a take in illegal invaders and -- to keep mum about it at the request of the White House. The most transparent White House in history I would there. That I -- just imagine that's going its way that I can just see the Catholic bishops. In this country all the Catholic bishops throughout the country asking for a special election to pray for these these people. These people are here illegally ended church is asking -- to go ahead and to violate the law now I would say if I would that they cardinal Dolan from new -- -- bishop Malone from buffalo. -- -- You're attacking Gaza and hobby lobby if you were attacking us so all sorts of issues. And Whitewater cooperation you know you're you're being hypocritical here and the church. It's selling its -- these. I well. Yeah I'm sure you're familiar with the term social justice right now. I have a great respect. For the Roman Catholic Church. I -- truly truly do I do not Catholic -- I defend the church every time I believe the church needs defense. This on this issue I could not be more up poached to what the church is trying to do. Because my country comes first I'm not a Catholic I'm a Christian I've been very strong faith in god. But I do not adhere to any one spiritual belief -- learned a lot from a lot of people from a lot of different mystical backgrounds. But what the church is asking American Catholics to do I believe is immoral. And it is antithetical to the concept of liberty. I agree with you and I have a person who -- with my wife. Who for approximately 25 years cook at a shelter for the homeless -- in -- this week it outward. Do artwork for helping people believed that four people in this country tour helping people here and now we're being invaded by other people. Well yeah of course you'll be special collections and then they'll wonder why -- collections for the religious. Are off because people only have X number of dollars to go around. And idea -- -- Davis. That doesn't matter. Don't do not ever think that somebody charitable person because I am I but I just don't follow trumpet in front of me and and make a big deal out of it I don't put a news conference announcing -- going down to the border with -- Beers and hot meals they don't need thanks very much of ledger called all right it's a more personal thing with me and my only stipulation is that nobody is ever to speak of it. Let's get back to the calls I want to know what is grinding your gears -- complaint desk is open so far the disaster. These men made Obama disaster of illegal invasion of America is under way it has dominated and as much as I don't like to save us. Folks. -- no this was a planned crisis because of that ad in January where the federal government said. We need escorts for 65000. On accompanied minor children in January. When the previous averages were 5000. Children they knew this was coming they wanted to that happened here is Sally. On WBE on laid out Sally rescue in my arms -- WB and hello. Thank you that feels good. Yeah I figured out it was part of the plan. It might turn Texas until blue state. And it's also you know you talked about the clothing and hidden thing -- system. But -- the other thing is considered that three point seven billion that he -- only a hundred million for the border. We need much more than that they're gonna build houses and I'm an urban planning graduate school. And Hud has building plans to build houses for poor people affordable housing. And part of it is to build housing for these immigrants throughout the United States. Am aware that they think that they need to influence the election that you can change. I had a computer back when you can change. Voting. It's it's an executable that count your opponent's opening shift over to you wouldn't vote. -- too much and then erases itself takes an entry on memory so you don't know that really you know I'm almost done -- I'll see you work for the IRS them. I'll get a set. -- -- -- -- FaceBook page today said that she was a god during American either IRS spring American because they truly represent the evil powers and principality is of this world. They do and when I went to do something from my taxes. On the ethnic question that nobody would really know. So they have all my data and I just went for a I -- bank account locally and who do online banking they ask me questions about the car that I don't Wear a live finger at nobody would really know. Carol Obama I'm not so sure I follow everything you're saying Greg I'd like to on WB a but I must break. This is Michael Savage and you're listening to Tom Bauerle listened to me tonight ten to one on WB. And B and. And you. Gone out okay. Score thirty threw me as news or BMI thirty WB. -- and hard to believe vet to have one week ago today was Independence. Day 24. Team. What -- week. For a 34 -- news radio 930 and we have but let's see two eyes open and -- -- -- what you guys call the shots today. Which is unusual. The overall topic here's what grind -- years what's pissing me off my complaint desk is open. I expect illegal invasion of America. And what's going on for example illegals being able to get on planes without ID. I have never felt so defecated upon. By the American government as I feel these days we as lawful citizens go to the airport and have to put up with crotch grabs. Breast feels. Cracked snatches and everything else. And these people just get on a plane without ID. It's just it's unbelievable folks crusade again to great line from Oliver stone's JFK. We are through the looking glass here people black is white. And white is black. I suggest you watch that movie. Let's get back to the calls on WB yet because this -- Policy we left -- Sally she was talking about their computers. I just made offhand reference to the IRS. Because we know that it's used for political persecution of people who disagree with the -- regime. Were the failure to grant tax exempt status the lowest -- story and her henchmen -- women and their emails jokingly. Mysteriously. Disappeared which is a crock of crap of epic proportions and the Republicans have not demanded a special prosecutor the Democrats don't have any integrity whatsoever to demand a special prosecutor prevents this is an outrage upon you. And I wanna emphasize. I love the United States of America if I didn't I wouldn't be so -- furious right now with what I see happening to this country. Sally you're on WB Ian. I think the main thing here you talking. People can be registered automatically to vote. And they're the ones that are being processed it and be presented and special databases they will be put in to vote Democrat. It'll turn the state of Texas blue. Besides wrecking the economy. Which is part of the plane the did you hear that -- and pink slips are being given out to military. Leadership the majors and others. Even on the battlefield. -- we don't have money for them but we're going to look for a three point seven billion for. Illegal I was talking about the building of houses for illegals that part of the plan. I'm tired at -- working in colonial and for a couple of years and I would say five years legal down there I was hearing horrible stories about people experience on their land. We is. Legal breaking their -- You know -- you hear about the bodies of people die. Are gonna -- it's more than that you get these smugglers and it will literally have the balls to knock on somebody's door and say. We're going through your land if you say any thing will cut your head off with a chainsaw any questions. That's right thing. And on the rapes that occur. You know if it's devastating. And -- you -- I learned from Hannity show last night. Border agents are required to to be 45 miles from the actual border. So then that means -- can come the end and then you have to handle it I feel right at the border they would be stopping illegals from X. Well YE a I should be your cult leader I should be a cult figure to you that's my goal in life Tom Bauerle cult leader Tom it just has a great willing to and I I think there but out. And I'm I'm kidding kind of -- but the point is I've been emphasizing this were three weeks now. The reason this is happening is because Obama and his cronies want it to happen. We are fully capable of sealing the borders like Obama has sealed the borders into the camps so the media can't get access we -- borders otherwise why -- we have a -- -- the White House which I pointed out before -- by the way and with all respect to the doctor. Yes while you're ahead of the curve. I'm glad I did once they need to show you that other people know what you're talking. Oh and I -- I appreciate that and I again I've said this before it is not about ego. This is about. Truth this is about reality this is about setting this country back on the path of just beat the United States of America. Well it's scary because their people and me take action in Homeland Security -- prepared for that you now. And that's the other part you know they want people -- tip over and so. Hole. All but thank you very much Sally you know what bingo bingo bingo bingo. Mentioned this yesterday as well -- this was not my original idea Michael Savage says at first and I said damn I wish at a said that first. Keep your eyes open for a manufactured. -- attacked. On children met by a militant right wing group. I put nothing past this administration including a false flag attack. On a busload of children. Because it's all about taking advantage of a crisis to get your way politically. If you doubt what I'm saying consider what and group called vote did it with NY state. Emotion over rationality. The heart over the head it doesn't work that is no way to run a government. Our founding fathers would be laughing over because they were very deliberative intellectual men white men I'm right there. Now we are blessed because we have a diversity of brilliant men of all hues and and all cover our colors and all backgrounds including Thomas -- Doctor Ben Carson was an easier read than he is a listen. And many many others that I could name. Here is. I don't even know who's next here is Randy in the Toronto on -- WB and Randy you're on -- night. We. In what bothers me is. -- the left. We're getting away with eighty you know Betty form of ethnic cleansing what this whole border crossing let me explain. Why you have former son in law. The Mexican. We were down in Mexico. And he's of the Spanish. Side of the Mexican population. Of people realizes that South America has a Spanish European Spanish ruling class yes. Okay he told me over a couple of drinks. That in Mexico which is where we work. That this Cold War crossing into the southern state is great because we're getting rid of these Indians. -- So that's what is going on and the left are aiding and abetting. What is essentially a form of ethnic cleansing. This is likely up to where you live when Jimmy Carter I was faced with Fidel Castro putting the refuge of very Cuban prisons onto rafts and setting it to Florida. Which is why we have Yelp which you know movie scarface made. Yeah this is this is -- version of that on a much larger stood. This is the Muriel ball lift except it's the sneaker lipped. But this is indigenous people in general I don't -- these criminals but the Spanish ruling class. Are purging Mexico. Aboriginal people that you like the New York State getting rid of Milwaukee Indians and sending him up -- Quebec. Well the larger point. Let's let's just be clear for those who don't know about the larger point the Mexican government likes to talk about the United States and people like you and people like me -- Canadians as well as being. You know races that you just don't like Latinos blah blah blah all that horse crap okay and the big secret that you just pointed out here -- That within the Latino community. As you pointed out. Mexico has a European Spanish ruling class now there's been a lot of intermarriage there's been a lot of blood intermingling but there is still that caste system that unspoken of caste system in Mexico and when you look outside of Mexico to itself. The Mexicans -- even the indigenous you know the the native Mexicans Mexicans -- what we would call Indians they look at the Hondurans and Ecuadoran and the Panamanians and everybody else south of them as being inferior there is -- caste system like in the news but it's a gay jury. -- de -- caste system. Between the nations of Central America. You know that Mexicans -- I'm sure that your former son in law has told you we can't stand those Guatemalan your budget filthy pigs. Exactly now this guy was as racist as you can imagine and my point is that the left. Or aiding and abetting this racism why didn't anybody tell them that why assistance to dirty little secret I've never anybody addressed this. Because -- The you know what because I'm afraid. The issue is so complex that this is just one of many nuances of it that you get and I get. I have spent a lot of time in Mexico not recently ago I would I will never spend another dollar in Mexico. I just think it's appalling that the mop the Obama administration is is not. Paid any attention to this aspect of this whole movement that really really pretty talkative at the president doubters saint look. You know you can't do this to your indigenous people losing races and why they don't it. -- you know why he's not -- are presumed to this music I presume this is a rhetorical question because. Obama wants to destroy America. This is the whole point a fundamentally transforming America. And I know I've been saying this all week long but this is like the LA kings saying we really need to adopt the Buffalo Sabres -- this is like the New England Patriots as saying you know we should really try to be more like the Buffalo Bills Obama is looking at the rest of the world these -- -- countries and say you know. We really need to be more like those acts. -- he did bingo. Bingo bingo he is tanking and the country deliberately and intentionally because this is the giant chip on his shoulder he has carried with him from his youth this is exactly what I talked about in 2008 exactly what city -- talked about in 2008 and we were ridiculed. Steady course was much better treated by the paper that I but. We were ridiculed for our statements fuel. Who is smiling now. I believe the money that is a little ritual liberal cronies. Have. You know are now able to buy things -- even affect economies if you -- -- -- -- -- you're not your dollar's gonna go further it tanked economy. You've got that much money it -- If cattle like if you have to ask how much the Rolls Royce is you you should be looking at Rolls -- yet to ask how much it takes to fill up the Porsche you shouldn't be buying. In its 52 dollars but thank you very much it would -- I'm glad you all thank you. How -- if I -- incredibly gonna put a -- it's oh definitely put the 87 acting -- Once or is that an elitist car for my post earlier this week -- which you can I tell you about the 35 years have been working ass off. Sorry. I just I I have a great deal of disrespect. For people who fail to understand nobody is an overnight success a professional athletes. Because they have to be you've got to be good at eighteen or twenty or you're not gonna get up you're not gonna make it ever. But most people who -- quote made it makes overnight. Sean Hannity had this year crappy jobs televised. And I am not who apologized for any success and I'm certainly. Not gonna tell you -- material goods bring you happiness because they do not. I put a brilliant FaceBook post up earlier this week addressed to one of these people apparently thinks the world owes him something. About what material means and what it doesn't at what money means and what it doesn't and if you base your blight figure happiness about how much you may or what you've gotten your bank you really are not appreciating life. What matters. You know what matters in life. People. You can call at 3 in the morning to come bail you that's what matters in life. At WB here is might go in like a -- never pick a fight you can't win on WBM hello. I'll try not to the -- with you but I do have a problem with hypocrisy whether it's -- going. Or right wing hypocrisy. And when it comes to the border. I know for a fact that there are no jobs Americans won't do for a fair wage and that is why. I am opposed to the importation. Of cheap labor from other countries including Mexico and that is the real. Cause of the problems you're talking about there are too many employers. Who don't want to hire only Americans to work because they wanna save on labor cost. Agree. -- you you do not gonna get an argument from. And this is not again. I would keep until after the news by the way just so you know you're not in short change like -- for the guy got shortchanged in life by god in his shorts but hold on just a second. It is up 455. You know Joseph I feel kind of good about that I have a date later. Will be a different candidate but could be fun reflect. I know it's not vacation that's next week.

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