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7-11 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

Jul 11, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB yeah. The fact he has yet Ford dead Americans what I'm -- I protest over the because of guys out for a walk when and I decide they don't kill some Americans. What difference at this point does it make. If you've got health care already. Then you can keep your plan if you are satisfied with a com -- and I don't know I didn't put this. And people know and it's alive. -- local. It's Tom how -- they -- -- quit net. The news radio and well I I did it in and finally broke down. I I'm paid to admit -- served in public but. I. I did something today before -- let him earlier that I really never thought I would do. And it's probably gonna make you think listener. But it had to be done. I hear him. Put a picture -- myself on the guitar on my FaceBook page. Which now officially makes me a Tuesday. I don't know if you're aware Burris but if indeed Jewish -- lifestyle. It is a mandate that you must have at least. One photo of yourself and a guitar on your FaceBook page and it finally went up today. The picture was taken earlier this week. Very very tough week this was one of the better parts of the week. And it is a reckoned locker based sex. With -- barker beautiful. Locker at the end of the song. During which I was photograph a couple of other guys went. Was pink Floyd's brain damage. And you'll tell that by the Decourt. In by my finger getting ready to do the other Decourt. And it -- as part of what I kind of sell letter not only. Was I doing that a part of it you know what are the guitar parts but I also just kind of assume the role of lead by locals -- Not notice until later but the people the -- like oh my god who isn't -- it's also. Bite me Tom. That's not directed at one of my listeners who Symbian miss the grand yesterday saying I couldn't say. I Felix. -- upon by the way it would whitbeck CNN I we said it exactly like Pink Floyd. You know in the minds of anybody else listening probably unlike dogs in heat. So there's that. So anyway you check out that if you know what don't go to the picture to look at me just go to the picture to look if something truly beautiful networking barker. It is seriously I don't know why should publicly admit this but then. -- had a physical reaction to playing that thing that is so intimate I really cannot describe it on the radio because it would be considered. A definable offense by the Federal Communications Commission. Crossing the border illegally into the United States get your three -- are caught in an Xbox and special treatment by TSA. All right he's describing exactly what happened to me as I played cricket are we give -- a fine from the state government. This is a world gone crazy. Told we are through the looking glass here people throw the looking less. Anyway up don't really know what I wanna talk about today. I don't. Because. You know it's mine went analyze say it was first passed and by the way when Cuomo's reelected folks. You do know there will be NY safe to. -- party talked about that's New York once Cuomo is reelected. And the reason he -- -- Holcomb was because he knew that most people in the Western New York can't stand the best. So we pick up the local smile and cap. As his running. So he could carry more of upstate or Western New York band he did last time this was Paladino country. I hope we don't fall for. Literally don't. I don't care if you vote for asked to Reno where you're writing my name it doesn't matter. I just don't want -- -- a lot of votes from here but we'll see what happens. All right well every day of course there's front page story about the so called buffalo billion. -- wanna go there right now don't even feel like getting into right now. But -- Long story short. We now. Have a lot of things we could get -- today. And I mentioned that we've been heavy all week long. But there's times when when the analysts say think for winter we got a lot of gun shows. And do you remember my saying to you I do not want to turn this into the gun show does anybody remember that. Because. Usually a pretty good gauge. Up of these things because I capital love guns I happen to enjoy the Second Amendment on -- enjoy recreational shooting. I happen to respect firearms. It's Federer it's Federer it's Federer. And I'm a very big pro constitution person including the Second Amendment in your right to keep and bear arms. But there was a point and I don't know when it was. What I felt like okay enough is enough. Even though I feel passionately about -- there are other things happening. That we need to talk about -- not everybody. Is as into this stuff as am hi. So. We kinda. Drifted away from it and I told -- that guys. Wind developments -- I'll go back and other gunships. I'll do shows up and -- say -- -- shows on the Second Amendment. Win and as developments war. Now we spent a lot of time. As we talking about the illegal invasion of the United States. By an army of lice ridden Berman -- so called children. Who were being exported like bales of cotton from Guatemala. El Salvador and Honduras. Actually exported like our sugar cane bales of cotton or any commodity our cattle perhaps might be an example. And I'm not calling these children animals and Morgan to the extent that we all are animals homo sapiens. We're all want to call callers that almost -- that is. -- These are disease spektr's. You know if one of these -- a -- and kids landed on my wrist I would have gone to get rabies shots. Like a -- with a bat went about my wrist several years ago this -- 2010. Stroll. I don't know exactly when the point is. Where you guys tell me no box. That you can't take it anymore. That it -- in the crap but. Now I got an email yesterday that I wanna share with you on the radio today. I like saying it like that bad doughnuts. Are a little planet of the eight reference nothing to do with the immigration situation but that. That -- just keep going through my head down and dirty apes. But there's somebody sent me an email yesterday late in the program the said -- about that now that your boss told you not to talk about guns every day. That very sentence tells me what. Almost you've been very nasty word and our official word like -- -- -- think. It just shows how ignorant that person is and how they really don't listen to show. Because my boss -- ever come have never told me what to talk about and what not to talk about. They have never set don't go -- don't go bear it whether have been controversial issues they certainly have said. Well here are some sensitivity you should probably be -- You know and sometimes you say things they come out the wrong way and -- -- -- -- they've never told -- on a topic wise I had to do something. Because. With Davis or something he has -- because it would be stupid to do anything else for example. If traffic on the ninety -- gets backed up for five miles do you think that I have to be told. Do we show on traffic to get that to get to the root of the problem -- what's happening and help people get through it now I don't have to be told that. Where there's a major news story breaking do you think I have to be told us which Stewart. Well. So it's not like that I mean we have ideas swapping. We have wife swapping here at the station which. I'm sorry that came out wrong we have ideas swapping here at the at the radio station. And you know we have we have dialogue but it's not a it's not a dictatorship but it's not an autocracy. It is a teamwork approach. In other times I'll come up with things that news will use there are times news comes up with things that I will use. And that's how adults but anyway the email. And that you agree with this and maybe you don't. I happen not -- but now that your boss told you not to talk about -- every day. Immigration every day is not a much better substitute. The Obama administration has tighten the borders the L a RD ERS. As in somebody who would pay you for room and board. The Obama administration has tightened the borders you can't steal them off overnight. I don't even know where to begin addressing this so it's better that I don't even start. And Obama has repeatedly stated that these immigrants will go back. And no more will be except that here as well I have to say separate yeah Obama also has previously stated that. His would be the most transparent administration. In American history. If you believe this president you are the biggest sucker on the face of this planet. You know what George Bush once had fool me once or fool me twice shame on me a while he -- bet. And it's the same thing they will go back in due time. You just can't put them on a raft and send them to Cuba. Some will get through in the future and that is why these temporary housing sites are being organized but they won't stay here forever. I want your thoughts on that email that we've got to get things started off. Because I read it. My blood pressure usually like 120 over seven which amazes every. Guys eat a lot of people think of like it's gonna have blood pressure this guys on the verge of a stroke hardly. One -- over seven. No medication whatsoever. -- a baby. End. I happen to think that this invasion of the United States is a big F Ing deal CEO Obama's vice president can use the word I can't. I wish I could. Because there are times when it is the only appropriate word to use. And someday I know that I'll be able to -- on the year. Just not yet. There's a timing couldn't -- -- on on the year. Upon -- upon to apply. You could -- the clips with used to tell the story about a guy who was trying to get a break and radio got a job mentioned tampons. He got fired now you turn on the morning news. If you see the ads. Anyway no we're not doing racial intent on those of you joining us like. Other man is it possible to build a raft out of tampons to send these people back to where they came for a that would be atop. Up. Knowledge you now that your boss told you not to talk about gun every day. Immigration every day is not a much better substitute the Obama administration has tighten the borders. Just so patently demonstrably. Untrue -- This is all anybody in Border Patrol does this person but anybody who has been redeployed from around here to Dalembert. Not to tighten up the borders but to handle the influx that is getting over the border. It could be the parents of this email is just it's mind boggling it's it's truly staggering. And it's offensive that this person's vote count as much as shortcuts. But. You can't seal off the borders overnight. Really. Well we shouldn't -- opened them up overnight. Anyway Obama has repeatedly stated that that these emigrants. Will go back. And all more will be accepted. -- -- how many more do you think crossed into the border in the last 24 hours since is -- -- wrote this email. -- although I don't know they've got a picture of themselves with a guitar on their FaceBook page my guess is yes because that is a mandate of that lifestyle. They will go back in due time you just can't put them on a raft and -- of Cuba -- -- about flights. To various cities in the United States don't they what I find extremely offensive. About this situation. Including by the way -- so called commander in chief there are two things really driving up the wall grinds my gears. Number one. You might be a line right now waiting to get into Canada. And it's all part of security theater it's a sham. It is patient it's designed to make the American people and the Canadian people feel. Safe safe without reason it's theater it's drama. It's like Shakespeare in the park with uniforms and guns that's all it is and the same thing with your airport. Now I've taken some time off next week I need to go to my -- place desperately. And I've taken time off next week. And -- your report. -- they have to take off my work insurance might well. And I have to ante every pocket I gonna take up my blazer. I will have to go through these special Mountain Lion because abide. Defibrillator that in my chest. And I'll have to go through all the hassle. Yeah and I've got to show my passport and my boarding pass before it even use the men's room at the airport. That may be a slight exaggeration. All right it's theater. Nothing but theater. These recent arrivals ladies and gentlemen. They don't have to have a passport to get on planes they don't have to have valid idea to get on a plane. They need is a note saying hey we know there -- here and they're supposed to show up at a hearing on such and such date that's all they need. So -- do you think about that -- line at the border in Canada try to give -- our country legally. Or you're at the border try to get in the Canada for the United States. And you look at your watch thinking geez I hope they make in time for the concert I hope they get in time for the show. But it's going to be delayed because of security theater. It's all a sham a scan and a game it's designed to make you feel safe. You were not any safer today that you were on September 10 201. In reality. Marginally safer and has nothing to do with what you do at the airport and what you do at the bridge. Or any other crossing into Canada. You know 30930. Is the -- -- number. And I I don't wanna ask a general question here because we don't have to focus on the illegal invasion of America today. Because I know that. Variety is the spice -- life. All believe -- I know that. But. What grind your gears. If I may steal a line from the great Peter Griffin from Family Guy. What really grind -- is likely is it all and what do you want from Palin's big. My complaint desk is open. What a great idea what I think was it's got shipped one of my listeners are saying come to grind your gear ratio that's a brilliant idea. Because this way you can bitch about what you wanna bitch about even of it has nothing to do with immigration. Or I'm sorry invasion because this is immigration this is an invasion that is underway. 030930. Start I'm 3180616. WB -- Scott chimp but thank you -- give you full credit. For steering me in this direction today you were my sounding board and I thank you for. And. Okay it's. Hey there. -- Okay. Okay. Such an easy zone. Well. The Indians. Yeah okay good good good. All right 334 Israeli activity WB. The damage it is that about right now what it. Pink Floyd they're lately what I wanted to say. I've just come to appreciate them I'm sorry but they've always been a part of the musical background of soundtrack of your life right but then sometimes you go -- you start to. Re examined and re explore these things and it's you have all the appreciation. For them and the sophistication. Of the simple as you get older. No I'm not finger simple musicians I mean their phenomenal musicians but. One of the great things about Iraq is that -- with David's greatest songs. Are a lot easier to play that you actually would think they should be at least the rhythm part. All right it is at 335 news radio 930 WBBM. And you can see me holding my wet dream on my FaceBook page. I have now officially entered -- bank holiday. -- now officially posted a photograph of myself and a guitar. This gorgeous extreme reckon blocker I've had I've had dreams about it just a you know I have now I have. Now he offered a let me borrow that's a bad decision that's a bad move. All right we're 8030930. Start -- 3180616. WBBM. What is grinding gears might complaint desk is open so far this week. The illegal invasion of America. The Obama administration's failure. The media's failure. And you know this is a case were you can't exactly blame. But media because the Obama administration the most transparent administration since the world again. -- let the media sees the crisis. Unlike as -- pointed out. Katrina. Here's all on in Eden on WB and dog you're on hello. -- There and -- whatever. It's. Currently I'm and I'm thinking. Eagle. But it will -- their children. That means everything so it's been pretty scary as the current in their. In the body. -- -- As did democratic. For president. And there and one for many years. And and minding. Your. Point in any type in the -- Whipping it out and Democrat would be more choice and your -- Well this is why I. It. This is why. I continually am equally as venomous toward the Republican Party as I -- the Democrat party I consider them both to be filled with hucksters frauds scam artists and criminals. And the Republicans are no better than the Democrats and if you think they are. -- I'm sorry but you have reality deficit disorder and I've been saying this every day this week and folks. For those of you who say top you should even talk about a third party don't understand you're just helping the Democrats win my question is what in the hell difference does it make. When you can't tell the difference between the Democrats and the Republicans what difference does it may. Right yeah you're putting everything into the ground they don't -- cool and we really these changes that are under god and and then changes that are gonna bankrupt the nation and I don't think in the -- every -- -- we're going in the wrong way all about it -- great again. That's perfectly legitimate gripe and my question to those of you who say -- you should really rejoin the Republican Party and worked to change it -- -- it. You know what if Ronald Reagan couldn't do it and -- hell could anybody else. Thank you very much of the ledger called -- and -- Limbaugh points out a play I hate to keep quote rush because he just -- to Asia. But I am willing to assimilate nuggets of wisdom from anybody anywhere at any time if I think that they will benefit you. Ronald Reagan was despised. By the same kind of Republicans who -- in charge of that party forever. Hey David Reagan. They couldn't stand -- why seriously folks. If you really believe that the Republican establishment. Wants to have anything to do with value and I feel. You don't get it you don't understand the nature of power or politics or Washington. And this is what I have gone off on my own. As -- Rachel wells conservative caring. Because. -- it's -- -- guys with your calls that I would do -- talk in this week Elena -- easy today. I need to find a happy place like Jim -- install and dumb and dumber when CBS walks him for manly love. I'm very happy play this -- -- is here's Mary and Lancaster a WBE -- 8030930. -- hello. Well that's okay I have my zen place coming up in just a few days like now. Just wanted to -- because I'm just US for the great. Lie page complaint one might think this. Republican and Democratic Party catering to the UCB. This spanning pollution African American coalition. And you have other country now they're worrying about our. Immigration policy -- how -- these people other countries are. He's dining our immigration policy we had it. Why don't they enforce. You know and. I'll have a little bit confused are you talking about the conspiracy between Mexico and Guatemala to allow easier access through Mexico to invade the United States is that what you're talking about. Now I'm talking about RB every year like they talk about it Republican. A different. America. On the but the that they. Just. In Europe. And avenues effort. -- the blow up now on the one. Thing. You know the money that -- You know this border. And get on these. People everything. Oh. And in. Order which -- -- -- and and you know. Well the National Guard is certain that's a governor's role. And that's -- Rick Perry and then the other governors and in those states not only Texas but elsewhere on the southwest need to become very very very active I think we need militant governors in those states like Jan Brewer and and and Rick Perry maybe are not militant that's a bad choice of words. But they they should be calling up the National Guard. Write the law and order I mean this is at this president -- -- preaches this Bill -- our country of laws laws like and -- -- the first. Offender and the worst offender because he doesn't he chooses picks and chooses what he wants to enforce. Well it's not just that. It's not just that it it it is demand took an oath to uphold the constitution. He's not doing it anybody else who is allowing this to happen in our country would be called a traitor our criminal. And you know what. People have been imprisoned for 25 to light for doing a hell of a lot less damage than this man is doing in the Oval Office and Republicans are no worse because they're enabling. That that's exactly it means there are just enabling them to do this epic but -- and that's what what. Getting that to my main thing is my point is I'm so sick of other countries. -- You know their their ideas and an -- stupid. Politicians. Caving to the -- is gonna affect what I think I think of the American taxpayer coalitions with a Palestinian process. Because I can't thank thank you very much of an answer your question as simply as possible because it is a numbers game. And it is totally about getting as many people in -- to vote Democrat as possible. And as far as I know on the only person on talk radio in America saying this right now. I will wait for other people to catch up. But if they could not have the decency to legally wait to emigrate to the United States since we don't have. Voter ID laws are always found unconstitutional. Does anybody really think they're gonna wait to legally vote. That is very farfetched. Think about it people. Here's -- and news that -- WB and hello. I plan. He hammer on the immigration thing because if you've got who's going to. Oh well there's certain fundamental problem I have with that that is I have absolutely zero. Power. And that's part of my point of calling. My husband and I sit in great every night about what's going hand in his country would this so called president. I did that mr. that is broken in the camels they act. I called my congressman today. And I let him know as evil in this bill Natalie well I'm not vote for him or his next election. I will be out on the ground that -- getting more people to file only. I because he had that and you know the other things you mentioned it early. Are your congressman Chris Collins. -- did you get I I don't know what his position is on whether he's gonna approve this extra money to serve as babysitting nannies for the illegal invading lice covered Berman is disease factors now entering our country. Yes and I just let him know that if he doesn't vote yes. Cared one ball on Cameron tried to get more Whitney. And the other point. Step I want to take my mother up to Canadian being go to night 72 years -- lived in buffalo. I wouldn't get her back home tissue doesn't have an enhanced like it -- since like the idiot I am the Atlanta and eight firm -- in hand played -- -- like could get across the border and back allow. Coalition me out. -- followed to the extent that you should just but the money got yourself a passport because the passport will get you into every country be enhanced license -- lot. But now I've added it is ridiculous that only is this so called president laughing in the American people's space -- Adding and it right now. And everybody's sitting bad I'll. Not and you can do not and you can do. Well I have come to the point now where you know what maybe there is nothing I can do. And I'll be damned if I'm not gonna they're trying. I have had a I'm looking at my granddaughter right now wondering are my -- what China country is -- going to be about her her when she gets older and rampant in the state. Steve this. This is the problem because there are those of us who actually love the country into which we were born the United States of America of America who respect the sacrifices others made before week came out on to this land. And this country is being overwhelmed and swamped. By people who have no business being here and they're using the child shield which is disgusting and it's disgraceful and it's transparent. And it's just hideous. But again folks. This administration. And its allies in Mexico in the Third World who want to destroy the United States they're like the Jihad. Artists who won until mosques hiding behind children so we don't shoot at them. They're doing the exact same thing our southern border metaphorically speaking. And I got so caught my local news station and I told them that they don't stack cover in this crisis it's going on in this country right now I'm now watching them anymore. Well the local news station I mean local news stations are just that local news I can't blame the local news stations for not covering what will follow on the national news at 630 although I can't tell -- the last time a watch a 630 national newscast because I started referring to -- to that as the 630 nightly fiction. All right thank you lover let him I'm not happy to hear from you 8030930. You tell me. What. Grind your gears my complaint desk is open it might be what's happening to our borders. It might be the destruction of the country we lock up. You know it it don't. You know don't get this impression that I come on the derby day and I do this because I hate America. Somebody said to me well you don't wanna come -- as the I hate America guys. No quite the contrary. It's because I love this country that I get so freaking passionate about because I've actually taken the time to read the peace treaties. To understand that the major component of every peace treaty we have ever signed is a demarcation. This is -- this is yours. You can check it yourself don't take what I say as fact until you research yourself. I always encourage you to do you're -- thank him. It is up cowardly because usually if you think you come up. Understanding that -- right. It's good to see LeBron James going back to Cleveland. Gets. Caught you know what I hope that he isn't joining his like -- really -- And it's like to be that young an event that much success. Under your belt at that age I hope he appreciates it what it is and what it isn't. And the last thing I said to Patrick when I had the pleasure beating Patrick was enjoyed your success. And I developed. I don't know where those words came from but I think he is and I think he gets. And I like Patrick -- a lot I really haven't again bring nice -- my experience nice. 353 news radio 930 WB EM let's go to dance in Wanda hello. Exam. I think right there's thousand big warehouse store it's mostly go behind the ladies. She could speak elect English she got a purple fooled it's you got -- -- featured. And I electrical who would argue -- on my parents like go -- your partner of got a Cadillac Escalade. -- -- -- -- -- in the below are her -- you know you are obviously skeptical look at what sort cheating -- here the right way. That's not necessarily -- she may have been legal but just never quite mastered English. Well you're right about -- but it's it's they let you know you've got to -- the other mystery English or -- -- this country. Well have a better idea before you live off the taxpayer teach you ought to be are getting rid of your Cadillac Escalade whether it's a leased or purchased vehicle and support yourself -- you could downsize to a Buick. Well that's correct because you know it or kill it gets later rhetorical play. -- basic rights. Well let's not quite like a Hummer. But then few things are like Hummer. I'll hold on them if you've got something else to say on WBM's hourly you know what. Immigration is huge today but I'm opening it up what grind your gears one off. What my complaint desk is open what a great they produce because it's open to everything. An analyst wanna complain about me and you know what I get an interest up an email. I know -- suck ago.

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