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7-11 Beach and Company Hour 2

Jul 11, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And today's deal of the day for my a couple of parks is a forty dollar certificate to boss restaurant on her eleven -- bubble over just -- dollars -- -- -- invite you to. -- an incredible dinner at boss Buffalo's original steak and seafood restaurants. Go to WBM dot com and click on my buffalo perks logo are to get you caught up here's here's what's happened okay. We we had technical problems that promotes had to leave it to come back to the studio. It was almost the last drive of my life. Simply because of what happened when I'm telling you now is not made up. It is absolutely true I nearly nearly. Died about fifteen minutes ago. -- got in the car to come back to the radio station. And I was on them on maple before you get the north forests and I was just doing whatever speed -- was probably forty. And Mabel of that part has. To a driving lanes on one side to driving lanes on the other side and in the center is a big passing lane and not a passing and returning. All right so I'm in the lane closest to the passing lane coming the other way. There is a person who has their direction holes on. Two goal and take a left and that would be like in the my line into the other -- and into where they were going aren't this person -- it still but they had their bikers on. A person in back of them. Decides that they're going to pass them there in that turning lane. All all of a sudden in front of me by maybe 20/20 five yards IC our car come out. To my real name and it's head on and it's amazing how fast your mind works because you don't have time to think about it. What I had to do because there was somebody right next to me on the right hand lane. I had to cross in front of the person making the left hand turn. And then suddenly I was in somebody else's head on line. The person coming the other way -- turning. Luckily there was nobody in that lane. And I I had to get back over the senator line so that I wouldn't hit anybody had on I was nearly it would have been ahead on and probably -- have a fatal like and -- of that right now. So -- I guess anything from here on -- is is plus I guess where were where -- of -- on this. You know it's though it's amazing though. I was -- com. As you can possibly believe when it happened not now but I was then. And just amazing so you never know well when your time is up and there was nearly up fifteen minutes ago. And the irony would have been it would have been up well best of beach was playing. So. Tony have you ever had out thing like that happen -- although quite a few times yeah amazing amazing. They just suddenly appeared. On in my line. We hear about this usually at night would drunks who wander off their -- -- but at what 1015. It's as it was just amazing. And and I you have -- you know you look around so quickly wears -- -- where can I go it's probably because a ride motorcycles through and you're always looking for escape routes. If you're riding a motorcycle. But I came probably within a couple of seconds of on and I think it would have been fatal because this. Whoever it is it is and I couldn't even tell you right now what cart was a couldn't tell you. Because ideas I'd I'd just. Guidance of -- first hole which was on the other side and suddenly I was in somebody's head on line. Just amazing just an amazing moment and I couldn't tell if it was a car truck -- an -- -- what this past winter I went there are my we'd worked Niagara Falls boulevard in you know where the our quick fill gas station is by the go -- I do. Like I lost it there responded route and wound up in the oncoming lane pretty scary yet this scary. But it's a mindset of somebody that would try to pass somebody that stopped. With a left hand signal in the center turning line. Would make you think that you could pass them. It's beyond my comprehension. And so. As I said after this everything's plus -- thankfully -- -- yeah now I mean -- I'm not much but I'm all I had. The humor never stops a near death experience and -- comes on the radio and he's still entertaining. All right let's see what's going on we have to we have the kind of pick it up or left that often that is the fact that. What -- what we're finding now from this study. Is -- -- eleven point one million Americans now have permits to carry a concealed weapon. That there were only four point five million in 2070. NC it's a 146%. Increase. And as the number of people licensed to carry has gone up the crime rate especially the murder rate has gone down. And so it's amazing because what we find is that people who -- -- -- you -- they're doing you harm. Are very willing to do it if indeed they don't think you and fight back or they don't think you can do them any harm they picked usually on defenseless of people. Sometimes. Women. As sometimes the elderly but the one thing they're counting on is that you're going to be an easy mark. And now with so many people caring and more more people all the time. Are carrying their finding out that it's not that way. And some of criminals the cardinals are always the dumbest the dumbest of the dumb they recognized that if they want to goal. And and knock something over they want the easiest target. One out why do you think fed. Why do you think alarm systems -- so effective and you put -- sign out front not just for. The alarm itself. But for the fact that if someone knows your house hasn't alarm system. They're going to go to house that doesn't appeared to have an alarms us maybe you don't have a sign out there because there's no sense in taking chances. Getting caught in the same thing -- breaking into your home a lot of our home break -- everybody thinks -- in the middle of the night but one of them occurred during today. And that's why you have to be vigilant you have you know take some common sense precautions. Regarding your doors being blocked and things like that. But with the eleven point one million Americans now carrying a fewer and fewer. Murders are being committed. We also gave you the information that Illinois was the fiftieth. Of the fifty states. To allow pistol permits and and carry permits they had to do it because. Of days ago loss -- they lost the lawsuit all 49 states that preceded them head had -- already employees but there's Illinois was not there. Course the mayor of Illinois as the former chief of staff Rahm Emanuel. Above. All of a President Obama so now with this going on it's actually helping and John a lot. Who way heads up a committee that oversaw a -- this study. Said that some criminal stop committing crimes other move on their crimes in which they don't come into contact with victims. And others actually moved to areas where they have less fear of being confronted by armed citizens that's why and if you've heard Tom do this or heard me do it. It's it's common sense that. The most prime place for them to go is a gun free zone. A gun free zone what does that mean that means that come out and we have no way to defend ourselves and -- if you think that's that's a good idea then it was should have a further discussion. We'll take a break now will be -- mortgage company and is rated 930 WB yeah it is preaching company as the movie show. Will be on at 11 o'clock and stand by for that we do have some tickets that I like giveaway because I know this is going to be a great concert Smokey Robinson. Certainly one of the founders of Motown and I think he had their first number one had actually. -- tickets to see smoky Friday July 26. At the Seneca Niagara events that are value is a ninety dollars general contest rules apply tickets available at Niagara casinos dot com. That's Seneca Niagara casinos dot com. A random caller will be chosen to win the tickets so we're talking about visits as at a safe thing to say and is that an accurate thing to say. Because it's counter intuitive. That the more guns on the streets means more safety on the streets. And as we said we're talking about people who have. Gone through the process. Maybe day in this state requires a permit they've gone through the permit process they're proficient at the range they know how to handle firearms safely. The more of those people I think the lower the primer of the law the primary will be anyway because it's already lower. A but I am thinking -- -- that's the right. Direction to be going where the bad guy does not know. If that person. It has the ability to defend themselves now people who don't like this idea. -- Carrey and things like that picture it has a wild west shoot out bunch of cowboys walk around hoping that somebody at the convenience store in line ahead of him. Holes pulls a gun so that they can use there is as ridiculous. If you've been around people responsible gun owners and you'll see that they take they take it very seriously and they know that we are held to a very. Hi. I bar the bar is very I would just because we know. That occasionally when somebody does something stupid when we're gone we don't want to be tarred with the same brush we are not monolithic. We are individualistic. And most of the unit individuals I know. Are very very responsible gun -- And so I'm asking if if you buy that. That suggestion that more guns mean safer streets. Our Karl in Denmark -- on WB again. -- -- -- Issue -- -- direct answer the answer. -- you can buy ammunition and blocked for a lot act like specially 22 car particulars down -- -- out later picked appropriate course and what does wonders stores and bought a pistol. Which are reported to eventually get it pointed to. -- -- And we don't get that wouldn't -- and you don't get all the did not. And -- -- been going on for a lot out. There can't be a reason why didn't get pictures are hoping bad. Are producing cold to cartridges. Well I didn't like I can give -- some information. First of all. The 22 is not a law enforcement round it's not a military around it's a it's a linking him and target shooting round. And of people have been I've 'cause I've talked to a couple of book. A people that sell ammunition. And the reason it's really hard to find it's the cheapest round to shoot and people have afraid. Of the Obama administration. And clamping down clamping down on firearms and ammunition. Come in and they buy them in great quantity so much so that some stores have had you limit the amount you could buy -- if you're talking talking about the bigger rounds which are more expensive some of those can be hard to find but the 220 it's almost impossible sometimes because they're cheap brown and people buy a lot of them in contemplation of not being -- ago. Okay thank you are. And that's basically that I mean everybody starts off with a twenty to an -- by the way that you know 212 can I wouldn't wanna be shot with a 22. You know it's not stop an elephant but. I certainly don't think it would cause a mark. But people use that for target shooting proficiency. 'cause it's an inexpensive -- compared to address. And plus there are 22. On handguns. And so some people -- goes especially. People who are just starting out with fire arms it's always important to be able to handle what you have. Doesn't pay to go out by a fifty caliber desert eagle if you can hit I hit a barn -- that so people feel comfortable. With a 22 there are a lot of book 22 revolvers is almost no a kickback. So I think that that might answer his or question. I don't think it's. You know -- I I know it's not a military around or law enforcement around. So basically it's people wanting to make sure they have something. In case they clamped down even further. Let's see Stan in Rochester standard of the dark here on WB. That it you think good to -- Radio gap -- yeah I'll be ready later but not today. Not you know people get -- at my mailbox for guys -- you know. You know it's amazing it's amazing -- plan what thing about this Stan. But her first so I got one for you. And it is done you know hired guy doing wrong it just thirty miles an hour in a 35 mile zone and some -- behind his blown all out. OK how about his bumper to bumper sticker. Keep out -- and reloading. I I like that would add what my favorites is you see a guy on a motorcycle and he's wearing a T shirt. And your back -- -- says if you can read this T shirt be you know who fell off like it go and use the word bitch and so. Well that's funny so what do you think about being able to. To cut down on crime by actually more people being proficient with firearms. I think it's good but I think if people better realized it was firearms comes to responsibility absolutely and more than it you've got -- know what is. If you don't know you're right. -- don't have any I'll give you an example we have period that I shot a burglar. In his. Yeah okay. -- burger crawled to the house next door. Got in the house as there are any arid and die. This guy look what was -- by the Stanley your house and everything. On the -- as it is I have the runs -- -- a lot of miscarriages of justice when it comes -- insurance thank you. Arcade where back on track and will be back with a movie show cinema Bob on news radio and I'm thirty WVU.

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