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7-11 Movie Show with Cinema Bob

Jul 11, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- the original planet of the apes I like that that was all right the terrific. Terrific film I'll I. I'm not this week I'd never known before that was prequel. On the whole idea of Charlton Heston character not being able to talk for a while. Was improvised. While they were filming. Because Heston got sick and developed this these -- terrible -- -- that took him awhile and they thought. Let's have a home and that I had to -- itself which. Worked out work out so well present moment when he finally does speak in says that line. This is one of the great lines of all time warm sometimes do Americans know about the big box office those were all yes so much box office last. We know what's the big fourth of July holiday and certainly. One of the biggest movie weekends of the year often -- biggest. But this now that there was only one big movie coming out last week and Melissa McCarthy's Tammy. Which underwhelmed. According to box office guru. The top ten ticket sales for July 4 weekend this year. Was down. 48%. While I'm twining thirteen. Is an enormous. Enormous did you think she's gone to -- too much with the same basic character. Yeah yeah I think. They're not gonna lose money on this film by any means but I think people are gonna be as Qwikster to rush out -- -- in this kind of stumbled. But Jimmy was either number one box office last week transformers age of extinction. Was number one for the second week in a row but it only did. 37 million. That is the 64%. -- in its second week which is enormous. It's done 175. Million here it's gonna be the lowest grossing release of the transformers franchise here in the US. But overseas. It's doing incredible business it's gone 400 million dollars in just ten days. And 213. Million. Of that is from China. China is doing huge transformers business -- -- -- -- was number 222 million dollars if you go from the Wednesday opening its done 33 million low budget. And they were there were wise to go below budget by. You must've noticed. They spent all lot of money advertised that advertising campaign pirates today. Had to go well beyond the twenty million dollar production budget. At number 320 to jump street did ten million dollars is now at 159. Million at number four. New horror film. Deliver us from evil only did nine million dollars that's fourteen million since last Wednesday. It has been eighteen year for scary films -- partners yet to be a horror film that has really caught fire yet. And number five how to train your dragon two did nine million it is now 140. Million and there are two more films of note too well look at here. Mullah and that's easy for you. Angelina Jolie Disney flick. Came in at number seven it's down six million that's now 214. Million here in the US 630. Million dollars worldwide. But it just hit number one in Japan. Which meant -- dropped it knocked frozen out of the top slot. Frozen has grabbed the number one film in Japan for over four mug okay. The only thing that could knock it out was another Disney movie. And also on the do you know the -- Essen was the live action. Telling the story about the villains from sleeping beauty so Disney is just crazy about these live action. Remakes of their cartoons now and they've announced this week the latest one they're going to do they are going to do live action dumbo. -- gonna have. A you live action with. Deals with big years my feeling is. -- humble long hours really just fine as it is one of my biggest questions if you more active L renege. You're going to treat the the the pros. Because lows in this 1940 film work. It's doing them minstrel show all on top of that to -- and did everything that say mr. bones mr. Andrew how they are today -- -- mag pies as a difference between a pro and a magnified. I think -- OK and you add pies are okay sure they were -- gotta mix that regular. You don't do that no art and that number eleven. We had America. The new documentary about the fellow who did though Obama's America. This didn't do nearly as well as the last one it's done four million dollars since opening last Wednesday which is nothing to sneeze at for political documentary. But this in this although the film got very bad reviews from the critics. This is as is usual with political documentaries. An example of preaching to the choir because the people who did actually go see it. Gave -- an a plus plus plus plus. Guys and ideas very very camp victory -- me going to a bakery. Well yeah the opera. Like us know your result -- I think he might like it let us wait and see you that's their thoughts about testing our movie IQ is there. Sure let's do that Charlton Heston starred in the regional. Film version of planet of the -- Who other major -- are considered. For the role of -- was at -- William Shatner beat. Marlon Brando or seat airborne. I think I don't answer the prize they moving best for -- to any dips and bitter battle through December 31 wanna Forte and 25 dollars and division to send ours pizza pub and grill -- -- sport or on transit -- expiration date total value 43 dollars general contest rules apply will take a break. And we will return with a movie shows cinema -- -- and may sandy beach movies show cinema Bob -- -- sandy beach. Charlton Heston starred in the original film version of planet of the -- it was the other majors are considered for the role of -- It was marlin bran ago while that would really interest and quite frankly in 1960. Given the amount of nude scenes. That the character does have been met -- Brentwood -- then hitting the -- stop pretty -- -- -- Is just before Don Corleone any and all that they might have reconsidered or re right re written some of these my my favorite Brando moment was not street cars like as one -- Larry -- Well I thought that was a moment in history he's only human -- and especially with the -- -- He would garlic breath and -- the I put those lips right there I'm more impressed that he was able to kiss Larry King. And not Marion is usually when Larry King just somebody the head of an alimony involved while sure a right now you saw. Sexson as yet not I -- a movie Canada. Love of these movies I don't go to the theater often I'm not even though. My sister. Enormously count the -- stills and she does all sorts of shows downtown street summer -- -- I'm -- the alleyway and other places. When I was a kid she was always. Delivering rate theatrics at the dinner table -- -- Aaron I've gotten. I did all NCA musical last week it's sanctions. By the second generation -- over at the new Phoenix. Now this is a show that does not get done Mary on its buys Stephen Sondheim was like my ex wife he did it -- out leisurely. He didn't -- actually tied into the woods just all the all these great shows but here's the deal the additional stars. All of the people who have assassinated. Or attempted to assassinate. American president that's sounds like fun Bob musical romp -- This is our amazing. That. It was spectacular. View and it's often very funny but you are left with this feeling of this show is great but. The hell am I supposed to be rooting for Lee Harvey Oswald right now. It's kind of a bad case it was on Broadway greatly. And most people say oh yeah it's a great show would you recommend that you old nobody could no longer I tell you. -- Bugliosi -- -- I'm pronouncing -- -- -- he played John Wilkes Booth. Absolutely stunning he plays them like -- Kevin Spacey and house of cards is that it's mood actor Leah. -- they are you've got of course buffalo is in the show big time because William McKinley. Shot at the Pan American expedition and in 1901 just stuck up the street from where the show was actually presented. Steve cops played that character wonderfully. And Cathy young she's different show you have in -- yeah it's her son Jonathan young played the Algiers and Lee Harvey Oswald. I tell you Jonathan has an amazing. Voice he has a beautiful beautiful singing voice. Wonderful life actor Daniel Patrick Harris played his role on Broadway. The entire cast Philip Perugia Charles -- Michelle bands and it's urging more huge stand out. The show continues through this Sunday it's playing now if you love some time this is Charlotte doesn't get done that often and it's a fantastic. And -- for. So check it out now meanwhile on the movie screen big movies hitting the bigs a -- dawn of the planet VA casts. Dawn of the rise in light of the plan and a BA it's hard to tell the planets titles apart I love these movies. Growing up I thought they were just fantastic. And Tim Burton did a reboot remake in 2001. Which I think everybody's agreed with just about as bad as that one was just a mass. But about three years ago they did rise of the planet of the -- with motion capture. Apes this time rather than make up and it was really. Really good and I tell you the reviews for this new one. Have been even better. This is a case where rather than remaking and rebooting things from the 1968. Film. This. Take you back before that time and is covering the idea -- well how did the tapes to take over the world. All so this is appropriate equals much like the Star Wars prequel to meet these things are very entertaining and quite well fought out. This takes place ten years after the last film. The simian flu which was introduced at the end of last movie. Has pretty much wiped out the human population only one out of every 500 humans had survived the whole can't assure -- movie is brought those survivors OK yes yes and -- circus is back as -- He's and he actually believe in its top billing and service is -- dollar in -- center hell yes. All he's just a wonderful performance here. This -- facts with the monkeys are just fantastic. The 3-D is okay day. But that acting the intensity of the heat is quite. Quite striking a lot of critics saying this is the first. Plan the sequel it's really worthy of the first -- -- a lot of critics are saying this is even. In the 1968. Picture. And as far as a great. Image. That will will stay with you after you see the movie. When the apes finally decide to get into a big battle you have enormous. Angry apes writing black stallion rule. With machine guns and all armed -- out is a stunning stunning visual there's also a very nice moment. Where some apes and humans together have been able to restore electricity for the first time in years. Gay are able. To turn on a -- tape player. And they hear music for the first time in 1015 years and the song is. The -- Alone and Iowa and both. Humans and apes are greatly moved as anyone would be much demand -- a great song. Many. -- why game. Two I'll find a way for humans and apes. To live together they reach a bit of an accord although the apes are insisting on one big rule. No guns. And if we know anything yet from Hollywood blockbusters. If somebody says. There's only one rule. No -- Couple. You're gonna see a lot of guys on me lots and lots and its film builds up yeah yeah in the ending for this film sets things up. For the next one this is dawn of the planet of the apes and off the next one is going to be launch time of the plan the caves or. Early afternoon nap time of the planet of the apes by two. This should be a big -- a lot. People are saying. So far this summer this is the best action movie of the summer and the best of the franchise flicks -- It is our governor Andrew Cuomo says it doesn't take 108 circular beer just remember that we'll be back Lamar with a movie shows that on -- cells that can be sandy beach. Its first showing. But in a different title. It was then called. Can songs saved your life. Which just about every write up I saw about the -- ahead. Gee I hope they come up -- another title or at least that's. This by John Carney the the fellow who did the movie wants. Which was about seven years ago this is his first movie. In the sense that and even more people are surprised to see that the story here it's very similar to that last film. Mark rock below. Stars in the Gomez -- -- music is executive who's become a little jaded and as just been dropped from the yeah record label that he founded. And Keira Knightley is an up and coming singer who. Quickly. Charms him and he believes he can help her become a huge. Movie star. More quickly than you can say James Mason and Judy Garland and -- -- Lauren. Thought he decides that they should make an album together. Only they should do it. Lines in New York City captured that gripped the feel of this city so they recorded. In parks. In some way. Out on a rowboat all those -- -- it I'm New York City low pay issue and his. And many. People have felt that it be a little unlikely. That mark -- Lois fi indie music guys would be so quickly won over by singer who. Nick and Norah Jones seem edgy and dangerous you know she's she's pretty much a a little cupcake I care here. One cool thing here nightly. Does all of her own -- thing so yeah she does all of our own singing in this I sure in one interview where she was saying how law. When they asked me how's. Your packets. To consider all deuce and can do it she's a nice English world that I -- and in the shower now I think Ohio. They sound just like a -- And and we did it tested just like. Oh that's what I sound. Right. And as she has gotten high marks Mora for doing it reaction into the film. Has been fairly divided in that. The people that are looking and it is rather charming and sweet little fairy tale almost like a Mickey and Judy let's put on -- show in the barn -- LeRoy. -- finding it very nice and charming and nice little summer -- Some other people. And just held it's just way too unrealistic. And corny so a lot of it depends on whether you're charmed by mark rubble organized and Keira Knightley. But. And which the majority of the people who've seen us have had a good. Well this movie. Bob is every boy's dream every boy's fantasy it's called third person. Well. -- Yes yes I. I was only ones invited -- The and a three way drivers more than distraught when my girlfriend explained to me the third person would be Tom pocket book. So we told there. Yeah here it -- no comment I went to Olson's Antarctic spring garden. That's this. Is -- written and directed by Paul Haggis. Who in 2004. Really had a moment Paul Haggis he had written. Million Dollar Baby hello and that's all he also wrote and directed Corey Ashe which went -- to win best picture. For some reason immediately after best picture. There seemed to be an overwhelming feeling in the film community of you know a lot. It shouldn't of won Brokeback Mountain should've won crashes a terrible -- who we hates us some Paul Haggis for winning that award and we thought something else should have won. He has not had a lot of big six shots that he was involved in the writing of two of the bond films with Dan -- casino Royale and quantum silent. But he has not had much luck for this particular film he goes back to this picture of crash. In meant he has three different couples or interacting and in different cities actually in New York Paris and Rome. And all of their stories kind of interact in surprising way -- and there are some similar themes going through. Very good reviews for the most part this has not been received as such most people feel it's like a weird hybrid of crash. And an episode of the Love -- Which is not a mix that most people are looking for you've got Lian Neeson and Olivia Wilde. Neeson plays a writer who's trying to write a novel. Whose plot is very similar to this film was like okay he's supposed to be Paul Haggis he's getting -- it is horrible ex wife played by Kim Basinger. So he can be with Olivia Wilde. Mila Kunis is in the film and AM former soap opera star who's now working as a made. And she's in a custody battle. With her. Ex husband James Franco who's a Jackson Pollock type tortured artist. -- about what was her lawyer and then you've got Adrian Brodie -- a shady businessman involved. With an exotic Romanian. Beauty. The movie. Is two and a half hours long but from everything Brad. Feels much. Much longer. Kyle Smith of the New York Post called the pacing -- -- And slant magazine. Said the film is from beginning to end exhausting -- bad. Well we're back live this next movie -- we come back it looks like Bob's key board exploded because I can't -- any of the names of the people in this -- it looks like -- all the letters and numbers went up in the -- and came down and that's when he put down on paper will be back with that and more on newsreader I'm thirty WB yeah. Fish is buffalo has wings. OK let's devises a home tonight it's a Friday night basket on down and check it out in the forecast a moonless sky tonight low of sixty partly sunny tomorrow high of 84. Sunday mostly cloudy breezy with thunderstorms some strong and gusty and I'm 79 it is the movie show. -- laughs though -- -- sandy beach as I said Bob I'm looking at his next film call aftermath and usually -- remembering in the names of some of the people. But these are real names -- this is you know a game where -- -- numbers and letters just flew up in the air and felon the -- Tread lightly Sanderson yeah because. Let me put it this way. If your dinner table. Often has Perot he's on a wonderland no answer these these names would not be quite as commute the last ones to want to be the first -- last IBO is a pronounced that. That would be -- movie -- That's the big. -- -- you know let's get airborne -- and may be Bernadette Pollack in here he renews -- -- these names properly were proper polish pronouncing my judged dirt yeah that's it. Star I understand gas gas -- that are. And Newt is our -- as the herbalist you know if if so and so Spiller. Mary Laurie fry he -- there for a moved and you store for all I can -- -- -- -- -- -- is buffalo finally gonna open a decent Chinese polish restaurant. Google -- call and what we're -- target golf Flores tell that's tough lie down. This is this is actually. A very yours yours -- of course I. -- while -- World War II don't go spring -- I didn't know or worsen -- -- it is World War II. This is a film that is loosely based on actual events this examines. The problems. Polish anti semitism during World War II. It. What this film is saying and there are many people in Poland who denied this others saying no this is simple fact that's occurred. There were many small towns in Poland who were very concerned. About the German occupation and wanted to you think get on board and just not cause trouble. So. There were mass murders. Of Jews in east towns as a preemptive. Gesture of goodwill. To placate the Nazis which is such a horrifying. Thanks have a Honda -- on this about a lot of collided with a joke. I guess we've got to figure a way to mark big titles if there's sensitivity. Is the next step. I got a -- got to put a sign of them don't let me walk into that pitfall. Like. -- Curb -- Enthusiasm that moment here. The way the people in this film find out about this there there are two Brothers who -- back in our own for the funeral of their father so right off. Starting with us and -- laughs are there room the one brother is looking at an area of China small older kind. Repainting it appears that suits like these large stones that you drive on but it's very bumpy and and difficult and there are moving some of these stones to replace them. And they realize that what they are are actually had stones. That were wrong move from cemetery. They removed the head stones of many of the Jewish people that were buried there and they used these had stones to pave the roads. In these small towns. Him many people in Poland have been upset about this film it's been -- very controversial film in and -- and one of the big questions it asks is something that this is a question that that. Happens in many countries it's certainly been a question that's brought here is -- and you force. A group of people a society. To apologize. For it wrong that might band on long ago. And the film also carries onto the point of generations later. Does that apology. Really mean thing to. Even the ancestors to people who -- three -- so while. Very very. Heavy film if your looking for something light -- to begin again. He thought I don't see this one but very very. Interesting film showing. A bit of World War II history in Europe I certainly wasn't where nor rise out of his next film called small family business -- -- is just another little magic here. Something apart from the blockbusters. Amherst theater. This Sunday and Monday this is -- when they're staged presentations this is from London England. This is an Allen born bedroom. Cars all day well now you have my own homes yes he does a lot short subject -- bedroom. -- -- -- This is there family friendly comedy. With Nigel Lindsay and average -- those people who say. I enjoy live theater but I I hate the idea of having to see real live actors well here you go you can see broadcast from -- where hole. Ocean separates you from the actual actors use bad words that no -- new -- show when Jason Bateman yeah also directed by Jason Bateman his his first time around. Terrific last year Jason and Kathryn Hahn Allison she and he Philip Baker Hall. A saw this in the theaters it's about an adult who. Decides to. And -- himself -- kids. Spelling bees. And a -- -- win win the awards and humiliate that accuse. Them hopefully hilarious manner. And I tell you the stars are so likable. You all watching yet I kept thinking again. Better for it's it's one of those movies like monuments men a lot of people seem to feel that way of I'm in -- -- why not liking this guy -- says that collecting get a little premise under great but yeah Leo I don't know if you want -- out and rent this one this probably better one for you to stumble across on cable one week and watch twenty minutes haven't thanked. Well -- this isn't that bad not good enough for me to sit down and watch the whole thing. I'll make it out rainy Sunday as were supposed you might wanna rent them full maniacs volume one and. He has to this is the latest film by Lars Von Trier. Stars Shia LeBoeuf. So far all those people. Who watched the transformers film and thought well sure. He can act with a large CG I rolled a robot. But how we easy graphic hard core sex sequences. Well finally here's -- refer you. Lars Von Trier and the guy who makes variant hands. Very harsh -- who really delights in the idea. Of making his audience. And comfortable as possible daring you. To steady with that and watched the entire -- many people walk away from his films. Saying my god. The man's genius other people just shake their heads this film of course -- does include. One on my favorite actors of all time as a talent and by his name Stalin scars I know you'll love saying. Are you gonna scars card that how well I think we need to the dogs on an all the time. So check out and implement -- volume one and -- are that about wraps up the -- show us aggressive view on Monday Monday Monday at nine under Israeli and I'm thirty WB. -- it's they never -- to needs to be used.